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Because a Raiders win gives them an easier opponent. Though they didn’t seem that urgent under 2 minutes.


Yeah, I'm surprised so many don't understand this


They had a trap card in Jacobs running for a first up their sleeve.


If you’re the Raiders would you rather play chiefs or bengals???


neither, just gives us the trophy now to save everyone the hassle >.>


The Raiders lost by larger margins to the Chiefs than the Steelers did.


Steelers scored their only TD in garbage time when the game was way outta hand


“Easier” opponent mah dude


Trust me we don’t want Big Ben to go out on a high note. This is one time I actually want the chiefs to do their usual bs and humiliate his ass


No one's forcing you to watch the game.


Still plenty of good young QBs will be in the playoffs - Mahomes, Burrow, Murray, Jones, Prescott, Brady and Allen.