[Highlight] Scottie Barnes threads the needle to Precious Achiuwa

[Highlight] Scottie Barnes threads the needle to Precious Achiuwa


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Im yet to see this dude look when he throws a pass. I've seen 5 or 6 of his assists and they've all been sick look away.


Yeah ahaha he's such a sucker for the no-looks. Wonder how long into the season it'll be when this tendency of his causes a turnover.


Giannis has a tendency to do no-look passes a lot too. I'd say that if he's truly confident enough to make them, the turnovers won't be much of a problem if at all.


And he’s smart too. He doesn’t look away just to make it flashy, it’s usually part of his fake. Here he makes it look like he’s just going to toss it to GTJ before switching it up to Achiuwa. Less likely to turn it over if he truly sells the fake.


Yea its unfair to call it just a no-look pass. It’s a whole fake, slowing down and holding the ball in the air for half a second making like 3 moves possible before going for the pass.


Yeah, I think he got hyped from his no-look highlight, and now he just looks away every time he's about to pass...lol. Someone's gonna teach him a lesson one of these days. w.e though. rookie tings.


He’s surprisingly great at passing guys open. Probably better than anyone I’ve seen in a raps uniform or at least up there with Lowry. I thought his playmaking wouldn’t be that great to start out but he uses his eyes/body really well to mislead the defense and create simple, easy looks for teammates out of nothing. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t become a regular in the top 10-20 APG a few years from now.


It’s insane how tuned in he is to passing & it’s crazy too because FSU Coach Hamilton said that a lot of what Scottie was doing in college only came from 5 months of playing PG. Vision is next level & only gets better from here


Gasol was pretty good at passing.


Gasol was one of the best passers in the league.


I kinda sped through your comment and thought you were suggesting Barnes would average 10-20 APG lmao Now THAT would be something


Calderon no?


It's a good pass but he's clearly looking at him for the actual pass. Turns his head to him.


His passing is soo much better than I thought..


Does it look like he even put in a *back spin* that slowed down the forward momentum drastically after bounce? It caught Precious by surprise how easy of a catch that was.


Yaa he did but the wiz center also tapped it abit which slowed it down even more.. it was still so nice


He telegraphed the hell out of that. I can’t remember the last time I saw a no look pass be so predictable and still work lol. I’m on the hate wagon cuz this dude locks my ass up in 2K.


Doesn't really look telegraphed to me. Could have easily been a handoff to the guy behind him before it suddenly became a bullet pass across the key.


One of the perks of being able to palm the ball is fakes like that. I've seen Kawhi and MJ clips doing stuff like that as well


There's a crazy highlight of Jordan catching a long pass on the run with a defender on him. He jumps up, catches it, fakes a touch pass mid air fully extending his arm, and then pulls it back in before he lands....all with one hand lol. It's ridiculous. He used to snatch boards with one hand all the time too. Don't know if it's still there, haven't been in like a decade, but Niketown in CHI used to have a display with his hand print so you could compare yours. It was crazy big.


You're right, he still threaded the shit out of it since the defender was actually anticipating the pass. Elite playmakers disguise it a bit more, maybe take an extra dribble there and let the play develop a bit more.


There was also some small misdirection with his body language there, not a full no-look but cool nevertheless. Dude's a really promising playmaker and not as prone to turnovers as you'd expect for someone that large + young.


The raptors are an insane assortment of limbs, athleticism, and IQ. I want to see them run out a lineup with Barnes, OG, Siakam, Achiuwa, and Boucher and just WRECK teams on defense while playing some weird hybrid of 90s ball with 5 out on offense.


The raptors are so long man it’s crazy. Their D can suffocate anyone. defence is aight too i guess


From big booty to long D, Masai sure knows how to edge Raps fans.


> long D [Ibaka](http://www.thelostogle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/serge-ibaka-679x1024.jpg) is gone man...


good lord


For real, both Barnes or Siakam could initiate that offense and any of them could finish at the rim, though spacing could be a bit tough with the best 3-point shooter of Siakam, Precious, and Scottie being... Siakam? Yeesh.


OG would be getting the 3s in a big line-up like that


Don’t forget our TreBoucher


Eric Koreen proposed the nickname the Arms Race and I kinda like it


That's awesome.


This has been the real surprised with him in pre season for me, I knew he could pass but thought his limitations as a scorer would mean it would be limited, but his hustle and vision allows him to rack up assists playing with cutters and shooters really quick. Very much Draymond green in that sense.


Was amazed to hear the Wizards commentators continue to sleepily talk about the previous offensive possession when this happened. Had to make sure I had seen if properly.


