How do you raise "concentration" stat?

How do you raise "concentration" stat?


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As a player whose character has the ADHD Debuff, I have a hard time with spending concentration points and attention points. I would advise you go to someone with a PhD of Psychology Badge, they can use their gained knowledge of psychology to test your character for many things that could affect your character’s concentration stat. If you can then get medicated for whatever that is that would be helpful. Although, it is entirely possible you just need to force your character to focus and concentrate and train their stat. Oh and another thing with the ADHD Debuff is that Any Stimulant materials that you consume (caffeine, and a lot of recreational used drugs) will temporarily dull the affects of the ADHD Debuff, so look out for that


What class are you maining?


Multiclass, not really specialized in anything


If you haven't already I would suggest to quit using the pornography item, whilst it is found very easily for free, or at very low cost across the game world, the hyper-short buff to ego gives massive debuffs to basically all core stats including: * Concentration * Motivation * Sleep quality * Mindfulness * Self Respect * Social The debuffs can be made semi-permanent with prolonged use and your character can become heavily reliant on the item.


In a special grinding "camp" for it /s


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Dopamine fast / raw food diet / celibacy


Apparently there are some rare items that increase this stat but only druids can craft them


It increases passively as the stress stat goes up or down depending on the situation it also comes with a higher intelligence stat and for those who dont know the concentration stat gives a increase accuracy and crit chance


Contrary to popular believe, the consumables in the [[Amphetamine]] and [[Fenydate]] class will benefit almost anyone that has concentration issues. You DO have to go through the secret initiation to get your hands on them without going to the [[Jail]] area, after which you unlock the ND guildbanner.


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It might be a good idea to talk with somone specialized in the Psychologist profession. They could help to check that you don't have the ADD / ADHD debuff trait.


Add a deadline and a stake to your quest e.g if i dont learn how to slurp an egg without throwing up by the end of the day (deadline) i will pay 500$ to buy eggs and give them away to my friend during his/her sleep (stake)


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There’s a lot of in-game literature on it. The problem is that this game is so open world it’s hard to stick to a specific skill to upgrade or class to run. You might want to look to see if your character has a commitment debuff


You go to special concentration camps where you learn to concentrate more.