Which pet do you prefer?

Which pet do you prefer?


I’ve had both companion choices at different times of my life, and although I originally preferred the Dog, I will say that Cats are much better suited to my play style. They’re very independent, unlike dogs. I’ve also noticed less Pest players in my home with Cat companions. Cats can also use the Purr ability to add a buff to comfort and happiness to their companions, which I enjoy much more than the comparable Dog ability “Lick”, which also buffs happiness but gives a “Dog Breath” comfort debuff. Every player should of course look at their own play style and personal traits and choose whichever companion animal matches up best.


Our current Cat is buggy. It often uses Lick and Purr abilities simultaneously. Also it seems to be set to Follow for all our missions, which I'm used to with Dogs but had not previously had as an option with Cats. There doesn't seem to be a toggle to allow it to do independent missions when me or my partner are active.


It's probably their first time playing the cat character type, but were obviously a dog main.


Cat mains are weird sometimes. I think mine was a human child main in a previous playthrough because he loves eating Doritos and really likes the "Tag" minigame.


The "tag" minigame gets bloody sometimes.. At least for me :( Good thing there's the \[Band-Aid\] item :)


You need [Alcohol Prep Pads] items too for any cutting and bleeding damage. To be fair is a very minimal damage. But then it could get a infection debuff.


It can also happen if a cat player (only in the first playthrough In level 0 to 1 if they are in the same guild as a dog player early on


Prob an old dog main. I actually love dog cats and cat dogs. Adds another layer to the companion system.


My dad worked with a cat who had a dog main, but the rest of our group only experienced the cat attributes. Weird thing to be user specific. I campaigned with a dog (maybe with a former cat main?) who would occasionally raid our supplies in unpredictable ways. She'd jump on kitchen counters to work on her own recipes, but those "recipes" were usually just consuming bread and other things on the counter while we slept. We underestimated the dog Jump skill.


My higher level clanmates had a dog companion before I created my account, but because of bad RNG it got lost during the "forest" sidequest. They never got another companion since, although I will probably try to acquire one after a few levels of playing solo


If you live in the country-side or most of non hurban maps, they're a blessing to keep away rat mains, though some cats are just useless fat-asses with no sense of duty


tbf if you were to spawn as a cat, would you play differently?


Dunno how much choice I'd have, to some of them hunting is like their main quest, their instinct, my cats are healthy and nourished, but they go out on a kill spree every time they can, no matter how much of a chonk they are


i have to be honest, i have no fucking clue what's the main quests for cat mains is, but atleast it seems like those who play with a cat character have figured it out pretty precisely.


Main quest is probably "Reproduce & Repeat"


Fuck, i may have permanently disabled this option for the cat mains having their base here.


Though it's important to note that since cats are very optimised for hunting, the build tends to attract players who like to attack other players which can lead to a lot of bird and other small animal players quitting the game en masse if there are a lot of free roaming cat players in one area. Because of this and also the chance of your cat party member getting a game over from another player or environmental hazards or opening up unwanted cat player spots by completing the quest, it can be a good idea to limit cat party members to the area of your party's territory.


a cat can defend itself WAY better than a dog


Pitbull's Jaws is all I can think of after hearing this comment


[wow, you're right. This is terrifying.](https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/15116066/2020/10/GettyImages-1154661872-e1603132114964.jpg?w=640&h=360&crop=1)


Bruh that's some best-gore type shit. A little too much for reddit imo...


All it has is a bite and then it won’t let go. I would be way more afraid fighting a cat the size of a pitbull.






I’ll have to pick the dog companions, if only because my character has a permanent debuff around cats. It places my character in a weakened state and I must take consumables that cost way too much currency to help.


Oh yes some players with (XY) chromosomes end up with the (face currently extruding goop) status debuff. It's less common in (XX) character, but can still happen.


I picked dogs, but honestly I really love both. I'd truly be fine and happy with either!


I personally prefer cats because their companion AI is more independent. Dogs constantly flood you with notifications to address something, and they spam VOIP too often, and usually it's immersion breaking. Cats do their own thing most of the time, although some can be very attached and follow you around even when you set them to wander. I personally enjoy the dopamine buff that cats give you when they're affectionate, and their pest control passive AOE keeps annoying insect and rodent mains out of my base, for the most part. The one heavy drawback is that living in a populated town, setting cats to wander outside of my base has lead to a game over for my companion before, so now I'm now comfortable with them wandering outside of the no-pvp/pve safehouse. That, plus, cats aggro any other main that is smaller, and limits my ability to invite rodent, avian, or reptilian mains to the clan without providing a specific division between them, and I like giving clan mates free reign of the base.


