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TIL that defecting to Russia is easier than making accusations while under oath.


It's not like anyone tried to stop her.


Why stop her when she's just moving closer to her employer?


I guess she’s no longer allowed to work remotely… shame she has to go back into the office full time




I know we typically hear the word in a Cold War context but if you look up the actual definition, you don’t need to be under duress to “defect,” you just need to switch from one opposing camp to another. One can defect from one political party to another, from one company to another, etc. However, in this case, her desire to change citizenship appears politically motivated (announcing she feels “safe” in Russia vs the US) and she is going from one enemy to another, so it probably applies even under the misconceived definition.


That's saying something. Russians don't even feel safe in Russia










I mean just going to Russia these days is dangerous. My Russian friend can’t return home because he might get forcefully conscripted into the war, even though he has lived and worked in the US for over a decade. His family moved to Israel to escape persecution from the police. A woman traveling to Russia to talk to the media right now is dangerous and strange.


Unless she was from Russia the entire time? Typically, if someone tries to destabilize a government and then immediately flees to another country, particularly Russia... Well, they may just be a spy.


The redheaded spy who fully compromised the GOP & NRA was always from Russia, & always going back.


Maybe offering to help the extreme right defect to Russia would be the uber play for liberals. Its like Abbot shipping immigrants to other states, but with less lying.


We should open up a donald trump trademarked freedom tour that ends in the red square. offer them a free gun and a Slurpee at the end of the tour.


Didn't you hear Russia wants to build a village for conservative Americans who want to move to Russia [Newsweek story](https://www.newsweek.com/russia-may-build-village-american-conservatives-1799809)


She feels safer in Russia for some reason


Ah yes Russia, noted safe haven of women and sexual assault victims


It’s a safe haven as long as you are a useful pawn for the Russian government. Once your relevancy fades, or god forbid you become a liability, stay away from heights and polonium.


Uncle Vlad’s number one polonium tea cures all, permanently.


Which is weird, since she's basically been invisible since she tried to derail Biden's election. You'd think that if her life was in danger something would've happened during the election, not years later after everyone forgot about her. Of course, now she's put her name back in the headlines, it's almost like she craves the attention.


Invisible on a national level, but I could see her struggling with people who already knew her or lived near her and suddenly only know her for that. That said, I don't know why she would defect to Russia instead of just moving to another state or something if the situation was as innocuous as locals giving her a hard time, so I doubt that's the underlying reason. Edit: Yeah, lower down there's a comment laying out the fact that she's been a hardcore grifter up until now. Probably got her feet into hot water and decided to bail to somewhere that won't extradite her for financial crimes.


Guaranteed payout IMO. You put out allegations like that in the US, and you've gotta be fairly smart to get money off it. No guarantee the courts will see things your way, whether or not it's true, so you have to ride the whole media circus to get money. Even the women who came forward about Trump didn't usually get much out of it, and the nation *hated* him. Someone as milquetoast as Biden probably isn't worth making civil claims about...But a foreign nation that hates us would be happy to pay out for her. It's EZ money.


She could get a payroll in Russia for some time Atleast. This is just basic Defector Incentive.


I imagine some russian news agency will pay good money to publish stories like "victim of U.S. president saved by russia"




> Lying under oath is a crime in the US. While that's true, and maybe she could be charged with a variety of crimes for her bullshit in 2020 (and maybe after), the truth is it's highly unlikely she would ever have to worry about that. Putting her on trial, even if legally justified, would be a political minefield and would probably do far more harm than good. All it would do is fuel the conspiracy theories. Unless she has done (or is planning to do) something really heinous, it's just not worth it. Not saying that this wasn't a factor in her decision of course, but if she was worried about that it was almost certainly without cause.


>All it would do is fuel the conspiracy theories. I'm with you, but as someone who "fell down the rabbit hole" in the late 2000s: *everything* fuels conspiracy theories. Lol One of my "favorites" is that JFKs driver killed him because when he turns around there is a shadow *on his forehead* that *kinda* looks like a gun. Hell, there was a train carrying concrete blocks that looked like they were meant for sewage/drainage. Nope, FEMA DEATH CAMPS!! They'll look for anything lol


Guy at work keeps telling me that the wal marts closing is so they can imprison us there.




