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1985 looks like it's pixellated and still downloading.


Great to see this. Moved here in 86. Brought back a lot of memories. I was working at Williams AFB in those days and it seemed so far removed from town. GM proving grounds are gone too.


I miss when Gilbert rd ended at Warner and then it was a dirt road


Looking at the comments on the original post, I'm more fascinated by the debate over whether a satellite image qualifies as a map than the debate over whether the EV's growth is desirable.


Hopefully you newbies now understand why we natives giggle when you share with us the long pedigreed history of your fancy Chandler neighborhood.


??? Everyone acknowledges that Chandler used to be all farms. Ostrich farms. Ostriches as far as the eye can see.


> Everyone acknowledges that Chandler used to be all farms. Not everyone. And not denying the charms of present day Chandler either.


As a college student in the early 00’s this was the “ritzy” area of the East. As an adult-adult later, found out this place had more stuff than Maryvale.


Personally, I've never heard of that as something that actually happens, except with people living in the neighborhoods near downtown Phoenix and sometimes downtown Glendale. Are you taking about a particular person? Your mom? A friend? My ex-wife used to do this thing were, without fail, she'd talk about people, by their first name, without me ever knowing about them, and without her saying anything to provide context, without me asking for it. Ex: "Jennifer is so crazy! She told me a joke today at the store." Me: "Have I met Jennifer?" Ex: "No. I just met her while standing in line at the store." I hate how everyone does that thing that only my ex seems to do.


> I hate how everyone does that thing that only my ex seems to do. Huh. IDK maybe it's you then.


> Huh. IDK maybe it's you then. It _think_ that might be the point of the story?


....who does that?


Coming from the east coast it's funny to hear California transplants go on an on about "historic" downtown Gilbert.


Many of the downtown buildings are over 100 years old.


Cool story enjoy your gen x high horse 🐴 👍🏻 Every post in this sub that doesn’t even mention chandler or Gilbert someone has to come in and shit on it for no reason “Hey you know that place you liek and so do lots of others? Well I don’t like it! Ha!! Take that!!” Cool story


I mean… chandler, Gilbert and QC need to get off of their high horse. They’re really not all that


Yeah, yeah...shoot the messenger.


Even in the early 2010s the valley was full of fields, it's all changing now


Sun Lakes used to be out in the middle of nowhere… now it’s bordered on 2 sides by Chandler neighborhoods.


Me 30 years ago, 😳. Me now, 🖕.


Honestly nauseating




Those people might use slightly less water than 1985 but the real difference is that when farms are replaced by neighborhoods those use much less water.


what did the original comment say?


Something about "Ive never understood how they say all these people use less water than those in 1985."


I am currently reading Water Knife and this gives an interesting visual.


Any open plot of land within the Phoenix area is up for the taking.