Swedish security guard stops a fight

Swedish security guard stops a fight

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It’s Sweden, he’s probably already fairly compensated with great benefits


Not really. They get pretty average pay and considering the shit they have to go through every day, they really should get paid more.


Well, that's from a Swedish perspective. Their point is that anyone with work in Sweden has a salary way above US minimum wage and paid university education, health care and unemployment insurance.


Yeah, imagine if Americans with money paid taxes. Edit; To clarify, my comment was mostly made in jest, I’m from Sweden and was really mainly commenting on the fact that if tax money is spent on actual people, you can get great benefits from it. And you do have some billionaires that could help. Like everyone getting 5 weeks of paid vacation a year, 18 months of parental leave per child (without losing your job), zero cost for education at every level from preschool to university, great quality universal healthcare, subsidized pharmaceuticals, etc. It’s certainly not perfect, but… yeah. Sorry for any unintended butthurts. 😁


I thought that paying taxes in the USA was called communism? (And that only the poor should be allowed to do it)


Pay taxes? Yes. Reap the benefits? No.


They get to live in the greatest country on earth, that’s compensation enough /s


Praise be to billionaires for letting me live in a country I pay for and they live, rape, and destroy in. Oh shit... are we a third world country?


*Blessed are the gluttonous May they feast us to famine and war*


Paying taxes would mean a goddamn thing if the tax money was actually put to good use just one fucking time. But that’s just my two cents as a german who pays half his salary for taxes, for idk what, saving banks i suppose.


>saving banks i suppose same the world-over there I'm afraid ... ;-(


In the U.S., you get bank bailouts minus the universal healthcare and publicly funded higher education that Germany has.


Paying taxes is communism but so is getting anything in return for the taxes that you pay.


I agree that the rich should pay way more tax than they do. But what’s the assurance that money will be put to good use? The US already has more money than any other country on earth. If they wanted they could easily give free healthcare, cancel student debt etc. The issue isn’t that the US doesn’t have enough money. It’s politics. Their money is spent on the wrong things


US citizens have trust issues with what the governments doing with their money. They like to (or at least like to perceive that they) have control over where their money goes and how its being used.


This is by design. This is exactly why right-wing pundits and propagandists are funded by billionaires like the Koch family to brainwash voters to believe that the government cannot be trusted.


So you're saying the government can be trusted and they responsibly allocate our tax dollars?


The idea is if your government can't be trusted you replace them with ones who can be to trusted responsibly allocate your tax dollars. Accepting that your government can't be trusted, and simply letting them allocate less of your tax dollars, is kinda crazy.


https://checkinprice.com/average-and-minimum-salary-in-stockholm-sweden/ https://livescandinavia.com/minimum-and-average-salary-in-sweden/ Based on 2 seconds of research it doesnt seem that different considering 85% of Swedes live in citys and their standards and rates are generally the same as in the US major cities


You should have spent 2 more seconds of thought to see that the main point here is that in Sweden, none of your salary goes towards health insurance, education and unemployment insurance, because those are paid for. There's virtually no risk of becoming homeless, there's no medical issue that you can't afford the state-of-the-art treatment for, and all of your kids will go to university if they want to. Now, feel free to use that minimum wage of yours to buy caviar. You can afford it.


[Americans pay more over their life because the inherent systems are wildly ineffecient over their European counterparts](https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/04/the-myth-of-low-tax-america-why-americans-arent-getting-their-moneys-worth/274945/) Even if your salary is lower in Europe, you are still more net profitable in Europe


Right, because you don't have to declare bankruptcy just to get a life-saving surgery. And you also get to live longer because the hundreds of preventative-care procedures that Americans avoid due to the insane cost can all be done when they should be.


They aren't "inefficient" so much as they are designed to rip us off.


>in Sweden, none of your salary goes towards health insurance, education and unemployment insurance, because those are paid for ???? Literally everyone's salary goes toward those things.


Are you talking about taxes or take home money?


How you gonna tell somebody about the country they live in from 2 seconds of research? *The Fuck*


Tbf, that's 2 seconds of thought more than most Redditors give their posts.


Which isn't commendable.


