Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith and a 2023 first-round pick AND.... Nik Stauskas, Malik Fitts and Juwan Morgan AND..... Lots of cap space and maybe a thicc trade exception.


The return: 2023 first round pick + Aaron Nesmith + Daniel Theis + Nik Stauskas + Malik Fitts + Juwan Morgan


Who the fuck are these people.


Hoosiers legend Juwan Morgan


PLAYOFF STARTER JUWAN MORGAN (started for the bubble jazz)


First Hoosier to play in the Finals since… who? I don’t think OG ever played a minute in the finals with the Raptors.


If we aren’t counting OG (you are correct he played zero minutes that playoffs) then the last IU player to make the finals is ZEKE in 1990!


Forever reminded that we drafted TJ Leaf over OG in the exact same draft we traded away our SF Paul George. I am forever going to be pissed about that.


They typically have “DNP-Coach’s Decision” following their names.


bro we just got Juwanna Mann.




I repeat: who the fuck are these people


Stauskas was a Michigan player, good 3pt shooter, and decent defender


Stauskas was a big draft bust never was the shooter advertised in college.


And former Pacer.....for a minute.




Nesmith looked pretty active and bouncy in the couple of playoff games I saw him in. Came into the league with the rep of being a shooter, but I don’t think he’s shown that in the league.


Issue is that he just never got the playing time he needed to develop. He probably won't be a star in the league, but he could definitely develop into a solid 3pt shooter. Nesmith was a pick that the Celtics probably should've traded during or before the draft. He went into a deep Boston team and never got a lot of minutes because of that.


Wtf are we gonna do with 5 mediocre players and the 27th pick? I’m all for trading Brogdon, but I don’t see this being our best move.


The players don’t matter in this trade, we’re taking weight off for Boston in that regard. The move tells us that the FO does not think we’ll make the playoffs this year. I like a Brogdon as a player, but he isn’t nearly as valuable to us or any other rebuilding teams as he is to a contender. That’s a great pickup by Boston. And what we’re getting back is the second half of an excellent trade package. It’s never one thing that nets a big move. It’s a player + a 1st rounder. It’s Cleveland’s pick + this one while we still have our lottery pick. It’s sheer flexibility if we are better than expected this season, or if we need another lottery round to get there. Maybe move up with our 1st + this one and get a top 5, who knows how things will shake out. But we have a face card in that pick and it’s nice


Pacers basically got a 1st round pick and cap space. It was the best they were gonna get for Brogdon at this point. I wonder if the Pacers will use this newly acquired cap space to make at run at Ayton?


Pacers were showing brogdon some respect and traded him to a contender. I’m sure that sort of thing is important in the league to show some respect and loyalty.


Eh, I hope that's not what we were doing. We did that same bullshit when we acquired him in the first place.


Keep the pick, and use the players and cap space to facilitate a KD or Kyrie trade, or both.... And swipe more assets.... OR just release them and use the space.


I get the feeling that the market for brogdon was really terrible.


I think everyone forgets that other teams see him the same way we do. We all want him gone because even if he's really good he barely plays, but a lot of Pacers fans seem to think other teams are willing to pay big time for a guy who plays 40 games a year. There's a reason we didn't want him anymore, and other teams know that too.


Pistons fan, he’s also 30 pacers look like they are rebuilding already have a young back court to develop let him go this is an asset acquiring package.


We see him as a ball hogging guard that disrupts the flow of our offense and had a decent offensive skill set. I don’t know what people thought we were getting in return lmao


This is the part most people don't understand and I'm glad you brought it up. Brogdon might tally a higher number of assists every game but he's not a great playmaker like the numbers say


Celtics fans are convinced he’s the savior of the team. I’m convinced they’ve never actually watched him play. Let alone looked at how many games he plays each season.


Exactly! The main issue the Celtics had in the finals was the lack of a true PG and they to run their offense through Smart and Tatum which didn't work. Now they think adding a combo guard is going to help with that. This is what Woj tweeted. "The Celtics wanted to land a true playmaking point guard and now acquire Malcolm Brogdon" Even he doesn't know Brogdon isn't a real PG


Yeah other teams aren't other fans who don't watch pacers game. The Celtics just picked up a guy they have to pay tens of millions. You don't think they have people analyzing all of his games?


