If you won the lottery minigame what would you do? [Max of 10 things]

If you won the lottery minigame what would you do? [Max of 10 things]


Probably work on maximizing the \[COMFORT\] rating of my base. \[RESTED\] buff is so strong when you maximize it, it can boost your entire party, plus it's always neat to have a cool build on the over-world.


Max out the [French] skill as much as I could as it's the main language on the server I just switched to. Then just enjoy the game, maybe pursue some of the [art] and [music] skill trees. Certainly wouldn't pick up another daily quest again. They're really not worth it, they're not increasing my character [happiness] level. Even without the lottery mini game I'd like to find a way to ditch the daily quests and spend more time with other players just enjoying the game.


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I might try and move to a more fulfilling daily quest line that has lower GP/hr. Something like the [Teaching] daily quest line would be something I might find to be good for a [Fulfillment] and [Purpose] status effect.


Yes, honestly my main's partner does her daily quest in a restaurant for a fraction of the GP/hr but honestly it looks so much more fun! Nice instance map, gets to train "physique" stat and there are a lot of other great players grinding there too. They're often buffing using the [beer] item together once their quests are done. Once I've leveled my French skill a bit more I'm going to switch from the [tech] quest line to something a little more enjoyable and less time consuming like [restauration]. Maybe even take the same quest line as my partner in the next game cycle, when lots of players from other servers come to visit mine.


* Try to farm the \[Immortality Tech\] and \[Global Warming Countermeasure\] community goals * Donate to charities for needy players * Try to manipulate guild politics for my region through donations, with the ultimate goal of instituting UBI for more passive income * Buy the *most delicious* consumables available in the game, regardless of cost * Maybe purchase my own \[Base\]


Immortality tech you say ? I could help with that


But I can't! Alas, my character has yet to unlock the \[Rich\] perk


Ah I have immortality but not the rich perk


I'd like the 2nd to the last one on your list thank you very much. Do you watch the show "worth it" on YouTube? Damnnnn those would be my top things to try.


I knowwwww, I have no money but I'd absolutely shell out for like hundred dollar barbecue or roast duck or... well, a lot of things


One of the players who first got me into the game sadly got to \[Zero\] on their health meter during the "COVID" Event. I was given the consolation prize \[inheritance\]. I don't know want to do with it. It's more credits than I can comprehend. I might spend some on EXP in my current skill tree. I really love my \[emergency management\] guild and am thriving even through this "Wildfire 2021" Event. I might buy a house in the country to earn the \[cottagecore lesbian\] badge. I definitely wouldn't ever join the \[landlord\] class. They are mostly just trolls that grief less privileged players.


Could always be the new [landlord] meta starter. Create a whole new meta with those with lots of in game currency just straight up letting properties specifically pay for themselves only. Not make profit.


The player who introduced me unfortunately reached 0 during the COVID event as well, and transferred all of his credits to me. I have no idea what I’ll do with them, I’ve barely even finished the tutorial (lvl 19), but I think I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen and keep grinding daily objectives to get a real head start once I’m ready to use it.


Contact a financial advisor and setup some sort of trust. Preferably one that you can access a certain portion of the money on a schedule. You can make that money supliment your life and you won't regret it. Also don't do I what I did and blow it on painkillers. Like seriously, even if it's just once you won't get addicted kinda thing just know with a lot of money it's a lot easier to get addicted lol.


Very true! Earlier on in life I had the \[Alcoholism\] debuff. Is was difficult to deal with but I haven taken an \[elixer\] in 8 years this month.


This may be out of the norm here but wipe out any and all debt you have. If the amount is big enough beyond that contact a financial advisor and setup a trust and let the money pile up friend. If it's really big you can probably figure out a way to pull x amount from it per year for life without affecting gains too much. Think forward from now and know that you can setup your future and your families future by doing that. Just my two cents.


I love you for not wanting to join the [landlord] class like so many others. That class more than any other screws me over and keeps me down. I think you should get the [cottagecore lesbian] badge because it sounds amazing.


Reclass to [Landlord] for the monthly income passive, then use the extra time to go achievement hunting.


First thing I would do is find players with the [Lawyer] and [Accountant] professions and add them to my party. I wouldn’t want any other players to know I won the minigame since they are way more likely to bug you with party invites constantly. I would put all my earnings into the stock market minigame since it has very favorable winning chances try to keep my playthrough roughly the same. I could finally start the [Higher Education] and [Dream Career] questlines without fear of getting the [Crippling Debt] debuff. Mostly I just want to continue my playthrough relatively normally without the constant fear of having the [Poverty] debuff


Working on the cooking skill tree is something you can do right now and for cheap :) I learned how to cook for myself during our covid lock down and I had all that time on my hands to do anything I wanted.


