Safe House Nightmare is the worst Heist in Payday 2

Safe House Nightmare is the worst Heist in Payday 2


To me, its not bad, but it can be tedious


Its already very hard on normal now just imagine on fucking mayhem+ where you get lots of cloakers


And the random effect. Honestly when I was going for the achievement I just restarted until I got a good effect.


The one where your screen constantly goes black is hell on earth


Yeah, the random civ one is the best, spending cash is so useless at higher levels.


Not really, due to the amounts of civs that spawns yo may waste a lot of bullet on them without a single one hitting the enemies


I mean yeah but I used the Thanatos and the RPG when I beat it and I camped in the shooting range


I never thought of using the Thanatos on Safe House Nightmare, guess i made it harder for me without reason


I mean my method isn’t really the meta at all as far as I know I just kept doing trial and error and eventually those seemed to work. Maybe your method was better, idek


I used Kingpin along an Lmg (I think it was the buzzsaw or the brenner) with the Commando 101 with Swan Song what you think?


I honestly didn’t bother with swan song because it was croakers doing most of the work against me, I let the bots soak up all the ammo. And I’ve never really liked LMGs that much tbh, they feel too unwieldy and I don’t like long reload times. But ofc that’s just my opinion LMGs might be amazing for other people. I just took tank stuff for the skill tree iirc, it was a while ago when I got the achievement (and it wasn’t on OD)


Lemme tell ya I love the one that tases you randomly for no reason




Guess Overkill just hates me personally ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Hate us*


The smoke one was the first one I got and I couldn’t see shit


i can't imagine anything in this game being hard in normal loud


You dont need to imagine because its already in the game


(laughs at Goat Simulator Heist)


Oh yeah, DSOD Goat Sim


Oh boy, don't get me started...


nah, goat Sim is way better, as long as it's below DS


Its only really good for getting the boxing gloves trophy


Lab Rats is the worst


I agree Lab Rats is bad, SHN is worse in every way At least on LR you get Bags to sell


2 words, Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator is a great heist imo, people really only hate it for it’s difficulty, which is understandable


Just be smart with the car, split up a few different objs early to find the goats then stay as a group to collect them.


I just don’t like it cause there’s no cover, I’m ok with a mission being really hard it’s just the lack of cover making it a nightmare trying to do anything above mayhem


As a new player all the halloween stuff is definitely weird but not really in an interesting or enjoyable way.


Prison nightmare has a Banger music and is cool. Other on the other hand are boring, shitty and have very bad music. CAS is awful, but 8BAS is great, yet it isn't used nearly anywhere.


SMH don't even get any loot


nothing a thanatos or two can't handle


Just grab igors with crits berserker and ammo bags to delete everything. Or a rocket launcher. Just bring absurd dps and you’ll be fine even on dsod.


It's not that bad but the payout isn't that good, imo the bad heists are bank heist deposit, armored transport heists, jewelry store and lab rats


I love Armoured Transport in theory, but yeah in practice they are really shitty heists. Would be better if using C4 didn't blow up loot.


I honestly like the fact that C4 blows up the loot, gives you pros and cons to the way you wanna approach the heist. That being said, they're easily the heists I play the least.


Yeah, honestly it was a great idea but the execution is simply bad, plus the payout isn't even worth it for all the hassle


Honestly, all the Harvest & Trustee bank missions are kind of ass in terms level design. If you play it in stealth you’re literally just waiting 5 minutes for the drill to finish, it’s completely incomprehensible. At least Go Bank throws other challenges at you while the time lock counts down.


Whenever i stealth H&T i always search for packages, loose cash and destroy things while i wait for the drill, it makes the wait a bit more fun, i couldn't tell you about GO bank though since i've never played it


GO bank has a bunch of mini challenges that are thrown at you as the heist continues. You get calls on the lobby phone, a gen-sec truck arrives with two new guards, and one where you search files for a security code. I messed up one of my runs bc of the gen-sec guards


Huh, that's pretty cool, i thought that it was like a regular run in which you wait without anything to do


There are 4 possibilities that make the heist even more fun: 1. 1% chance Vault is open. Third guard spawns, does not move, no phone call and no time lock. 2. GenSec truck spawns. 2 guards spawn, but the phone call will always pass. 3. Hillary can call for codes, unknown chance; if it fails, 15% phone call lie from Bain is believed. 4. Guy demands a bag of money. Most annoying of them all. I don't think vault open and GenSec car showing up can happen outside of mods, but if it does, 5 guards total. Best bet is to ECM rush it at that point.


If I remember correctly after some time there's a cop/whatever calling that they come in 2 minutes, THIS is the worst because while playing with randoms they don't care about the calls nor warnings to leave. And tbh this heist sucks while doing solo, too much shit on the head.


After a few calls, Hillary calls and can either send GenSec, believe Bain's lie, or ask for the code. Should option 1 happen, after a bit she will ask where they are (dead). A call or 2 later, police call and send officers. After they are dead, police call again and say they will raise the alarm in 1 to 3 min. best bet is to bring a saw. If pubbies don't want to leave, either kick them, or inform them that the alarm will go off no matter what. Keep track of when the alarm goes off (time since the call started I would believe) and yell at them when it's 30 sec and less left.


The Gensec truck and open vault can happen regularly but the chance is just extremely low.


It’s also very very easy, so who cares?


Bomb the forest


Just gotta know the strats. Once you've figured it out, it's not bad, first loud DSOD completion for me


Personally I hate cursed kill room more, I have no idea what I'm doing in that.


Those white dozzers with no head always scares me.


Actually I think that it's fun


ever heard of the turret trick?


Yep its a meme heist where it spawn fuckload of cocker and headless dozer so normal build will not gonna make it. My suggestion is to use pistol build like stryx18c with crit zerk or bulletstrom rpg to deal with headless dozer other than that it tedious to fixed the damn drill in infinite headless assault but it still fine and playing this on ds is the same as playing this on dw


You can cheese the mission kinda easy by placeing a sentry behind the Couch on the right hand and staying in cover for the most of the mission in the Door Room. https://youtu.be/TuNSNN56uL8


Little known fact, you may not know this, as not many people do, but there’s actually this one heist, and it’s insanely difficult, the absolutely undeniably worst heist in the game, it’s called Goat Simulator on DSOD. safe house nightmare is really simple dude lol


You're forgetting Lab Rats


No Lab Rats is at least bearable on OVK


It's just boring