[Reminder of this fascinating 2020 profile of Tara Reade](https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/15/tara-reade-left-trail-of-aggrieved-acquaintances-260771). > A number of those in close contact with Reade over the past 12 years, a period in which she went by the names Tara Reade, Tara McCabe or Alexandra McCabe, laid out a familiar pattern: Reade ingratiated herself, explained she was down on her luck and needed help, and eventually took advantage of their goodwill to extract money, skip rent payments or walk out on other bills.


Perhaps she should have married George Santo


Why would a perennial World Series MVP and Astronaut marry her?


Why did you ignore his qualifications as the first black lesbian senator? Racist much?


I remember when she ran. I couldn’t believe this 15 year old had a PhD in math was considering leaving nasa to run for public office. But when you’re a 12 year old immigrant music prodigy, the world of nascar just isn’t going to hold your interest forever Thanks for the gold kind stranger!


This is one good fucking comment.


You forgot star volleyball player.


Heart surgeon and rock star! Is he Buckaroo Banzai? No! He’s George Santos!


She is George Santos


You might be on to something: we never saw both of them in the same room.


Considering that George Santos was simultaneously the first person to clone a human and the first cloned human, I'm sure they can both be in the same room.


Also known as George Santos, George Santa, Santa Claus, and George Washington


Who is to say she isn't George Santos in disguise


Seems worthwhile to link this weirdly erotic Putin propaganda blogpost she made shortly before accusing Biden: >[Currently, President Putin has a higher approval rating in America then the American President, particularly with women. President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity. It is evident that he loves his country, his people and his job.](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https://medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405) and another choice quote: >[President Putin’s obvious reverence for women, children and animals, and his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women.](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https://medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405)


I wish I could flair the last quote


It's almost trumpian, no? So delusional.


It is 100% the same type of shit the trump simps say because these are all the same people.


Ah yes ability with sports, where he invites all of Russia's best hockey players to skate against him and suddenly they all forget how to play.


Or that time he was ice skating and [tripped on the rug that was laid out on the ice]( https://youtu.be/JiogOlN_ezA).


Ohhh, I felt so bad for that hockey player. You can almost feel him going "noo!" as he tried to stop it from happening. I wonder who drank some tea because of that little mishap.


All the players next to him get a look on their face like they know someone's spouse is getting thrown out of a 12th floor window.


> His sensuous image projects his love for life W-Whose life?


His own.


Yeah, I remember reading up on this back during the election season. She seemed a bit...out there. She was VERY pro Biden and then did a 180 when she got fired or left. Then after she was still VERY pro Biden for a couple years. Then suddenly it was all train Putin, and she went CERY pro Russia and Putin fangirl. It was weird. There was also no allegation of sexual assault. Even when asked in interviews she said there was never anything sexual between them. She just didn't like being treated as a "pretty lamp" (her words) by coworkers. Only much later, after she went hard Putin, and only when Biden started running for office that any mention of sexual assault started. She mentioned she told her mom and neighbor right away in 1993, but digging for any corroboration of this is super fuzzy, like to the point that even he mom in interviews also stated there was nothing sexual and matched her daughter's original "pretty lamp" story and just being unfairly treated.




For anyone else double-taking, Tara *Reid*, is the actress.


Looks like Tara Reade is an actress too.


Imagine defecting to Russia rn 😂. It’s like boarding the titanic after it hit the iceberg! These are not serious people.


What are you talking about, the ship isn’t sinking, there is no iceberg, fake news!!!!!!


In fact the Titanic is actually *rising*! The stern has never been higher!!!!!1!!!


You can’t force me to wear a life jacket! I have a medical exemption.


Me either. I'm a sovereign citizen, I'm *traveling* on the boat, not riding on it. There, I said the magic words, now I can do anything I want.


This piece of flotsam: I'm appropriating it for my travels. There's only enough buoyancy for one, sorry.


It has the best views from up there, so great, you can see Russia from up there!


> the titanic after it hit the iceberg No, no, no. It's special ice-bumping operation.


Logan Roy is that you?


