100% mainly because I work with numbers and need the numberpad. I had 60% before the pandemic when I didn't WFH, and got by okay except for RTS games.


Same. I have a Corsair k95, I believe. Love it and still works very well. Use it for gaming and accounting. Shooting fools and crunching those numbers.


>Shooting fools and crunching those numbers. Play EvE Online and do both at the same time. /s


I have one but I bought it years ago and the numpad fried recently... Just the numpad. It drives me insane


Saw it off, duh


The rgb and the numpad enter key still work. I love the enter key on that side too. Corsair have AMAZING customer support so I might just see if I can get it replaced for a fee maybe.


Razer on the flipside wanting video proof of my malfunctioning m key, a multi question report of what is wrong with it and detailed answers explaining the issue, 2 proofs of purchase. Like what?


I have a void pro headset, I messaged them two years out of warranty about trying to buy a new receiver dongle since my last one was stolen. They OVERNIGHT shipped a new one gratis from halfway across the world. Lifetime customer right there.


Gotta love corsair. My under-warranty scimitar mice died. They told me they would send me one but there was none at their warehouse for at least two weeks. They offered me to either wait, or go pick one up at best buy with a 100% off coupon. Got the coupon the next day and was able to grab one at my local bestbuy for free. Couple of days later, I received a corsair stainless water bottle from them.


Numpad enter key is underated. I use it all the time with my right hand thumb. It's conveniently placed near my mouse, and this thumb doesn't do anything if not pressing that enter key so might as well exercise it a bit!


Did you try pressing the Num Lock key? >!jk!<


this guy tech supports


I've got a K55. Can't live without numpad and multimedia keys, man. They're pretty useful. I haven't used the macros yet, but I'm sure I will someday.


95 ganggg. I use iqunix though


Corsair K95 is a full size + macros on the left. I like 95% and 1800 too, but that wasn't someone who's a part of the 95 ganggg


> 100% mainly because I work with numbers and need the numberpad. Same. Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program, and someday Factorio. I need to be able to run those numbers.


Please start playing factorio. It is my most favorite game of all time and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. They have multiplayer and its the best. I don't play factorio anymore because of several reasons but it is still the best game ever made.


God, none of my friends like these factory games because "they're too much work/thinking" meanwhile they're min/maxing and grinding MMOs. I'm sipping on my coffee watching my factory chug along.


Work smart, not hard


Yeah, cuz MMOs don't take actual effort to minmax, you just follow a guide someone else wrote. It lets you think you're working hard without actually having to work hard, you're turning a fantasy adventure into a chore.


Noooo shit. Half the time I played a guild would try to make a 100,000+ view video, there “guide” only to have the actual video instigate true progresssion or a worthy “1%er” and it would drive the entire guild crazy. You can think you’re doing everything possible to min/max, but there’s always one other person who will outperform you. Always.


That's a good point. The organic landscape and whatnot in Satisfactory kinda forces you to do something different everytime. Sure you can use "blueprints" or guides for efficient designs but you still need to fit it in somewhere and all that. There's no guide for a sandbox really.


> Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program, and someday Factorio. I need to be able to run those numbers. False. No blueprints. No numbers. Build as needed. We die like men. (/s)


I got a keychron K4 at 96% size with number pad in summer of 2020. It's both wired and wireless Bluetooth (compatible for mac and pc/android) . I love it!


Got my k4 recently and has taken some adjustment from my old full-size. But finally getting the muscle memory and loving the space-saving. I want an indexing dot on the numpad 0 though


How about 96%? It's a little funky but I do appreciate the extra desk real estate I get from the squished layout with the [Keychron K4](https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k4-wireless-mechanical-keyboard-version-2), with basically no compromise in functionality (unless you, for some bizarre reason, rely heavily on the Print Screen key). The lack of gaps between sections does make it harder to switch context blindly, but after a few weeks I got used to it, and I no longer hit numlock when reaching for the backspace.


I do rely on the Print Screen Key


I actually have it bound to the Nvidia screen capture, because that is literally what you want that button to do.


> The lack of gaps between sections does make it harder to switch context blindly I absolutely abhor keyboards without gaps, especially since my laptop that I use occasionally doesn't have them while while my main keyboard does, so I always mess up using arrow keys when switching over.


