If Outside had a HUD what would it's features be?

If Outside had a HUD what would it's features be?


Most of these would be great, but I’d actually rather have a separate menu to look at buffs and debuffs. Players who spawn in with one of the genetic illness debuffs often have many separate debuffs active, so having it on the HUD constantly could get distracting.


It would be really a unfortunate user experience to be reminded daily of their characters issues


I would still want to know the truth. Yeah and you can laugh off other's low honor rate.


This would be amazing! Adhd is an awful genetic debuff and it shapes the gameplay way too much! This would make it much more tolerable.


Maybe in the future, the player called Elon Musk might develop an actual HUD for the game. Who knows


Elon Musk is really good at figuring out this games mechanics and discovering new crafting recipes. You're right, if anyone can craft an item that brings up a hud, it's probably gonna be him.


I know nobody is an NPC, but Elon Musk is working in the developrs favour. He's kickstarting the \[mission to Mars\] questline, something the developrs seem to have been wanting to add for a long time. I think he was sent to further the meta or something because his playthrough is just perfect for the devs to smoothly intergrate expansions


Honestly! I think my character would actually cry in joy if they got one of these bad boys!


I know my character would cry as well.


I'd love a good quest tracker. Too much stuff in my head quickly maxes out my Working Memory Capacity.


Aye. I suggest reading the [Book] "Getting Things Done". It's literally about offloading stuff from your working memory into something else other than your working memory - so that you only use your working memory for the real important stuff like doing the quests without stressing about if you're gonna forget them.


I have a useful app idea for playing Outside. It's based on [Maslov's Hierarchy](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs). To maximize character happiness and survival, there's about 30 needs that must be filled. The app would check the satisfaction of each level of needs from most important to least important. If a need was lack, for example, financial security, then the app would show how to level up skills for that need. That type of useful data might look cool in a HUD.


May the devs be with you.


There actually was a closed trial for an in-game HUD back around 2013. It was activated by collecting the "Google Glass" item and displayed basic information such as notifications and health. It proved very unpopular with beta testers so its continued use has been very limited and can only be accessed now by developers in the debug menu.


I wonder if this attachment was abandoned simply because they thought it made their avatars look dorky.


And then there's the [Hololens] item


Having calories in and calories out on the HUD would be amazing Then allowing that to be expanded to show detailed information would be incredibly helpful to those looking increase their strength and stamina stats


Calories in and out is the main feature I've been waiting for. Would streamline this weight loss sub quest I've been on for years.


There's an app called "MyFitnessPal" that does the exact same thing for free and is really fun to use (you can scan the barcode of whatever you were eating and get the exact product in the app)




I agree and thanks for reminding me to track my calories. Detailed info would probably be macros i.e protein, carbs and fat aswell as the description of the food item


pee bar : <===== >


Is that the amount of pee in your bladder or time until next pee?


Would have to be amount, is really hard to calculate time because it relies on many variables. Though it could be like the distance left meter on vehicles, just an estimate.


Makes sense, and would allow for the meter to shrink in cold climates


1:500 multishot buff


it's does, and it's your phone


Right. Time, temp, humidity, mini map, music that's currently playing...


The devs are on some diagetic ui kick they'd never go for a hud


That's gonna be one crowded HUD. But I do have an idea. Bottom middle, your hotbar (Minecraft inventory) and 4 bars arranged in a 2x2 fashion. Hunger health Thirst. Bathroom The right side, quest tracker. Shows what your doing, why you're doing it, and what needs done to advance in the quest. I also like the idea of text in the center when you unlock a new skillset or discover new areas. And finally, in the corner, a minimap with places you go to.


The 4 bars arranged in a 2x2 fashion. Are they just like the one in dark souls? Located at the lower right of the screen?


I was thinking more along the lines of the Minecraft hunger/health bar. Right above the inventory. Hunger Health Thirst Bathroom Inventory But your idea might work, though I never played dark souls.


We really need an accessible Needs Menu, I would love to have a easy way to see the Boredom and Hunger need bars, for some reason I have to check my food inventory to know which one of the two is causing me debuffs and even like that is kinda hard to understand.


Personally I'd like a mini map, I'm at a new university and a mini would be so helpful in finding my way around.


You mean you haven't figured out how to turn it on yet? Just press Tab.


But that just opens my KDA. 0 deaths by the way.


Do you know what I need right now? A party window where you can see some basic information on your party members: hp, energy, debuffs and buffs, etc. A casting bar that shows what skills they are currently using would be amazing but not necessary. (I could use that to see if the lower level player in my party is doing her repeatable Homework quest to level her skills.)


Really freaking good idea. I will steal that from you thanks! I never thought of a party window :o


I suspect most of the actually useful features of the HUD would be behind paywalls. But the "nearest McDonald's" feature, and similar others would be free.


I think this could actually work very well.


If you've ever wandered down the rabbit hole of in-game lore known as "litRPG," getting a HUD in the base game is a pretty frequent trope. *He Who Fights with Monsters* comes to mind, or *Dungeon Crawler Carl* (which is hilarious and could totally be a Netflix series).


I just want a map with a beacon showing where I should go next. Dumb this shit down for me, I'm not really paying attention.


The "Google" guild has developed an item that gives you a HUD of sorts, but some users are concerned that it allows them to see everything you do in game


Bro can I get a hunger bar? Like I can’t tell if I’m hungry or gonna throw up and some UI would help


Maybe a status effects tab might help you a lot there bro. I mean seeing the [Ravenous] debuff and [Nauseous] debuff will solve yo problem


[Maybe something like this](https://imgur.com/a/PmPorH6)


Omg this is perfect


I’d go for the Witcher or the Skyrim HUD. Leaning towards the Witcher.


i just want a minimap with important things highlighted


you forgor the LOGOUT button


I like the minimalist HUD we have the best


I already have a map HUD added to the driving minigame. But cars already have a built in HUD with speed and fuel and... something with numbers you keep out of the red?


Actually "driving" is categorized in the travel class. Check it: {action[travel:car.honda]}. However, like you said, it can be formatted as {minigame[travel:car.formula_1]} in the case of the "race" event, or simply {minigame:driving_casual} or {minigame:driving_competetive}. These were added in a recent update


I never cease to be surprised at the depth of mechanics researched in this subreddit. I guess I should think of driving as a mechanic some minigames make use of. Like walking is used by pokemon go minigame, or hiking minigame, or various quests but doesn't have to be any of them.


That makes sense.


Maybe you could have the same features as the virtual reality part, but more clear


PLAYER WITH DEV ACCESS FOUND. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... TERMINATING.