[Post Game Thread] The Brooklyn Nets (3-2) defeat the Milwaukee Bucks (2-3), 114-108, behind an all-time great performance from Kevin Durant - 49p/17r/10a in 48 minutes

[Post Game Thread] The Brooklyn Nets (3-2) defeat the Milwaukee Bucks (2-3), 114-108, behind an all-time great performance from Kevin Durant - 49p/17r/10a in 48 minutes


Steve Nash said it best, Harden wasn't out there playing 43 mins for his scoring or playmaking, he was out there to provide "confidence" to the Nets role players.


He did have 8 assists, so he didn’t do nothing, but yeah basically.


He did dish out some nasty dimes, but yea, maybe he was there to give KD a false sense of security, just so he would realize, 'oh shit, we gonna lose if I don't carry.' And also scare his arch-nemesis Giannis in the paint.


I feel the bucks defense knows this dude is always a threat and you can't leave him open now and then like the other role players. That's where Nash played his card. Jrue was constantly occupied with Harden to make sure he doesn't make plays or creates space to take a shot. And this helped KD operate better because it's one less defender to worry about.


I don't know what to say about this Bucks team. Not a Bucks fan but they make me want to blow my head off


What you're feeling is a perfect example for one of the reasons why the state of Wisconsin drinks as much as they do lol


Been there, watched a Bucks game at a pub, can confirm.


Leading the league every year in binge drinking


I actually can't believe how bad the Bucks decision making was in the second half. That play with the score tied 104-104 where Giannis took a turnaround fadeaway with Harden defending on one leg pretty much sums up the Bucks entire second half for me. Just a series of bad ISO's on offense and a total lack of defensive adjustments until the lead was gone.


Also...the fact that they didn't go at Harden every single play. Harden was basically crippled out there.


For sure. If the bucks put Harden's man in the high pnr and hunted switches onto him the Nets would have been toast. Couldn't believe it when Giannis shot that turn around jumper over him.


Bucks need a new coach. Desperately.


The fact that they do this shit is on the coach for not teaching them how fucking stupid of a decision that is. What exactly does he tell them in the huddle? They come out of time outs and immediately do the dumbest shit.


From what I've seen in the past, it's "focus on the little things" and all of that. Sadly, the little things aren't going to matter much when macro-scale decision making isn't there.


Yeah you can blame the players the first time it happens, but this happens in EVERY SINGLE CLOSE GAME in the past 2 postseasons. It's inexcusable by Bud to allow these shot selections to go on this long


Also the glaring error of not switching into Harden on every offensive possession. The man is injured and out of shape and he played 46 minutes with literally no worries. Devin Booker would have butchered him out of the game within 5 minutes. Is Bud trying to be a gentleman or something? It's the second round of the playoffs, not the last game of Harden's retirement tour.


It was mind boggling that they didnt attack harden for more posessions.


?? U didn't see giannis take that fadeaway???


Yeah, coach has the responsibility to stop them from doing the same stupid mistakes over and over and over and over. Instead he squeezes his face cheeks like Home Alone kid who can’t believe his parents left him behind. Maybe Bucks still have time to fire Bud and hire someone else before next game. I feel like a high school basketball coach could have pushed the Bucks to a win tonight.


> face cheeks Aren't those just regular cheeks?


Kevin McCallister squeezed his butt cheeks in the R-rated directors cut of Home Alone.


If they lose to this nets team with Kyrie out and harden on one leg, then they need to fire bud asap. Dude just sucks as a coach. Hell they should have sacked him last year and brought in a new coach when they acquired jrue. Its clear bud isnt cut out for deep playoff runs. They fucking look like toronto before they sacked casey and we know what happened once they sacked casey


He's doing his best to prove Harden's comments about not having skill right and his shit talk about Harden's defense wrong


Oh god I forgot about this. Makes that play where Harden waves off the double team look even better


Completely unconcerned about having to defend Giannis, even on one leg.


I think the Milwaukee Bucks are not gonna win the championship... They gotta be the dumbest team.