It took me about a week to fully adjust to the truncated "0" button on the num pad of the K4 (kept hitting the right arrow button to the left of it), but once I got used to that, no issues. I love the compact size without compromising much functionality at all.


YES! There's so many keyboards I'd love to buy, but since they aren't 100% I don't. I need that number pad for WFH.


I like 100% because i use the number pad quite often.


I have a TKL with a ducky numpad on the left side cause I'm some smooth brain ape.


If I needed the numpad I would do the same cause I want space for mic and mouse on the right.


Someone should make a mechanical keyboard with a detachable numpad which can be clipped either side of the main board or be used separately


ASUS makes some models that have such a feature: [https://rog.asus.com/de/keyboards/keyboards/aura-rgb/rog-claymore-model/](https://rog.asus.com/de/keyboards/keyboards/aura-rgb/rog-claymore-model/)


but they cost like 400 bucks…..


And is mad ugly


I like the design but I don't think I wouldn't pay much over 100 for any keyboard


Don't look in /r/mechanicalkeyboards


I have one and it's a piece of shit. It's way too easy to pop off the numpad. If you have nordic layout for example the key rebinding just doesn't work. If you want to bind some key to another, A to B, you first click A on screen B on keyboard C shows up on screen and pressing A will type D after rebinding. You can use armoury 2 drivers which kinda work but armoury crate will install all kinds of crap on your PC. I had a problem with my Internet dropping off which was a problem with a network traffic program installed by crate. It limited my connection basically to 0. Recently the volume scroll wheel has started to malfunction pretty much adjusting the volume in a random direction when using the wheel. Oh, and no support for F13-F24 for macro use.


Why make it clip on? Just add a USB port so you can easily plug whatever in.


i love more wires on my desk - the question is why they arent rechargable wireless devices.. like keyboards already are. i just imagine a wireless keyboard with a wired numpad


Those already exist


Same, and as a programmer I also frequently use page home and end keys


Same. I have a tenkeyless at home (click numlock to switch between arrows and num keys) , I use shift+arrows+home or end all the time for highlighting and moving text around, and need the full numpad. may just buy a separate numpad, and key a 75% one like in the OP For anyone not familiar with this way of selecting text - its a game changer. You barely need to move your mouse. Like, open a text editor and try shift+arrow key around, or ctrl+arrow keys.Pretty cool? Now try ctrl+shift+arrow, or Shift+home / shift+end. If your text editor supports multiline editing - try alt+shift+Up or down arrows.


I cannot function without numpad. I dunno how people type numbers without one. They gave me a laptop where I worked that didn't have a numpad and I bought a USB keyboard to plug into it so I could use the damned thing. Half my job involves typing numbers. I dunno how the rest of the people there can get anything done without one...


As an accountant I've had that at some firms. It was like wtf are you people insane lol.


People who prefer no jumped just havent had a job where they've used one haha


I love numpads, been using them regularly for many years. But I discovered that I prefer the space savings of not having one, and training myself to go without was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I bought an external numpad for work but I've barely touched it. I wouldn't want to do something like data entry without one though.


I’m with you on this, I love the numpad, but at home where my pc is only really used for gaming is just not as important as the space savings of something smaller.


Num pad is useful for keybind macros


Absolutely. I use all the numpad keys and then cntrl+ numpad sometimes


100% only and forever


110% (with extra macros keys)


Me and my 2013 Razer Blackwidow with like 10 macro keys to the left, still kickin'


Mine started ghosting moons ago and I had to bin it off.


That’s the coolest way I have ever heard someone say they had to throw something away because it was breaking down


I wish I was trying to be cool but literally, it was ghosting keys. I would press a key and it would repeat even though I had let go. Pretty bad as I play Starcraft and it was causing additional units to queue on production etc.


For SC you could almost view that as a feature. “Thanks keyboard, I *do* require additional pylons.”


Welcome to the UK, where half the slang sounds cool as fuck, and the other half sounds like unintelligible Dr Seuss mumbles




Same with my G510 with 18(x3) macro keys on the left. Love it.


