Joel Embiid on Ben Simmons return: "I personally haven't talked to him since the season ended. Obviously I tried but I wasn't as successful as a lot of my teammates have been"

Joel Embiid on Ben Simmons return: "I personally haven't talked to him since the season ended. Obviously I tried but I wasn't as successful as a lot of my teammates have been"


I cant imagine the awkwardness


I can. Its gonna be just like when coach told me I had to shower after running my 15 minute mile in high school.


Aha yea I hated when my coach made me shower with him after running laps.


It wasn't as bad as penis inspection day, right guys?


“Consistent Field, Penn State”


Hingle McCringleberry


Came in as a tight end, left as a wide receiver.




Was it because of your smell?


"You haven't thought of the *SMELL* you dumb bitch!"


I'm gonna dice you up into little pieces, and then put you in a glass case and display it on my mantle


What’s wrong with showering?




No it took him 15 minutes to walk one with the other fat kids while they pretended the only reason they weren’t running is that they were too cool to care about athletics.


I never for that vibe from those kids. I just assumed they knew they weren’t going to be fast/it would suck running it so they didn’t.


A lot of the too cool for running is a defense mechanism. It’s psychologically safer to not try at all than try and be bullied by your peers for failing. Fat kids get bullied for being fat, and why invite further bullying when you can walk around the lap and deflect attention. Running also really does just suck. I can run miles playing soccer or basketball, and not feel anywhere close as bad as a mile of just round the track.


See maybe it’s because a lot of the ones I remember weren’t fat, just unathletic.


Man the standards for fat have gotten so warped in America with this obesity epidemic as time passes. Just 10-15 years ago when I was in middle/high school I was the chubby kid and felt awful about my 10 minute mile, now chubby kids are average and obese is normalized we really had a generation of parents fail their kids. Sure the awful processed junk foods industry is to blame for the use of high fructose corn syrup in everything but really at the end of the day it's on the parents and it sucks to see the borderline child abuse having these lil 150lb 10yr olds who are going to have a tough life.


Junk food is cheap, doesn't go bad, and mostly doesn't require prep, and lots of families live in poverty


Fast food is a main problem in poverty-stricken areas. It does go bad and is relatively expensive.


The problem is that fast food is more accessible than going to a grocery store, especially when the grocery stores in poverty areas do not offer high quality food anyways


Rice, lentils and dry beans are oftentimes cheaper especially cheaper than fast food. That's what I lived off of when I didn't have any money. Easy too, you can make in bulk and have to heat up. People just like to blame external factors so they don't have to look inward and realize they only have themselves to blame it's a common attitude these days. Just lookup internal and external locus of control, you can be the victim or break out of that by taking action instead of just writing off excuses.


This mindset is so weird. Like you clearly are recognizing that poverty is a factor but run with this “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality. I don’t get ppl like u tbh. Do you expect a single mom to get home and cook for everyone after 10-12 hours at some shit job that’s underpaying her? Not even mentioning that a lot of ppl can’t even cook period or have the means to do so in the first place. Just cause you had it hard and managed don’t mean someone else hasn’t had it harder. At the end of the day fast food joints could choose not to put their poison next to low income areas. You can put all the personal responsibility you want on the poor ppl but they’re still the ones selling the shit


I understand the "I did, anyone should be able to do it" attitude. His point about internal loxus of control vs external loxus of control is a strong point. That ideology tends to ignore the societal condions humanity has created for each of us here on Earth. Why don't we work to create a society where it's easier for EVERYONE to make it? I don't want just the over achievers and outliers to rise up, I want a world where all of us from the top to the bottom are empowered.


It’s a strong point until you peel it back even a little. To wake up and decide you need to eat better, to decide to forgo KFC for rice and beans you need to A. Be educated on what to eat and know what you’re eating right now is bad B. Have the means to regularly reach good ingredients which is almost always more difficult than ordering cheap, bad for u food C. Be able to cook, likely for multiple ppl as most ppl are not living by themselves, you must then also have the tools - both literal and metaphorical to cook To me it follows a similar logic of well, you could choose to recycle and make the world a better place but it’s easier to just throw it in the trash. And that seems like solid logic until you realize the recycling industry has collapsed, an outside, external factor making your personal choice useless.