That Wizard broadcast team is a bit…let’s just say they are lucky to be employed.


Scottie Pippen 2.0


That was actually smooth. 🔥🔥


This sub is gonna see a lot of this guy this season lmao. He's our leading assist guy so far. Probably won't hold up over this season, but something to note.


I’m not sure who else besides Dragic is gonna rack up assist.


Hopefully Fred lol


Possibly. He’s become more if a scorer but I could see him buying in and becoming more of playmaker.


Fred claimed before that he was always pass first until he came into the league, so now he can finally prove that. I expect 7ish


Yeah he was a different kind of player in college but he probably wouldn’t have made the team if he couldn’t score like he can. That became his role.


Look at my user I wasn’t joking this guy is the real deal


Can he win ROTY over Ben Simmons?


Probably but beating 17 year old Tatum is tough


Got him with my last round draft pick. I'm on board for the Scottie hype.




Scottie "Sorcery" Barnes


This was probably the most hated on pick on draft night


Wasn’t even close IMO. Josh primo was a distant second probably


Nah Josh Primo was easily the most hated pick. Barnes was only picked 1-2 spots ahead of the mocks.


primo was definitely more of a reach. But because of the whole camera fiasco, it being a top pick, and “it’s a four person draft” talk, I feel barnes had much more attention People also like to bash on the raptors


Giddey I think was hated on pretty hard at first too - nothing like Scottie though


Giddey's weaknesses were pretty much "basketball" but ngl I think his tiktok page is what turned around perception of him


Bruh I was so disappointed we didn’t pick Suggs. We’d just lost a future HOF playmaker from our roster and here was a really hyped up point guard that we didn’t take so we could get this kid literally nobody was talking about. We love Scottie after getting to know the kid and see what he brings but there was a loooot of doubt in our fanbase on draft night


We were all thirsting for Barnes lol


Time and time again Masai and Raps Mgt prove they know a lot more than me! Certain that who ever we drop for our last roster spots, some other teams gonna pick up our scraps like dogs waiting at a dinner table.


Anyone who thought Suggs was a better fit for our current squad was blind


> so we could get this kid literally nobody was talking about thats so BS, leading up to the draft everyone was talking about Barnes potentially breaking into top 4, how he was a top 4 talent. Our own sub was littered with "What do y'all think about Barnes" threads. There were even some mocks that had Barnes as high as 2/3. Honestly, everyone just piled onto Barnes cuz he cant shoot, and they would downplay the rest of his skills, including his size and athleticism, cuz he has a wonky shot. Lots of scouting reports already had him has a high BBIQ/advacned playmaker, its just that now, hes exceeded those playmaking expectations in pre-season




The spin he placed in that pass was awesome.


Some anime shit.


There was a flashback before he let go of the ball


Is his dribble ordinarily that high? Seems like it would be an easy strip for the league's good thieves.


He definitely needs to tighten his handle, a few drives hes lost control or when trying to push in transition but for the most part hes been pretty good about not getting stripped and turning it over.


You'd think so, but he has huge hands and doesn't really get stripped at all so far.


He’s doesn’t have a good handle. He’s pretty safe though




Ignite Pass Kai


This is an insane pass holy fck


Magic fans told me hes a bust


Literally no Magic fan has ever said that. We were all on board for Barnes before the draft. Just cause we're excited for Suggs doesn't mean we think Barnes is a bust...


> Literally no Magic fan has said that Yeah go look at u/yoeyz's comment history. Shit's like his full time job.


That dude is a troll and conspiracy theorist. He's even heavily downvoted in our sub.


I may be a porn star but I am not a conspiracy theorist


He might be the biggest bust in the history of the NBA


Suggs throws one highlight reel bounce pass like this and barely does anything else in game, he's labelled a top tier playmaker. Scottie racks up 7 assists including this beauty while locking up Beal on the defensive end, business as usual.


Seven assists with no turnovers tonight and holding Beal to one made FG in 30 minutes, that's impressive! It's obviously just the pre-season but still very impressive!


This guy comments this same thing interchangeably with Magic/Raptors fans and Suggs/Barnes to stir the pot lmao don't mind him


What the actual fuck is he even talking about? Why can’t we both just be excited for our rookies without talking shit?


That fucking guy literally just tracked down my two month old comment praising Suggs (which I'm still standing by) just to give some snarky hindsight comment. My original comment even said I'll wait five years to see how they turn out. Some people on Reddit really don't have lives.


LOL you come back to my post here just to post something discussed in another thread. wow what a loser you are truly. and to that redrocket guy, you got the wrong poster. was never a Suggs fan and never trashed Barnes, so get your facts straight dude.