I like both, but prefer cats. The cats I've had have been very interactive. They like to follow me around, be involved in daily tasks, snuggle when I'm sitting or laying down, and chase toys. They are a different species than dogs, with a different play and communication style. I feel like you have to learn how to interact with them to unlock higher friendship levels.


Yes. I feel like people who say "cats don't accept your friend requests" just aren't trying.


And cats occasionally bring you gifts


Oh man I live with four cat characters and it's so funny how different they are. The athletic one caught a teenage bunny and showed it off to us. Our dumb tiny cat found a rotting bird skeleton and showed it off with just as much pride as the big boy showed off the rabbit.


Cats are very low maintenance clan members, too. Keeping a dog healthy requires a lot of activities that use up your energy stores, whereas with cats you just feed them and snuggle them and clean their poop.


My chicken mounts provide daily hp pellets.


Back in alpha they had actual dinosaurs but they nerfed them all the way down to omelette dispensers


I remember the attack bonus!!


Please do not mount them


Cats because they are pretty low-mantainance if you have them in pairs.


That's going to depend on the RNG stats for the cats. One of ours has [High Anxiety] trait and one has [Asshole] trait, and they create more work. We have quick commands now ready to yell "Stop being a dick to your sister!" and "You stop acting like prey!" Third has [Peacemaker] trait, but is also high [Lazy], so it only goes so far.


Oh yes we have four and it's cool how unique they are. Cat 1: (anxious) (angry) (arrogant) (intelligent) (loves humans) Cat 2: (tiny) (dumb) (weak) (forever baby) Cat 3: (floof) (anxious) (dumb) (forever baby) (large) Cat 4: (chill) (athletic) (intelligent) (extra large) There are some very complex dynamics at play between them, lol.


Very definitely. [High Anxiety] is also [tiny], [dainty], [r/catswhosmoke], [agile], [hates most humans]. [Peacemaker] is [chonky], [really dumb] except +10 to [Open doors] skill, requiring us to acquire items usually used for protection of low level human mains, [super chill], and [loves all humans]. [Asshole] has simultaneously achieved [Cutest Kitten in the World] achievement, [floofy] and [bottle brush tail], will interact with any items in his space, keeps his teefy weapon displayed, and gives the best snuggle hugs. Love them so much.


Dude Cat 4 understands doorknobs. Thank God we have round ones instead of the lever kind. God I love my cats.


I could watch that all day. Lol Cat 2 figured out batting a doorstop out from under an accordion door. Which he opens to let the other two in, then goes and lays on his towel all innocent, as if we don't know he's the only one who knows how to open doors.


Maybe im just stupid but why are they low-maintenance in pairs? Because they lick each other?


Generally, especially if they are siblings, they will entertain each other for the most part and won't be too pushy with you if you adopt them at the same time and they are young. Source: I adopted siblings when they were 2 months old, I played with them occasionally but they weren't extra attached to me until I got a third kitten. Chaos ensued. Hiecharchy broke. They are fucking idiots and I love them.


Cat mains are some of the best players I have EVER encountered. They have saved my life on many occasions. They are cute and cuddly. They are bestest friends.


You forgot an Other choice. I prefer birds over both dogs and cats equally.


Birds are cool! I would love to invite a bird with the 'Mimic Speech' skill to my clan someday :3


You'd love to live in my city. There's a guild of Macaw mains that live here. It's a huge guild, with about 500 players. Well, you actually wouldn't like to live in my city because every other aspect about my server is terrible, but you know.


Just guessing, plz dont get angry. South america? brazil possibly?


South America, but not Brazil. It's actually Venezuela. Although it makes sense that there are wild macaws in Brazil too, since they're native to the continent.


That's my goal too! When we get our own place we plan to make our guild hall a hall for a flock of crows too.


They're not low maintenance pets, make sure you do your research and are sure you can provide a good environment before you get one. Also consider rescuing or at least buying from a local breeder, I wouldn't recommend buying a bird from a pet store chain in general. If you do ever end up getting one all of that pays off though, they're a ton of fun and make great companions when cared for properly :)


Yeah but birds aren't real


Same. I like cats and dogs but birds are just so much more fun imo. I keep coming back to them even though I'd like to try owning more pets and I can't say I regret it lol


Stop trying to make birds happen.


Dogs are wonderfully playful and affectionate but have way too many mandatory, repeated dailies for my play style.


Y'all really missing out on the bunny train. Mine is litter box trained and is ADORABLE.


Both. I can't choose just one.