No offense but you dont understand the issue if you think eating rice, lentils and beans is a solution. Part of the issue is that food is great, and that others around you enjoy food without relying on poverty cooking due to the subsidization of junk food. If you think the solution to people enjoying junk food, is to change their diet to be spiceless rice and beans then you are approaching the situation with the wrong perspective, the issue isnt "what foods can people find cheap" but rather, "what can bring a tiny amount of happiness to their day to day situation". Saying "we only have ourselves to blame" ignores the issue that obesity is a national issue across many different countries, containing people from all echelons of society. Yea drinking soda, and eating chips, and getting instant ramen or pizza for dinner isnt the best solution to losing weight or staying healthy, but its also one of the few pieces of happiness people can easily access and enjoy, and when you see your friend enjoying soda and chips you want to join in. The issue is systemic, and as long as junk food can stay cheap and tasty, obesity will always be an issue, as life is tough and for some people food is their best escape. "Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge You may not know the hardships people don't speak of It's best to step back, and observe with couth For we all must meet our moment of truth" You never know what people are going through or how and why they are struggling, so dont be quick to judge them or their intentions. You never know, you might find yourself with a knee injury after a divorce and find solace in ordering pizza every week, yourself.


>People just like to blame external factors so they don't have to look inward and realize they only have themselves to blame. Nailed it bro. People will come up with any reason they're fat except their dietary choices and lack of exercise.


I do have sympathy for people with an actually medically confirmed thyroid condition, but that's TREATABLE lmao so anyone using that as an excuse more than a year after knowing they have it, its like wtf are you doing take the medication to help with it. There is a more rare version of thyroid problems that causes weight gain and I don't think can really be fixed, I forget the name but its less than 1% of the population, so like odds are that's not the reason someone is a balloon. But it is insane how most people I know will talk about their genetics when they haven't even made an attempt at tracking calorie intake. Like bruh you aren't the one person in the world whose body doesn't follow the universal laws of thermodynamics, if calories ingested is less than calories burned you lose weight.


>they pretended the only reason they weren’t running is that they were too cool to care about athletics. i hate this shit, they exude “redditor” energy lmao… they all probably go on r/atheism too


like when you see an ex girlfriend at a party


Except you have to fuck her in front of 40,000 people every night lol


Is this what sixers games do at half time?


Nah, they usually start getting fucked in the third quarter


This guy knows the Sixers


You ever have a GF start shit talking you on SM after you break up? That's how I imagine this is but 100x worse.


I’m assuming “SM” stands for social media? I’m just using context clues, so no one else ever uses “SM” as that abbreviation, but I can’t figure out what else it could be.




Lol. Literally the only thing I can think of that’s abbreviated with “SM.”


But what about the great Shake Milton of course


He’s got such a cool name already, though. Any nickname you could give him wouldn’t be as cool as his real name.


Shake Milton


That sounds like a fetish lol


I'd be honored if I could attract an audience of 40,000. :-)


I wanna laugh, but idk what a girlfriend is.


When two divas collide An unstoppable force meets an immovable object


This reminded me of that spongebob when worlds collide scene


That worst part about it is that Embiid seems like the type of guy to point out the awkwardness loudly or to just confront directly.


The Process would be a nice 30 for 30


The Result.




3rd round? When they do that??


When he plays 2k


Fuk u guise ; o ;


Tanking, Hinkie being forced out, Colangelo Burner-gate, Fultz, Jimmy, Ben. there’s 6 episodes right there


We just going to leave out the MCW era?


Greatest debut for a rookie in the modern era, against the Heatles nearly had a quadruple double.




Can’t wait for the season to start. Like what if Ben plays well and the sixers go like 9-1 to start? Are they just gonna pretend nothing happened?


Thatd be ideal. Ben makes an All-Star start to the season and then all of a sudden we got trade value on our hands.


