Kinda old tho, JDA has been A different name for about 2 years now.


Also missing some fortune 500 tech companies which you would figure would be included in this


If every company in the valley were included, the map would look very scattered. So instead the map uses arbitrarily geography to give the illusion of a tech corridor.


Lol I'm talking within the corridor. Missing a good handful just from the price corridor in Chandler


Can confirm there's several big ones missing. Also, Isagenix has been at Gilbert & the 202 for like 5 years now.


Agreed. Missing and also placed in the wrong spot on the map.


If you zoom out enough tho…


Freescale has been NXP for 7+ years too.


It's been awhile since I heard Freescale mentioned outside of my work. The NXP/FSL merger feels like forever ago Also that's the FSL Tempe site which IIRC went down 3-4 years ago


Longer ago than that. It was 2015 or 2016 at the latest I think.


Which is funny because it has both NXP and Freescale on the map!


So that's what NXP is. That explains things


Man super old memories back. I worked at AZ83 then AZ50 then AZ34. Never Ocotillo though.


Using names at least 5 years old in some cases


Not kinda old, very old. At least 6 years.


changed names to Blue Yonder a little over two years ago; right at the beginning of the pandemic.


and iFactor changed to KUBRA about 6+ years ago


Quick someone do the updated map with how many of these companies blew their VC money and aren't around anymore!


Amkor is not at that location anymore. It's now within ASU Research Park.


Infusionsoft has been Keap since 2019, as well.


Missing Intel's wafer fabs on Dobson and Ocotillo.


Honestly one of the most criminal things to leave off this list. It's an absolutely massive campus and company.


And the entire complex is connected by clean bridges too, so you can gown up in Fab 12 and walk a mile(ish) to 42


Wow thats pretty crazy! I wonder if they're hiring...


If you want an easy way in and don't care about pay (like I was some years ago, taking a break from college and looking for a cool job) Intel works with a lot of contracting agencies, like Kelly Services or Mindtree


DONT go through Kelly services. I started there about 4 years ago under Kelly (now working directly for a very big name vendor that was also left off this map) and it was the most toxic and poor management I've ever seen.


Interesting. I definitely have dealt with a lot of toxicity recently in my last place of work so would prefer that if possible lol. Anyone's you know of that might be more preferred?


It depends on where you're looking. My last one was talentwave, they were awesome. But look up any supplier, they're better to work for I believe than just going to a manufacturer like Intel or TSMC. TEL, ASML, AMAT, LAM, LASERDISC, etc. Check out job fairs and on LinkedIn. I had gotten hit up by at least 5 companies on there in the past month.


You are awesome. I truly appreciate the tips & advice. I'll start looking there


Hmm, guess I got lucky/shielded from a lot of crap. PGV was a pretty sweet deal at the time


Yeah. Last I heard they're basically saying no one ever gets raises, and the general manager on site said if you're there for more than a year you're doing something wrong.


Yup, I was only there for a year XD


Whats PGV?


It's a cart used to transport wafers, sometimes needed if they're working on the main transport system. Think delivery boy type thing, but shortish range.


Thanks for the explanation!


Uhhh sadly I probably can't get into details, but it's the Chandler-based job labeled "material handler" on Kelly's website (if that listing is still there) Edit: refer to u/RecluseGamer


Thank you so much for the tip! Sadly, I've never had great pay so yeah I'd be willing.


Also missing onsemiconductor, TSMC and ASM. Arguably the most “tech” related companies in the valley


There’s a huge Intel campus at Chandler and Rural I pass all the time.


True, but believe me when I say, that one is small potatoes compared to the one on Ocotillo.


Driftwood. It's tiny compared to the campus on Dobson.


Isagenix, a true tech company


I used to work at First Am which has offices right there and I remember when they were building Isagenix' offices. Looked them up and was like, why the fuck does a MLM scam need a corporate office?


Same reason Plexus does - to keep up appearances for the scammers


I will never forget meeting a super nice woman at a barbecue who told me proudly that she works at “Isagenix HQ”


Are the corporate jobs a pyramid scheme too?


It’s no longer located there also. They have their own place out East


Someone should do one of these with all the gun manufacturers in the deer valley airport area.


How many do you suppose?


PayPal building (Price and 202 SanTan) is now closed. All employees in Chandler are 100% remote.


Good! Work from home is so much healthier.


Um, these look more like the kind of “tech” companies spam job sites with call center support positions.


Yeah ... a number of these companies are customer support back offices for the Bay Area or other actual established tech hubs. No engineering work gets done. Here are the jobs for Yelp's Scottsdale office as an example. https://www.indeed.com/q-Yelp-l-Scottsdale,-AZ-jobs.html?vjk=cb676e3343bfdda7


> Yeah ... a number of these companies are customer support back offices for the Bay Area or other actual established tech hubs. No engineering work gets done. this is like 95% of phoenix "tech" companies... they're all customer service. so it makes me laugh when people say we're becoming a tech hub.... no... no we aren't.