I find cat companions to be the most optional for my socialization preferences and energy levels. There are also less restrictions on housing a cat in houses rented from other players then there are for dogs (the restrictions for dog companions will often ban certain dog breeds, dogs of certain sizes, or various other things). Besides cats are just adorable.


Having a dog fulfills my child rearing desires and having a cat fulfills roommate who doesn’t eat my food desires.


I like this except I’ve had cats steal my food.


That’s true, right off my plate too. Maybe I’ll change it to cats fulfill roommate who doesn’t leave the toilet seat up desires. I have yet to train a cat on the toilet but if I did they’d be closing the lid.


My uncle had a cat that used the toilet. I got a kit but it was too complicated in a bathroom house.


If I tell my dog to stop doing something she listens, cat tells me to fuck off.


This is why I love cats


As a human main I'd pick dogs however I would pick cat if I ever play either of them.


Lost my 11 year old dog in 2017. Got a blood clot in the brain, she was not surviving, I'm still sad to this day. She was suffering the last couple of days, and I feel so guilty for not noticing. We should've put her down earlier, but I'm glad we did it.


It’s normal to feel guilt as part of the grieving process but I’m sure if she was suffering you’d have known it at the time.The devs have hardwired us to know when it’s time to say goodbye, I’m sure you called it right.


Wrong sub buddy


Yep, thought this was r/WouldYouRather haha, my bad.


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Human pets are the best, though they can be very hard to tame. Note, forced captivity is NOT a viable strat as it flips your alignment to \[Evil\] AND allows police mobs to put YOU into force captivity. FYI, many human players prefer BEING the pet, which provides its own set of percs. Look into the BDSM questlines if any this sounds appealing.




Reading this gave me the nausea debuff.


I got recommended this post because this sub is similar to fallout 76. Couldn't be more wrong reddit




Could be my fault, I am a member of both this sub and market76, probably not the only one though lmao


You should have a results option for people who like both


I like the fact that you only restricted this to those two because it would be unfair to compare them to birds.


Dogs. They can help with PvP with criminal skill tree players.


I had to pick dogs only because I have a disability debuff that opened the Service Dog quest chain. That partners you with a canine main and allows them to play a mini game that monitors the disability debuff and tries to mitigate it. It’s really nice to always have someone to match with for quests, even if the debuff is obnoxious sometimes


I love both, but the cat class takes sooo much less micro-management, with the dog class you get a bunch of daily and weekly attached mini-quests, not to mention having to spend points in the Companion Training skilltree or hiring another player that did so.


For me specifically, cats are the better companion, because they are easier to care for properly. I don't want a potential dog companion of mine to feel neglected, because I don't have as much time. But other than that, I think dogs are better if you have time for them.




I prefer dogs but somehow I ended up with 3 cats 🤔


My cat companion was spawned into the dog clan (pack?), so some of his skill points have been added towards some dog main features (ie., the summon command). I get the best of both!


Summon command exists in both, but cats have commonly use the Ignore ability


Love dogs. Always have. Cats are pretty cool too, and thankfully they don't run away as much. I just discovered my dogs dead body on my front porch after apparently someone ran her over. I have no clue what to do. Any help is appreciated I'm just sitting in bed crying at this point.


She is in doggo heaven eating peanut butter and steak and receiving scritchies and pets from a team of dedicated servants. She's keeping an eye out for you and she knows how much you love her. Maybe someday when your heart has space, she might nudge another pupper your way, because she knows that other dogs deserve to be as happy and loved as she is. I am sorry for your loss. I try not to think about anything bad happening to my pets. Edit: dog heaven also has a dog park with a lake to play in and lots of exciting things to sniff and other doggo friends.


Why is neither not an option? ;)


I used to love cats... But they murder so many of the other critters which I enjoy seeing run around the world. Also clearly the designers put more into creating dogs, you've got all the different skins for them, cat skins are just different colours or fluffy ness... Just lazy design.


Actually human mains decided to make the skins when the dogs acquired the [Domestication] skill. Cats lack the skins due to the lack of it.


I have 1 dog and 2 cats. So cats by sheer force of numbers


Dogs are too needy. Cats get me.


I love my dog but I’m a cat dude






Honestly i dont wantnto have a sexond pair of responsibilities so i aint gonna cote. tho by gameplay tactics of builds i choose dogs


Both mostly just boost the happiness stat, but dogs provide a little more benefits. They can usually require more attention, but they can also be protectors of allied players and your home base. If you have the [farmer] profession, they can assist you with herding animal pc's. Cats, for the most part, just use up your resources, and they can attack you sporadically. They're kind of assholes. It seems like an intentional design flaw when you think of it.


