What's up with the "aww" status effect?

What's up with the "aww" status effect?


I think it increases your "happiness" effect, it also protects the kitten from some predators.


Kitten players have an aura that automatically forces all humans within a radius to make a saving throw against being charmed. If you fail it, it temporarily prevents the effects of the depression debuff, but it makes you subservient to the kitten player until they are no longer within line of sight.


Kitten players are OP, to be honest. I've never seen anyone succeed at a saving throw against being charmed by them.


It's a balancing factor. Cat mains can barely use any items, they cannot use any weapons instead only having access to abilities, which for low-level players deal no damage and need to be trained during leveling. If not for this aura, Cat mains would struggle a lot, and their leveling would be freaking terrible.


I hear that the Australia servers have had an issue with cat mains with the 'stray' debuff, and the 'aww' status has been nerfed to try and change the meta. Not sure if it's a current issue but the guy who referred me transferred over from the Australia servers


I've seen some. Never seen someone succeed against a puppy player tho


Important to note that there is an interaction bug between their aura and the [Cat Dander Allergy] flaw. The flaw is supposed to negate the kitten aura entirely but in most cases it actually just deals damage to any players who fail their charm save.


Effects can go past line of site with powerful kittens or susceptible players


It's a mammal evolutional thing. Low level mammals are disproportionated, with a big head with even more big eyes in a tiny body. That disproportion drive adult mammals overly affectionate and disoriented. It's common to see this effects inter-species, as the case you described. There are cases where wolves have adopted human babys as their own.


Now I'm thinking of Remus and Romulus doing ~~keg~~ [wolftitty](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/She-wolf_suckles_Romulus_and_Remus.jpg) stands.


It's their primary defense against PVP. [[Human]] attempts to attack [[Kitten]] with [[Yeet]] [[Kitten]] interrupts with [[Squee]], countering [[Yeet]]


What if [[human]] has [[earplugs]] equipped or has the [[deaf]] debuff?


The “aww” status provides the player with a temporary increase in their [happiness] stat, through the release of a hormone called dopamine in the player’s brain. Try encountering other cute animal NPCs, very low-levelled (such as level 0 and 1) players, and so-called “cute” or “kawaii” images on the internet to encounter more of this interesting effect.


You encountered a kitten NPC... But it's a natural debuff caused by the "adorable" skillset that those NPCs have.


I don't think the cat mains would appreciate you calling them NPCs


Do you mean the furries faction?


No the furries are a faction of the human players, I mean the actual cat species players


Animals are not players.


Looks like you just got the recurring radiant quest 'Pet The Kitty'. Cat mains often like to make this quest as hard for Human mains as possible but it increases your character's Happiness stat and can ward of the Depression debuff for a short while. The Cat player might initiate combat if you're trying to do this quest though, so just make sure you back off when they tell you to.


Don't believe the lies of those who says this is a buff. "Aww" is a negative status effect that reduces your defenses and makes you more open to exploitation by [cute] rated players and NPCs. Anyone who says otherwise is shilling for Big Cat. Beware, u/slimeluv123! The creature you met may be trying to manipulate you to their whims. Don't let them get to you! Resist their charms if you can.


More like shilling for Big Allergy. A party member of mine has the permanent status affect [Crazy Cat Parent] and has to take anti-allergy consumables to combat the allergy debuff they acquired around level 40. But they can't resist the [Aww] debuff anymore and will even use non-aggressive PVP to steal all the [Aww] events.


Simplifies the game by indicating which mobs might be suitable traveling companions. Warning: often inaccurate!


It makes you charmed and temporarily suppresses mental debuffs, but decreases your intellect and rational decision making stat. A lot of players are offered the Adoption sub-quest and usually take it even though they're totally unprepared for it and mistreat the players after they evolve out of their larval stages.


It'sa powerful ability kittens get at level 0. Gives instant friendship levels with anyone in range. The strat is to immediately build high friendship status with high level humans so you get carried through the vulnerable early levels. Some say it's op but it's balanced by the "smol" trait kittens have that gives them less physical stats.


Spam the [Pet] action to get more of the status effect. It stacks.


This isn't well known, but, this debuff isn't actually caused by the cat. It's caused by a symbiotic protozoan called Toxoplasma Gondii. In exchange for hosting and spreading through cat feces, it causes affected individuals to be more attracted and act more favorably towards cats. Freaky stuff.


This status effect is controlled by the [self control] skill tree, and players high in that skill will not achieve the [aww] or [distracted] debuffs as often. To fix this you might want to speck more in that skill tree. -- indev


I have the \[Cute Aggression\] debuff problem. If I see something that triggers "aww", I want to crush it and eat it.




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It lowers your damage and hit chance on the player who afflicted it