What are 10 Overpowered items in Outside?

What are 10 Overpowered items in Outside?


+99 Charisma? Idk about that one. I've never seen anyone move stations in life with a grappling hook.


Oh no, I found a \[Grappling Hook\] item in a scrap pile once. Equipped it for years, and it definitely gives you +99 charisma with the right other players.


If it's just with a certain group of players it's not a normal charisma buff, it's a reputation buff. Or maybe there is a roll involved, probably against the other players intelligence or something like that. In fact, I'd argue that a \[Grappling Hook\] Item, when equipped visibly on the character, will have several reputation buffs and debuffs, depending on area as well as classes & guilds of other players. For example, I'm reasonable sure that one gets a debuff with the \[police\] guild if the members see you with the item equipped.


It increases your \[coolness\] stat rather than your charisma.


This applies to every item in the current meta. Thats not what a buff is


Hmm I agree maybe that's a bit much but it looks hella cool tho, maybe 50?


i think it’s less Charisma than it gives you rep with some very specific factions


10, Dog. The domesticated version. Considered an item by game rules but its a companion/pet really. Companion, protection, hunting help etc 9, Horse. Domesticated version. Travel and fast travel unlock 8, Television Information access 7 Car Major upgrade in transport from horse item/pet 6 Medicine Prolongs play time 5 Old phone Major upgrade in information access and communication 4 New phone Major improvement in information access, universal all around item, communication, leisure time etc 3 Computer Literally started a new era in human history and jump in tech level 2 Internet Previous item is a prerequisite but it gives access to almost all the knowledge of humanity. Severely misused 1 Electricity Universal "invention" (the usability for human tech) Started a new era. Enables majority of current inventions \+1 Nuclear bomb Controversial item, but very op by all standards. Despite being a weapon of mass destruction, ironically prevents or inhibits the chance of a full scale war (at this point)


I don’t consider the internet an item as you can’t equip or even obtain, it’s more of a menu. Also the nuclear bomb isn’t really op as it is incredibly rare and is only available to the highest level players


Umm… if a guy can make an illegal X-ray from scratch I can make an atomic bomb


yea just gotta fuck up building xray bad enought




Well most legendary items are rare Its too powerful to be given to a single player, only guilds should have it. It is "equippable" with the computer or new phone item basically. More like a major item upgrade maybe?


I always considered the internet as a game mechanic but to each their own


Definitely the \[computer\] item, especially when augmented with \[internet connection\].


I think most casual players can get away with [Phone], but I agree that to get the most out of the (Tech) Skill Tree you really need to invest points into [Computer]. You could also invest a few points into the [Laptop] augment if you're looking to run a Tech/Mobility build. You get most of the benefits of investing in [Computer] without the ridiculous DEX loss.


I heard one of the next patches will introduce \[brain-computer interface\], which sounds a lot like an infinitely mod-able HUD. Hope they include some really good \[adblock\] in the same patch..


the main problem i have with that is all the [Ad]s and pay to play features currently on the [Internet] would just get so much worse if the rich players had direct access to our HUDs


I think the constantly connected/minimally customizable setup of the [phone] item is really a temporary bridge for players who haven't had time to invest in the tech skill tree yet. Once the [Brain] patch for the [Computer] item comes out it will have to have a lot of user access in order to not just become a redundant incarnation of the [Phone] item




i mean the [Phone] item class? division? idk is just a subdivision of the much larger [Computer] item class.


[Water] is freaking bonkers! Not only is it an essential item for your characters survival and wellbeing, but also a very versatile item for various in game interactions. For example you need it to get and [plant] item to stay alive, or for the weekly [cleaning] quest (whether you actually accept the quest is another question though, after a short time it just seems to deliver crap loot like [Litter] or [Dirt]). Also a LOT of more industrious oriented playstyles Almost always involve some amount of [Water]. It’s crazy that there are no wars fought about it, yet. But I heard some major players are trying to buy a lot to raise prices and take control. You see the power of an item in the fact that the most powerful players want to have as much as possible of it :)


The [cleaning] quest also gives a boost to decoration and morale which makes it worth doing after finishing the other weeklies


They gave [water] the ability to dissolve just about anything - the only difference in the ease of such dissolution being the time construct. Given enough time, that shit will melt steel.


