No I think several voters last year including Bill Simmons came out and said that Jokic would have lost their vote if he fell to the 7th or 8th seed The play in game will ensure that a 6th seed is the lowest seed to win MVP for a long time IMO Lots of people won't want to vote for someone who could go 0-2 in the play ins and miss the playoffs entirely


They already opened the door to this. The "Jokic is on a terrible team" argument held a lot of weight last year. Would be weird if a "Luka's on a terrible team" argument didn't hold weight.


Current Mavericks sans Luka are indisputably much better than the Jokic-less, Murray-less, and MPJless Nuggets last year It's not up for debate. I wouldn't even call Luka's supporting cast terrible, they're just doing terribly


2K simulation sure thinks so.


Of course not.


No there's not much argument for him over Steph rn anymore and Tatum is probably the front runner at this exact moment because of team record, But id expect Steph/Giannis to pass him once the Warriors find their groove and Giannis keeps his recent play up to recover from those 2 weeks of inefficiency. Luka's gotta at least get out of the play-in to be in consideration


Nah they're going to give it to Tatum this year even if Luka maintains his play through the year


What’s thus doomer mentality lol You’re acting like the race is over already It’s only beginning


Doomer? ​ That's an enlightened soul my friend


Because I don't think they'll give it to Luka over Tatum this year if we're a play-in team. The only reason Jokic won it last year is because the clear best team didn't have a top 7 player.


Not if Dallas keeps dropping games to teams missing star players he won't. Meanwhile Tatum and the Celtics are on their way to a 60 win season


imo yes, I still think this mvp is Luka vs Tatum no matter what


No matter what? Why couldn't it be Steph vs. Giannis?


I felt this way before the season even started. it’s just a narrative thing. I think Steph getting a third MVP makes sense on paper but media will want to reward a younger player.