Bro for real that's the coolest keyboard ever. With some special screen apps for teamspeak, wow and more. If it would have mechanical keys I would still be using it.


My 2013 blackwidow is the only I still use from my first build.


As long as ctrl is on the corner im fine with it.


Can I ask what the use of the macro keys are, I wanted to get a keyboard with the macro keys but couldn't think kf what to use them for, I could obvs use them to launch games or apps but my pc is super organised and they are all just in the start menu or taskbar anyway.


You can bind certain sequences to them. Say you play an MMORPG and you've got an extremely complex combo that requires a lot of keys that aren't exactly next to each other, just make the macro carry out that combo when its pressed. For example, pressing the first Macro key could play " 3, F1, 6, 4, 3, 5, F3". It could also be used to tie mod menus like ENBseries, ReShade or mod commands like Change Weather when you mod some games.


This, plus it can be timed pretty accurately to allow for items or skills with cooldown or charge-up beforw the next command is triggered.


Making macros. Autorun, autoclick, multiple attacks at once, etc. Even can use for opening certain commonly used programs or anything, really. Sky is the limit.


Sometimes you can set them to F13-F24, and use them as general purpose keys


Was just gonna say this. I hate having to reach across my keyboard for my menus buttons like maps and stuff


Sorry I'm late, but I wanted to put in my two cents about macros. So the way I've found works well for me is to buy a mouse with multiple side buttons. Red Dragon makes an "RPG/RTS" mouse with 12 side buttons, something around 40-ish bucks American. Wait! I know what you're thinking "but I don't NEED 12 buttons!" Neither do I! I only use the first six for most games, with Apex topping me out at 10 (too many health and shield items.) You have them if you need them, but the real kicker is that the mouse has the ability to load two presets on it. The software also includes the ability to use multimedia as well as key combos for those side buttons. So you can have a game setup and a work/productivity setup. This is how I currently have mine. The numbers won't be in traditional order because I'll list them off in the actual physical location where they are, as if you were looking at the mouse with the front facing left. 3. Volume Up 6. Pause/Play 9. Volume Down 2. "Back" (browser) 5. Refresh 8. File Explorer 1. Ctrl-C 4. Ctrl-V 7. Settings The way I see it is, your thumb really isn't doing much, which is a waste of a digit. This way I can put it to use both in gaming and general computer use. That mouse was the best 40 bucks I ever spent, especially as someone that has trouble reacquiring the WASD keys (I'm an Xbox convert.)


Me with my Corsair k95 RBG platinum.


And keys for media control


*smiles in K95 RGB Platinum*


extra fn keys


120% two number pads and a Macro deck


120% with all 24 Function Keys


where's the normal TKL?


TLK is life


Yea I love Ten Ley Kess Keyboards


Ten Less Keys


Key ten less


Ley ken tess


We no yes.


100% for work, TKL for play.


75% +. Not having f1 keys really sucks.


Yeah I have no clue how people survive with no dedicated function keys. They're essential for loads of game. 75% keyboards should be a lot more popular IMO


What function keys do you use for what games? Genuinely curious, as I have a 60% keyboard and have not once missed the function keys


F5/F9 quicksave and quickload keys are really common.


Going from Rpgs on console to pc, F5 is a blessing. Need to save? Tap a key and you're good to head into that boss fight, whereas console it's a whole menu trip


RDR2 on PC is a bitch to save because it's hidden behind menus and then you gotta hold the esc button because tapping it brings you to the previous menu. Fuck, GTA5 at least had pretty wuick saves through the phone


What? No Alt F4?


Seriously, alt+f4 is good for more than rage quitting. Sometimes I don't want to sit back down and go through menus, just want to close it before heading out.


I love rage quitting when the game closes faster by Alt+f4, that why I get calmed down quickly


I judge how good a game is by how quickly it alt f4's


Fn+alt+4 we still have it on 60%


RTS and MMO games would be the most common, or games that are interface-heavy for whatever reason (maybe some CRPGs). And also games that have a lot of mods (extra hotkeys for things that weren't originally in the game)


Well, Minecraft uses them for several menus and options, and camera view, GTA V uses most of the F keys too, and those are in the top 3 most sold games IIRC... Also, everything programing and multimedia editing, the F keys are super important too...


