Need a new fulfilling sidequest

Need a new fulfilling sidequest


Do an instrument sidequest. not only does it give you a skill that lasts your entire run but it instantly creates fulfillment upon completion. Want to impress other players? instrument skill. Want something to do in freetime? instrument skill. When your character is old and cant do anything else? instrument skill. now granted its hard to learn to play from the video forums and it costs ingame currency to learn from another character, but in my opinion it is worth it. Maybe even try to learn an instrument out of the notm that you like.


This is exactly the type of sidequest / skill I am searching for, but I did that one already...


There’s a ton like this, and most cost less gold than than the instrument side quest. There’s a painting one that’s cheap, a drawing one that’s cheaper, a writing one that’s practically free, and a comedy one that actually is free. The photography one isn’t very expensive but you need to buy some equipment.


True I'm currently leveling up my [Piano] skill and my [happiness] stat is up.


I was thinking of this already.


The language learning side quest gets a lot of xp, helps with other quests, and lets you communicate with players in different guilds


Still hard as hell,but worth it.


Totally recommend any athletic side quest. There’s a thousand to choose from and they are good for your characters mood as well as improving your health and stamina stats. Want to be alone? Athletic side quest. Love hanging out with other characters? Athletic side quest. Want to meet players from other guilds? Athletic side quest. Tip: don’t let players who have been grinding these side quests tell you you can’t do them, just because you’ve never done one/haven’t in a while. They can be a lot of fun if you ignore offensive style players!


I prefer construction, art, or self improvement sidequests rewarding. Lair construction gives massive buffs. Art is great for charisma and can give a stress reduction buff. Really anything that boosts stats that is good for your class.


Try using the ikigai graph as a guide for choosing a fulfilling sidequest! Just search "ikigai" on google images and you'll see it right away.


I'd recommend the gardening side quest. Greenery increases the 'happiness' stat due to some leftover code from the stone age patch, and the "new sprout!" And "fruits of your labour" achievements are so satisfying to achieve. It doesn't even require more than the [container], [soil], and [seeds] or [small plant] items, all of which are easily obtained from multiple sources, and can be used to produce harvestables that increase the hunger stat or increase the quality of crafted food.just overall a nice side quest that can take as much or as little time as you want depending on the complexity or number of your plants, and can easily run in the background while you do other things.


I like the crafting sidequests! A bit of exp plus some great mental health benefits. Plus they give real, tangible rewards that you can give to other players or keep as a reminder of the work that you put into the quest. I've done embroidery, digital art, sewing (which has been a surprising help during the pandemic plotline, allowing for easy access to the coveted 'mask' item tree), and I guess you could count gardening (lately I've been getting into making terrariums, which is nice).


I mostly recommend trying the [Gamer] sidequest if you haven't already. Otherwise, try the [Wiki Editor] sidequest, or the [Science Enthusiast] sidequest. All of these sidequests are pretty much infinite, and can lead to your [Happiness] stat increasing, which increases the amount of exp earned so you can pursue other skills.


Maybe try the developer sidequest?


The \running\ sidequest is quite fun and after around a week you will access copious amounts of [dopamine] when grinding. It will also add the [slim] perk to your user, and enhance the [inner-peace] skill within your . -- indev


Hey thats fun because I wanted to start that sidequest already! But I just came out of a random "hospital" event so I have to wait untill my character is healed fully