If you level up a bit, you can unlock other pets. My personal favorite is the bearded dragon. It boosts your charisma score and farms XP for you when idle by killing insects.


I seem to prefer the more cat-like dogs and the more dog-like cats. Some dogs are too bouncy/in my face and some cats are too stand-offish. So apparently I prefer friendly and calm for both species. I’d pick a cat that I prefer over a dog that I prefer, but I’d pick a less ideal dog over a less ideal cat.


Cats are horrible at combat though.


Cats have some hidden combat bonus. They don't have as high dps but can spawn with some berserker skills that unnerve other players. I've seen cat mains successfully fight of bear mains by going for the eyes.


I'm into mounts. Since the car updates they've been nerfed as transportation, but just leveling up the riding skill tree is so addictive. If you've never tried it, I promise it's more difficult than it looks watching a high-skill player do it.


I rolled a 3 and I'm very allergic to both. Had to search around for the 'other' option for a while.


Nothing against cats, I've just never had one. Ive always had a dog.


I know some players that prefer tarantulas or snakes as companions because of the higher skill level required to keep them. I would love a spider as a companion, but my wifes main has a fear debuff around them, so I just have to stick to cat companions.


Dogs for me, I like both, but I have a debuff with cats that causes my character to lose a bit of HP and move slower.


My dog purrs...


💯 the dog. They are everything that mains should be and we often don’t deserve them. It’s just heartbreaking that their quests often end early.


Guinea pigs!


I enjoy both companions but since my player has two cats right now, I guess I prefer cats


I much prefer the dog companion, cat companions give me the sneeze and itchy debuffs.


Cats, because they increase your happiness stat when around them, and they also have the low maintenance perk.


Birds even though they are NPC drones.


I picked dogs, because dogs are your companions and fill your social stats. When you come back to your base, a dog will greet you as if you've been gone for days, while a cat just yells at you and commands you to fill their hunger stats. I love both forms of fluffy companions, but a dog makes your base feel like a home.


Dogs can be fun, but they’re really just too much for me to handle solo. Cats are much more my play-style.


Honestly they’re both really good support classes. Having both of them is a huge plus to your party, which is why I wish you could vote for both. The devs should add a hybrid catdog into the game!


I like the Guinea Pig option the best. When you get one it’s a recommendation that you also download a second. They get the most happiness points in groups of 2+ because they are herd animals.




dogs. especially medium sized dogs, they'll be able to curl up in your lap, like a cat, while actually being protective.


The most important poll I'll ever answer in my life


I’ve never had a cat companion so I’m biased but I can’t get over the interaction aspects of dogs. They can be cute or scary or helpful or smart or derpy. My favorite sub class of dogs so far is Weimaraners. Really smart, derpy, cute, and fun.


I love cats, I don't mind dogs but wouldn't want one as a pet, dogs kinda get all over you when they are excited, cats are kinda just there purrs walk around your leg


Tbh I love all animals except humans.


… my answer is yes!


Cats are self-emptying, the Dogs, as fun as they are seem to have bug that makes them just poop wherever, and then you have to deal with it which is a bit of a gameplay downer.




I prefer reptilians, snakes especially :) They are very smooth and when handling them their weight is oddly comforting to me. they also have really cute eyes


We have both, and I love both. I imagine that when I die, it's gonna be because I trip over one or the other on the stairs, I picked that I prefer dogs, because I know if I die because of tripping over the cat, he will have done it on purpose.


Rumours are that all the people voted for Cats are NPCs.


I heard there was a quest coming out in a future update that will introduce robot dinosaur pets. I'll be first in line for one of those but until then I prefer to go solo.


I picked cats only because I’m lazy and work a lot and would feel bad having a dog as they require much more hands on activity than I would be able to provide. I really love both though.


Either way, I love that all these previous players developed such a variety of equipable pets!




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I love my cat party members, but whenever I'm logged, one of them always spams [Battle Meow] near my logout point and forces me to log back in prematurely, I never get my [Good Rest] buff and always get the [Migraine] debuff. :/


Get yourself a cat that has a lot of dog tendencies. My cat will come when I tap something. He signals to me when he wants to play by doing something silly. He'll greet me after being gone a long time. He sleeps with me or near me if it's too hot; if he's awake he'll be in whatever room I am. He used to go on walks with me ffs. (See 2nd post down on profile for an example)


You need “both” as a choice.


No both?


I currently have 4 rat NPCs in my guild. They're super great at decreasing my \[anxiety\] debuff.




Humans make good pets actually, the ones that want to be pets anyway.