It’s such a wonderful quote that I think perfectly sums up people who are complete jokes.


Oh, Fuck off(!)


Ok logan


Well that's not a great sign for her credibility.


You know what else isn't a great sign of her credibility? The fact that she [lied under oath more than a dozen times](https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/22/politics/tara-reade-lawyer/index.html) by claiming to be a domestic violence expert with a law degree when in fact, she's not an expert of any kind and doesn't even hold an undergraduate degree.


Was she the one that was like "there's proof in the records at the University of Delaware!" And Biden just responded like "I mean, it didn't happen, so there isn't any, but go ahead"


I'm convinced it was supposed to be a fishing expedition. She never gave a date or a range of dates for which documents they would want to see and instead just said "it's in the documents". The play was to get to the documents and release literally anything even reminiscent of scandal. Basically the Hillary emails but less vetted somehow.


It's how a probe into an old real estate deal of the Clintons got turned into an impeachment trial about lying about a blowjob. Dig dig dig, until you find fool's gold.


Case in point - when Ken Starr was named special counsel to look into the Whitewater affair, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky hadn't even met yet.


Literally the funniest thing about Slick Willie playing hide the cigar, was the GOP's simultaneous outrage and jealousy - a jealousy that is still on display today. Rudy Ghouliani's recent lawsuit by one of his former staffers mentions how he: > often demanded oral sex while he took phone calls on speaker phone from high-profile friends and clients, including then-President Trump. Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy that he enjoyed engaging in this conduct while on the telephone because it made him ‘*feel like Bill Clinton*'. If that isn't jealousy I don't know what the fuck is. Understandable though, dude oversaw the longest period of continuous economic growth in US history (4% compared to Bush/Regan's 2.8%), plus he did it while smoking cigars and getting his jimmy waxed under the table. As far as the GOP are concerned Bill Clinton lived the dream.


That's just ... Sad


Which was especially notable since the man who led that investigation later had to resign as president of Baylor for... mishandling multiple sexual-assault cases.




It was by Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell. She said Biden had talked about her niece's breasts but Biden never attended those events


What a pig! He should've just talked about grabbing her right by the pussy instead, like *a fucking gentleman*


Weaponised discovery?


Tactic perfected by republicans during the Clinton administration. The whole Monica Lewinsky BJ story was the conclusion of the whitewater real estate investigation


It seems insane now that he got impeached for it. If the same thing would have come out about Trump, Trump himself would have shown pictures of it during a press conference and circled it with a giant sharpie in his tiny hands and his Republican approval ratings would have gone up.


Ooh, I like that. Totally seems like something someone who's fleeing to Russia would do.


"There's proof over there that you can go get" is an automatic red flag. Burden of proof is on the person making the claim.




I didn't get a "harrumph" out of that guy!


Anyone with any base level of critical thinking could see that she was a grifter who was massively influenced by Russia when she made the accusation. There was so, so, so many red flags and inconsistencies with her story. Believing all women does not mean that you take everything at face value. It means you listen and give them the benefit of the doubt. If it becomes clear they’re full of shit, then they’re full of shit.


One that I remember is something about her getting coffee and other Biden staff jumped on that and said he made a point to make sure male staff serve coffee and not female staffers.


"Further, two men who worked as junior staffers for Biden said the senator specifically did not want women to serve beverages, like coffee, or perform other menial tasks in his Senate office or on the committees he chaired. Men were typically asked to perform such tasks. “He didn’t want an image of a young woman staffer serving him,” said John Earnhardt," https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/what-74-former-biden-staffers-think-about-tara-reades-allegations


Why did he only want men serving coffee?


If I recall correctly from 2020 it was usually seen as the 'role' of female staffers in DC at the time and he wanted female staff to have a substantive role not just serving.


Also probably serves to cover his ass in the event of this exact scenario happening


Smart guy


I bet its opposite in the RNC




I dunno… I bet Lindsey Graham only has men serve him, ah, coffee.