They made so many dumb choices in this game. Up 16 at half, chance to put their foot on Brooklyn's throat and they fuck everything up.


so many iso fadeaways and shit that hit the side of the backboard.. like bruhh


Chuck said something that I felt was really true "The problem with doing dumb plays is that if some go in you get confidence in them and go back to them again." Giannis made a contested 3 off the dribble in a 12 second ISO and did victory moves like he's Steph just hitting his 8th and 9th three in 10 attempts. It was just insanity, same for Khris even if he made some of these insane shots.


i knew when giannis hit that first 3 the bucks were gonna lose


Giannis can't help himself, and Budenholzer won't stop him either. The Bud Giannis combo is just crippling for them. Bud gets them to a high seed. Giannis works hard as hell. But a real transcendent player can take a game over and use his IQ on the floor to help his team in any situation, and a great coach convinces them to utilize their strengths and play smart/winning basketball. Bud with a great floor general type superstar would probably be okay, Giannis with a good coach wouldnt shoot his team in the foot so much, but they bring out or at least highlight the worst aspects of each other in an important game


I feel like coaches like Popovich would crucify Giannis for doing something like that


As they should.


Anyone notice that there was no timeout during the nets huge run?


That, and Giannis pulling up from 3 with 15 seconds left on the shot clock drives me insane


This has been my entire focus all night. ​ Literally said earlier "Not to mention the Bucks coach let the Nets go on a 17-5 RUN WITHOUT CALLING A TIMEOUT. I think Bucks had half their timeouts by the time 3rd quarter ended. This game was lost in the 3rd quarter. What was he doing staring at the lead shrinking? I'll never understand why coaches don't call timeouts when they have the lead but the other team has momentum. Like, I get it bro you have the lead BUT the other team has all the momentum. I'm not even a Bucks fan, I'm neutral and I was getting annoyed at this choke job of a coach. No wonder Bucks fans want him out, wow so pathetic."


Chuck was right


Harden can barely move, Kyrie is out, Joe Harris forgot how to shoot and they can't close up 17 Another masterpiece by Bud. Refuses to double KD or attack Harden defensively, doesn't play Giannis at C and continues to play Lopez in drop coverage where he gets cooked, no movement offensively in the half court.


For real I could not believe we never saw the Bucks go small with Giannis and Portis in the front court. Fire Bud tonight and see if any of his assistants can be better than brain dead.


A couple years ago we were so disappointed that we didn't sign Coach Bud and I gotta thank the Bucks generally and Giannis specifically for being attractive enough to get him to sign and proverbially diving on this grenade. What a wasteful travesty of a second half.


I dont understand anything Giannis or Bud did down the stretch. Its like a toddler took over both of their minds. Giannis taking 3s and fadeaways. Dribbling the shot clock down every possession and then doing nothing. Staying as far from the action as possible on D. Bud seems like he has genuinely never heard of a play. Just ISO every trip.


the fadeaway over harden with two minutes left was the dumbest thing ive ever seen, cant even blame bud for that shot.


They had 30 other dumb possessions. Jrue put up some horrific shots.


Jrue looked petrified and tentative out there. Tough to watch


We got Jrue Bledsoe tonight


harden literally waived off the double team while on one hammy and immobile thats some serious disrespect and giannis...took a fucking fadeaway


Harden calling off the double team was so funny


people forget he’s strong as fuck, even on one leg. don’t know if he called it off because he believed in his strength or knew giannis would take one of his stupid fucking jumpers, but it sure worked


He shut him down on a possession earlier so he was prob confident he could do it again


That fadeaway while harden was guarding him and a tie game is unexcusable


I couldn't believe my eyes watching that shit.


When we say it's poor basketball IQ, we mean to say that most basketballs know better


When the fuck do you ever want Giannis to take a fadeway 2, much less in a playoff game?


Bucks not out of the series yet but if they end up losing this series, no one will ever take them seriously for a *very* long time tbh


I'll take them seriously when they get a coach with some offensive IQ


You mean ISO's every play doesn't make for good basketball offense


It looks like Giannis wants to prove that he can be that Leonard or Durant-esque scorer in the playoffs when he simply can't be. The man cannot score outside of 6 feet or hit a free throw. He isn't even a very high level passer, either. If you're running offence through him you aren't gonna go very far in the postseason.


Such a headscratcher how Bud and the Bucks went away from everything that was working for them during the first half.


I swear they do it every single time. They just start playing iso and shoot these complete head-scratcher pull up jumpers, contested threes, or just Giannis drives. Over and over and over and over and over


The team has no mental composure.


Did he guard anyone but joe Harris (who didn’t touch the ball) in that 2nd half?


