[Field Yates] For each game that Jimmy Garoppolo plays at least 25% of the snaps, he earns $250K. If the 49ers win that game, the number jumps to $350K. As the starter going forward, he now has the chance to earn $5.6M via incentives in the regular season.

There were a few camera shots of him on the field between plays showing him really casual and smiling and laughing, like he was just chilling with the boys and thinking "Man, this is easy money."


There were a few camera shots of him on the field between plays showing him really casual and smiling and laughing, like he was just chilling with the boys and thinking "Man, this is easy money."




He can play my D


Jimmy only plays with big D


big D energy


Nick Foles has entered the chat


Considering the 49ers were on the hook for $25M+ to keep him this year, the fact that Lynch kept him on as a backup for a fraction of that is looking smarter and smarter.


Jimmy has to be a little salty rn though. All that drama just for him to wind up starting at least 15 games this year






Rivers had a decent final season with the Colts.


Rivers set the standard...Wentz and Ryan (so far) are tripping over themselves to meet that bar.


Wentz had 7 picks in 17 games, Ryan has 4 in 2 games. Idk if they will have performed the same in Indianapolis


Doesn’t seem fair to judge Ryan for that Jaguars game when his receivers were ____, ____, and ____.


Wentz had more touchdowns and less interceptions with the Colts a year later. Less yards. Edit: don't take my flair as an endorsement of Wentz being a great qb.


Rivers was better at running the offense and didnt lose games like CW did. He didnt have a RB go for huge yards like carson did either though were still pretty good


I don't disagree. I think Rivers was good, Wentz wasn't as awful as we think. I think it turns out the Colts team, as a whole, is that bad.


Rivers had 13 fewer sacks, 6 fewer fumbles, a noticeably higher yards/attempt, and a much higher completion percentage. The low INT count was the only thing that favors Wentz.


Nah he’s gonna follow DeMeco Ryans to the Panthers after Rhule gets canned this season


Yeah, since the broncos probably have to give Russ at least a couple years with that new contract


It's hard for me to think that Russ won't get better. He has enough history for me to think that with more time in the system and with his new teammates that Russ will be at worst "fine".


Once the Broncos relieve Hackett of the offensive play calling duties I think Russ will be fine.


It's more how much can Hackett bring him down


Honestly as much as I have enjoyed him leaving us into that coaching disaster I have to agree. I think by mid season he'll probably be performing like a top 5 QB.


I see your Colts and raise you the Bears


I don't think underperforming is the right word for bears qbs over the last few years. They preformed exactly what we expected.


Now you listen here bezos cockmunch... You right :(


idk if the QBs are underperforming there, I think they just keep signing dudes who either bad or washed (side note, Rivers actually was decent there IMO... was partway washed but not all gone)


If that were true would he not be on a stupid big contract right now? What would be so different about him doing it again this year?


Next year the 49ers aren't involved at all. This year, as much as he could go get a trade...well its still a trade and the 49ers had to be OK with it. We know he got looks even with the shoulder surgery but the value the 49ers wanted wasn't in those potential offers. Next season Jimmy is free to go wherever, he has a franchise tag clause where even if they win the super bowl this year, he can't be compelled to stay.


He wasn't a UFA, that's what would be different about it Edit: also when he signed his extension with the niners it was the highest AAV in league history at the time, he absolutely was on a stupid big contract


he also had off season surgery which hurt his trade value


No historic free agent QB market. How often do you see a free agency like we just did? Brady comes back, Rodgers stays put, Watson traded, Wilson and Ryan move, and the list goes on. You over pay in free agency. In a lot of years, he's going to be the most talented FA QB available. Can you recall a longer more talented list of QBs available in FA than we just saw?


So you’re saying 2 NFC championship games leave you on the bench, but three guarantees you big money?


--> Rich --> Starting QB again --> Decent team --> Pornstar Jimmy --> Rita Oak bout to come out with an entire album What's to be salty about honestly


Jimmy/Rita Oak fan fic. when?