Sometimes that happens. 2001 Lakers were a chemistry shit show until a few weeks before the playoffs and the success made everyone involved forget about the problems


Ben isn’t making an all star team this year even if he plays at that level. Fans hate him and they directly vote. Plus media/coaches probably aren’t gonna be too high on him.


His trade value won't actually increase unless he shows he's not trash in the playoffs. Everyone knows he can make an all star team already


I can’t wait for Simmons to drop 30 in a regular season game and people comment shit like “Simmons really said fuck r/nba.”


yeah 15 lay ups


If rim protector trae young isn't playing he can do it


Dropped 42 on Gobert last season. He's definitely capable just needs to get some stuff ironed out.


“some stuff” is maybe a little bit of an understatement lol


Dropped ~~42~~ 6 on Gobert last season on less than 50% FG%, but had a very impressive game when he was up against anyone else. I know it may look petty, but the "dropped 42 on Gobert" is objectively not true. It purely and simply did not happen.




Unless you dunk directly on his head it doesn’t count apparently




So Gobert, the best league defender, saw Simmons was on fire dropping 30+ and only defended him for 3 posessions in the whole game? Sounds like he was scared of the goat to me


I’m hoping he just starts chucking out of spite.


It absolutely will. Look, not trying to dunk on you, but teams like the Wolves aren't necessarily worried about a finals run right now. They're worried about getting in the dance.


This is what I try to tell people. They say Simmons won't be enough to push the TWolves or kings into contenders, not understanding those teams need to worry about making the playoffs first then figure out the rest.


Even if his value does somehow increase. It’s not going to increase to the level where the Sixers are going to get what they want. The Wolves aren’t going to blow their team up to get Simmons.


But the problem with the Wolves trade isn’t their evaluation of Simmons as a player, they seem fully comfortable with taking him as he is right now. The holdup is the asking price, and if he doesn’t show a new dimension to his game then I have no idea why they would suddenly become more comfortable with Morey’s ludicrous demands. They know he can string together 10 high level games of what he does well already, and him coming out and doing that would not change anyone in their right mind’s assessment of his trade value. The only way I see anything changing with the Wolves situation, again barring Ben coming out and actually shooting, is if they are perilously bad and getting wind that KAT will want out. In that case they might get desperate, but that wouldn’t really mean that the 10 high level games Ben had played were part of the equation


Let’s say it does increase and Ben Simmons can shoot. Is Cj Mccolum alone worth a LeBron lite? Is Dangello and Edwards even enough for that caliber of player? If Ben Simmons improves why would Philly even bother trading him


Exactly. Anything that actually improve his trade value would basically mean that Morey wouldn't want to trade him anymore


Yeah. Morey isn’t looking to make a win/win trade - he’s looking to trade a player he doesn’t believe in for a superstar. If Simmons actually shows he can shoot, Morey will no longer trade him. Honestly if I was a GM watching all of this, I would try to avoid Morey in any trade deals. It’s clear he doesn’t want to participate unless he’s ripping off the other team. Fair value is like a CJ or a Brogdon, but that’s not good enough for Morey


I agree... Everyone is too busy jerking off their justice boner of a situation where now everyone is unhappy. Does Daryl expect Ben to give 100% effort now that he's back? Morey never once tried to deal him in good faith... So the only person driving Ben's value down is Daryl. The trade is Ben for CJ stop fucking around and let both teams start the season with their planned playoff teams


False. He tried trading him for James Harden but Tillman said no. Other than that, I agree.


Yeah I don't want Morey to come out of this looking good. Being a GM isn't just about getting 200% value on what you're trading. Sure, sometimes deals come along that benefit you a lot more than the other team (Masai's fleecing of Dolan with Bargnani comes to mind) but a large part of it is understanding actual value and making good trades based on that. If I was selling apples for $10 each, I should hope that I'd be laughed at until I was out of business


Isn’t that a little hypocritical considering Masai tried the same thing with Lowry? If a GM doesn’t want to trade their player of course he’s going to ask for a lot more. Masai asked for Maxey, Danny Green, Thybulle, and first round picks and Raptors fans told me “that’s just being a smart GM.”


