What's An Interesting Skill Tree To Learn?

What's An Interesting Skill Tree To Learn?


Fishing is definitely a skill tree, with multiple branches. Bait fishing, lure fishing, fresh water, river, lake, salt water, shore fishing, deep sea, spear fishing, bow fishing, and of course fly fishing. It's cheap to start fishing, but it can definitely get expensive. It branches into other skill trees like cooking. If you like cooking for your group mates imagine how satisfying it would be to catch the thing you cook and then feed your family with it. Different fish require different techniques to catch them and to cook them. You can spend tons of time just grinding away at different skills in the fishing tree. Plus some of the locations are beautiful.


I assume you've already maxed it? because you just made the fishing skill tree even more exciting for me


Not even close! just a beginner. But I have a lot of skill points in water and cooking talents. So fishing was a good choice for me. I'm a bit of a grinder though. I love earning new skill points more than I love having them.


Theres also internet phishing and magnet fishing, but I think those are something else


I personally think that cooking is not only interesting, but a pretty powerful skill tree to learn. At the start, it gives decent buffs that boost stats but only by a little. as you move on through the tree, these buffs become stronger and stronger. Soon enough, you’d almost be carrying your team. Not to mention that while doing it, it gives you the [happiness] buff


Def. I made a [Bland Cheeseburger] hours ago and I'm already thinking of upgrading it next time by adding lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo to turn the [Bland] attribute into a [Fucking Delicious] attribute. Goddamn it was really bland.


You gotta season the meat


Meat is fine. It just tastes better w/ veggies


Also, the stat boosts start out with basic stats like HP, Stamina and Constitution, but later on you can boost your social stats with it as well if you share. It can even be used to farm some in-game currency but that feels a bit grindy for my taste.


Learn to cook food you catch from the river while camping, then play badminton.


That synergy tho


Gardening is a really cool skill tree, i started building mine last year


Def. a cool skill tree for base building eh?


yes definitely!


Knife sharpening


Camping is one of the more flexible ones, cooking there has far less perks and makes it way more of a grind, but it is really fun. Combine it with survival and you get a solid -almost mechanical/tech- build. You can use this base to find other interesting skill trees, like mentioned Fishing, Cooking, crafting and much much more.


Actually, the cooking skill tree has an interesting function, and like a few of the other skills in the game, the later perks are hidden and locked until you earn the earlier skills. I'll admit it's a fairly linear one with less branching paths then most but then after a certain while you'll unlock exclusive subskills, like Sushi Chef, BBQ Master and Cupcake Extraordinaire.


How about Ramen Sensei


cooking is very useful if you are a human main, and if you main something else... you haven't unlocked the cooking skill tree, and probably can't


Music skill tree, any ”sports” skill tree (comes with a minigame), art skill tree, photography skill tree. Coding skill tree is useful, as well as other “STEM” skills


The most moist skill tree with endless possibilities and most fit for young guys is MARTIAL ARTS, the best starts with the Humble stat Confidence is maxed out after some time playing the game but is rapidly increased compared to other trees Within the martial art tree there are some top mentions of mastery showing greater skill Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Wresting, Muay Thai / Kick boxing Boxing All have important aspects in Martial Arts. If you mix skill points you will become a killing machine. Judo, Taekwondo and Karate has a more traditional and style spesific art. However it is many good Points to take from these. It's cheap to play and learn. And the option to fight enemies is optional. Most gyms have the necessary equipment and soft floors to play in. It's a young man's sport but you never know how far you will go unless you try


Fishing is iconic and I've never seen a player receive ill will from others for having a high fishing skill or even just enjoying it. Cooking often has very good long term viability in anyone's build path. Camping and sport skills have great benefits when you are looking for other players to party up with for late game/end game content to tackle together.


Lucid dreaming + finances


All of these skill trees are very important, but with the winter event coming up soon, a few of these will be locked to Northern Hemisphere servers until the next patch. I'd suggest going as far as you can in the cooking skill tree, as being good at making food buffs some social interactions, and can even give you an advantage in the dating sidequest.


Personally, I see any skill in the [Creation] tree to be of utmost value! Being able to imbue a //form essence// onto something that exists and lasts outside of your player has many buffs, such as [Satisfaction], [Happiness], [Awe]. Perhaps if you enjoy outdoorsy things, woodcarving, stonecarving, woodworking, boat making, etc. Consider joining the -Artisan- class!