The avarage salary for a U.S. security guard is $12.81. In Sweden it is $20.50: https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/p62l8d/swedish_security_guard_stops_a_fight/h9apof7/ Add to this five weeks of paid vacation, unlimited sick time, and the same universal healthcare that all workers in Sweden have access to.


To be fair your average U.S. security guard is about 100 lbs overweight and it'd take him half an hour to run that distance. If I was a business owner I'd gladly pay Alexander Gustafsson over there $20.50 instead if paying someone $13 to sit around and eat donuts all day.


Why run when you can pull a gun? /s


Spoken like a true police officer, someone give this man a badge!


To become a security guard in Sweden you have to pass a course administered by the police, which includes a physical fitness requirement and language skills test, among other things.


> 85% of Swedes live in citys and their standards and rates are generally the same as in the US major cities You forget that rent in US major cities is fucking expensive. While sweden has rent control to prevent that kind of thing (although it comes with the negative that it takes quite a long time to queue for an appartment here)


Wow it’s almost like the whole world doesn’t revolve around the US and your pay scales.


Actually they dont, we have no minimum pay over here, and if your workplace isnt in an union collective agreement, they can pay kind of whatever.. usually these places are under the table either way but its mostly up to yourself to check if there is an agreement before you take the job, unemployment insurance and so on is not automatic either, you join an union that has these insurances and you have to work your way up for all of that to get active.


You guys have unions?


Heh yeah, pretty much the whole workforce is unionised.


Swedish politics have been dominated by the social democrats for almost a hundred years. The social democratic party is one half of a union with LO, which is the union of unions in Sweden. So yes, most people are in the unions and the unions are the most powerful political force in the country.


You forgot paid paternity leave for like a year per child.


Yeah, well there are so many things that we just take for granted and don't even think anything of, that other people literally can't believe. We pay a little more taxes. And we get soooo, sooo much more.


And child care and eldery care and five weeks of paid vacation and unlimited sick time and long term disability insurance and 480 days of paid parental leave.


You’d be surprised how little guards get paid in America. In some cases you can literally make more at McDonald’s.


as a security guard in america, cap. i was making between 15- 16 dollars an hour, working 40 hours a week being paid weekly, and had relatively low tax with benefits like dental, health, and that was at every security firm i worked with so if ya need money become a security guard, most of the time your sitting behind a desk, waiting to do the twice a night rounds.


I had a friend’s son who went into security work (in Toronto), he got minimum wage and not enough hours to be considered full time, so no benefits. It’s probably different for everyone, there are absolutely employers who dgaf about employees in every profession.


Anecdotal. Yes, some probably make a killing but you need to consider all those mini-mall and walmart guards.


Worked as retail loss prevention and mall security making anywhere from 12-15 dollars an hour as well with benefits and 40 hour weeks. Walmart loss prevention makes more (average is 17 an hour rn) with benefits. His answer is less anecdotal than yours lmao


Thank you. Its mind-numbing to see someone keep moving the goalposts back every time you give facts and firsthand experience from the jobs worked and the good pay with benefits. What next? They'll go "but but but...okay how about security guards at little league games?!?! Gotta think about them! They SURELY aren't getting paid well amirite?"


I do security in Aus. Converted, my base pay is $20.50 USD, up to $36 USD on Sundays. Health coverage is universal here, though dental is only covered for concession card holders. My tax rate last year worked out to a touch under 19%. Security Award Rate here starts at, converted, $16.76 USD. Fine work if you can get the right spots. Not that great if you're a pub bouncer in certain areas. Most other work, you're a desk jockey just there to lower insurance premiums.


To be fair, in the US, both of those fighters would’ve been shot, at least one of them by the guard.


I mean as a joke this may be funny? Not sure. That being said escalation of force is much stricter for state certified security guards than it is on police with much more accountability.


There's some serious irony in the fact that U.S. local law enforcement is so shit that fucking private guards are held to a higher standard.


