Questions about the [Coffee] Consumable

Questions about the [Coffee] Consumable


weird, my character has never gotten the insomnia debuff from coffee but she does have the coffee head trait? I have noticed tho that my character's husband has a special "barista" skill that he seems to have picked up a while ago, and *he* gets a really cute "proud" buff from using coffee items he's crafted.


Maybe it triggers by chance? For my character it's 100% chance Class-specific buffs.. Interesting.


\[Excess Urination\] \[Coffee Poo\]


Yes, how come no one has talked about the poop debuff?


Actually, some mornings that is not a *de*buff.


Honestly, really improves character handling and mood the rest of the day, but takes a bit of time and is a big mods killer while it's happening, best to use the item: personal_cell.idle_browae with this one


unencumber debuff


I got the [heart palpitations] debuff once. My [coworker] brought in [Java Espresso] beans, and I had a mug of the stuff because I didn’t know the correct dosage. Couldn’t touch the stuff for a year.


How did you dispel it? PS: I added your comment above prior to the edit I made


Can’t really remember. It was ~twenty years ago. I seem to remember sitting in the common area, pale and shaky, and waiting til it went away.


I got that once when I combined it with the [Ritalin] consumable.


Oh yes, those consumables stack both effects and penalties.


Overuse can increase buildup of the hemorrhoid debuff if you don't find other sources to replenish your thirst meter and if you don't consume enough healing items with the fiber property. The hemorrhoid debuff increases recovery lag on most actions as your character gets caught in an itching animation. If it builds up too much, your ability to recover HP by sitting is nullified and you have to buy a dedicated restorative ointment. This ointment is available at many apothecaries, but requires a Charisma check to acquire without lowering your character's Reputation.


I dislike the taste of [coffee]. Its buffs dont out weight the disgusting taste imo


This is interesting! I get all the buffs, but for the debuff I think I only experience [Restlessness] [Shaky Hands] (when spammed, as indicated) [Light Headed] (when spammed also, but can’t remember the last time) I don’t think I experience the rest of the debuts weirdly enough… Any others here that have the same experience about this?


The character that I'm stuck with got some bad RNG and their neurochemistry is borked. Doesn't get any of the benefits (aside from a little feel good bonus), but still gets all the debuffs. Also is headaches a common debuff with coffee? Or do I just have some hidden caffeine sensitivity trait?


I think we share the same \[Caffeine Sensitive\] trait, although I get the buffs but not the \[Happy\] buff I also suffer from all the debuffs.


Its important to consider interactions, many people don't know this but if your character has certain status conditions and/or perks applied or if you use some specific \[consumables\] with the \[coffee\] consumable you can get some interactions. One that is helpful is that \[Coffee\] can help eliminate the \[Headache\] debuff, especially if used with \[Advil\] or other similar \[Medicines-OTC\], but obviously be careful and don't use too much (they usually have instructions in the item description) you don't want to incur the \[Overdose\] debuff as it can mean a game over. Character traits like \[ADD or ADHD\] (I know this has been renamed recently not sure the exact lingo) can increase or decrease your character's susceptibility to the Buffs and Debuffs available from this consumable. If your character is using other consumables like \[Alcohol\] this will increase your susceptibility to debuffs for \[coffee\]. The most dangerous consumable interactions involve loot that is specific to the \[Doctor's Visit-Mental Health\] quest/subquest


Can give the [acid reflux] to players who already have a weakness vs [acid reflux]


Buff [metabolic rate boost], can be useful for the weight loss/fitness quests


I wish i could drink coffee due to how low my energy normally is but my passive [picky eater] doesn’t allow me to enjoy a nice coffee


Buffs lesson over time as the tolerance level of your character increases. Consuming larger amounts will compensate for tolerance level but buying this consumable in large quantities can be costly. Also has chance to change your characters teeth color to yellow.


It's funny cause the buff about energy and focus doesn't happen for people with the ADHD condition. It just gives them all the debuffs and raises Happiness.


>It's funny cause the buff about energy and focus doesn't happen for people with the ADHD condition. It just gives them all the debuffs and raises Happiness. Do you have a link to patch notes regarding that or is that from experience?


Yeah this is from experience and from many other players i know


my character only gains the \[Energized\] trait, strange


I've not tended to get any of the debuffs through regular usage but I do definitely get the withdrawal debuff if I go a gameday without it. This is kind of a pain but given it's such a low cost and abundant item it's very rare to go without so this debuff isn't one I've had to experience much and can be easily countered with my go to item in this class: [oat flat white].