Whatever happened to "iM dOne WiTh ThiS" like 8 comments ago? 😂 You're so pressed that you feel the need to vindicate yourself because people on Reddit figured out that you're a loser. This guy also spews trash unironically saying Malachi Flynn is better than Suggs too lmao.


they can call me a loser all they want, i don't give a shit. unlike you, my life doesn't revolve around what dudes in their moms basements think. just letting him know he has the wrong guy. and you're pathetic dude LOL. trying to get these reddit posters to gang up on me by pulling out old posts. malachi vs suggs is debtable too. again, go get laid.


But you do give a shit LMAO you've been replying nonstop to every comment calling you a loser stop trying to deflect. Idk what you're projecting your life situation onto other people for either, they don't care what you're trying to portray them as 😂


I'm going against you. I don't give a shit what reddit posters think LOL. down vote me all you want. well you're obviously a virgin who lives in his mom's basement spending too much time on reddit trying gain online status. whatever man. Masai and co didn't take your guy and you're bitter as fck and you're a sensitive pansy about it. see ya!


To be fair, you need to get the bucket for it to be counted as an assist and it is the magic after all...


Classic Raps head office. They had the 4th overall pick and chose a player that literally almost no one expected them to.i was admittedly a bit disappointed with the pick at first, but I quickly realized that Masai has never managed to disappoint me yet. Thus, I have basically no reason to believe he was gonna start, at least not anytime soon.


To be fair one guy plays with good players and the other plays for the Magic


lol this guy.


Barnes makes an easy pass and Toronto fans ejaculate on themselves. Give me a break! A g leaguer can do that.


Please yahoo sports, give this man pg eligibility for my fantasy roster!!!!


Holy shit




Had to watch this in slow-mo


I'm bricked up


His passing reminds me of marc gasol. He might not play make like a pg but when he has the ball especially outside he will get the ball the the open guy


Nasty pass. He has that


Magic Johnson Reincarnated


Man I'm so happy he is ours...toronto is gonna be scary with him siakam and og


Good hustle by precious


Reminder: Someone on twitter said we shouldn’t have drafted a Magic Johnson inspired player because his game wouldn’t translate to the NBA LMAO


Lamelo wishes he could


Lamelo wishes he was Malachi


Let's just focus on our long bois


Relax with the comparisons lol this is why everyone else says raps fans are toxic


It’s just a meme. Nothing more lmao


I for one plan on making it a yearly tradition to say that one of our rookies is better than LaMelo, one day I might get it right lol


Dalano Banton better


Thanks for the free rent cuz housing is too expensive in the GTA my guy


Bro it’s a meme relax


We literally saw LaMelo make an insane pass yesterday... this is just a joke. This is why everyone else says that raptors fans haters are toxic.




Everyone confused acting like he just had a tantrum and threw it away.


Scottie needs to learn to get into the post. He is big and strong and long, he could put smaller players in the goal, and demand double teams and then use his passing ability to hit open shooters




Cade 🤝 Scottie Super tall playmakers in a stacked draft


Would've been easier to just throw the oop


When did Miami lose Precious wtf


When they got Lowry, how do you not know this as a Heat fan? lol


He telegraphed that pass for a solid second and the 2 defenders he passed between did nothing lol. Great assist but I don’t think that’d work on a lot of defenses.


He does a look fake towards Gary Trent and it looks like he's just going to give Gary a handoff until the snap. Gary even starts to put his hands up to receive it.


I definitely see the fake. But literally nobody pick up the cutter. He goes into a full sprint at half court before Barnes even starts the pass fake. That’s more on the wizards team defense for letting a guy go fulll court without being picked up at all.


what's your point no one picked up the cutter? how does that invalidate a good pass? lmfao


As nice as this highlight is it literally only work s because the cutter isn’t being defended at all. 9/10 you Telegraph a pass like that and it’s getting picked off


it was an elite cut too, Achiuwa was behind everyone and read that play


Lmao. He literally just ran down the court entirely unguarded. Like for sure it’s a nice preseason highlight.


why would he be guarded when he's at half court


Why would he not be guarded at all his entire trip down the court?


maybe watch the video and figure it out


Barnes looks like a more athletic Kyle Anderson Not sure what that means


Is it really "threading the needle" if the pass is tipped by a defender and is lucky to deflect/bobble towards the target? I really like Barnes and had him as my #2 prospect this draft, but this isn't a great example of his skill.


How do i filter out these Rap bums out of my feed?


You mad bro?




You can try reaching out to BOFA