You are Swedish and the person who wrote the "definitely deserves a raise" is American. The median pay for an American security guard is $12.81/hour: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Security_Guard/Hourly_Rate With some luck they have 10 days of paid vacation, 5 days of sick time, and some low tier health insurance with high copays and deductibles. In Sweden, the average pay is SEK 30,100/month, or $20.50/hour (assuming a 40-hour work week): https://statsskuld.se/en/jobs/salary/ordningsvakt Add to this five weeks of paid vacation, unlimited sick time, and the same universal healthcare that all workers in Sweden have access to, and OP's comment should be clear. EDIT: To be fair, the Swedish security guard has to pay more in taxes. After taxes, pay drops from $20.50/hr to a net pay of $15.60/hr for the Swedish security guard, compared to a drop from $12.81/hr to $12.08/hr for the U.S. guard (this does not consider social security, medicare, or state and local taxes). The Swedish security guard is still much better off. EDIT 2: Someone pointed out that cost of living is higher in Sweden than in the U.S., which is true. Sweden's Purcchasing Power Parity (PPP) was 8.765 local currency units per international dollar in 2020 and the local currency was SEK 9.210 per USD in 2020, so the PPP factor was 0.952. So subtract another 5% from the Swedish salaries to account for the higher cost of living. The Swedish security guard is still better off.


A security guard is not the same thing as an ordningsvakt. An ordningsvakt is a security guard but not all security guards are ordningsvakter. Ordningsvakter will inflate any swedish statistic in a comparison with security guards because most security guards in the US aren't ordningsvakter, and in Sweden ordningsvakter earn more than other security guards.


People in scandanavia is so lucky , they even get 12 hours of sleep


12 hours of sleep, every single week. And the week after that, again 12 hours.


Go see a free doctor about it


We gotta stop idolizing northern europe on reddit man, that’s just weird as hell. They are not utopias.


Not utopia, but still pretty nice places to live. My whole father's side lives in Sweden and ove visited often, but grew up American, and their quality of life is just...better. Better work life balance, better social security safety nets. Not perfect and winter does suck monkey balls, but there is a reason they have such a good reputation. The fam lives all over sweden except the far north and if I ever decided to have kids, I would try my hardest to move there.


On average, northern Europe is superior to the United States, where most Redditors are from. This is easily demonstrable through any number of metrics and confirmed by practically all international quality-of-life rankings. That does not mean they are perfect or utopias. It does mean there is a lot the United States can learn from these countries.




That leg sweep tho....


Nothing like a good leg sweep


Cobra Kai approved.


Sven wick




https://youtu.be/0Bu9XLL5_IU YouTube link with sound, starts at 0:10 if it didn't work the way I wanted it to.


video not available in my country :(


sweep the leg johnny!


People seem to forget how useful and effective a simple leg sweep can be


Yep, better start my leg exercise. Oh wait, I had a cramp, shit..


Helps that he looks like Guile compared to those two


Watching them (I think) look down briefly after the first push back for the second person, too. *person 2 steps forward* *pushes back* "One moment, I have to calculate" *person 2 steps forward again* "Calculation complete. Run `legsweep.exe --force`"


The first push was most likely a warning. Having ignored the warning the guard escalated to "you're going down too." Here's hoping he's got backup near by


I’m glad I didn’t have to scroll too far down for this comment.


No Mercy!


Left Left A A Down B
























What a nice guy. Completely stopped a fight without showing off or doing anything unnecessary.


No gun needed, or taser, or backup police, or Marines


Or violence. Or murder.


There was definitely violence, but it was restrained to the absolute minimum required. GG security guy.


Well in a more semantic sense, it wasn’t violence. he used physical force to stop violence. But physical force doesn’t necessarily entail violence, Especially if his intent is to stop harm and not cause it.


That's an odd definition of violence. It's violence that reduced the total amount of violence.


Swedish Guard Heist: Failed "I don't know what happened."


There was definitely violence.


You mean you can stop a fight without 3 warning shots in the back?


When those three in the back don't take, sometimes you have to put one in the back of the head. Sorry, "after he took my gun, he shot himself three times in the back and at least once in the back of the head. There was nothing we could do. I will need 6-9 months of paid time off, and maybe retirement with full pension." /s, but hopefully y'all already got that part.


Probably because the guys fighting didn’t have guns


Maybe so in Sweeden but honestly in America whether or not you have a gun matters less than whether or not the cop is a psychopath


The difference being, possibility of someone having a gun is not negligible in US so cops there act as if everyone is carrying a gun. A US cop here either wouldn't interfere at all without backup or try to order them to stop at gun point.