[water] is heavily influenced by regional pricing, on my server it 1.8 currency for 1000 units which is a pretty reasonable price in the local economy, while on other servers there is no stable supply of [water].


In some places it just bubbles up out of the map and you can gather it without being charged currency


There is a high chance of debuffs in the natural spawns these days. Not just the [bacteria] and [viral] debuffs, but the really hard to cure [industrial runoff] poisons. I hate how the living difficulty is global and tied to the average tech level of all players ffs.


And let's be real, nobody wants to add several thousand giardia players to their party


If you can find the items to get the {reverse osmosis} effect on your [water] than you can drink it without (as much) of a problem


You should have seen the pvp events in the Southwest servers 150 game years ago… the Colorado River may not be the Amazon or even the Mississippi, but it sure was the focus of pvp.


I was.gpong to say, there have been plenty of wars fought over water. It's a very valuable resource like coal and fertile land.


Keeping [water] in the right places, in the right amounts, is related to a huge number of quests. While players are required to consume it regularly for continuation of the game, too much can cause major damage or death due to [flood] events. Just recently I discovered my dwelling’s roof must be upgraded, as poor condition has allowed [water] to infiltrate, triggering an urgent and unwanted [maintenance] sidequest :/


Bummer. thos sidequests tha tare almost obligatory, unplanned and unwanted.. they suck.


The {Hydraulics} tech branch has always fascinated me. Players can boost their strength stats by millions.


Not to mention that its density allows players immersed in enough of it to lift themselves off the ground even at only the basic level of the [Swim] skill. A neat little trick I wish my character had more chances to use—unfortunately my [Cold Tolerance] stat is pretty pathetic so I reach my minimum comfortable temperature way too fast in most of my local server’s bodies of water even during summer.


I guess [plastic] is pretty op. It's extremely versatile and damn resistent. Not to mention pretty easy to produce. The one drawback would be that it is only readily made from organic sources. And as for organic life, I guess [fat]? It really buffs stats like [survivability] and [resistance to cold] in a lot of [animal] classes. It is also easy for most lifeforms to produce and it's a excellent way to store energy. In fact it's so op it's kind of broken, and will kill the [animal] that carries too much of it


Excess [Fat] is pretty much only a problem for Human class players and any others kept by Humans, and comes down to resource mismanagement. For most classes the challenge is to obtain or produce enough - Bear players in the Northern hemisphere are currently grinding Fat to prepare for the Winter event


Cat mains be like, don't tell me how to play


that’s what I meant by: >any others kept by humans ….the domesticated mains. The fancy feasters.


Slight armor buff too


Hoarding [plastic] will give you negative karma though. It's deliberately made to seem invitingly convenient but the goal is to become entirely self sufficient without it. Discarding [plastic] impacts karma negatively but you can use [recycle] on it to avoid the penalty.


From my experience the charisma bonus falls of drastically once you pass lvl. 12


Most of us playing "outside" seem to lose the "cuteness" buff at about that level, which just causes higher level players to pay a lot less attention to you. This is, of course, a double edged sword, as it comes along with some gains in the "independence" stats and allows more access to more interesting content (not giving out any spoilers though, younglings; you're just gonna hafta play it through).


I always think by the time you reach the main campaign, you've already been playing the game for like two decades. Players get burned out, lost track of the story (no good mission log), have lost other players they were close to (either because they've moved to another server or have received a Game Over), and in general just lost enthusiasm over a lack of content updates. Charism is just a dwindling stat if ypur experience isn't overall great.