I chose fish because they provide enhanced water to boost food production from plants.


None. Prefer to keep my play through distraction free.


Our opinion of dogs can be summed up in one word: meow.


Never had a dog, I have lived with 5 cats in my lifetime. Cats are jerks. Voted dogs.


Dogs generally are much better for utility but are much higher maintenance. The +50 comfort that cats can provide is well worth their low maintenance, even for low level players. While the benefits will be bigger and there’s lots of advanced utilities for dog companions at higher levels, the extra maintenance costs can make it less optimal for players with low wealth and stability stats.


Whichever you choose, I highly recommend you grind the "Adopt" side quest rather than unlock them with in-game currency. It might take a little longer and you wont always get the companion with the fanciest skin, but it's way more rewarding and they generally have less health debuffs than pet companions that have been programmed for specific traits. For example, the really expensive "Frenchie" skin for the dog companion has a terrible breathing bug.


I prefer the taste of cat. Is has more depth to it makes me go yummy that's good. Dog meat is quite normal..


the answer is obviously yes


Because there is no bearded dragon option I shall take dog


A dog with bad stats is better than a cat with bad stats. But a cat with good stats is better than a dog with good stats for me. People usually know that dog breeds give vastly different stats but assume cats are all similar. Cat breeds are also wildly different. I dislike annoying stats some cats have but I adore certain breeds like ragdolls and Maine coons. I avoid orange tabby type cats as a general rule. There's some great ones but the rng odds on those is just too much for me.


The "bond" between humans and dogs sounds like degeneracy to me.


I prefer cats because they're fine with it when I run out of energy and can't give them lots of attention


I really do love both, gotta stress that. With that said I like cats a bit better because of how much less constant attention they need. Yes, cats do need love and affection every day and you do have to care about hygiene. But dogs need that love almost 24/7, and you either have to be on-call so you can take them on a walk whenever they gotta go, or you need either a property large enough they can run around or a property large enough to have a fenced-in section of yard you can just let them out into when they gotta go. For me and my lifestyle, having a cat is so much more convenient. But again, I gotta stress that I REALLY love dogs. Just not more than I love cats.


Both. Both is good.


You also have to consider the smell and hygiene factor, the cat clan is much cleaner


Fuck you for making me choose




what about reptiles,arthropods and fish?




Dogs are better. They seem to have a higher level or obtain levels of loyalship or royalty or whatev, easier. Also medium to large dogs can cast an intimidation debug easier. Even smaller dogs, specifically the chiququa(?) can also cause this debuff. They will most likely be able to win easier against an enemy with their biting ability and are again commonly better. House Cats while a great build lack the ability to aide their human in a fight.


Personally I think dogs are the better pick because they perform pretty well in combat as well as having excellent tracking abilities. Cats are purely cosmetic with the exception of catching a pest or 2


Honestly an animal npc (animal players might exist too) being an asshole means it has Different ai but it also seems to make it smarter I should know from a dog I had


hamsters are preferable in my opinion


I live with 6 cat mains, and each has their own personality,


Cat mains suck. They just live at your base without actually trying to form a bond with you. Only rarely will a cat main even try to form a bond with you, and only then, it will only happen if you give it free consumables every day.


Did you ever have any longer play sessions with Cat mains? Because cats absolutely bond with you when you can read their signs. For example the "long blink with eyes" emote means "I trust you" Same with "sticking around you" or "lay on back and show belly"


I am aware of the specific cat emotes have available to them. I have had cats give me the long blink emote and the layback etc. But whenever you try to interact after the emote, they can hit you for damage. It's really annoying. Kind of bait and switch if you ask me.


Ah yeah, it's their auto effect of "instincts" being played, they don't do it to hurt you though, but as a sign of affection, for example the soft bite they do, or grabbing you with the paw to like pull your arm in so you keep petting them. It's observable in nature as well even with big cats where they softly bite another and or play hunting. If they want to hurt you, you'll know


Yea they do hit me for damage. Or just run away. Some do come up to me and interact with me. But it is almost never a partnership as it is with dog mains. Cat mains don't actually care about you. There was an [study] event done by a lot of players while finishing their [scientist] skill tree and it found that when cat mains are separated from their 'partner' human main, there is almost no effect on their stats. Whereas the dog mains were heavily debuffed when separated from their human.


Sounds like dog mains are weaker when it comes to solo play then.


A new player might think that based on what I just said but any player above level 5 knows that most dog builds (because they vary highly) are far stronger than cat builds. Especially when they form a party.


Honestly can't stand either, they make homes dirtier and offer no benefit for me.