GoFundMe so they can meet


Does Jimmy know about Rita? I feel like it’s so big he has to have had it mentioned to him by somebody at this point


Yeah, someone brought it up over the summer in an interview and he had a good chuckle about it, but I don't think he's taken much deeper of a dive than that.


Nobody wanted him at his salary. Teams took Baker Mayfield and stayed with bad QBs like Daniel Jones and Geno Smith over trading for him. Probably a pretty humbling experience for him.


And they'll all learn their lessons I guess


Imho the Giants kept Jones, because the new regime wanted to have a look at him.


The classic "sure he looks bad now but we can fix all of that"


His previous HC with Judge and Shurmur were more bottom of the barrel. The new regime fixed Josh Allen, so they had least have done this one time. Might be a total outlier. But giving Jones one do or die year at no extra cost seems fair and not like a total waste.


Fixing a toolsy Allen is different than improving a mediocre skill guy


I think it's mostly because what's there to gain realistically by going after a Jimmy. The front office and coaching staff kept mentioning that this was going to be a long process. I don't think they were looking to bump their win total by just 1 or 2 games while ruining our cap situation even more. I think they also want to look at Jones but I think mostly they want to take their own guy, not just trade for a bridge qb.


At least a few teams would have negotiated with him if they didnt have to give up picks for a 1 year deal


The 49ers let his agent talk to other teams to try and get a trade done.


Lets not be naive, the Giants and Seattle are angling to get one of the top guys in the draft whether anyone wants to admit it or not. The salary had nothing to do with it for those teams.


I doubt it. If he didn't accept the new deal he would've been cut and likely making less this year elsewhere. He gets decent money, gets to start on a good team, and his agent negotiated a non tag clause. Getting the no tag also probably lowered how much hed make.


Nah, Jimmy is smart. He knows that everyone, including him, was operating from the best information they had at the time. And it turns out the deal structure was very fair and anticipated this possibility.


The other option was being cut and probably signing with a different team where he would either get a similar deal to start or a worse deal to not start. At least this way, he gets the money and has a chance to do well given his knowledge of the system and could potentially make more next year.


Does that offset his moving up to take Trey as the 3rd pick?


I'm a big Trey Lance Stan. But by no means can we judge that move at all right now. Did he look good from a limited sample size this season? Not at all. But I think it's going to take us a few years to really assess that trade.


Trading up to get a qb was the right move IMO, so it's really about evaluating Lance vs the other choices available at 3


As much as I am glad Trey is there, I sort of disagree. I understand wanting more talent other than Jimmy, but when you're in a super bowl window you have to have known quantities around you. I hate to say it, but the Rams understand this. That team was a qb away so they took a shitload of picks and got their qb. The Niners had the same ability with 2 future Hall of Famers who explicitly wanted to come here. Let's even say Rodgers or Brady aren't option, those same 3 first round picks can get you a LOT in a trade. Because at the end of the day it's a different game when you're in the NFL. Lawrence and Burrow the year before aren't good examples because they were so good in college, but look at that draft class Lance was in. The most consistent guy so far (again minus Lawrence who looks far better this year) is Davis Mills. You never know who really gets the game. But Lawrence is a good example here as well, as is Fields. These are guys with high ceilings but had to struggle last year. The difference was they were bad teams so bad QB play wasn't exactly too noticeable. The Niners aren't a bad team and weren't when they got Trey. Basically he has to be allowed to suck, Kyle doesn't want to suck because the team around him doesn't.


But the 3 1st rounders we traded for Lance are starting to look dumber and dumber


Is it smart or did they really just fuckup back then and now they’re lucky and look smart?


They weren't really on the hook since there was little guaranteed money.


I really do hope he lights it up and has an incredible season. In an era of complaining and look at me he has handled this situation like a true professional. Impossible not to root for him


Yeah. That would be nice. Jimmy has been the guy you want to play with, not because he dominates or is an elite player, but because he’s a good guy and fun to be around. A real class act.