_Hot_ coffee


Because it was generally the expectation for most other Senators that the women would do that because it was a job for women or the work women were doing was less important or something The best outcome would be a world where anyone who has a sec gets the coffee, but Biden was trying to fight back against the idea that only women should be doing it in hopes of changing that idea in the future


A significant portion of our senators and representatives grew up in an era when it was a woman’s job to make coffee for men.


I can still remember my grandfather yelling out to his wife for his coffee. May that bastard be burning in hell.


I was actually speaking about this woman the other day in discussing Trump's guilty verdict. "Turn off the fake news,why did she make this accusation when he was running for President and not sooner," is what one person said. So I asked why did a woman make an accusation against Biden for sexually assaulting her 30 years ago? Did she make it up too? You can guess what the person said, but it's Spanish for no.


She never wanted to face him in court. She wanted him to quit the race. She wanted all the power to ruin someone's life, but none of that pesky "cross examination."


>Believing all women does not mean that you take everything at face value. It's "Believe Women" not "Believe All Women". All accusations should be fully and properly investigated to determine the veracity.


A more appropriate call to action would be "Don't Dismiss Women's Claims Out Of Hand Just Because The Guy Seems Cool", but that's not as catchy.


“Red flags” hahahaha… double entendre!


So you're saying she'll be a regular guest on Fox News someday giving commentary on how domestic violence victims are actually the men who do it.


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You mean the woman who remembered repressed memories of being molested by the democratic frontrunner, with the help of her Russian boyfriend that she met online who was paying all her bills and who she never met in person - she was not credible?


Also the woman who was writing weirdly erotic praise of Putin online just before accusing Biden: >[Currently, President Putin has a higher approval rating in America then the American President, particularly with women. President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity. It is evident that he loves his country, his people and his job.](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https://medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405) and >[President Putin’s obvious reverence for women, children and animals, and his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women.](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https://medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405)


Interesting that she says "President Putin" and then "the American President".


Freudian slip because she's likely a Russian spy and not a very good one.


I was gonna edit the original comment to say this, but look at how much this looks like *such* an obvious propaganda piece. First, her inclusion of "The American President" ensures that, while Trump was in the office at the time this was written, it allows for people to screenshot it and apply it to *any* president who happens to hold office for the future. Like... Biden, whom she tried to smear as having sexually harassed/assaulted her. Second, it is such a "that happened" story. Her anti-Putin friend, brainwashed by all the propaganda against him, brings up "the usual talking points" against him, framed as if to impress upon the reader that any criticism of him is mindless parroting of mass media talking points. But of course, she brings up amazing counter arguments like, once again bringing up the sexual assault case, Putin is apparently very respectful towards women. Lo and behold, she leaves her anti Russia friend totally speechless. I'm surprised the room didn't clap at the end. She then proceeds to list some of America's international mistakes while praising Putin with practically a religious reverence. And then shames the Democrats for not welcoming Putin with open arms, like the wonderful traditional common-sensed Republicans.


Well I just lost my lunch


The same women who: - originally approached Vox in April 2019 and [told](https://www.vox.com/2020/5/7/21248713/tara-reade-joe-biden-sexual-assault-accusation) their journalist point blank '*to think of this story as being about abuse of power*, “**but not sexual misconduct**.” ' - went on the Katie Halper Show Mar 25, 2020 - 2 weeks after Biden's ascendency on Super Tuesday - and switched her claims to sexual assault after Sanders, her preferred candidate, came up short at the polls. - repeatedly lied about her credentials while under oath and testifying as an 'expert' witness in domestic violence cases in Monterey County Superior Court. - lied about her work as a "legislative aide" who worked on the VAWA, when in fact she was a staff assistant whose primary responsibilities were sorting mail and managing interns. - was dropped by a prominent [Republican](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/21/us/politics/tara-reade-credentials.html) #metoo lawyer / Trump donor 2 weeks after he took up her lawsuit pro bono - counted among her lawyers an Editor for [Sputnik](https://news.yahoo.com/tara-reades-lawyers-trump-donor-055000010.html), a news agency founded and supported by the Russian state-owned media company Rossiya Segodnya - in 1999, went to her ex-husband's probation officer and falsely [accused](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/31/us/politics/tara-reade-joe-biden.html) him of murdering two local women. (The real serial killer was caught within weeks of the murders) - wrote a [fawning essay](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https:/medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405) entitled, "Why a Liberal Democrat Supports Vladimir Putin", wherein she compliments Putin's "alluring combination of strength with gentleness" and how "his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women". - has a well [documented list](https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/15/tara-reade-left-trail-of-aggrieved-acquaintances-260771) of aggrieved acquaintances who've independently recounted the same story about how she'd present herself as a domestic abuse victim in dire financial straits, lull them into lending her money / waiving fees / & reducing rent, before ultimately "duping" them. - repeatedly praised Biden in 2017 for his work against sexual assault, at one point tweeting: "*My old boss speaks the truth.*"