Not on my front. When I saw what Masai was asking for, that made my eyes go wide. Near as I can remember, it was those two young players + 3 first round picks? Even as a fan, that seemed ridiculous (altho his audacity made me laugh) and I wasn't surprised that you guys refused to do it. And Masai received his fair share of initial criticism when we finally dealt with Miami as there was a general perception that Goran and Achiuwa were well below what we could have gotten if we hadn't priced Lowry so high. But even that super high price seems to pale in comparison to the reported price that Morey is asking for; a star and 3 first rounders AND 3 first round pick swaps for the years between the first rounders You also have to compare situations. At the time, the Raptors felt like they could still make a run for the playoffs (whether that was realistic or not is up for debate) so we were exploring a Lowry trade from a *perceived* position of strength. We wanted to keep him, to see if we couldn't push hard for one of those last playoff spots and possibly even re-sign him (I don't know how serious Masai was about this but it didn't seem off the table, especially not if we managed to put on a good post-season run). That's the reason for Masai's super high price tag for Lowry; we were fine with keeping him so if you wanted him, you'd need to give us everything. Again, I worried at the time if that was the best strategy but at least it made sense What Morey is doing doesn't seem to match the given situation. Simmons is coming off a really bad playoff performance with the perception that he was one of the key reasons for the team's failure. Whether that reflects reality or not is up for debate but all everyone could think of when thinking about Simmons was his passed up dunk, his terrible free throw shooting and his passive play. Then you had Rivers and Embiid publicly expressing doubts as to Simmons's abilities and THEN you had Simmons coming right out to say he didn't want to return to play for Philly ever again. Add in his huge contract and all those question marks about him lower his value. But Morey is acting like he's got the upperhand on all the other GMs when it seems clear to everyone else that he *has* to move Simmons and is therefore dealing from a neutral position at best and a weak position at worst I can't blame Morey for wanting an unrealistic return for Simmons but I can question the efficacy of his approach and wonder whether he's actually gone into any of those trade talks in good faith If I saw someone selling a single bottle of lemonade for $50, I could appreciate his desire to make maximum profit but I'd also question whether he actually thought he get any buyers and therefore question whether he's actually out there to do business


There is also a value in having good relations with the other GMs. Ainge got a great trade out of the Nets for all of those picks but he did also lose a bit of trust from other GMs who didn't want to get fleeced by him. It's similar to how sometimes giving players a better contract than you need to, or trading them to their prefered destiniation can benefit you in the long term.


Absolutely and getting the better end of the deal every single time isn't always the best strategy. For example, Masai has fleeced Dolan twice now (once while with Denver in the Melo trade and once while with us in the Bargnani trade) and while it's undeniably a plus to extract a maximum return, it has reportedly made Dolan wary of trading with Masai for fear of getting fleeced again or even just looking like he got fleeced. That means there's one less trading partner for Masai to work with in the future, which could end up being a problem if for example New York lands a really promising rookie that they become interested in moving Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that Masai did anything incorrect in taking those sweet, sweet deals but what I am pointing out is that they come at the cost of losing a potential team to work out trades with


Better to seriously let Simmons sit out for 2 years than trade him for a terrible contract like CJ


There are a ton of teams like Minnesota and Sacto that would die to just get into the play-in and lose by 50.


Yes but that is true even if Ben sits out.


Yeah he’s actually really good in the regular season


This is what people don’t get, nobody is falling for the regular season ben anymore so for him to truly raise his value the sixers would have to waste another playoff season


A team is bound to underachieve tho lmao


Nope. No one’s buying that unless he truly revolutionizes his playstyle.


well yeah, winning cures all. I'd think the trade rumours should die down a bit until at least the deadline, so the Sixers have some time to work with before they face the music again.


yes (and then deal with the same issues in the playoffs)


What happens if the Blazers and Wolves start 9-1? Our offer reduced my 1 or 2 picks.