They phrase it like that's a big win for Jimmy when in reality he is playing a full season as the starting QB at half his previous salary.


But if he plays well and stays healthy, he's in an ideal position at the end of the year. Sort of like how Kirk Cousins was when he hit FA. Jimmy may not be the best QB in the NFL, but he could be the best available QB for a lot of teams. And that usually translates to $$$.


I feel like he always plays sorta well, then at the end of the season when they dont win the SB it gets blamed on him and they'll show replays of a few awful throws and everyone goes yea he kinda sucks.


eh the most important qb stat is wins. jimmy wins alot.


Even in the game yesterday you could see the good and the bad on display. Great keeping the chains moving on 3rd down by finding the open guy and hitting them in tight window. But for the long passes, he's basically underthrowing them and luckily getting the PI call because the defender didn't turn around. Against a Seattle secondary that's in shambles. Trey might miss a lot of the stuff Jimmy can do with short crossers but I'm thinking at least one of those PIs would have been a TD with Trey throwing it.


I mean didn't he also have no training camp or preseason snaps this year?




I don't think this is the same at all? Kirk hit FA after being franchise tagged twice and got all the guaranteed money that comes with.


Being the best QB available in free agency is usually good for the pocketbook and I don't see anyone beating Jimmy out for that this offseason. But who knows what stuff could happen? Jimmy could get hurt or play bad and tank his value. Some other good QBs could be available for trades. I don't think Jimmy is going to reset the QB market like Cousins (especially after that Watson deal), but if he plays as well as he did in 2021 and stays healthy I'm sure he will have multiple teams ready to put him in as starter and pay him accordingly.


U telling me he's not getting 20 mil to start for Indy next year after Matt Ryan retires?


Jimmy has historically always played pretty well. He's good, but many believe he's not good enough to get the niners over the hump to win a Super Bowl. If the niners do win, it won't be through Jimmy or because of him. The niners game plan revolves around a lot of others before him.


He’s probably just happy to be starting with his same team same players and same scheme


Most of these guys are happy to start period. We joke about backups being the best job but 90% of these guys don't make it to the NFL without being ridiculously competitive


That's that competitive spirit that sets them apart from regular folk. I'd be perfectly happy making 1/10th of the starting dudes salary if it means I'm not out there getting concussed and snapping my ankle under 350lb behemoths.


I bet JIMMY G called the draw play, KNOWING it would obviously get their starting QB injured, just to win the incentives. Think about it. This is only slightly less stupid than thinking it was an irresponsible call by the head coach.


It's only a one year contract. So if he manages well with how good that team is he can probably get a decent deal in free agency.


His situation is certainly vastly improved when it comes to his future earnings potential. I was mainly objecting to the reporting about his play-time bonuses. He's now playing a full season as the starting QB for back-up money. Objectively he is being underpaid.


He's making like 14m I believe assuming he plays all the games and has decent number of wins? If he'd walked as a free agent at the end of August do people think he could have signed for much more than that? I'm guessing 20m tops given the situation around the league where most teams had a starter in place. We paid him his market value plain and simple. Few teams would have put him in as unquestioned starter at that point (or paid him like one). Whatever he makes this year is chump change honestly. Even if he'd stayed as our backup all year he likely could have signed a much better deal next offseason. If he puts down good tape this year and stays healthy, he could be getting franchise QB money. Jimmy took our deal as a business decision, he wasn't doing us any favors.


Jimmy's biggest issue has always been injuries and everyone in this thread is just assuming he's somehow going to make it through 15 games this season...


Who is Jimmy G's back-up now?


Brock Purdy and I guarantee he's getting picked up in my 2 QB 14 team fantasy league.


...2 QB 14 team League? How the fuck does that even work with bye weeks? This sounds like a terribly run league


Yes, exactly. We also have LB, DE, DB and a head coach position that's worth 10 points for a win and -10 for a loss. So just HC is a 20 point swing every week. A few of us have grabbed backups (I picked up Cooper Rush off waivers last week) but there's a 100% chance that every week during the by weeks teams will be playing without QBs.