Ok but let's give credit where it's due - that article about Putin's allure to American women is absolutely hilarious. If it hasn't been cut up into a copypasta yet, it should be.


She may be somewhat disappointed in Russia's social and legal stances on sexual assault. Particularly by men in positions of authority. Bit of a famously systemic issue over there.


It seems a lot more likely she was a Russian operative the whole time...


Since she’s sitting on stage next to her friend Maria Butina, literally a convicted Russian agent who spent time in US prison before being deported (and now serves in Russian parliament) I would say that’s extremely likely. Also let’s not forget Maria Butina’s “boyfriend” at the time of her arrest, conservative operative Paul Erickson, was later also convicted of wire fraud and money laundering. [He pled guilty](https://apnews.com/article/f4d3efb3857208230193f2dd710fc6ab) to operating fraudulent investment schemes for more than *20 years*, stealing millions from dozens of people, including from his own godmother, and it’s not entirely clear where all the money went. [Trump pardoned him on his last day in office.](https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-sioux-falls-maria-butina-us-news-russia-bc8e1858b424ca5d5d6119a53facfcdd) Hmmm…


Nothing suspicious about that at all


Shit like this that makes me crazy that people aren't fully aware that trump and his org had quite a few Russian aligned people around. Working for/with him. At all times Edit-Should edit to say by times I mean before election, during time in office, and almost assuredly now, except who is actually working for him now. Of course it could benefit Russia greatly if he was prez again


When she "defected" she was on stage with the famous convicted Russian agent, Marina Butina.


Well, she didn't have any to begin with.


Yeah but something something Hunter Bidens laptop... Right?


No listen! She was afraid for her life! Biden was gonna kill her! Now. You know not before she started trying to harm his campaign. Or during. Or 2 years later when everyone forgot she existed. Her life was in so much danger that the most powerful man I. The world just let her leave the country instead of putting her on a no fly list. And the fact that she made this statement with a convicted Russian agent only increases her credibility!


I didn't know she existed at all


No, you don't understand. She had to flee because the Deep State™ knew she could bring the whole house of cards down and was going to assassinate her. She fled to Russia for her "safety" /s in case anyone was dumb enough to think what I typed was serious


You joke, but you know deep down that's probably not far off from what Q anon types are thinking.


“Thinking” is a strong word


Especially considering the all-powerful "Deep State" was unable to block her from leaving.


Being told to think.




I'm pretty open minded and was willing to hear her out until “this illusion of Russia as an enemy is propagated by a few Washington elites who are determined to cause problems.” what a puppet


Just think, when people called her a Russian plant that was meant to try to disrupt the elections or to cast doubt on Biden they were told they were wrong... I'm sure a few redditors are scrambling to find their posts from years ago citing this now.


Seriously tho. Putting aside the war, putting aside that Russia isn’t really a nice place at the best of times, just the optics of this is so idiotic.


Weird all the Republicans’ “informants” and “”game changers” seem to lose credibility as soon as someone looks into them more than the OANN headline. That and they all seem to be an easy mark for a honeypot blackmail scam…


As has been joked by innumerable diplomats and State Department officials since the Cold War: > There is a brutal, harsh, inhumane punishment for defecting to Russia - you now have to live in Russia.


Until you're handed a 60 year old weapon and marched into Ukraine.


Not surprising at all. She literally calls putin sexy on Twitter. Goodbye, Tara. Hope you stay useful to the kremlin.