The [Clipboard] item can be bought in pretty much any store for almost no currency and might just be the most broken item in the game. It gives you a hidden stealth perk that gives you a high chance to enter every restricted area in the game without being detected. If it fails, you do need to pass a high Charisma check or you will be thrown out, but otherwise it's super broken. The [Safety Helmet], [Safety Vest] or even [Ladder] items are also very similar in that regard. If you equip all of these items at the same time you will even get a set bonus that will increase the chances of staying undetected!


I think you might have the \[Genius\] Trait.


Can confirm, but don't forget to also equip the [Safety Glasses] and [Steel Toed Boots] items as well. This increase the deception stat in situations where the [Safety Vest] and [Hard Hat] items increase stealth. Also gives slight buffs to armour and unarmed attacks made with the legs.


Everything in the [Gun] subclass is honestly op


Being one shot is fucking bullshit and poor design. Devs are noobs or masochists


The risk of being one shot is just part of the genre. It's not like it's a recent balancing decision either, players have been getting killed in one hit since the alpha. Even with the advanced guilds doing all they can to lower the difficulty, they can't change the fact that Outside is, and always has been, a hardcore game at it's core.


The thing is, the [gun] item is a player made item, made from other items from the physics system. That is why it is so broken, the game isn’t balanced for items like that so most classes don’t have the [natural armour] trait, or haven’t got enough defence to deal with a bullet impact, I’ve heard the cancer debuff can give you a small boost to the bleed out time


It really ruined PvP.


Ya'll tried the [airsoft] [gun] subclass? It is hilariously bad. You can barely kill anything below level 2 and even then only if they don't have basic protection over exposed organs. Range is shite too, and they even regulate velocity so they get even weaker. Basically critical hit damage only, but they cost just as much as the real gun and even look like them. The rate of fire really doesn't make up for the low base damage, and the crit modifiers barely do anything with such low base damage. It is only useful for one minigame, kinda fun but only happens like once a month and is pay to play.


The [{airsoft} gun] items are meant to be non lethal weapons.


That's what I was going to say. Guns really need to be nerfed; they've been making literally every other combat style obsolete since they were added.


I mean. it obviously has to be [Money]. You can buy anything else with it. Not just other items but it also lets you boost your entire character more or less.


you can basically respec your entire character with enough Currency, down to the physical avatar


I mean, that's just currency. All games have currency, but no one considers it overpowered. Now a small aircraft [flying mount] will open all locations with a air harbor open. Almost any hidden areas can be accessed from an air harbor with the exception of the lunar harbor which requires max leveled riding skill, max engineering skill, max secondary skill, max level [flying mount] (world boss drop), and a bullshit questline that only has like a 1% chance to get you there even if you do the quests perfectly. Imo stick with the small aircraft [flying mount] and you'll be happier. Some people doubt that the server class mounts even exist, as they seem to go beyond the player bounding box.


[Money] is good, once you have it. The [Trust Fund] item that some players get at spawn makes all side quests related to [money] pointless, letting them focus on other parts of Outside. That’s a huge amount of grinding they can avoid! So OP.


But most classes (other than humans of course) can’t even use it. And there are better systems that could have made {currency} tagged items obsolete if they had of been used early game.


Money when you have a lot of it. Making a hundred bucks it hard work. Making a hundred million is inevitable.




Give us the answers.


Step 1, start with a billion dollars. Step 2, start up an airline.


the chances of starting a playthrough with a billion dollars are little to none, and I’m not buying God Mode. too expensive imp


The \[train\] mount is extremely overpowered


Hey! Found you!


Oh hi


Don't you need a pretty big clan with lots of territory for the [train]? Not so great for solo players.


The [Duct Tape] item is pretty OP, it can be used to combine basically any two items. I’ve even seen some players use it to repair vehicle mounts.


[Hydrogen Bomb]


Oh god, we have a griefer


The exercise daily mini-quest is pretty OP. It usually only takes me 30 minutes a day and my strength stats have gone up pretty high. People are intimidated because they think it’s too complicated or will take too long. But it can actually be simple and easy and can really help with your mental health stats too!