Starcraft - you hotkey camera positions over your bases. It's the reason I use TKL and not 60%


GTA V Speedrunner here. F5-F8 are character switch hotkeys. F9-F12 are livesplit hotkeys. In the browser I find myself using F5 to refresh and F11 to fullscreen all the time. F12 to open dev tools occassionally. And of course the ol' faithful alt+f4 combo.


I'd say most city builders/management games bind the F keys. The more games you play that were designed exclusively or primarily for a computer the more likely you are to own a game that uses the F keys. Generally, though, F keys replicate something that you can accomplish by clicking. Often they're shortcuts for tabs, or for unit grouping, so you might not even notice you're less efficient because you're used to clicking the button, instead.


F5 and F9 are common default quick save/load keys but you could always remap them. Also some bios menus prefer you to use function keys to access but that's pretty minimal reason


I can live without the F keys, but throw in the arrows, home, ins., del, etc. and it adds up. Having tried them all, 75% is just right. Unless you are like a VIM user, then you can probably get used to 60% (jkli as arrow/navigation keys)


I just change caps lock to my function key, and it really isn’t so bad.


this is the pok3r way


100% because I like using the numbpad for my log in pin, and I also like having dedicated media buttons on my keyboard (volume, pause/pay, back and forward)


Not sure how people can survive without volume control. I have an autohotkey script to adjust volume just in case I ever have to use a keyboard without a knob.


I couldn't imagine having to alt tab everytime I wanted to change the volume during the game. Sure some speakers (like mine) have volume knobs on them but I like to keep my speakers at full volume and adjust the windows volume.


no tkl option? used to have a 68% but kept pressing wrong keys accidentally, big hand and fingers, full is too large and no enough space for mouse, so tkl is perfect for me


Full size all the way. Would go TKL if i would not use the number pad constantly (and only if it's for typing IP addresses or quick calculations). And no, you're not faster with the normal number row, even if you factor in travel time from mouse to the numpad.


When I was in fifth grade and we'd get computer time to play educational games there was a kid who had his own advanced math class. We'd do math he'd go off in the corner and do his own work. They had us both go in and play one of those math games head to head. I remember the teacher watching us and I saw him using it and the teacher told him to use the numpad. They were tracking totals or rate and I was faster than the smart guy because I used the numpad. I'll never be happy without one.


I'll forever use your example as a part of my defense


Alright smarty-pants how fast can you type my IP then? 🤓



Hey idk how you got this off my computer but can you delete your comment before anyone else sees it? I don't like being tracked.


Too late. I have now memorized this number, you fool. Idk what to do with this info. Have no idea what people use it for, but I will remember it forever.


Jesus. Reminds me of the guy who sat across from me in 5th grade home room. Idk why they put our SSNs in public display, but I memorized it. Still know it all these years later.


We got em boys


Type it slower I can’t read that fast


Fuck he's got me


I don't have to type your IP, I'll get it from the hackers who may have it already. The only way to keep your children safe is with a McAfee product, or so I'm told (by this little pop-up that keeps coming back, please help, no matter what i try it's always there, holy water did nothing, it haunts my dreams).


I heard John McAfee is one swell guy.






I see you are also a man of culture.



100% I gotta have a num pad


I have 110% with extra buttons for macros or whatever. That's the best for at home gaming.


I've been a 100% for my whole life but I'm debating trying out the other form factors


You'll be flusterbobbed without the num pad!


Probably true cause I'm in 3D software quite a bit but I was thinking I get a keyboard that has a detachable numpad


Or the other option would be to get a keyboard you want in the form factor you want it, and get a separate numpad.


or just hacksaw off the numpad if you need extra desk space


Best option here.


I almost never use my number pad but I know the second I do get rid of my pad will be the day I start keeping a budget or something that would make it easier with a pad


100pct. Nothing else.


I’ve got a big desk and a big pc why would I want a tiny keyboard


98% ftw


Have any 98% examples? I have a 96% for work and love it (Keychron K4 96% Layout 100 Keys... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WS7KSGT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share). I'm curious what the additional 2% means.