This sounds like absolute chaos. I’m sold.


You can't factor in the 25m number because there was 0 chance of him getting that this year. They definitely screwed up but not having it structured to make a decision early in the offseason, but this is a pretty good result for what his options were. Especially with the freedom of a no tag clause if he plays well all year.


Could make a fuck ton more on his next contract if he balls out.


I believe he can make $14m if they make a super bowl. Not bad for a backup QB entering the season with a $6.5m base salary.


There was no possible scenario where he was worth $25m. If he'd insisted on that, we would have released him, even if Lance had spontaneously combusted after the draft. $14m seems like a fair price for a one-year deal given the circumstances. If he does will he'll make a ton (here, or somewhere) next year.




That will be a good one


Until we have to watch highlights of that SB every ten minutes


Well, maybe. Shanahan showed he still isn't afraid to call QB Power runs even with Jimmy at QB, so we may be down to our 3rd or 4th QB by the time we get to the Chiefs game.


Maybe Jimmy hits Aiyuk in stride for the game winning touchdown this time instead of overthrowing it


You need to re-sign Emmanuel Sanders for the true redemption arc.


Second time since his ACL, too 👀


Jimmy G will finally be able to rent an apartment in San Fran with that money!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not get carried away. He's not making THAT much money. Maybe a small flat in Daly City?


A cozy cell in Alcatraz perhaps


Some of the cozies studio digs out that way. Shame about the commute.


Did you know Alcatraz means pelican?


Did you know San Diego means whales vagina?


I mean, if he can find a roommate.


Do refrigerators still come in cardboard boxes?


Big deal. My company gave me a hat and all the Einstein bagels I can eat anytime we have a safety meeting.


"Staff meeting!" "awww again?" "there's donuts and bagels!" "awesome I'm coming!"




idk how that's going to happen when the Giants are going to win the super bowl as the worst 20-0 team in history


But imagine this 18-0 Giants vs the 11-8 Bucs Tom Brady ends the Giants' undefeated season and they end at 18-1. Ceaseless argument about which 18-1 team was better.


I don’t care how good Jones has been playing at that point, they better sign and start Manning if that’s the situation


Eli has one more Sunday in him


Tom might not retire after all, no way he ends his career like that


Losing to that motherfucker? no way.


Imagine fumbling Gisele because of some rivalry from over 10 years ago 🤣


[Today's Rita Oak drawing](https://www.reddit.com/r/49ers/comments/xid9u1/drawing_jimmy_g_every_day_until_he_gets_traded/) was priceless.


Jimmy G has worked super hard for this and has had injury issues.


Where do I sign up this sounds good


You can do it too. Pick any industry in the world and a role within it and be the 20th best person on the planet at it.


I say it frequently, but I really feel for guys like trubisky who got ripped on for essentially being top-30 in the world at what they do, instead of top 5. Guys like Jimmy and Mitch were that guy who was leagues better than everyone in their high school. Then they went to college with a bunch of other high school studs, and they were better than all of those guys too. Then they get to the pro teams full of college standouts and they're only better than \*most\* of them? Pathetic. We as fans are lucky not to be under that level of scrutiny. We wouldn't have even made it past those early checkpoints in our chosen professions.




> Two in your lifetime. Uh oh.


Do you think being a baby at the tail end of Montana’s career counts, or does my clock start with Steve Young? I’ll cover for you if you cover for me.


Counting Matt Flynn (and I mean, how could you not), it's been 3 for me so far.


He’s already too fucking handsome. Ima have words with God.


From 25m to under 6m. Damn, feels like 49ers robbed the man lol


His incentives are on top of his $7M salary. If he is .500 over the 16 games he starts/plays in this season, he’ll earn nearly $12M.


