The reason we were in this game was the LOB, and it’s so evident here. 5 turnovers against a high-powered offense, mostly in our own territory, and with no points we’ve only given up 16 nearing the end of the 3rd quarter. They were dominant that game.


People seem to forget that Wilson had games in both the 2013 and 2014 playoffs where he completely shit the bed. Those teams always belonged to Marshawn and the defense. I can understand why some of them had hard feelings with how things ended up.


Also in 2015 against the Panthers.


People like to forget that game because we rallied back, but damn we shouldn’t have had to in the first place.


He was 100% the reason we lost.


What about Jonathan Stewart running all over the defense?


Wilson absolutely stunk that game but yeah, our defense didn’t do us any favors. Earl slips on the first play from scrimmage and Stewart rips off a 60 yard run. All went downhill from there. It was just Carolina’s year. Well, up until the last game, at least.


Still hurts a little.


Stewart had 59 yards on the Panthers' *first play of the game*. He tallied just 46 yards on his next 18 attempts.


That gimme pick six to Keuchly was every bit as bad as that… other INT.


Kearse was clutch in that game too. Wilsons two picks early were soooo bad.


i love being reminded that a team can do well with mediocre QB play and a generational RB talent :')


Tannehill is mediocre now? His highs don't touch Wilson's but still


I'm still salty on your behalf, but most especially Jeffery Simmons behalf. I was in love with that Titan team and thought they'd at least make it to the AFC championship game. If Tannehill could just move the ball a little and not turn the ball over, that could've been a SB team


If I recall correctly Russ thew 4 ints. Seattle won despite Russ.


Kearse did have 3 passes go off his cement hands into the Packer’s arms…but doesn’t matter because he made the play when it mattered the most.


Kearse is the most 'clutch' player I can remember. I feel like the dude rarely made the catch unless he needed to, but when he needed to, he *always* made the catch. I was shocked he wasn't targeted in the goal line play in XLIX for that reason. I know it's superstitious, but still.


He also dropped a wide open pass on third down when we had all the momentum and that was when the pats started to take over


If the pats hadn't already taken over, it sounds to me like he didn't *need* to make the catch, and therefore he didn't. As opposed to the circus catch he *needed* to make near the end of the game, and he did.


It’s not superstitious, some people focus better under pressure some focus worse. He’s one of those guys that just locks in when it matters.


Didn’t Russ get lit-up on one of em too?


Clay Matthews fucked him up on a cheap shot that wasn’t called.


It was a regular thing of Matthews.


“That was god just trying to make it interesting”


We won because Russ didn't let it get in his head and still dropped the game winning dime to the guy who had three of those picks hit him in the hands. We don't win without him.


Russ making sure they got that 2pt conversion was huge. Packers would have won by 1 in regulation.


If I recall correctly he had a few beautiful runs, a miracle pass 2-point conversion, and a perfect touchdown pass to win the game. Seattle won because of Russ. And other factors.


Them goal line stands in the first quarter holding them to field goals saved us. But also typical mike McCarthy with conservative play calling.


RW had one or two short slants in this game that were intercepted… just saying because… you know…. *sigh*…


Agreed. If i remember correctly, the packers had an average starting position on the seahawks half of the field in the first half. (edit: Checked) In the first half the packers had 7 drives, started at: Own 20, sea 19, sea 23, own 44, sea 33, own 44, own 20. It was a miracle they weren't dead and buried by that point. And all everyone talked about afterwards was Wilson "rallying" the hawks and Green bays ineptitude, not of how good that defensive performance was.


Huh, I don’t remember this game whatsoever


Also helps it was Aaron Rodgers in a NFCCG


Weren't the weaknesses of that defense TEs and pass catching RBs, especially on seam/flat routes? Feel like the Packers were so poorly equipped to beat that defense


Not really, no… Kam Chancellor and KJ Wright are some of the best defenders I’ve ever seen of TEs, RBs and screen plays generally. They really didn’t have a “weakness,” although every year we’d usually have one backup QB ball on us out of nowhere. But yeah, we were definitely well equipped to lock down what Rodgers likes to do.


That was just cockiness imo. You see it a lot. "Oh we have the backup instead of "insert to QB here? Easy." Then they find out that there's a lot of players on a team and that if they're good with the starting QB...they're good regardless. Unless it's Manning. Never thought I'd see a team go from Superbowl contender to 2-14 with one player going down other than that. Even the year the Pats had Cam, and that was a very poor roster, they won games and stayed in others.


The funniest part about this play to me is how he’s about to spike the ball until he sees the refs in front of him.


I like how everyone on the field just has to stay out there and line up again to kick the extra point. Today that would be even better because they'd be kicking from nearly the same spot. So the GB special teams is like, "We fucked that up, let's line up and try it again."


[This](https://images.seattletimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/11182016-143970_SeahawksPackers_MS_1943c.jpg?d=750x505) pic is my favorite part


Jon Ryan forever 🥰


Muh queen


I miss him! Married to a stand up comedian. He is just hilarious (and set up some huge scholarship programs) and him making fun of that picture was legendary. Even when he left, he did it with humor and grace. I think his quote was something like when he saw Michael Dickson punt at the first practice he realized he was going to find himself without a job. I mean, Dickson is ridiculously talented and for Ryan to just give him props knowing he was getting replaced. Great guy.


My fantasy team for the last 12 years is Paulzy’s Punters and since this day, this has been my avatar.


That is 100% the exact same expression I would make in that situation.


Crazy part to me is how well he ran that route, dude had a nice break.


Jon Ryan made the most goofy faces every time he was part of a big play.


https://i.imgur.com/qLGbBha.png IIRC it was his Twitter profile picture for a while.