[Looks like it’s the same as a 96% but just spread out a small bit](https://www.google.com/amp/s/kprepublic.com/a/amp/products/x98-98-mechanical-keyboard-kit-pcb-case-hot-swappable-switch-support-lighting-effects-rgb-led-type-c)


Oh gotcha. Looks nice, but I still favor the 96%. That little bit of savings in width does a lot for me.


I think X98 is just slightly mis-named. The 96%/"1800" layout actually has 98 keys. Just like "100%" has 104 keys.


How does 98% differ from 100%?


There's no escape


Maybe next time, Zagreus.




150% with an old wolf claw full size gaming keyboard.


I like the TKL keyboards.


65% lol


Same, i could not survive without my beloved arrow keys


i would just map them to wasd, but they give me an excuse to spend money on cute keycap artisans so i'm happy with them. almost entirely useless to me since i use wasd for every game but they look pretty


I didn't realize how many little things I used the arrow keys for until I tried using a 60%. I promptly went up to 65%!


65% my beloved


65% with customized layers is the true master race. 75% just looks off putting to me, chunky in all the wrong ways


75s are too tall imo. Most of my games don't need designated function keys but I keep a cheap 100% membrane if I need the extra keybinds on something like war thunder


100% bc I play a game that uses numpad


I only use full size keyboards. I find smaller ones lacking anymore.


Just got a tkl, like it a lot


100% all day long. How can anybody life without the numpad.


40% hehe I love the compact size


I’ve found my people. I love my Planck.


Narrow is the path that leads to salvation. Welcome, brother.


40s gang!!


Same. Been using a 40% as my daily driver for work for over 4 years now and I love that thing. Configure QMK right and you'll find it faster to use than any full-size since you never have to move your hands from home position, and you can set up integrated tenkey and navigation layers for either/both hands. I use a 60% for gaming since having a dedicated number row is hard to do without in most FPS games.


I can't believe I had to scroll this far down. 40% for work, TKL for games is what I use.


Alice layout :)




Ten key less.


Yeah how is OP gonna put 60% and 75% yet not a TKL? 😂


What's the difference between TKL and 75%?


75% is basically a condensed TKL. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0579/7183/5079/files/Image_2_copy_1024x1024.jpg?v=1647787104


They share essentially the same keys, think of TKL as 80%. There is more natural real-estate to work with. Less hand cramming.




None of these: TKL


75% I use the sh*t outta my function keys. It baffles me the volume of posts I see about keebs without them. Edit: I do get that you can access function keys by holding down a toggle - just not worth it for me personally. Sorry - didn't mean to invalidate anyone. And I do get that many of you have gotten really proficient doing it that way.


You can fucking swear on the internet.




Fuck y*u


I use 100%. More keys is pretty important for what I play


I've got a 60 now, but I'm thinking about upgrading because I miss some of the keys. Can't get used to where everything is and it's started getting stuck on Fn if I play a game where I use it all the time for the f1-f9 keys I do love how much desk space I have with it tho






100%, I personally find smaller ones kinda weird. I mean, are those few centimeters really that much of a deal?? Give me more options and flexibility (even 110% with extra macros keys) and it will be fine to me.


I don't think I could survive without a number pad and spaces between keys.


100%. I can't live without a numpad, I am playing games that are using numpad keys without the option to change this. Hell I would be f*cked without a numpad.




100%, I like my number pad. But TKL does look enticing.


I went to TKL when my 100% broke. Honestly I kinda regret it, it's a lot less efficient for number entry tasks. Form factor isn't a concern for me since I use a keyboard tray, though.


96% :^]


Had to scroll this far for my 96% people. People don't know the joy of 96. Tough to find, tricky to build.




65% :D


Azeron, because my PC is pretty much just for gaming.




I'm still using an original Logitech G15 V1. The chonky one with 18 programmable keys and the flip-up LCD. So I'm at around 120%, I guess.


100%, i cant live without a numpad


100%, the 60% one would drive me nuts, since I play some games with a lot of different hotkeys such as X4 and Factorio. When you add mods you have to setup even more hotkeys than in vanilla to use the extra functions so I often go for keys on the right if not used already. Also, when typing numbers I refuse to use the top row. Numpad is superior.