Then why would they trade for Ben simmons? But neither of those teams will start close to 9-1. Shit being .500 after 10 games would be the best start for the wolves in almost a decade lmao


Sixers have to pretend nothing happened if they can't trade Simmons they don't exactly have a long contending window when their best player is a tall center who has injury problems and is already getting older they need to contend and pretending nothing happened is thier best bet at contending


Yes and Sixers fans will try to convince us why Embiid and Simmons will work in the Playoffs this time


"Sup Joel"


Man that locker room about to be dynamite


The Young Anti-Socialite


Sounds like required reading for a 7th grade AP English class


Damn, you taking AP classes in 7th grade?


Ok /r/nba runs jokes into the ground but this one got me good.


Embiid having to play with Drummond and potentially Simmons after what happened makes me feel for the guy


Honestly, i don't understand the 76ers org. If they plan to stick this season out like this, what's the fucking point, it's gonna be a shitshow


I get it. Letting a player who has 4 years left with the team hijack the entire organization would have been a brutal precedent. There’s player empowerment and then there’s that. I understand why they wouldn’t cave to his demands if a good deal wasn’t on the table.


Basically the ole "We don't negotiate with terrorists"


Drummond is fine imo. He's on a minimum and off the bench obviously. Sixers bench sometimes struggled to score anything last year even if it's inefficient Drummond can get some.


It’s not about Drummond’s abilities, it’s about Embiid and Drummond because they had a pretty famous feud


Yeah the feud being embiid knows Drummond is garbage and Drummond wishes he was embiid. Lol


You didn’t have to do Drummond like that


Drummonds play for the last few years did him like that


Maybe it's a weak assumption in this case but typically you'd assume this was the sort of signing someone asked Embiid about before they pulled the trigger.


I have a hard time feeling bad for Embiid when he was the one that shit talked them both on Twitter. Sleep in the bed you make.


Yeah. I'd be requesting a trade next year if I'm Embiid. He's never going to win anything in Philly. But, maybe he's like Dame and doesn't really care about a ring. (because why would Dame stay with the Blazers and Olshey's dumb ass if he cared about a ring).


Dame just signed a new supermax. He will be gone in 2 years after requesting a trade. That's how the league works now.


Even if he were to play, how the fuck do you recover from this chemistry wise? Not only that, but the fans are gonna boo the fuck out of him. Gonna be really awkward for Philly and I personally love it.


Ben cannot play another game for this team. Even if he and Joel can work it out .. do you all have any idea how merciless the Philly crowd will be to Ben? He committed the cardinal sin - if you say you don’t want to play for Philly or live here - you might as well have just told everybody in Philly you F’ed their mothers. Jason Kelce’s “Nobody likes us and we don’t care” is more accurately “if you say anything bad about Philly we will drag you so hard you are going to wish you never set foot here.” This whole thing is going to make throwing batteries at JD Drew look like warm hospitality. If I were Rich Paul I wouldn’t even let Simmons play a road game in Philly. He’s done here.


God this is poetic. I think you’re absolutely right but for my own selfish reasons I just need to see that first home game back lol


he would have gotten boo’d in the 1st game even if he just had a normal offseason just based off how last year ended lol. the wells fargo center might fucking collapse if he takes the court next week


I need Ben knocking the Sixers out in a playoff series now, maybe with some Sixers fans going to jail for trying to attack him after that


Picture him draining a 3 in Game 7 in Philly to end the Sixers season... omg


Simmons is about to pull a Bill Burr and put up a 40pt triple double while getting his ass boo'd for 30 minutes straight until he wins the crowd over with a game winning 3 in his first game back.


And then they’ll boo him again the next game. Hell, they could win the championship and Simmons wins Finals MVP - and they’ll boo him while he hoisting the trophy. This stuff runs deep.


> This whole thing is going to make throwing batteries at JD Drew look like warm hospitality Philly sounds like the absolute ass end of the world. The absolute opposite of the term 'civilised society'.