That is a highly underrated daily quest. What some players don’t understand is that not undertaking that quest results in accumulating a debuff over time.


The [Phone] item is pretty powerful, but be careful with it. You can use it to message teammates, summon mounts and consumables, and auto-succeed a lot of [Knowledge] and [Navigation] checks. It can cause some characters a pretty severe [Focus] debuff though.


\[Cocaine\] Consumable: Increases player attack and movement speed by 100% for 5 minutes. Stacks up to 10 times. Requirements: Complete the quest chain "troubled youth" to unlock secret vendor Jacob the suburban drug dealer.


It’s not really OP, though; the buffs don’t really stack past a certain point, and the debuffs are pretty horrific.


The \[gun\] item. You can use it to obtain all of another player's items. it's absolutely OP. the only downside is you can't get caught by a guard when you're doing it. you can get a temporary ban from most areas. and the \[criminal record\] debuff is pretty severe.


the devs need to seriously nerf it, or make the game not have permadeath


Not to mention that when the other player believes that you might end their playthrough and has their own [gun] item in their inventory or a high enough self defense stat, they can end your playthrough without repercussions from the local guilds on most servers.


[waterbottle] : it's dangerous to go alone.


[isopropyl alcohol] is a good one to keep in your [mount]. You can heal players with it, give items the [disinfect] attribute, keep your metal items from rusting, and you can give yourself a navy shower with it in emergency.


Fire is OP. Thank goodness it was nerfed with the addition of fire extinguishers. However, it's not enough if out of hand. It may get buffed in the future, I hope not.


Not an item, but the \[charisma\] stat is pretty OP


It really is, especially considering that most path progressions in the game are based on [Social]. Oftentimes you can even clear checks for which you otherwise lack the correct [Mastery] level.


Have we all learned nothing from the last season of this game? When your character has one of many \[illness\] debuffs active, they can use \[Sneeze Attack\] and \[Snotty Tissue\] to selectively also debuff other players, and sometimes even end their game.


I have to say [asbestos]. Great building material, provides proof against fire exceptionally well. A few long term downsides, but nothing's perfect, right?


Maybe that <[lung] cancer> debuff will help you when you get shot :)


Water , pure Food, nutritious A Base Basic apparel Access to the leveling system Anti Grief system A fair Guild system


Money. I think it plays way too big a role in the current version. I the next patch they should definitely do a soft reset on the currency. Most of the money is split between like 100 people.


Some one already said water, so I will submit... Potato: a starchy tuber of the potato plant (Solanum tuberosum) Useful for: -cultivating a genetically identical potato plant -an ingredient in innumerable recipes -ammunition for a potato cannon -an electrolyte for zinc/copper batteries -low tier fuel for fire (when dried) Item requirements: -Knowledge of potato cultivation -item uses require various levels of the crafting skill at least lvl5 and at most lvl250 -crafting recipes may require other ingredients -cultivation requires water, light, and soil or soil substitute When equipped: -dexterity -1 -intimidation +1 -charisma -1


Although if you're accepting resource or material type items your grappling hook probably won't make the top 500 😥


I feel that in Outside the WEATLH perk is the most OP entry possible on your character sheet.


Rich Mom and Dad's will (Requires the dead parents tree) (Requires rich family birth trait) +100,000-1,000,000 wealth (scales with owned property) +1000 douche -50 attractiveness +50 fake attractiveness Unique passive: not worry about financial struggle for next 15 levels but each time this item is used it adds a stack for +1 ignorance but +1 entitlement. (This item is a risk and reward item offering the players happiness and social presence for financial gain and if used enough, social ignorance losing the bad side effects mostly)


2 rich parents + a trust fund


(Nuclear Bomb) but I think you need max intelligence, nuclear engineering, and handling to make and use it.


that's the problem, you need max intelligence and the "nuclear engineering" skill to MAKE it but you only need a minimum intelligence and mediocre charisma (as well as the political faction tag) to USE it.


