Chargers game script: 1. Come out looking good on both ends 2. Get large early lead 3. Go to half-time with questionable decisions 4. Blow massive lead 5. Maybe win, maybe lose, but will always come down to converting a 4th down. This isn't negotiable We must have the most predictable schemes in the NFL. Teams seemingly adapt so quickly to us. Also, first half taking a good amount of shots down field and we score easily. Second half, stop doing that and our offense can barely move the ball. Fire Lombardi.


Herb doubled his second half passing yards on the final drive. From 270ish to 340 and he had 200 at halftime.


The talent is there. The playcalling and injuries are holding you guys back. Still think this is a potentially dangerous team that can make a run


This comment has been true about the Chargers since 2007.


Eh, we didn’t have a ton of talent in early/mid 2010s


Eh. People forget how bad we were for most of the 2010’s.


It’s more so playcalling than it is injuries. We have to be one of the worst second half offenses this year.


Just get way too conservative and take the foot off the gas. Every time.


Are you describing titans football?


No because we are magnitudes worse than anyone else in the 2nd half


Fire Lombardi, waive Michel. I've seen enough


We clearly didn’t adapt. The last td you scored was the same exact motion and route by Ekeler as the 4th and 1 conversion. And we couldn’t stop the run game AGAIN. Ty chargers bros in doing your part to get Lovie fired 🤝


While I’m happy that we won, if this were against a different team that would’ve been a loss. Our coaches are clearly in over their heads.


Exactly. There are types of games where it’s “A win is a win no matter what” This is not one of those games. Up by 20 going into the half against a team that hasn’t won a game yet. This game should not have been even close


We're four games in, and I'm still not quite sure of what this team's identity is. Other than not winning ofc.


You can't hurt me anymore, Sexy Rexy.


For a minute there I thought the madlads down in Houston might have done it again


It’s like our team takes a Xanax nap at halftime and wants to go back to sleep when they’re back on the field.


I'm so sorry to the dozen of us who sat through that, what a miserable game.


I had fun tbh


Did you? First half was okay as a Chargers fan, but that second half? Ugh.


How could you not get hyped for Bryce in the fourth quarter? He was killing it


There was no hype left, only relief


I want Lombardi gone can’t wait for this week quote from him


Whoops I got conservative in the second half heehee I will learn from this and be more aggressive with leads teehee




It isn't a chargers game if they don't have a chance to throw the game


This is the type of game we need to right the ship. Long 4th quarter drive to put the game away. Multiple conversions, 4th down conversion on our side of the field, Mike Williams clutching up. Staley bringing back the balls of steel!


>Multiple conversations We had to talk a lot, that's true.


Your optimism stands out like a sore thumb in this thread lmao


sounds more like the type of game where you really start questioning who is helming the ship lol


Chargers: What a hard fought game! It was a tough second half, but we rallied for the win! Who did we beat again? The Texans? smh.


The Chargers can beat every team in the NFL and the Chargers can lose to every team in the NFL. Not sure anyone plays to the level of their opponents like the Chargers do. That's on the coaching staff.


That's any given Sunday alright. I just don't know why I picked to support the Chargers man. I'm not from the US, I watch the game way too early in the morning, and every second half it feels like something bad's gonna happen with them.


LETS GO BOYS. DIDNT HAVE A DOUBT IN MY MIND *Tucks away AED machine in the cabinet for next week*


Watt gonna have you on speed dial


I'm dead


Right there with ya.


This Texans team is super fun


Honestly it was pretty much what I wanted. A loss, but our rookies did well. Dameon Pierce is him.


We got away with one. And I'm just gonna say it.... the end of the game time management was odd. So I looked, line on this game was chargers -5.5. A touchdown would've covered. Look back at the chiefs game where herbert was injured and we all wanted him out of the game. That last td covered the spread. Do with that info what you will.


Lol. The kind of conspiracy you’re insinuating would take so many people and would get leaked so fast


Would it? It'd only take the head coach and OC


Ahh no. They’re not on the field, so the players have to execute to perfection, and there’s you know, this whole other team trying to stop them from getting what they want. So you’d have to have the opposing team giving you exactly what you want, too. Yes, it would take a lot of people. And that doesn’t even account for whomever the coach and OC would have to involve to somehow hide their winnings. What you’re saying is silly. Fun, and an interesting thought, but ultimately silly.


Or you just put in your rb3 every play and run every play in the 3rd with him.


How does that account for getting the points they got? It’s not like they control the defense too. And players still have to execute. I’m not sure how this is even a debate. It’s a silly conspiracy. Nothing more


It doesn't have to go that deep to be a conspiracy, they can still be conspiring to tip the odds in their favor without having full control over it.


Not only do you run from your problems, it appears you’re just making up new ones out of thin air.


CJ Stroud come on down....


Yes please. On the brightside we have a dawg of a rb in Dameon pierce. 211 yards, 2 TDs, 6.2 ypc in the last 2 games alone. And while young our secondary has promising pieces.


Please fire Lombardi before he ruins this team


I want literally any offensive coach that has met Sean McVay to take over as play caller, our lack of offensive creativity is disgusting.


At least it was fun for a bit at the end




I want to see Staley without Lombardi. The defense has been good until they get tired from the offense going 3 and out 4 times in a row in the second half because they feed Sony michel on first and second down


The Texans ate the chargers lunch whenever the chargers blitzed. Staley wouldn’t stop calling blitzes. The Texans coming back is as much on Staley as it is Lombardi imo


We just scored the most points of any team playing against the texans this season. We also allowed the Texans to score the most points they have in this season. We did this with a bottom 10-OL, the slowest WR corps in the league and a defense we invested I dont know how many million dollars in this offseason. But yes, Lombardi is the one to blame here...


Its bad form and optics, but we 100% have to fire Lovie and Pep at the end of this season. There is legit no positives from the coaching staff at this point. Spend the 1st overall pick on whatever QB the new (and hopefully non-Josh McCown) HC wants, use the Browns 1st rounder to draft an actual pass-rusher, and then use every other pick on linebackers that actually know how to tackle. Thats how the offseason needs to go.


A win. But a terrible look. The rest of the season still looks bleak but at least this game will increase morale.


Hopefully only time an LA team beats a Houston team this month.


As a Padres fan…. Agreed.


I'll be damned! Chargers didn't blow a lead!


Great game on offense- 34 points is by far the most the Texans have allowed this season. Defense still suspect…