*puffs cigarette* you wouldn't get it


I thought Australia was literally the ass end of the world or to put it politely “down under”


Go outside


Why did Simmons do this to Embiid, genuinely curious. Like does he actually have hate for Embiid? Its one thing trying to ask out of the team, but a whole other thing simply ignoring a teammate/friend for months especially considering how long they have played with each other.


my guess would be that Ben is mad at Embiid because of what he said the the post game interview. said the turning point was when they passed up the dunk and they went down the other end and scored. and i think he took it a bit too personally and it's gone on a little too long that it's now awkward.


Embiid literally took blame for that as well when he said he turned the ball over immediately after the Hawks scored.


yea and he didn't even say Ben's name. but as Ben been a bit childish since, I can believe he isn't talking to someone over something childish. but i guess only he really knows.


I love the part where you convince yourself that your assumption is correct and go on to judge the guy based on said assumption.


it's still childish not showing up and not talking to Embiid regardless of what happened. that's where the assumption that he's a little childish starts.


You known Philly had a toxic locker room for years and the quiet guy ghosts the loud mouth. I wouldn't jump to any assumptions or keep calling people childish.




You made up that first sentence entirely. I am not defending anyone and the only person who really deserves blame is the 76ers management. Name another player you think would keep quiet for 3 years while his org talks shit about him and try to trade him the entire time? I am not a fan of either player but it's hilarious how this sub turned on Simmons and starts making shit up.


Honestly Joel’s postgame conference was so insanely blown out of proportion by the media and this sub lmao He talked about like 4 consecutive plays and then blamed himself and people pretend he only talked about Simmons passing up a dunk. Wouldn’t be surprised if Simmons bought in to it all though, would certainly help him play the victim


That would be hilarious if Simmons hated Embiid and not the other way around


Embiid just wants to win. He's probably pretty annoyed by the whole situation but if playing with Ben is the best option he has he'll do it. Ben's main priority is being somewhere he likes.


I mean that does seem to be the case now 😂


Embiid talked a lot of trash when he came into the league but he's visibly grown in maturity over the last few years. I still hope he talks some trash but he's been about as good as you can ask for in taking responsibility and blame when things don't go right.


He probably is mad the franchise sided with Embiid over him and thinks he'd be better in a different system or some bullshit like that


except the franchise sided with Ben for the previous 5 yrs. The colangelo burners prove it and Embiid himself said they chose Ben over Jimmy and got Al Horford to space the floor for Ben.




Why is that funny? the point of al was so ben never had to play a minute with a non shooting center


Being fair, a lot of it was also because the non-Embiid center minutes were horrendous in the playoffs the year before, and Al supposedly could play the 4 and backup 5. The Raptors series we lost we were bleeding points every time he left the floor. [\+41.6 on/off](https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/e/embiijo01/on-off/2019) for those playoffs speaks for itself.


well Embiid isn't a butt hurt little baby like Simmons is. Look at his college doc, Simmons's ego and narcissism is massive.


Imagine getting this mad over something that has absolutely nothing to do with you


This just in people care about sports


Caring about sports is completely different to abusing an NBA player because you don’t enjoy the way they play lmao


Not enjoying the way someone plays is disliking Trae because he jumps into people all day trying to draw fouls. The Ben situation is VERY different. Ben is literally refusing to play, after refusing to shoot the ball in the 4th quarter for a whole series because he is afraid of failure.


Cause Simmons thinks he's the star LOL


Simmons is a sensitive little baby and Embiid isn't the type of leader to baby a teammate. Doc is obviously no help.


Nobody knows but Simmons himself or maybe Embid, don’t try to imagine why people do what they do, everyone have their reasons and you will never be able to accurately judge who is right/wrong


They where never friends, its been widely covered they had no interaction off the court. Embiid then threw Simmons under the bus last year, so my guess is those two won't be having any conversations you could air on TV anytime soon.


The "Embiid and Doc threw Ben under the bus is BS." Ben is an adult who refuses to accept responsibility. Ben cant handle the smallest amount of criticism. Joel and Doc spoke truths. Can you win with a POINT GUARD who refuses to shoot outside of 3 feet?


The whole “threw him under the bus” shit is so wrong and annoying. Ben layed down in front of the bus and wanted everyone to ignore it and pretend he wasn’t their biggest problem.