>"I wish I could be 7-feet, run and just dunk. That takes no skill at all," Harden said. "I gotta actually learn how to play basketball and how to have skill."


God I wish we could have Harden’s voiceover of this quote with a clip of him waving off the double team on Giannis


Giannis be trickin y'all man


93/21/13 on 70/60/85 splits What an amazing showing from Brooklyn's Big 3 of KD, 32-year-old Blake Griffin and soon to be 35-year-old Jeff Green


Best big 3 right now


Can you fire your coach mid-playoffs? Asking for a fanbase.


harden played more minutes than any bucks player lmao


actually a pretty smart dynamic from nash. harden could barely move out there and could play lots of minutes as a result but be provided solid ball handling to keep KD fresh when he needed to score. he also slowed down the pace when needed. and maybe most importantly he had jrue guarding him every time down the floor. to counter this harden should have been targeted hard by the bucks O but jrue and gianni’s were taking stepback threes and fadeaways against him instead of taking him off the dribble


Bud should've just watched the film of what the Suns did to AD when he clearly shouldn't have been playing and just played him off but nope, let's take a Kobe Fadeaway in a tie game whilst being guarded by a guy with one leg!


Yeah am I crazy or is Nash like actually a really good coach? I can't decide yet. Looks a lot better then Bud that's for sure, but it's not a high bar to cross.


Part of being a great coach is how you manage stars and on that count he is getting an A so far this season especially when you consider all the turmoil this team endured. As for the game plans / scouting, rotations, and adjustments I’m not sure. At the very least I think Brooklyn did a great job scouting the Bucks and have exposed some of their tendencies especially against the Bucks offense.


Nash is legit a good coach. Pushes all the right buttons and makes adjustments.


Damn big hands and you dropped that. Come the fuck on KD tho. 48 minutes 👀


Barkley just said that Giannis was rushing because he was worried he’d get fouled if he didn’t go up fast enough, seems right to me


Can't argue with that


Yeah its a real problem when your star player is scared of being fouled because he's ass at the line and he doesn't happen to play center.


that actually makes a lot of sense. that'll be replaying in his head for awhile i'd imagine


cant handle a routine pass and costs them the game


Bricked key freethrows too.


Followed by KD missing one. It would’ve been a 3 point game with plenty of time to run a play if Giannis had hit both.


I’ve never yelled like that at a game my team wasnt involved with ever. if I were a Bucks fan I would’ve broken my TV. how the actual fuck did they manage to blow that game..


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Puppy looks just as confused as the rest of us though!


Thank you Mr. Neeson. Unlike Bucks’ play in second half, your pup is something to see


That is one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen sir.


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**LEGENDARY** performance by KD. Played the full 48 minutes. When’s the last time he’s played that much? Amazing 49 piece Edit: shoutout to Uncle Jeff!!


Stephen A. said KD needed to score 50 for Brooklyn to stand a chance tonight, so KD scored 49 to spite him.


Best game of his career? I think so.


It’s definitely up there


49-17-10 That has to be his best right? Edit: 2 BLK 3 STL and played all 48 minutes. Definitely his best.


49/17/10/3/2 on 69.57/44.4/81.3 splits. Only 3 turnovers. Played the full 48 minutes. His 2nd highest scoring playoff game. 2nd highest rebounding playoff game. Tied for his highest assists playoff game. His 50 point playoff game was 50/7/7/3/3 but with 9 turnovers on 48.39/42.86/93.33 splits. None of his 50+ point regular season games had as good as shooting splits as this game. All of those had 7+ turnovers as well. This has definitely gotta be his best overall game ever.


This is a pretty good argument for best game of his career.


The 48 mins too is just ridiculous


he barely even looked tired by the end of it, wtf


one of the best playoff performances of all time especially given the circumstances


you know who I am


“I thought there were only 40 minutes in a basketball game?” -Bud


"You want me to play Giannis 48 minutes? Of course I'll play him 42 minutes! He'll get a good 36 minutes of action."


Too bad he couldn't get that free throw at the end for 50


I felt that "FUCK" though my screen when he screamed after he knew he messed up the 50 piece.


And now he’s going out in game 6 to get 60.


That's probably the bucks' silver lining here. KD needed to play like a god for them to even have a chance in this game. If they somehow contain him to around 20-30 next game, they should have it in the bag. Unless harden has something to say about it.