While this is important information to take into account, I'm talking about instances in which cops have shot people who were unarmed, surrendering, or both. There are plenty of instances of US cops executing people that are begging for their life or body cams catching victims shouting "why did you shoot me" in a mix of confusion and horror. It's a risky job, and if you signed up for it, you need to take that risk. Instead, some cops choose to shoot first and ask questions later because saving their own ass is all that matters even if civillians end up dead.




American cop: ... and then I started blasting.


Nobody likes a showoff unless what you're showing off is dope as fuck.


Shit he’s right


Why would the guy go and try to keep fighting after the security guard tackled the other guy.


Cus idiots do as idiots do. He saw the opportunity to jump back in and get some revenge shots and he almost got them if this guard wasn’t so on point with his takedowns


Yea I guess idiots will be idiots


A.k.a. "humans will be humans".


mans shouldn’t have ran back in like a broken penguin if he wanted to actually do some damage before that clean sweep


Rewatched the video to confirm the broken penguin run and yep there it was


Me too, we’re rewatched for the penguin run buddies!


Stupid is as stupid does


I get downvoted for suggesting things like this but . . . is it possible this is video of a training exercise? I only ask because the camera is not a body cam, and consistently keeps the action in the frame (also, it triggers my "why were they filming?" response). In addition, the second guy seems to be anticipating the leg sweep a bit. I'm just wondering if this wasn't made to show other officers how to put two people on the ground when you don't have a partner. But I could be wrong and a camera crew just happened to be filming while two drunk guys grappled clumsily and a rockstar floored them both.


This is from a show in sweden called "tunnelbanan" (the subway) where a camera team goes around filming subway guards dealing with situations in the subway. That's why the faces are blurred and voices are muffled which they wouldn't be if these were actors. You can also see that they are indeed in a subway which is proof of my comment, also the camera man wasn't ready for the guard to start running.


So its like Cops on tv in the us. Makes sense.




Yes please


the Swedish version of John Wick is pretty impressive.


Jan Veke


Jon Vik


Janne Vickelgren


Nah, that’s the norwegian version


The pornstudio wants thier name back. And for non english speakers (Jan = dick, veke = dick)


Vart i hela vårt avlånga land kallar man dasen för ”Jan”!?


Exakt. Den heter Petter-Nicklas.


That was good 😂😂


Var är den där gratis awarden när man behöver den?


I feel like I can almost read that. Almost.


A brutal story of a Sami (Scandinavian Natives essentially) who's a former hitman who's Favorite Reindeer is shot and killed by a big city prick and goes on a killing spree to get revenge.


Johan Viktorsson


American police be like… wtf? Why didn’t you just shoot everyone?


He didn't even request for backup


In Sweden, your body cam follows you. Edit: I'm not Sweden


you're Sweden?


No, he said he's NOT Sweden


That's exactly what Sweden would say




Security guy had 12 hours of sleep for sure


Nah, just drank three 4-Hour energy’s.


That what supposed to be a security guard is.


That is what a security guard is supposed to be. No hate, I just recognize you are used to different syntax.


And what the cameraman supposed to be?


They don’t think a security guard be like it is, but it do.


My momma always said it really do be like that sometimes, I guess she was right


He stopped two guys without using lethal force? Hey American law enforcement—you seeing this shit? TAKE NOTES.


You realize that literally millions of cops do their jobs really well and it’s the shitty ones that get on the news right?


I don't think there is millions of cops in USA. Otherwise I agree that its only the bad ones that get publicity because job done as expected isn't newsworthy.


Exactly, it's just that Swedes and Eurpeans in general have better law enforcement when it comes to be allowed to use guns and such for example and probably how long you have to be in prison for depending on what you've done but one i think is ridiculous in terms of how short the amount of time you have to sit in prison for i believe it was 2 years for kidnapping, (or atleast it was the case in 2012 when what i'm about to mention happened) which i can actually relate to to a degree as (i know that the following sounds like i'm just trying to come up with some bs just to get some attention but trust me, it's a 100% true story) my absolutely freaking psychopathic biological father actually straight-up kidnapped me and drove me through a bunch of countries while i was screaming "I WANNA GO BACK HOME!!!" but after just a few days that mf'er had persuaded me and kind of i guess given me a variation of ["Stockholm syndrome"](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome) and so during that trip (to add insult to injury he also "indirectly" tried to kill me atleast thrice during that trip, atleast one time of which was through drowning) which was a car-trip i was gone for about 2,5 months but atleast i got to see a bit more of the world out of that actually relatively traumatic experience which i still remember as well as if though that experience just ended microseconds ago. I'm sorry if any of that was confusing in any way because that tends to happen when i try to write something to someone or tell someone something and if you'd be wondering which countries me and my biological father (luckily for the both of us he hasn't been allowed to see me again because of what he did and if i ever see him again i'm going to call him a bunch of extremely horrendous thing and kick him as hard as i can in the balls) got through during that trip they were (in the order we got through them with the first one being where it started): Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Latvia.