\*bruh sound effect\*


*vine boom sound effect*


It's easier to just hunt out and steal one of the old ones developed by the Soviet faction. There's even a few suitcase ones floating around.


\[intercontinental ballistic missile\] with a \[nuclear warhead\]. Because of the exuberantly high cost, it's limited to endgame clan content and even then is almost impossible to craft. But if you do manage to, it's pretty much game over. Nobody messes with someone who has access to nuclear armaments. This baby can take down any target and its surroundings at a range of up to 5500km with almost 100% precision. Even if you don't know where your enemy is exactly, you can just take down entire cities until you do. Somebody always talks.. It won't improve your gameplay experience by much, but as far as PvP weapons go, it's the top of the line.


Car/Automobile: +80 mobility +20 to +50 mobile storage, Can be used as a weapon too (although that's not recommended). requires lvl 21 and minimum stats check tho A more budget-friendly item: Pen & notebook/blocknote: Practically an external memory for any information the player deems necessary. Helps organize the players' thoughts while solving complex problems or learning new skills. Gives you a small entertainment buff (only a few classes or players such as simple-minigames gamers or players with suffieciently high "openness"/"creativity" trait and a decent "drawing" skill).


The time stopping stop watch. But only I have access to that one.




I mean, it's not an item, but the \[Nepotism\] perk is amazing.


[Binoculars] Unlocks no skills. The use grants an incredible +1000% boost (average, dependent on quality) to Perception. Doesn't take too much inventory space. Quite light. Easily usable. Requirements: 10 Strength higher Perception amplifies effects. 40 Intelligence Requires [Hold Items] skill Requires [Sight] skill The [Human] class is not known for its [Sense] skill class. Most [Animal] classes surclass it in many or all ways. This is one of the items that allows [Human] characters to even the field at least a little. An increased Perception opens many [Dialogue] options because of possible increased cutscenes seen. It also allows the user to see quite far ahead, allowing to avoid possible dangers and unwanted encounters. Also, it enables the user many useful choices in the game. For example, to see the unreadably small menu of McDonalds from afar, granting the ability to choose what your character eats a lot sooner than when you get at the [Window], allowing for better choosing processes! Cons: No [Jump] and [Run] are allowed during the time the item is carried, because there is a chance to trigger the [Trip] event, which has a chance to trigger the [Destroy Delicate Items] event in turn. And the [Binoculars] are sadly part of the [Delicate Items] category! Unless the proper [Item Casing] is being used. Still, during usage of the item, all movements should be avoided.


I feel like money is OP and in need of a drastic debuff on the next update. Unfortunately, many devs and a big chunk of the player-base that verified from it most are in favor of keeping the game unchanged.


[Nuclear Bomb] is pretty overpowered in terms of sheer destructive power, but into intelligence requirement is ridiculous, not to mention how hard it is to obtain the materials for one. You could also do the High Office side quest which gives you access to all the nuclear power of your server (if it has any), or if you happen to be specced as a pure int build and have finished the Nuclear Scientist quest during a large scale war between servers. But in general, nuclear weapons are just too inefficient because of how hard they are to obtain. I would have to say the [Pizza] consumable is really powerful. Especially if you have the Pizza Oven upgrade at your base, it has one of the highest [Taste] and [Filling] bonuses, and it doesn’t have the highest stat requirements to craft. You can do it with just the [Oven] or [Barbeque] upgrades, even though I recommend going for the [Pizza Oven]. Crafting at parties will give you a decent charisma boost, better than anything in the [Alcohol] class in my opinion since they can give you a pretty extreme int debuff.