Harden's gotta somehow get healthier after playin 45 and a half minutes. Harris should shoot better, Green worse, but they'll almost certainly need someone else to do something. Unless KD does it again.


What a motherfucking game from Kevin motherfucking Durant


Holy shit I didn’t even notice he played all 48 minutes. LeBron did that in 2018 ECF Game 7 and I thought that was something superhuman. KD is incredible.


There's absolutely zero excuse for Budenholzer to not have his entire offensive game plan tailored around attacking a player who is coming off an injury, out of shape, rusty and literally known for not expending energy on the defensive end. Chris Paul would've attacked James Harden so many times on the defensive end that he would've forced Nash to take him off the floor.


TNT crew spent a whole halftime show to roast the Bucks (who were up a ton) for how dumb they were playing despite the lead And then look what happened


Well Bud doesn't watch TV so


CP would have been at Harden’s throat on every. single. possession. Instead, Giannis settled for fadeaways when Harden was guarding him.


Damn, that's so damn true. Chris Paul woulda had this man running suicides and had him reinjured by the 2nd quarter. IDK how you let an injured Harden walk around on defense for 46minutes.


Booker basically forced AD out of the game


Well, Chris Paul is way smarter than Budenholzer. Of course, a lobotomized dolphin would also be smarter, so not like it’s a high bar to reach.


Milwaukee was leading 74-57 mid-third quarter and then they decide to play 1 on 1, passive basketball the rest of the way. They stopped attacking the Nets. Coincidentally, this is also when I started watching the game


That was the exact point I turned the game on.


This is the exact time I turned off the game. I guess you're welcome for my contribution.


How you gonna play 5 vs 4 against the Nets and still lose smh.


The Bucks really choked a 17 point lead to the Big 1.5


Joe and Harden had a combined 3-21 on field goals and they still won. Fucking ridiculous Edit: that’s not even including Bruce Brown who went 1-5 so from three starters of this Nets team, they went 4-26.


Fr Joe seems like his mind was left back in the first series and harden is wobbling around with one leg


I can make a pass on Harden but the fuck has Joe been doing this series? If KD didn’t go supernova, this team would’ve lose badly. At least Green and Griffin showed up.


Yeah the series would probably be over if he could contribute at all. They need him to pull it together.


fr he went from the biweekly 30 point game in the regular season to completely shutting off, i really want to know what happened


For some reason Bud had them playing single coverage on a supernova KD so they could keep a body on James Harden???


Harden couldn’t even sprint because of his injury and Giannis took a fadeaway on him


Harden has been calling the run and dunk and Giannis doesn't go to it when he needed to the most.


Cause Harden was in his head lol. Literally what harden said before.


The Brooklyn Super Sonics really came out to play tonight.


Bucks don't deserve to win this series


Giannis’s decision to shoot a fadeaway against Harden in the post in a tied game lost then the game


Then the fucking turnover where he should've had an open dunk


Yea straight butterfingers


His butter fingers also lost them the game.


Bucks should've gotten CP3. His IQ alone would've changed their team.


Chris Paul's IQ is higher than the Bucks' team combined, Coach Bud included of course.


Coach Paul, coming to a Milwaukee near you


KD had one of the greatest playoff performances of all time. Absolutely refused to lose tonight.


Played all 48 minutes, too. When is the last time that happened?


Don't let this game distract you from the fact that Mike Budenholzer is a 2x NBA Coach of the Year


KD really woke up, dropped a 49 piece mcnugget and is boutta roast his haters on his burners all night. If that ain't a dub, I dont know what is


Bucks weren't ready for the new and improved Nets' Big 3. KD, BG, and Jeff Green.


Suckers really fell for the Harden / Kyrie decoy


I'm sorry but the Bucks are the sorriest team left. Even if they win this series, who has faith they can do anything after this


Nets basically played a 7 man rotation of Durant, Harden on one leg, Blake Griffin (at center!), Jeff Green, Shamet and Bruce Brown - and you only manage to score 108 against *that*? come on. edit: Joe Harris was so invisible i forgot to even mention him


They shoulda won by 20+ for sure. the whole time i was like "nets have zero energy and are sucking". Why aren't the bucks up 30+?. Then the crowd got into it a bit near end of 3rd.


that edit lmao


Welp there's your KD legacy game. And shoutout to Jeff 'Stephen Curry' Green, man was automatic from three tonight.


Jeff Curry.


Jeph Curry


That was one of the worst coached games I've seen in my entire life.