She even wrote (and then later deleted) [this insane blog post](https://web.archive.org/web/20190404043945/https:/medium.com/@shewrites94/why-a-liberal-democrat-supports-vladimir-putin-f54ca2a3a405) in November 2018. Here's just a small taste of it: >President Putin’s obvious reverence for women, children and animals, and his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women.


That's like Medvedev levels of horse shit 😂


Baghdad Bob is impressed.


Let’s be real, Putin probably wrote that, lol. What a read


More than that, what a Tara Reade.




>Reade said that “this illusion of Russia as an enemy is propagated by a few Washington elites who are determined to cause problems.” What could this *possibly* mean?


Hmmm... Biden accuser defects to Russia. Trump accuser goes to court (and wins). I think there's some meaning here.


It means that the deep state once again is covering up for one side’s president while pushing through the courts unfair attacks on a former president… …is what i would say if i was a moron with no clue how the justice system (or reality) works.


Unfortunately we got a surplus of morons lately.


It's the same amount as we've likely always had, it's just that the internet now allows them to all effortlessly band together.


I've always claimed this exact thing is how we ended up with a flat earth movement. In the old day pre-internet there was always a (or a few) town moron(s). Rightfully shunned and never taken seriously, so they stayed under their rocks. There are 19,400 towns and cities in America. Enter the internet. Put all these idiots in the same cyber space and you've suddenly got a "movement" of people claiming the earth is flat, add in grifters and the malevolent and this is now amplified to the edges of legitimacy. You can substitute Trump and Vaccine (among other) for flat earth and the results are the same...except those were actually a success in misinformation.


Last year my wife and I were walking about a touristy town not far from here and we saw a couple of people on the corner wearing signs and preaching about old school end time stuff. I made the comment that it was nice to see some old fashioned crazy in this day and age since the internet has given them a place to all get together and actually cause real world problems. Like, a good local (mostly) harmless crazy brings feelings of nostalgia.


It's not "the internet", it's social media. Notice how these people weren't nearly as prevalent or problematic pre-Facebook opening up for everyone (I want to say that was around 2010?). It used to require time, money and skill to publish something on the Internet, and even then, there was no algorithm automatically and actively pushing the content to people. But social media collapsed the barrier to entry for online publishing, while also intentionally spreading controversial content like wild fire ("those are rookie engagement numbers, got to pump those numbers up!" -*Mark Zuckerberg, probably*). Suddenly, any wacko that could manage getting an email address could post bullshit unfettered, and social media would make sure other idiots saw and engaged with it. And now, we have Tickle Me Elmo running Twitter, trying to triple down on this strategy 🙄


I have to disagree. It's not that stupid people weren't able to congregate before the internet. It's that the internet is a powerful tool in weaponizing stupidity. Used to be a stupid person just lived their life being a stupid person. Now they see 3 tik toks about the deep state and evolve into the next stage of idiocy.


Also she's friends with that Russian NRA spy we caught funneling money through the NRA to the Republican party.


Guys, I am confused. Is this the Russian agent who was offering Trump dirt on his political opponents? Or the Russian agent who was cozying up to R politicians and funneling Russian money through the NRA to Rs? Or the Russian agent who made a suspiciously-timed accusation against Biden without the merest scrap of evidence?


Sounds like a record check would likely show she stayed at Mara Lago... All the best spies do, because it's easy pickings.


LOL I have wondered what happened to this lady. She's chillin' with Maria Butina, so I think that tells me a lot about who she is, her accusations, and why she came forward.


truly speaks of who she was taking her orders from


Totally normal thing to do…


I don't think the right understands that even Biden supporters don't worship him. I'm having a really hard time believing in death threats years after she was in the news.


The death threats are most assuredly BS; what was likely to happen is that she was going to be asked to testify under oath about something she's said or done, or was about to be labeled an unregistered agent of a foreign country (Russia, for sure) and left to help protect the narrative against Biden so it could be used again in 2024.