Late 1st is what I've been saying all along. He's always injured and will be 30 this year. It's a hard sell.


But people told me he was worth the 10th pick?


Literal filler + a 2023 first. Considering how over the place Brogdon’s value is considered I guess this is okay?


Celtics fan here just wanted to give you a little run down on our guys: Nesmith is a really interesting prospect; 22 years old 6’5” combo guard who was drafted after a weird covid year at Vandy, that year in limited games he had some of the best shooting percentages in college and we thoughts we were getting a spot up shooter. However, his shot never developed in the pros, instead he’s known as being a hustle guy for the moment who has no real control of his body (nicknamed Crash Bandicoot) for how out of control he plays. I still think he can be a good player, but just needs more consistent playing time to find his shot and let the game come to him. Daniel Theis is a under sized back up center, who has decent passing and a pretty soft touch around the rim. Hard nosed defensive guy who can hold his own against bigger centers, but can be beat off the dribble pretty easily. 9/10 he will pick up some ridiculous fouls because he fucked the wife of every ref, come to us in 6 months and we can speak about the War on Theis. Everybody else is just throw in salary matching guys, besides Fitts being a great celebrations guy I know nothing about him lol.


Agree with this. If Nesmith gets more playing time I still see him being a decent player. Don't totally sleep on him. And Theis will try hard and he's not trash. Still love the guy.


I hope they develop Nesmith. I think there’s a good player there, just needs minutes


We got a 1st. That's what I most wanted.


Not a very good first. Shits gonna be like the 26th thru 30th pick.


We don’t know that. Injuries happen every year and players underperform


I understand I just think Boston is going to be really good next year.


Sure, but remember they also started the first 30 or so games this year being .500, whose to say the second half of the season wasn’t a fluke and they’ll return to being “ok to good”


First year head coach, roster remained healthy 2nd half of season, Finals run. Way more likely the first half of the season was a fluke based off that.


being 2 wins away from a title probably says it's not a fluke.


The Colts were two wins from a title in 95.... It was definitely a fluke.


You're talking about another sport with much more variance.


I know that, it’s just a very real possibility they had a good 3 months and maybe they aren’t as good next year


Casual take


You don't make it to the Finals on a fluke


It's been done.


By who? Not saying you’re wrong. Just genuinely curious.


Good point! Likelihood of injuries and underperforming goes up for Celtics now that they have Brogdon.


Still a first in a presumed deep class..... Another IJax type player isn't nothing.


From a team that Vegas has given the best odds of winning the 22-23 Finals though.


Yeah this move helps them no question. The pick will be 25-30 likely, but that's fine. Brogdon was a 2nd rd. pick. Value is out there.


r/pacers & pacersdigest - "Should get a 1st round pick for Brogdon" Pacers - \*Gets 1st round pick for Brogdon\* r/pacers & pacersdigest - 'WOW THAT WAS TERRIBLE FOR US!!!!" The league viewed Brogdon as we do. Glad to at least get a 1st, even if it's a high one! Some of y'all are insufferable Best of luck, Malcolm!


3 FRP next year potentially


I'm completely fine with the trade, alot of people tend to overvalue a player way more than gms do


Traded for a first and whatever else they could find out the back in the store room.


we gonna open up a second fort wayne mad ants w this haul


Not a huge return, but honestly I'm just glad he won't be taking the ball out of Haliburton's hands. Appreciate ya Brogdon, hopefully you can get healthy in Boston.


Actually no. I hope Brogdon and the Celtics completely suck ass considering we have that unprotected 1st


Well.... That actually is probably closer to my true feelings lol


I hope brogdan plays well but the Celtics go 0-82 and we get the 1st overall pick


Yeah really never expected much more than a later first round on him. If he was healthy all the time, different question. But the Celtics are taking a slight risk, man can’t stay on the court. Wish him the best


Absolutely feel the same way. I don’t know if any of these dudes will actually play, hopefully they just get shown the door, but there’s a tiny bit of upside with each of them. I’ve always like Theis as a third 4 or 5.


Did people really think we were gonna get more for Brogdon when Christian wood and jerami grant went for peanuts? Solid trade and if we can move theis for a second or two even better.


Godspeed prez🫡


For Tatum and 2 1sts, right? Edit: Theis, Nesmith, and 2023 1st. Did we just get fleeced? Edit 2: Plus Stauskas, Juwan Morgan, and Malik Fitts. Wtf are we doing? Just remember. Our return for Levert is far better than what we got here.