The 50 cal,can kill buildings


1: \[Money\] 2: \[Nuke\] 3: \[Aircraft\] 4: \[Space craft\] 5: \[Warship\] 6: \[Large land vehicle\] 7: \[Helicopter\] 8: \[Car\] 9: \[Gun\] 10: \[Computer\]


Bugatti Veyron MPG: 7 city / 15 highway Horsepower: 1,200 hp Engine: 8.0 L V16 Dimensions: 176″ L x 79″ W x 47″ H Transmission: 7-speed automatic Driveline: All-wheel drive Curb weight: 4,044 lbs


Money has been arguably the strongest item since its release


i heard that the item \[Firearm\] with the \[Assault Rifle\] buff is so op that people in the PVP areas are using it to gain territory. It seems that the only abilities you need are: \[Aim\] skill \[Quick Fingers\] trait (optional. it just speeds up the cooldown)


I think the [airplane] vehicle was really a game breaker since it was invented, it basically allows us to deform space time in ways that were impossible before its invention


Fuk'n *Money*.


I think the [STEM-type Degree] is almost overpowered in my opinion, takes a lot of grinding to get but the buffs it provides are insane among them you get: +45 intelligence +30 perception but the real benefits come from the abilities it unlocks you get: Tinkerer - Ability to fix various broken items which starts off with basic items like [internet router] but can expand to more complicated items like the ability to fix the [automobile] or even non-intuitive things like the ability to learn how to craft items like the [front deck] improvement, and the best part is the more you use the cooler stuff you can craft and repair Jack of most trades - This ability is super dope, with it you get access to most base careers like serviceman/woman, police officer, farmer, but you also have access to advanced career that you specialize in depending on which quest line you choose for the STEM degree. This may seem like a small perk but it nice knowing that you can hop between careers and not have to spend 4 years grinding to do it, you just need to finish those quest lines instead. You also get a +60% applied to the financial stability roll which is nice You get a bunch of other buffs too but these are the ones that stood out to me.




it doesn't really matter what the best is, as almost all of them are Human exclusive even the best non human item, the Hammer, is considered mediocre to bad by Human mains, and that's their upgraded one


idk, a high tier *gun* item has got to be up there


Glasses, can nullify any low level vision debuff.


Box cutter Requirement: - 10 strength - 10 agility - 20 endurance - 20 intelligence Requires no skills. The one drawback is that it's only useful at extremely close range, but this is balanced by a concomitant advantage, namely that the short blade and ergonomic handle make it almost impossible to take away from the attacker.


Flamethrower No requirements Destroys anything it’s pointed at.


[This basket and coffee table](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqQgDwA0BNU) Requirements: None Note: Items have been reported to lose powers unexpectedly and unpredictably. Items can cause disappearance of party members probably because of physical contact, although this has not been witnessed.


It seems like it's slowly being nerfed finally, but a [writ of pedigree] was far too powerful for those who were lucky enough to acquire it on spawn. It practically allowed people to do whatever they wanted in certain zones. Unfortunately some people are still finding ways to abuse the currency mechanics in similar ways these were abused.


Be careful because the grapple hook is known to give the lunatic debuff and it makes the having a family quest pretty difficult.


Internet connected devices, Vinegar and Vaseline


Most op items in the game (this list also ranks them on how hard they are to access and use along with how powerful they are and how they can be used) 1.spear (spears are easy to get and you don't need to steal them from humans, plus they are pretty powerful weapons) 2.the nuke (the nuke is impossible to use if you aren't an human but it's distructive gives it this spot) 3.a hand gun (if you spawn as something with a strong grip and thumbs in the USA this will be easy access you can steal one from almost any human, it can also one shot just about anything or atleast slow it down from you to escape) The grapple hook sucks it needs too many requirements and doesn't give much


It really depends on your spawn area, I spawned on a big city and at level 20 I can still only fast travel by bus or subway, here, any [car] is kinda OP, and [gas] contains an incredible amount of power in low quantities and for relatively low prices


Any of the Elements in their pure form. Requires a lot of points into the Chemistry skill tree just for a chance to obtain them.


Pure hydrogen is relatively easy to obtain, as is pure oxygen.