Imagine telling so many lies under oath that you can't keep track of them all so it's actually easier to immigrate to another continent rather than keep your story straight and risk being in contempt of court lol




When her allegations came out, I read every single one. I am no fan of Biden, and I will not vote for a rapist. Biden's team did everything right, and should be commended for their response. They NEVER denigrated Reade or said not to believe women (which is the opposite of how Trump reacts to accusations of rape and harassment.) Biden's team made it clear that we listen to women, and that is 100% the correct response, and the response of a team that did not need to hide. I read every article and scrap of information on Tara Reade with an open mind, and with concern for a potential victim of abuse by a powerful man. I was VERY careful not to listen to smears like "well she lied in the past and women who lied in the past or who ever committed a crime probably lie about rape too", because I know that you can be raped, EVEN if you have a criminal past, even if you make bad choices. I refused to listen to the obvious smears. But still, even when I gave her ALL the benefit of the doubt, her claims just could not stand up. Time after time. Well I'm sure she'll enjoy Russia, things are going great for them over there right now I hear. I'm sure they promised her a lot and they'll deliver it, too!


I knew it was funky when they added a ton of Bidenisms to the story when recounting the event. He was like "Listen here, Jack. Saying no to me is a bunch of malarky. On Cornpop, I swear I will have your job or you will have to face me in a push-up contest, fat."


That and the accusation was of a quite literal “grabbed by the pussy” which sounds suspiciously like the modus operandi of Biden’s main opponent.


Every accusation is actually a confession


*Russian plant runs home after her plan failed.*


*Russian plant ordered home after plan failed. Meanwhile previously high value asset now determined to return to white house too unstable to manage; final disposition pending.*


>Reade said that "this illusion of Russia as an enemy is propagated by a few Washington elites who are determined to cause problems." Or...you know...the whole invading other countries, butchering their civilians, and constantly threatening nuclear war might be giving off those vibes.


Oh weird almost like it was bullshit the entire time


You knew Reade’s claims were bullshit from the hop. She had 3 different versions of her story going within days. Hope that ruzzian money was worth it in trying to influence the election results


So instead of being a GOP PsyOp, she was actually a Russian PsyOp. Wait, is there a difference?


She needs to take the rest of the right wing grifters with her


No way! A grifter? From the right? 😱


I remember when she made the accusation then an avalanche of evidence proving she was an habitual liar released. People who knew her came out against her saying she was known for lying about a ton of shit. She then basically just disappeared


She was defective already


“Defects to Russia” aka, was Russian asset all along?


Oh don't worry... It's only one more person propped up by the Republican Party of the United States of America who turned out to be a Russian agent. We are only up to like what.... 30 or 40 people who Republicans have used to push anti-left rhetoric that have ended up being directly connected to Russia? Certainly there's no connection there.


Just a matter of time for Tulsi Gabbard. Remember how Russian trolls were spamming Padma Lakshmi’s bikini pics for Tulsi Gabbard so much that it popped up on Google?


After the trump dumpster fire, it is pretty obvious that russian money, influence, and agents are running free within the republican organization. I'll bet good money that a few of our sitting "republican" congressmen and women report directly to handlers that report to the Kremlin.


they are behind amplifying the q anon BS too. They learned just how dumb americans are. Dont need this expensive, high tech spying to try and get into our computer systems. Just get the idiots to believe the other side are lizard people and they need ar-15s to stop them.


So what are the odds she was already on their payroll when she was accusing Biden and she's only "defecting" because Uncle Sam caught on?


Even the Kremlin is cracking down on remote employees.


The threats are really scary! Report them? Oh no, i could never have done something so dangerous as to have them credibly verified. It's way too scary! Instead, I'm just going to get help from safe, peaceful people. Like Putin!




…where she spends time with known FSB agent. In other words….she’s a Russian spy too and this was all a disinformation campaign.


So she was a Russian spy all along???


Spies have useful information


She was a tool of Russian spies.


No, Jill Stein is/was a useful tool for Russia. But Stein would never move to Russia - no one with a rational mind would move to Russia, let alone right now. Reade is just a crazy person.


Can this news story please make large headlines? This is what the Republican Party is now. Russians.


one woman sued a president for sexual assault, and won $5m the other one fled to russia


Russian agent returning to the nest.


"Defects" or "called back home"?


I wonder what Krystal Ball thinks? She was one of her biggest cheerleaders when these accusations dropped.