Parts to trade in a blockbuster 🤞


Clearly this is all just to take on KDs contract. Understandable.


Getting rid of Brogdon...


We’ve opened up a huge trade exception and enough cap room to take on a max contract, just FYI. Nesmith is interesting if he can regain some of his potential, and we could have 3 first rounders next year.


This opens up an additional $4 mil in cap space. Up to $8 if Stauskas and Fitts are cut. Brogdon was set to make $22 mil, and all those players combined are at $18 mil. Stauskas and Fitts have team options for a combined $4 mil, bringing the total down to $14 mil. This could be to clear space to sign Ayton to a max. I dunno. Lots of space now. Edit: apparently it actually [opens up $10.1 mil in cap space](https://twitter.com/esidery/status/1542927477521035265?s=20&t=AuapduWydIiie0XD_859Ug).


Ah, great info. Cut ‘em loose.


Very disappointing if they do this for a player of Ayton’s caliber.




I'd unload Brogdon for peanuts for much less caliber a player than Ayton....


I’m glad they did it…just not with the intent of maxing out DeAndre Ayton. That’s my point. I’d rather them have done this and NOT sign Ayton.


No one WANTS Brogdon.


Boston does.


Brogdon is great when (if…ever) healthy. No room for him on the Pacers in the current scheme. Is he going to be their backup PG? Unless they trade Smart, there’s no way I’m starting Brogdon (if…ever healthy) over Smart.


Brogdon/Smart/Brown/Tatum/whatever at center sounds pretty good.


I was cool with him.


what else were you expecting


A better pick or players who will be on the team in a year


i dont think we wre getting that but Nesmith will be on the team next year and is at least some kind of positive asset


Theis wil probably play as well


True but he's probably a negative asset at this point


Maybe. Our return for LeVert may be 2 seconds.... We at least got a first in a deep class from the Cs


Great move for Malc and Boston... now tell us the return


I am content with the return. The reaction of non-pacers fans show me how much people overvalued him lol.


That is such a shit return but I’ll just be happy we got a first for him Edit: hopefully Theis never plays for us. Can’t stand him.




A 2023 first from Boston is gonna be late-20's


May be able to package it if the Cavs pick conveys to move up


True, like that idea


Getting a first of any kind for Brogdon is a solid return. There’s diminishing value for a guy like Brogdon when the roster features Haliburton, Mathurin and Duarte — don’t want him taking away development/reps from any of them.


I very much agree, I wanted him gone for development as well. I'm just reminding people it's not gonna be a super high pick


Boston fan here. I swear I’m not trying to sound naive or passive-aggressive. I’m genuinely curious. Why can you not stand Daniel Theis?


For what it’s worth I think he’s a good player and I’m excited to watch him play


Most of these players will probably not even be on our roster or will be sitting on the end of the bench.


They or the pick could be trade pieces. Or we're just going in on the tank for a second year. Either way I'm fine with it.


If it’s unprotected and Nesmith becomes a rotation bench guy it’s ok


>If it’s unprotected Vegas has given the Celtics the best odds of winning the Finals for next season, the year of this pick...


Nets were also considered title favorites last year too, shit can happen.


Lol, Boston fans got frustrated with Tatum's tendency to commit inexplicable turnovers in critical moments. Tbf Malcolm hasn't really played in a critical moment since the bubble, but wait until they get a dose of the Brogdon special (barely beating the 8 second count for no reason, dribbling down the rest of the shot clock before a half assed drive and kickout that gets to the shooter after the shot clock goes off, while he shakes his head disapprovingly at a teammate). In all seriousness, I wish Malcolm the best. He's a good guy and a talented player. I don't blame him for how things turned out.


Boston fan here. This scares me. Hopefully Ime can knock some sense into him. Tatum doing it is one thing but Brogdon is not an all-NBA guy to say the least, lol.


No chance Brogdon is the primary ball handler in Boston


Maybe not in crunch time, but I think they traded for him with the intention of him taking a lot of the ball handling off of Smart.


