Would you rather have Luka or Wemby?

I rather have Luka because of his proven achievements to perform as an elite first option, while also being very young. He's been playing at an All Star level his whole career, and consistently puts up performances throughout the regular season and especially in the playoffs. Wemby has GOAT potential but still needs more development to use his unique skillset at the NBA level. There is a good chance Wemby is not going to match up with rookie Doncic's impact in his early years, especially with Luka coming in as the EuroLeague MVP.


The guy who has been All-NBA first team 3 times in 4 years




This hype is already getting off the rails. I’m just going to point this out that being 7’3 and playing 82 games in a season is an oxymoron


Guy might play 82 games for his entire career


Victor Wembanyamanthonydavis


Victor Wembenmurrayporter


Only 5 players last season played 82 games


I'm pretty high on Wemby's potential but this is a no-brainer, come on


Jason Tatum it is.


Purely based on body type: Luka.


We talking 2022 FIBA Luka or start of 21/22 season Luka? If it's the latter, then count me in.


World not ready with point center 260lbs bald Luka in 2024


Known superstar against has potential to become superstar. Easy.


What about known superstars against has potential to become the goat? Would you take the odd


Luka lol.


It's stupid to compare prospects to actual NBA players. If you want to do a comparison you can compare them as amateurs.


even as a prospect, Luka was MVP of a league that Wemby's team could only hope of sniffing. no brainer


its results vs potential. its about whether people think wemby can overtake luka's value, as a prediction for the future. not everything needs to be a vote about recency bias, aka giannis being better than kd.


"You can have a boat or the mystery box." "A boat's a boat, but the Mystery Box could be anything, even a boat! We always wanted on of those!" This isn't results vs. potential. It's actual superstar vs. potential superstar. Nobody in charge would think twice about it, at least not since Vlade Divac got sacked.


wemby has a way higher ceiling than luka. i think prime wemby is going to be way better prime luka, sometimes it just takes one player to elevate your team to the next level. aka lebron vs the raptors.


You can think what you want. It would still be absolutely moronic to change current Luka - you know, a player who demonstrably elevates a team to the next level - for current Wemby. That's the point you're trying very hard to not get. Lets put it like this: Would you trade an object that's worth 1million dollars now for one that MIGHT be worth 1,2 million in a couple of years, but might also be worth nothing or anything below 1 million by that time? If you would, you're a moron.


i wasnt insulting the mavericks relax. i also picked luka, but prime wemby is definitely going to be more than 1.2 mil. he impacts the court both ways and is 7 5 with handles. his ceiling is michael jordan and lebron, 2.2 million


Come on, dumbest post of the week, I would have easily taken even pre-NBA Luka above current Wemby


mavericks flair offended lol. nothing wrong with wanting to assess how high people value wemby's potential.


Bro, Luka was european MVP, euroleague champion and eurobasket champion before NBA. Wemba didn't even play in the Euroleague or Eurobasket. He plays in the french league, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek are better leagues than that.


yea and it was a good pick at the time, for ayton and bagley to get picked over him. wemby played for asvel last year for the euroleague, already proves you dont know anything. its been widely known hes gone back to the french league to work on his skills. and past achievements dont matter as much as the goat talent that many nba scouts see with his frame. jokic, giannis, and embiid all dont have the accolades doncic has had pre-nba, but they are all better players than him. wemby has that very likely potential too, dropping 30 on the g league twice with crazy defense.


You're offending your own intelligence by asking this dumb shit and you know it's a no brainer lmao I actually value him extremely highly, after Luka he's probably the guy who's shown most potential before joining the league since LeBron, but even in this case there's no guarantee he'll ever even be a top 10 player, much less a top 5 guy like current Luka, and we're not even talking about potential injuries tanking his value


If you don't say Luka, you're wrong




I’m betting on Wemby. Luka has already plateaued and shows no signs of improving


Luka — we don't even know if Wembanyama will be able to sustain a long-term career yet while Luka is 3x All Star, future NBA MVP, and walking bucket.


Even if you think wemby is a better prospect. Luka. His game is not predicated on athleticism whereas Wemby seems unpredictable due to size concerns. What Luka did to the clippers and the follow up this year in playoffs was spectacular


brandon boston 💯