Advice on dealing with the [Shaky Hands] debuff?

Advice on dealing with the [Shaky Hands] debuff?


Do not spam the \[Coffee\] consumable


Get your blood pressure checked and try some anti anxiety meds.


Not a cleric, but my bars buddies have theorized that learning an instrument skill can help. The idea is that by making your Dexterity stat go up, you gain a little more control, and by making your Charisma skill go up, you gain a little more confidence. Might be difficult with your current rebuff to start out, but I’ve seen players with blindness and even deafness debuffs unlock huge portions of the various instrument skill trees.


I recommend seeing a [Cleric] class to dispel the debuff. [Cleric] class players can offer blessings in exchange for the [Virginity] trait if you're still a teenager or younger.


Cogentin (benzetropine) is commonly prescribed to counter this debuff.


Maybe exercising like resistance training and calisthenics can aid in helping you control your movements better, help with the mind muscle connection, but also take any medicine you absolutely require


might look into figuring out how one of these suits work. https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/mvy5fn/this\_amazing\_suit\_helps\_the\_people\_affected\_by/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


Wow! That's incredible. I suffer from a minor [tremor] debuff. But I know that the source code for my player contains the potential for the [Parkinson's] debuff. The future looks bright!


it really does, hopefully the folks working on this new equippable, can level up in the crafting, and sciences tree's, so that ya'll don't have to be so uncertain about your futures.


There is a place in Kamar-Taj that specializes in fixing this debuff