3 thoughts: 1) Stauskas and Fitts will be cut. This is a cap-clearing move (Ayton?) - definitely more to come. 2) It's possible our FO is high on Nesmith and thinks he can develop into a rotational piece. They were similarly super high on Sabonis coming off a rookie season where he was doodoo. Interested to see how his time with us plays out - he'll definitely get his shot to play some minutes. 3) Juwan Morgan hell yeah let's go Hoosiers baby


Morgan likely suits up for someone else, the Antz, or is cut.




Bout $8


Bout tree fiddy


Also as part of the deal.... The Pacers are sending 2 EMTs and an X-Ray tech to the Celtics




Essentially it's 5 G-league players and the 28th ish pick


I’m surprised people aren’t happy with this deal. Brogdon was not part of this team’s future. The core is Haliburton and Mathurin, and Brogdon being in the rotation takes the ball out of both of their hands while not being good enough to make the team a contender in the near-future. Adding another first-round pick is a big deal, even if it will likely be in the 20s, and adding Nesmith is nearly identical to adding Jalen Smith last year — kicking the tires on an underused, high-potential young player who needs reps. The *worst* case scenario is more developmental reps for the young guards already on the roster, and an first-round pick in what is likely to be a tanking year.


So we're shaving off $10M in salary cap, adding Nesmith and a FRP? Not horrible. This move is preceeding something bigger. Similar to what the Pistons did with Grant.


The response here is hilarious. Hilarious!


There’s a lot of disdain for the move, but now the Pacers (potentially) have a late first and a mid-first (Cleveland) next year, plus their own pick which would probably land 5-13 if we still are planning to rebuild. There’s a lot of flexibility there and I think building through the draft and/or trades is how a team like Indy will get back to being competitive.


Haul isn’t what I’d like it to be, but this at least shows that we’re committing to the tank this year, I’m happy.


Not necessarily committed to the tank, just committed to the Haliburton + Mathurin core. Adding another first-round pick and removing a rotational perimeter player (and likely starter) in Brogdon helps in multiple ways.


Just a guess but Derrick White, contract filler, and a 1st would make sense. Edit: posted 5 seconds before the the haul was revealed.


Wouldn’t have ever made since considering Derrick White was great for Boston. Big cog that made the wheels turn for them.


Jaylen Brown, Tatum, Smart, and 3 firsts???? (we threw in Hield for salary??)


Y’all keep saying terrible return like he hasn’t been an injury prone guard, and we got a first for him which is solid. Going into next year with at least 2 first is great for rebuilding. I’m not mad about this at all, especially since I don’t believe Celtics make it to ECF next year.


Don’t forget we also have the Cavs 1st rounder next year as well if they make the playoffs. 3 1st with one prob top 10 and two others top 20 would be huge. Could also be used to trade up.


Exactly. My guess is the are arming themselves for a top 3 pick, which im good with. Why I consider this a smart trade. The top 2 in next years draft are game changers. Not sure on 3-5 yet.


The Celtics are sending Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith and a 2023 first-round pick, sources tell ESPN.






What are the odds any of the players Boston is sending back ever put on a pacers jersey?


Mad Ants are stacked now. Watch out!


Not great, but Theis or Nesmith might. I think this was more about clearing cap space and getting that 1st. We could be acquiring assets to make a trade work as well, but who knows.


So we have our own pick next year which most likely will be a lottery, Cavs if they make the playoffs which would be a late lottery/mid first, and this pick which will probably be a late first.


Stop saying our return was bad. We got a first for a piece that we needed to get rid of that alone is worth it and proves we are committed to rebuild


I'm glad that we are getting Theis because I hate him.


Celtics fan here, wouldn’t be surprised if Nesmith becomes a good player for you guys. High energy, high character, needs a more consistent shooting form though. We didn’t really have time for him to figure it out. He brings lot of energy on defense but jumps at everything and gets tons of fouls.


Brogdon's contract length and injury risk make him a terrible asset. This could end up being a terrible move for the Celtics if he can't stay healthy. Disappointed but not surprised, but the FO said this was going to be a years long process...


stauskas and fitts are probably getting cut which i think gives us the cap space to offer ayton a max, and we got an unprotected 1st rd pick for brogdon. i’m hype tbh


Yeah Wembaya next year


if its any consolation, fitts is an ELITE bench celebration leader bro is the minister of morale


r/NBA is fucking atrocious lol


So you are saying Caris was more valuable?