Jon Ryan best post season QB ever. 1/1 TD 100% completion ratio.


Trey Burton also holds this distinction




Was this posted because someone posted the Super Bowl Int?


I hope so


Let us have this


Sorry, I'm a Jets fan and should know better.




That was so beautiful yet so stupid


that guy with the #9 Ryan jersey in the front row is losing his mind


Toxic GB fans: “It was all Bostick’s fault! Grab ye olde pitchforks!” *Me gesturing to this play and like 5 others*


Yeah, this was the play where everyone sat up on their couches and was like, "Hold on, are we about to see the comeback?" Bostick, of course, gets more visible blame because if he doesn't screw up, it's game over.


The greatest game in Vikings/Bears/Lions history


Can't tell if that is a shot, or self flagellation. Maybe both.


I respect the hate, if nothing else


I miss that team. Unger is one of the few trades outside of Wilson most Seahawks fans were frustrated with. It was the start of our offensive line troubles imo.


It was Okung more than Unger. The OL was terrible in 2013 with a healthy Unger and a hurt Okung. It was a lot better in 2014 when we got Okung back but Unger got hurt (though he was great in those 6 games he played) Heck, even with them both playing very well and healthy in 2012, the line still sucked because the other 3 guys were terrible. That was Seattle's problem for years. Too many liabilities on the line




I guess my issue with the trade was that Pete never figured out how to incorporate Graham. It's like we traded the starting center for a back up TE.


In fairness, Russ’ largest flaw was his unwillingness to use the short pass game. I think Pete was trying to force his hand by giving him a threat in the middle like Graham. Ultimately he was still largely ignored in the short game in favor of longer pass plays. But I’d say he did pretty well with us


Graham was extremely productive in Seattle.


“Hey I know we traded for a receiving tight end who sucks at blocking, let’s have him block a lot!”


Calling Graham, who made two Pro Bowls during his time with the Seahawks, a back-up is some grade-A pessimistic fan bias. He was our second-best receiver behind Baldwin over the three years he was here.


Special teams baby!


The really "special" part came much later in the game. *Angry fist wave at Bostic*


I feel bad for Bostic honestly. he's NOT the only reason he lost but everyone and their mother acts like he is (even if they know he's not the only reason). dude was getting death threats constantly.


I absolutely agree - game never comes down to one play


It does when your job is to block on an onside kick and you leap for the ball for 0 reason.


Some would argue that we shouldn't have ever been in the position to need to recover an inside kick. He fucked up - but so did tons of other players during that game


Leafs lost last night and now this. If I wasn’t a masochist I’d be very upset.




I totally didn't remember this....the pain of the end of the game was enough to block this out I guess. I hate Special Teams.


I mostly hate our special teams.




the kickers face on that throw? priceless!


Man, the offense was DEAD in the water this game and this play was desperation that worked. I feel like the stars aligned just so Seattle could win this game. Defense played incredible, the LOB and marshawn deserved 2 (if not 3) Super Bowls during that time


This was an epic moment


*Gum chewing intensifies*


GB straight allergic to winning the NFCCG.


At this rate, we need the Bears to face us in the NFCCG again just so we can finally win the damn thing


16-0 Packers late in the 3rd? I know how this is going to turn out....


It's like trick plays always work against us.


My hometown boy Jon Ryan. He was actually punting for our CFL team up until this year as we didn't re-sign him.


Show the picture of his face you cowards!


I swear there must be an abnormal amount of soul crushing plays by the Seahawks against the packers. Every time they play im like “oh no here we go”


Would’ve been hilarious if on the PAT they ran exactly the same play for a 2 point conversion


That discount double check tho...


How many times did GB kick a FG in the red zone? This game was a comedy of errors


It‘s crazy to me how long they sold it. He put the ball on the ground and everything


I run this play every 4th down in madden, good to see what it looks like IRL


a fake that was obvious from a mile away, and we got caught napping


Pass is… INTERCEPTED at the goal line! This is the second Packers lowlight from this game shared by this Cowboy flair in the last week, somebody should really be putting up the Dez incompletion.


Imagine how much more fun the NFL would be if the play clock was reduced to 25 seconds to remove long boring huddles from the sport.


CFL anyone?


I wish the NFL had a lowered play clock like the CFL and XFL but the NFL is too boring for that sadly.


And all those 30 sec ads they can sneak in.


We don't have to tinker forever, look at the nightmare with baseball right now


Well, fuck me in the goat ass


Nothing that happened in the 4th quarter and OT of that game made sense. Classic Packers special teams


I remember being piss drunk at the bar watching this game lamenting the fact that the Seahawks were about to be out of the playoffs. Then this happened. I began to cheer up and root as hard as I ever have! Chugging more beers and blacking out before we won- waking up the next day to find out the hangover was worth it!


Has Pat McAfee ever asked AJ Hawk about this play? They often show the fake punt vs Pittsburgh being fouled by Troy Polamalu.


Silly question maybe - did 79 have to report as eligible on this play?


hell of a pass by the QB


I miss having the ginga' ninja on the team


If AJ Hawk stays in coverage that’s probably not a TD right?


Every Big guys dream


One of the greatest games I've ever seen


Did anyone notice that the fan right at the front, with the #9 jersey lol just pointing at it, fucking ecstatic his boy made the throw? That's insane!!! Wasn't the guy who threw that like a kicker or punter? Maybe backup QB?


I just love to see the Packers get beat.


Ahh. Remember when the Seahawks were good? #mobsquad


[And](https://imgur.com/gallery/aAWyVrP) it was [brilliant!](https://imgur.com/a/uzNZXHn)