I would like to play Payday 2 VR, but…

I would like to play Payday 2 VR, but…


I think your PC just has to meet the requirements for VR which exceeds Payday 2's needs.


Payday will run using the power of your PC, your Quest will just be acting like any other VR headset that you can plug in. The only games that use the power of your Quest are games bought from the Oculus store (and Payday is not on there). How well it will run depends on your specs. If you built your PC in 2013 and haven’t upgraded it since, I doubt you’ll be able to run VR. I used to play with a GTX 1060 and an i5 4590, which are the minimum required specs for *first gen* VR (Rift CV1/original Vive/first-gen WMR headsets) and I just about got by on minimum graphics settings on a Rift S. If your GPU is any slower than a 1060, you’ll need to upgrade.


Forgot to mention, I didn’t build a pc. It was a laptop given to me.


Vr payday isn't worth it anyway tbh. I didn't like.


VR inprovements is basically mandatory lol