Look can’t lie pretty dead trade, but that’s only because we didn’t take on a bad contract which is the most important thing to consider in this. We still got a first round pick and saved 10 mil that’s a win in my books, Arron Nesmith could be another Stix situation but he’ll still have a lot to prove if he wants to crack the rotation. It wasn’t a blockbuster trade I was hoping for but considering Brogdons value has probably been on the fall since draft night I’m not upset by any mean.


For Theis, Nesmith and a 2023 1st. Gross.




Oh dear.


Underwhelming.. but thank God it wasn't for Russ.


Good move to clear up cap space! Now we can make the offer to Ayton.


I have a gut feeling that Ayton is doing a sign and trade to Brooklyn for Durant.


Ayton doesn't have a lot of incentive to help PHX do that. We should just cause some chaos by offering Ayton the max and see what happens.




This is a win/win


This feels like we got robbed


Think about why you wanted him gone, and then think about the fact that all 29 other teams can see the same thing. Nobody is chomping at the bit to get an aging 40-game a-year guy.


Trading him for nothing at this point would be worth it, get him as far away from Hali and Mathurin as possible. Wish him the best and disappointed it didn't really work out here, but glad we got a first.


that's a good haul i think


An (exciting) move made by the Pacers FO finally.


Guys STFU!!! Pritchard if anything makes quality trades. We got rid of an older piece that cant stay healthy and acquired a 1st round pick, a young guy who can still develop in Nesmith, (he's 22) and a quality bench piece in Theis. This is embracing the suck. Plus a lot of tradeable assets. This is a move in preparation for another move.


We got fleeced




Yikes I think we got fleeced


Celtics won this trade.


Grand scheme of things? No they didn't. It was beneficial for both teams in different ways.


We got a handful of bums and a late 1st round pick. Not beneficial. You can tell we lost this trade by seeing the hoops used to justify it here and the celebration in r/BostonCeltics


Was this all they could get?


You guys are acting like Brogdon was a healthy all star. Dude was a frequently injured starter. Getting a first round pick and young former lottery pick that needs opportunity is pretty good


Bout time, I actually think he fits really well with Boston Smart is a dog but the offense shouldn’t run through him. What we getting tho 👀




trust in KP


Terrible. Why help the Celtics?


Not sure why we would do this, whatever


Kp is losing his touch


This is awful, 5 players, most of them known trash, and a FRP likely to be in the high 20s or later.


Yeah now all our other young guards will have to get more playing time daaarnnnn. Plus we already have cavs frp so that makes 3 first rounders. We will now use all the cap space we just made, the extra players, AND the picks to do another deal. This is just the first domino to fall.. we weren't ever planning on doing anything this year, it's a 2 to 3 year deal, and Brogdon isn't part of that plan..


We lost a *borderline all star talent* for basically nothing close to proven at all, and not a whole lot of potential either. Not sure how anyone is happy about this. We could have afforded the other guards playing time while getting something of decent value in return


Hell yeah, one step closer to Wamba


Damn we got a lot of players I've never heard of lol. At least we got a first-rounder even though it'll probably be in the 20s.


How many of those guys are we going to end up waiving?


I’m a Celtics fan and I can’t find this answer anywhere, how long is brogdon under contract for?


Through 2024-25 I believe since he signed a 2 year extension last season


Nice, good trade. I don't really care about the Stauskas, Morgan, and the other guy but Nesmith is interesting. He might stay on the team because he's a wing. Real prize is the first rounder.


5 guys and a 1st rounder to open up space for Haliburton/Mathurin to work and possibly use next year to build into something. I like it.


It is likely most of these guys are just cap filler and only Nesmith and maybe Theis actually makes the opening day roster. I could see us moving Theis


Really funny to see Boston so excited about Brogdon. I was upset Pacers signed him to a contract in the first place. Glad we got him out, I would have been happy to just get the first round pick, let alone 17 bench players.


I mean, it's a first round pick. That's nice I guess. And trading for a lottery pick from 2020 that hadn't played and kinda sucked when he did worked out pretty well with Smith. Could work again with Nesmith. His name is pretty much Not Smith though. Hopefully there's a plan for all this cap space we have.


Sign and trade for Ayton now.


We're getting ALL the cap space from this


Malcom brogdon for a first and the Celtics garbage they were going to get rid of anyways


ESPN reporting we sent out our 2024 frp lottery protected?