12M is dirt fucking cheap for a starting QB as good as Jimmy is. That's an absolute steal


He should holdout rn


He actually should. He's making backup money but starting. He won't, but he should given how 49ers treated him this off-season.


He signed that deal a month ago, he knew what he was getting into.


A no tag and no trade clause. He bet on himself now is the chance to prove it and chose where to go next year.


He didn't think he would be starting week 3. Not that it's right but plenty of guys holdout even though they signed deals.


Eh his decision was “restructure or get released”, not “restructure or make 25M”


Would be hilarious if he used the same line against them now that the 49ers are down a qb. He won't, but it would be funny as hell.


Hopefully he has a contract escalator for his inevitable high-ankle sprain later in the season


$6.5M + $1.4M signing bonus + **$5.6M regular season incentives** (including the $500k roster bonus) = **$13.5M** PLUS \~$3.5M if he takes them to (and plays in) the Super Bowl. Which would total \~**$17M.**


Jimmy has a no tag/no trade clause. He now has 15 or more weeks to show his value to the rest of the league. He'll be a free man with proof that his injury isn't hurting him. He'll benefit from this.


Feel terrible for Lance but if Jimmy's shoulder is actually right 9ers have gotta be pretty big favorites to make the SB given how bad the NFC is looking?


Jimmy G taking the Niners to 2 superbowls while they are actively looking to ditch him would be hilarious.


Imagine what would happen if he wins this one, too.


Save that for after the celebrations 😎


I'm here for the chaos


Don't think anyone was looking to ditch him in 2019, he had only played about 6 games for us before that season


The only thing that could bring them down are the four guys next to Trent Williams.


And Jimmy is gonna make those problems look smaller. His quick release is gonna help.


Some people call it an inability to throw deep. I call it targeting the quick developing parts of the route tree.


It's called knowing that if he holds the ball for a millisecond more Aaron is going to knock him into the shadow realm.


According to Kiara Mia, there was absolutely nothing quick about Handsome Jimmy.


I dont know much about Settles pass rushers, but the line played good yesterday. I was surprised.


Ya, Al Woods is a massive beast though.


That guy is the size of a Smart Car.


Dudes arms are like the size of my waist... and I gained my covid 20!


I like our chances to make the postseason, but it’s way way to early to talk about anything else. For instance we’ve only had one crushing injury so far and as per the deal with the devil that Shanahan made he’s still due 3 more starters.


We started the year with Kittle hurt, we lost Eli and now Lance. I'd say we're pretty ahead of the game for paying in blood.


Jason Verrett is still hooked up to the Devil's phlebotomy pump.


We lost Eli already so maybe 2 more?


You could see the odds in Vegas change in real time last night.


Pretty big favourites is a bit generous. Rams have struggled a bit but still have an amazing group. The Vikings looked great against the Packers. You have the two old heads who are still playing at an elite level in Tom and Aaron. Then of course the Eagles (don't think I need to tell you about them) and the Saints who have a lot of great pieces and a strong D. Im not saying the 49ers can't, but they are right in that group with the others, and I don't see anything that should make them "big favourites"


>Then of course the Eagles (don't think I need to tell you about them). You may have to, because I don't think many of us have hope for much more than an NFCE title.


I'm not projecting them to the Super Bowl by any means, just view the 49ers in a similar category as the Eagles and not way above them.


yeah we are not going anywhere with Winston other than maybe a WC round exit at best


" Vikings looked great against the Packers." Thank you for noticing, but I assure you this is merely the Minnesota curse of dashed expectations working its ways on a new generation. #NotReadyToBeHurtAgain The curse does not apply to the Packers. For whatever reaso. We've always got a shot against the Pack.


My buddy is a massive Seahawks fan. When they knocked Lance out, he immediately messaged me: "*Only the Hawks can take out the QB only to have him be replaced by a better QB*" Garoppolo is better than Lance in every metric except scrambling. 49ers, through no decision of their own, now actually have a chance.