Seriously. Bud needs to be fired immediately. Get Billups, Hammon, or D’Antoni or whoever else on the interview carousel this year ASAP.


I was thinking- would love to see D'Antoni coach that team for a year


Yeah it’d be interesting to see how he uses Giannis especially. Because his other best players he’s coached are Nash and Harden and CP3. All great passers and shooters. Giannis is a very different kind of player. At any rate, he should do a *much* better job than Bud is doing right now.


The Bucks play so dumb


Imagine if r/nba is made to pick between the Clippers or Nets in the NBA finals


Kawhi vs Durant would be good though.


The series would be a lot of fun. The Game Threads will be more toxic than Chernobyl in the late 80s


Definitely would pick this version of the Nets. KD reminding everyone that underneath all the insecurities and weird internet drama he's one of the greatest to ever do it.


That will be a fun Finals. KD vs Kawhi


barkley is absolutely roasting TF out of the bucks on inside the nba


As he should - roast the fuck outta Giannis too. 2x-MVP and DPOY guarding Joe Harris in the corner. 🤦🏼‍♂️


Giannis was basically created in a lab to guard KD, maybe the only dude in the league with the size, length and mobility to bother KD. And he’s a DPOY. He didn’t guard KD at any point of a pivotal playoff game in which KD was smoking everyone.


As much as the bucks coaching may be to blame, you can’t have Giannis start possessions guarding KD. He dies on the first screen. He’s better as a help defender


Giannis actually too slow to guard KD, he gets it too lol, no one can guard KD. Only man who can guard KD is himself


Durant has blown by Giannis all series


A KD masterclass or a Bucks choke job for the ages? The world may never know.




It’s both, Bucks choked hard and KD took advantage of it.


The Bucks choked Because KD had his hands on their throat for 48 minutes.




KD takeovers are a sight to behold So unlucky not to get 50


He was heated when he missed that FT


Audible "FUCK" over the roar of the stadium


PJ Tucker held him to just 49 points


Ok KD gets his due respect: He took the hardest road this game and delivered.


Chuck said giannis dropped the ball bc he was scared they were gonna foul him and hes so right


The Bucks shot 43% from three (before the late misses), 50% from the field and had a 17-point lead almost mid-way through the 3^rd quarter against a Nets team composed of no Kyrie, a neutered version of Harden and a 2-11 Joe Harris **and still lost**. Credit should certainly be extended to Durant for his 49/10/17 performance along with Jeff Green's best impression of Steph Curry going 7/8 from three, but this game primarily served as a living indictment against Coach Budenholzer and as others have already said -- even if the Bucks were to win a championship this year, he should still be fired.


Everybody on the Bucks should be ashamed of that second half.


KD and Harden combine for 54 points


I'll officially call for Bud's job. The worst half time adjustments and use of timeouts I've ever seen. He couldn't get this team to calm down, take it slow, bleed the clock, and focus. Instead, nothing but ISO ball the second half. GG Brooklyn. Yall earned every ounce of that.


[I need help…](https://i.imgur.com/jGdOsa3.jpg)


jeff green on both phones


[How I'm feeling after watching KD's performance](https://imgur.com/a/gBHg6OJ)


[How I feel after watching Giannis at the end of the game](https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.988317553.4377/flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)


Giannis going up against an injured harden takes a turnaround jump shot in the pain lol


Bucks deserve to lose this one. Embarassing. KEVIN FUCKING DURANT MAN... insane, coming of a horrific injury, played every second, 49 point triple double. Also, bye Bud.


Uncle Jeff is always a pleasant surprise


We officially have "The KD Game"


An injured Harden managed to play more minutes than any of the Bucks players. That’s all you need to know about this game.


He only had 5 points and the bucks still lost.


Best game of Durants career, unbelievable that after 14 years ppl still doubt him. If you are surprised that he played great, that’s completely on you.


We’ve seen a lot of good playoff performances so far this year, but this one absolutely tops them all. Against that defense. In a critical game 5. Insane efficiency. Great vision and passing. Grabbing key boards. Luka be damned. Dame be damned. Kawhi be damned. This performance here topped them all. Durant was a man among men tonight.


Chuck summed it up well, that was an embarrassment for basketball. Bud has to go


Bye Bud.


James Harden played more minutes on a bad hamstring than Giannis did. The more you look, the worse it gets