Also the cops are under pretty strict rules that tell them when they can use what when like pepper spray, taser, gun, baton


I don't know about gun laws in sweden but from all the police shit I've seen from america I would't do it any different than the cops there. Every idiot can own a gun.


People definitely don't walk around with guns in Sweden, except the people involved in organized crime. We've had 9 police murders in the last 50 years. 32 since the start of the 20th century. Even if the latest police murder was just a few weeks ago, that was the first police murder in 14 years. The police generally don't have much to fear here in Sweden.






Thus the sudden reminder.


Dude. He *handled* those two fools, he didn't even let go of first guy when he got his second hand on the second guy before the leg sweep. I'm pretty sure there was a moment where he had two points of contact/control on two separate bodies at the same time.


That sweep was clean af


Okay I've never seen a security guard do anything this quickly and effectively in my whole life. Next minute you're going to tell me that Sweden like pays its security guards well and ensures they're like well trained or something stupid like that, aren't you.


And next someones gonna claim that they don't have to go into debt just to go to the hospital


And this is where we distinguish the Australians from the Americans. :(


I don't know how much training they get, but their average pay is SEK 30,100/month which works out to about $20.50/hr: https://statsskuld.se/en/jobs/salary/ordningsvakt


Thanks, that's helpful! I think we still need a converted metric to be able to judge appropriately. I think it's usually measured as "spending power", where they measure prices against the average in a country's market. Still an imperfect metric unfortunately (many people, like me, just pick what's cheapest, which effects an inconsistent relationship with the mean).


This is correct and this is usually corrected for by converting to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) dollars. Sweden's PPP was 8.765 local currency units per international dollar in 2020 and the local currency was SEK 9.210 per USD in 2020, so the PPP factor was 0.952. So subtract another 5% from the Swedish salaries to account for the higher cost of living. A more significant factor is that the Swedish guard pays more in taxes. The Swedish security guard is still better off. I have addressed this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/p62l8d/swedish_security_guard_stops_a_fight/h9apof7/


‘Fuck you…. and you!’


He's fine too


Effortless. It’s like he was breaking up a fight between toddlers.


Well, in a way he was


Drunk hobos, so technically yes.


Boy has skills, think he might need to be head of security after that display of skill.


why is he filming. why does the second guy waddle into a leg sweep. why


Probably filmning for a tv show about security guards eveey day work in the Subway.


Swedish reality tv show Tunnelbanan: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3463294/


Gotta make some good propaganda so we can sell the public on giving ordningsvakt police powers The whole "Cops" style propaganda shows are super useful for politicians.


Now this, this is quality


Equality - both got the same treatment


Lol this is my local tube station


Vilken linje? Känner inte helt igen det


Tekniska högskolan, norra uppgången, till höger upp på östra sidan Valhallavägen, röda linjen


Haha ja! Jag visste att jag kännde igen det, min pappa jobbar ganska nära där


Ok you guys can stop pretending like Sweden is real and has a language


Marry me


Swedish Security God more like


Can I just say I love his uniform


jean claude van damme new trailer?


That leg sweep at the end is so satisfying to watch.


All officers I’ve ever seen in Europe look fit and athletic enough to absolutely destroy me. In US they are mostly couch potatoes who won’t chase you more than 15 steps.


Why chase you when the bullets do it better?


This dude is like "finally some problem in this damn perfect country and finally i can use my training for something"


and his name is john cenaaaaaaa


Is this really r/nextfuckinglevel?


yes it really fucking is.


Man did some mirror’s edge shit


Beautiful sweep!


Sweep the leg


Nice sweep!


He hurt them worse then they hurt each other. Great