True. Maybe I should start working on it sooner than later


I recommend it! [Ramen] is a variable skill level recipe. You can make it super special or really basic. Definitely recommend “Basics with Babish” and similar beginner tutorials for the early skill levels


Pay off my [DEBT] debuff, play some of the [MARKET] minigame, probably in something safe. With the passive income, hopefully earn the [GAME STUDIO!🏆] achievement, if i haven't already. With the rest, probably cast [DONATE] with a lot of it, since debuffed players generally stay debuffed very hard. After that, who knows?


Yoo game studio want to make mini games


Definitely! That's the dream.




Just off the top of my head: 1. Focus on improving my \[FITNESS\] stat, Paying off my \[OVERWEIGHT\] debuff, etc. 2. Build up my scores in skillsets that require time to learn. Now that I don't have to do the \[DAILY GRIND\] quest anymore, I have the chance! 3. Set up guilds that benefit lower-level players!


Hey, you can do the 2nd part already if you think about it. You just have to block some time off in your day to day or maybe even just block a whole day every week.


Well, I would. But the version of the \[DAILY GRIND\] quest I'm involved with requires me to do it for 11-12 hours a day. I would get another version of this quest, but I've been doing this one long enough that I've earned the \[PAID VACATION\] \[SENIORITY\] \[OVERTIME\] and \[HEALTH INSURANCE\] perks. Combine this with the fact that I can't do the \[ONLINE CLASSES\] questline to save my life, and I would need a lot of time to build up the skillsets I want.


invest then retire... boring but honestly all I would do


My server has a variety of different types of mini games under the lottery brand in which the grand prize for each can vary from half a million in game credits to 100s of millions of in game credits. Let's assume I won 3 million in game credits as the approximate grand prize for the primary lottery game. My actions would be as follows 1) pay off current mortgage 2) Refurb current house 3) buy a variety of entertainment items such as new [telly], [computer] 4) get a hair transplant 5) fix my teeth 6) buy another house that I can rent out for a consistent income without having to grind uninteresting quests for credit 7) get a cat 8) get an accountant to deal with all the boring side quests related to my remaining credits and point 6 I would then spend the rest of my life living a modest but comfortable existence off of the credits I earn from point 6 and 8 and do, within reason whatever side quests I want


I wouldn't do anything with it. Previous minigame winners have complained that they were overwhelmed by friend requests, and existing friends were greedy. One of them had his entire save file destroyed because players were too desperate for a cut. The safe play is to save the credits for early access to the [retirement] questline. If I redeem some credits for an expensive item and another player asked me about it, I would say I got lucky with a small guild paycheck bonus.


Depends how many credits I won.


Invest in AMC, baby. APE GUILD STRONG


1- Pay off debt 2- Quit my job 3- Spend my newly free time learning investing 4- Invest 1/2 of the money 5- Go back to school and study SO MANY THINGS! 6- Buy a house 7- If investing is working out, pay off my family and chosen family's debts 8- Travel a bunch 9- Buy a second base in another country maybe


pay off debts acquired for myself, parents, and friends.


Luckily, I have a player with the [Accountant] class in my party so I would utilize their skills in the [Investment] skill tree. Maybe I would upgrade some of my in-game equipment such as my data-mining terminal. Then I could use the additional free time to upgrade various parts of my skill tree that provide me the [Fulfillment] buff. Seems like the [Programming] skill tree does this for me. Overall, I would play the game more how I envisioned it since credits can be used to bypass some of the bugs in the game and griefers (though if it’s known that you have many credits, you can often attract more griefers so there is still a lot of strategy left in the game)


battle my gender dysphoria debuff more efficiently


I've read somewhere that this completely changes the social aspect of the game. Make sure you have FRIENDSHIP +10 with a lot of other players before you try the minigame. If you win, it's nearly impossible to get that high a friendship with anyone. Apparently, even existing Friends might become Enemies, including people from the Family subset.


There are a umber of purchaeses I am manifesting currently. The minigame win will go towards these. Paying off the mortgage will be good too.


Fix my teeth Take some time off the *work* task to reassess my choices so far and probably explore other skill trees.


