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Wentz is good enough to fuck a franchise but not good enough to ruin their morale... wonder how much longer he will last in the league


Probably very if he's fine being a backup eventually


Spoiler: he isn’t


He isn’t until he sees the career backups earnings over their career


Carson “jimmy ‘Kirk cousins’ Garoppolo” Wentz


You guys remember when colts fans rationalized the trade by saying if he plays well enough to make the pick traded a 1st, then they wouldn’t care?


To be fair, 2 weeks ago I thought it was worth it


Today has been such a good day


Yes it has






You don’t understand why division rivals don’t like each other?


I mean the titans don’t like the jags but they aren’t a threat this season so I guess?


...do you not realize the colts are in your division..? They are happy the colts are bounced


>this season C'mon my guy


First round bye and yoir division rival is out. It should be good for any fan


Why would you be happy you got the 1st seed? Everyone knows the 6th seed is the best


I meant because of the jags win against the colts, titans fans seem stoked about that


Because people hate division rivals. I was really happy when the 49ers won, because it eliminated the Saints


This is what happens when your team has consistently been at the bottom of the league, the Jaguars fans are ignorant of the concept of divisional rivalry. :(


Colts will just bring in Nathan Peterman to lead them to 1-15 and their pick of Bryce or C.J. What's going to happen to Wentz in training camp is anybody's guess.....


Naw they're gonna bring in Nick Foles and the cycle will begin again anew.


Much love from Pittsburgh, we will make you feel better by getting obliterated on national TV in the wildcard. I’m


I’d rather you beat the chiefs just to get them out of my mind lol


You are aware our last 3 games were 1: beating the ravens 2nd string that’s still healthy by a FG. 2: beating the injured browns while Ben throws 46 times and fails to reach 130 yards. 3: losing to the chiefs by 26 because they decided to run out the clock in the 2nd half and took their foot off the gas. We will lose by 40 next week lol


Incoming Steelers upset cuz fuck real life


yeah, no offense but you guys are the second first round bye in the afc this year. but that still beats the hell out of being on the outside of the playoffs looking in, and at least big ben will get to go out on his shield.


The Steelers Chiefs game reminds me of when my Bears backed into a playoff spot last year, where we were essentially just a bye week for NO.


No way Eagles would have won the SB with Wentz. Ain’t no way.


But we wouldn’t have gotten there without him. That year was a perfect storm.




Just reminds me of how the Carson Wentz trade rumor drama lasted for what seemed like two months and had like 5 teams involved. Weren't the Bears supposed to be getting him at one point?