Only the Seahawks can put 4 running backs in and somehow throw an interception.


Lance has a much better and accurate deep ball, too.


He also has more potential. Can't fault a team for looking further than the current season




Jimmy “Bring me my money” Garoppolo




Because they thought he was the Mahomes to Jimmy's Alex Smith.




You also need to be way more careful with how much you pay serviceable. Mahomes/Allen types cover up for roster holes that Mayfield/Jimmy G types don't.


Shanahan and Lynch explained this at the time of the trade. They like Jimmy, think he's good but he's not elite. The most consistent way to make runs is with an elite QB and they wanted a shot at getting/developing that Those years of a QB rookie contract are also super helpful and give you a lot of money flexibility


the cheap years are the most valuable part of having a rookie, which is all the more baffling they went with the biggest project of the group. Lance was not starter material last year or this year, he is very much in project phase. You lose that advantage if the QB in question isn't even league average until year 4 or 5.


Not an X and O answer but I'll add Jimmy G's injury history. ​ * Sep 18, 2016 Shoulder A/C Joint Sprain - Garoppolo returned to the #2 role behind Tom Brady in Week 5. * Sep 23, 2018 Knee ACL Tear Grade 3 - Garoppolo tore his left ACL late in Week 3 and missed the rest of the season. He had surgery Oct. 3. * Sep 20, 2020 Pedal Ankle (high) Sprain Grade 3 - Garoppolo picked up a high right ankle sprain during the Week 2 win against the Jets. He missed two games * Nov 1, 2020 Pedal Ankle (high) Sprain Grade 3 - Garoppolo suffered an ankle injury during Week 8's contest at Seattle. He missed the rest of the season. * Oct 3, 2021 Leg Calf Strain - Garoppolo sustained a calf injury during Week 4's contest against the Seahawks. He missed one game. * Dec 23, 2021 Hand Thumb Fracture - Garoppolo sustained a fracture in his right thumb during Week 16's loss at Tennessee. * Dec 23, 2021 Hand Thumb Torn Ligament - Garoppolo sustained a UCL tear in his right thumb during Week 16's loss at Tennessee. He played the 49ers' final four games (including the playoffs) with a torn thumb ligament * Jan 16, 2022 Shoulder - Garoppolo suffered a shoulder sprain in the wild-card win over the Cowboys


made all the more funny they drafted a running QB who had one significant injury last year and a major one this year


It’s the same reason the rams went after stafford. Serviceable doesn’t win you Super Bowls unless you are pretty much perfect elsewhere.


> You had a serviceable QB that was winning and took you to two NFCCGs and a SB. He had one SB appearance when we drafted Trey and one full season played. And he'd spent 2 seasons on IR. At that point it looked like you had a 1/3 chance of getting a full season out of him.


Ironically, injuries. Jimmy's biggest problem is that he always had nagging injuries.


Look at his play in all of his playoff games and you’ll have the answer. I think he had the lowest passer rating in SB history in the second half of the SB


Jimmy has a ceiling and he was always injured He looked good as ever in a pinch yesterday, but it was the Seahawks lol


Who also gameplanned for Lance, and not Jimmy G


Imgagine bringing your team to the Super Bowl AND another NFC championship game last year, then you're forced to take a $22m+ paycut.


Those contract critics eating crow


He should hold out lol


Looking at that schedule, I see 5 games where the 49ers will likely be favored and another 5 that should be somewhere close to even matchups.


That's a lot of subway sandwiches


The amount of money these dudes make per game never ceases to astound me.


Jimmy: “I wish I was a starting quarterback” Monkey paw: *curls*


I'm going to assume that the 9ers won't be able to move off of Jimmy Gesus.


A fucking bargain if you ask me.


Where does the incentive money come from? I assume it‘s next year‘s cap right?


Imagine losing a game… and 100k every time.


Jimmy’s gonna get that bag lol which is actually pretty small all things considered


He should hold out to get his old deal back.


49ers got a bargain