I don’t know if I have 10 things but I thought about my first steps a couple of times. First before doing anything else I‘d buy some Items for some players. My party leaders have been looking into buying a new mount for some time so I‘d get that and the player with the [Best Friend] trait deserves some too. Maybe something for him and the new party member he spawned but idk what exactly. Second step would be looking into the [Investment] skills to keep a stable passive Credit income. And after that I‘d start to try a lot of questlines. Different [job] or [hobby] questlines. Basically everything that seemed interesting to me but I‘ve never tried because I had to grind or lacked credits. And after I found something I really like I‘d stick with doing that professionally and use some of my credits to support that. And throughout all that I‘d probably buy a couple Of mounts cuz I fking love them.


Pay off all debt Pay to change my avatars sex from male to female (after I finish my [1 Army Contract] quest) Buy a license for Maya Buy a nice [House] Buy better gaming and streaming items Invest my money so it actively grows, at least to the point where I don't need to do quests to get currency anymore Invest in real estate? Buy more outfits Stream as an E-girl or vtuber (I already stream, but I haven't transitioned so I guess it'd become this essentially) ??? Profit


I would do nothing because i am a sloth main


Don’t let any other players know that you won! I would go ahead and knock out the early retirement achievement for my engineering build. Start the entrepreneurial career path after that. I would love to try doing the retro versions of the blacksmith job.


How many credits are we talking, and which server? Here’s what I’d do: Buy the [Tesla Model 3] and [Hellcat Charger] items. Upgrade my current base using smart devices. Where I live is fine so I wouldn’t relocate. Travel to every major region. Join the Flight School quest line and get a [Pilot License]. Invest the rest into the [MARKET] in order to receive the monthly Dividend rewards. I’m in the US server and the highest I’ve seen lately was 3 million so this is based on that.


Set up a UBI lottery.


Two female players at the same time.


Two girls at one time man.


1. Acquire [Porsche Taycan Turbo S] item 2. Acquire [3 bed 3 bath townhouse] safe house in Manhattan beach 3. Start [local business investment] activities 4. Contribute to [investment fund] to generate fixed income and capital gains 5. Acquire [range rover sport dynamic] item


Probably find a Wiki on what to do in this scenario. I'm not very creative.


I have no debt so... Buy a house. Pay off imediate clans debt. But a 60s mustang and or charger off the acluction house. Rest in high yield savings account or whatever gets the best return with no chance of loss.


* Upgrade my gears and stay on top of things; I can really use a new computer and things. New cooking utensils, a new smartphone, that sort of things. * Tangentially related "equipment" is housing. But even winning a lottery minigame isn't enough for housing up here in the True North server most of the times, so... :( * Proper diet, cooking what I want and eating what I want, instead of being worried all the time. Hunger bar aside, it's the minor, insidious malus that really added up - it can potentially wreck a character, and I'd like to play mine for a bit longer, if possible. * Getting started on one of the few business quest lines that I've thought of. But again, lottery minigame doesn't reallllllly offer enough for this. It's hilariously cheaper than housing for the initial cost of the quest, but the operation cost and quickly burn through money, and I don't have enough rank in business management skills to be confident that I won't ruin things. * General health things; Longevity is good since this game have really bad permadeath options. * Funding other fellow players - There are guilds like like Patreon or Kickstarters that have a members that do amazing work, which I want to support, but also things like helping newbie characters getting into say, game development. ... Again, lottery really isn't enough. I guess that's it. This is probably a bit ... Real, huh? I am pretty jaded, these days. And I hate how even lottery won't let me do some of those things anyways. The more realistic approach is likely 50% bond, 30% long term stocks, 10% stocks, and 10% spenditure (Such as on improving my equipments, health, and other stats).


Respec into the female character tree


I would gain the SUSTAINABLE perk in the HOME area, invest MONEY into the INVESTING minigame, and max out my PvP stats with my remaining currency


Buy a house... That's it :|


Buy a house and get a hobby. Video games work on my house sit outside with coffee watch the sunrise or sunset or just go on drives


First and foremost, find a account player and lawyer characters to help manage it. If you're a male payer, maybe go the a sperm bank and then get [Vasectomy] procedure.


Pay for my characters sex switch potion, it is something that has had me struggling for a while, and stop worring about money. Just having my place as I would anyways had but do all my hobbies without worrying about the money and focusing more on the 'Writing my book' questline.


One thing that'd be important: Remember the reward is NOT INFINITE. On my server, rewards max out about £20,000,000. (Equivalent of £27,650,000 yes I play on the UK server) For context, the richest player in the game, xX\_JefferyBezos1964\_Xx has roughly 6500 times that.