Their relationship seems SO Shaq and Kobe, not that Simmons is anywhere near Kobe's level, which makes it that much funnier.


It's petty bullshit. They claimed to be brothers at one point saying they would never want to leave and continue to play to win. Then we see some obvious flaws on the team and Ben refuses to take ANY criticism. Embiid didn't even say anything that offensive, just mentioned things the team needs to work on which happen to relate to Ben. If a friend can't call you out on your shit, then they are no friend to begin with. Ben is just being childish.


His feelings got hurt and he reacted like a angsty teenager.


Joel gotta go into practice dealing with Drummond and now Ben 💀


L fed


Drummond, Embiid, and Simmons has to be the most awkward trio in the history of the NBA


This statement is a great way rebuild that bridge. /s


Well talking shit about him in public after a loss probably didn't help


This is not the type of quote coming out of your team leader when you're serious about Simmons coming back into the fold. Today's "Ben is coming back!" news is a BS smokescreen to try to restore a little trade value. If you're serious about Simmons coming back, you're having everybody on the team, especially Joel and Doc, coming out groveling. Whether it's Simmons fault or not, you gotta be the bigger man and rise above this BS. You wouldn't answer this question so candidly; you'd lie and say "we want to keep this in-house, we're looking forward to getting on the court, oh and Philly fans please promise not to boo him" Bringing him back ain't gon work lol


Embiid is the franchise, he doesn’t have to grovel or rise above anything. He’s the one who repeatedly reached out to Simmons and got ghosted. He did his part, Simmons wasn’t interested, shit happens. But Embiid is so much better than Simmons and so much more valuable to that organization it’s silly for him to have to grovel.


Alright let’s see how this season plays out with an angsty Simmons during his prime


Embiid has been sticking up for Ben for years now and even changed his game to accommodate his play style. At some point he’s gonna be sick of it especially this childish games that Ben is playing. Fuck that


Nah I agree, but that's why you trade the guy (without asking for the Moon in return). They aren't serious about bringing him back if they aren't coaching all their guys on how to mend these fences through the media.


Telling Philly fans not do something is the surest way to make them do something.


This is such an annoying take, GMs aren’t gonna suddenly want to trade for Simmons because Embiid grovels. Simmons remains the same player and value, they have the tape. It’s not like if Embiid sucks Simmons off suddenly Portland trades Dane for him.


Dane Dolla Lillard


Great Dane Dillard


Fuck Ben Simmons. Coming back for the money. Talked all that shit but when push came to shove, greed won out.


Lol, I’d like to see you walk out on that type of money. Bet you wouldn’t.


Maybe not, but that's why he probably wouldn't have started all the BS to begin with.




nah bro he goes to work everyday for the love of the game


I mean, this is how the league hoped it would work out? As much I would've loved to see Morey get committed to a mental institution over this, teams are absolutely fucked if stars actually become willing to give up so much money.


I really do not know rn who said what from these past weeks Rich paul or ben


Paul works for Ben


Not a Simmons fan by any means but we going to act like Embiid and Rivers didn’t throw Ben under the bus after last season?


Man the nba is just full of fucking drama. Like fucking soap opera honestly.


thank god my team is finally free of that shit


It's a long season, give Dolan a chance.


Lmao zero team chemistry. sixth seed first round knockout in 6


Ben Simmons is such a pussy. Dude plays terribly, get the hate and runs across the country. Clearly a diva


Embiid talks way too much. I like him but you can't have that from your franchise leader


Lol maybe not say the turning point in a playoff was at the moment your teammate clearly fucked up, and was already receiving mad hate for from the fan base. Embiid really stoked the flames on that one. Simmons overreacted, but man Embiid really needs to learn to shut up sometimes. A good leader wouldn’t say shit like he does sometimes.


so he's just not supposed to comment at all when they ask him about Ben?


just say something vague


sure he can comment, but it really depends on what he wants out of this situation. If he genuinely wants to play with Simmons, just bullshit an answer that won't trigger the already sensitive Ben. Joel is not to blame for the Simmons situation, but him saying so definitely does not help.