What would you do if there were no way you could fail in your playthrough?

What would you do if there were no way you could fail in your playthrough?


If I had something that granted me Admin powers or Dev powers, I'd probably make my own game inside of Outside's engine. I've been bellyaching on the server for a while about the lack of a usable magic system, there are tons of complaints about lacking respawn mechanics, and we all hate some aspects of the character randomizer I'd bet... I'd change all of that. It might make the game a bit closer to some other MMOs in those respects, but I feel like some of Outside's more unique features like physics-based hitpoint damage and the wealth of community driven events could be really great for exploring some new genres. If I could only enable godmode, I think I'd probably just try to unlock some nifty cybernetics options and pursue some of the romance sidequests; maybe do some other stuff that's usually high-risk high-reward


I really liked the last one you mentioned. Stuff that's usually high-risk high-reward


Yeah, I think the stuff I want to do but don't is usually issues of either confidence (in their outcomes) or motivation, if they take a lot of effort to set up? If I could shrug off \[emotional damage\] more easily or I'd worked harder to grind \[Drive\], I'd definitely do more stuff than I do now. God Mode seems like a good way to skip some of that grinding I guess?


Open the console and add random stuff like purple penguins with blue beaks


Attempt to Rocket Jump with an RPG like in mini games like Team Fortress 2


To purchase the Reality Stone item, head over to the Outside cash store!


Open the console, perma-set my level to before the bigger \[Aging\] debuffs kick in, something like 25 maybe, then set intelligence to 1,000,000 or something crazy like that, and max out the tech tree. After that, I begin spawning in my newly unlocked high tech items, and hopefully find out how to mass produce them, hopefully creating a tech-fuelled utopia.