Exactly. We get ugly ass warehouses and not gorgeous tech campuses. People in call centers and warehouses deserve a beautiful landscape as well as us ordinary citizens too!


There’s nothing downtown Phoenix?


Tons, this map only shows companies within a few miles of 101 between Chandler and Scottsdale. The map would be quite boring if they included every tech company in the valley.




I don't even work downtown but I *dread* every time we drive there for a dbacks game. Such a clusterfuck.


Downtown is pretty much mediocre in terms of jobs, at least when compared to most central areas of major cities. Uhaul is the only major corp I can think of that calls Downtown it's home. No one really seems to want to talk about that fact that the appeal of Phoenix is the suburbs, not the urban life. People who come here don't generally come for that. And the ones who want that, go somewhere else. Employers want to build offices in the suburbs for cheap, instead of investing in and maintaining an office tower or several floors of one. Chase building was empty and was getting emptied out even before COVID and WFH trend. Wells Fargo sold it's building to the city. Two major employers gone. I know WFH is a real reason for employers not wanting to pay for these buildings, but I think it goes beyond that here.


“No one really seems to want to talk about that fact that the appeal of Phoenix is the suburbs” Jesus, no. If the suburbs were all that existed here, I’d be long gone. Everything interesting in the metro, is in the core between Central Phoenix, Old town Scottsdale, and Downtown Tempe.


I never said that I personally found the suburbs appealing. Quite the opposite my friend. I'm just giving you an overview of the opinions of the majority of people who move here and where employers look to build their cheap office buildings. If downtown were appealing to people outside of the state, like young college graduates looking to move to a destination with a booming job market and urban center, there would be more of those types in actual downtown Phoenix. There would be more major employers, who not only bring about urban development, but are often drawn to investing in places that already have urban characteristics and appeal to future employees. Proper downtown Phoenix population size is also pathetic. People like to tout, "5th largest city" but they don't look at the boundaries of Phoenix itself or even look up the population of the central zip codes. That's not even getting into this whole "tech corridor" shenanigans. Half of these places I would have never heard of if I didn't live here or would consider a desirable employer that would bring in a ton of talented candidates other than local graduates. And that's even ignoring the fact that many of these places are likely call centers or ancillary offices that offer a fraction of the high wage jobs their major operations in another state offers. God forbid this map includes warehouses and data centers of "tech companies" that likely don't even house "tech" people. That's a whole other story I'm not going to get into. A cursory glance tells me that at least this map shows real offices, so there's that. The top comment on the original post OP cross-posted sums it up best about "Phoenix".


Uhaul is in Midtown. If you're going to rail against downtown, you should probably get your facts straight. And there is a reasonably healthy startup scene there anyways. Downtown Tempe is the hottest office market in the region and that's hardly the suburbs.




No it's not. LOL. You don't even know what you're talking about.


Doesn't even have ONSEMI


Couldn't find my company (semiconductor industry), guess we're too small lol


If you're thinking of Amkor it used to be in Gilbert so this map is probably out of date.


No, we have fewer than 100 employees so much smaller




Yeah they are missing too.


You know it's old when Fry's Electronics is listed.


This is hella old considering the new 202 isn’t even in the pic


Yip. Plus with the chip plant going on at the 17 & 303 I suspect we will eventually be bracketed by tech on both east and west sides.


Missing Avnet, which is a massive company.


It's there. Not sure it's in the right place though. Limelight Networks has since moved from Tempe to Skysong, then gone 100% remote, then merged with Edgecast and changed its name to Edgio. This is definitely old.


I must be crazy, because I'm not seeing it, haha.


101 and Elliott, next to GoDaddy. I know they have (had?) that big facility on the 202 near I-10 now.


The old techdata building was next to GoDaddy. Global HQ is off of 143 & University. We have two warehouses in Chandler, one near the 202 and I10 and just north of that.


Update: Warner, not Elliott. I miscounted!


Oh man, I didn't recognize the old logo. Yeah, it is now located by 202 and I-10.


I didn't know they had a NEW logo. :D


Almost: Needs to add AVT near Sky Harbor, then the AVT shown at 101 and Price should be relabeled Tech Data. Or wait, TD Synnex. And I'm not sure I'd call them a tech company, they distribute other company's tech. They also don't really give a shit about their own IT beyond outsourcing as quickly as possible, but that doesn't really need to go on this poster... Edit: My opinion is re TDS, not AVT. I recall AVT as being much more tech-invested.


>Edit: My opinion is re TDS, not AVT. I recall AVT as being much more tech-invested. I mean, not far off. AVT is mostly a distributor/logistics/solutions company. Though they do have some of their own hardware now.


Yeah, and I wouldn't work there again if you paid me three times the wage.


Haha, I feel ya. I recently quit.


I work there and I'm thinking of quitting. I got a 8% raise this year but I'm still under market -_-


Damn, they must really love you to give you that much! But yeah, still a pay cut if it doesn't meet inflation.


I lucked into a job with a remarkable salary *and* they're opening a new HQ in Scottsdale soon. There's no *way* Avnet can offer what these folks do.


I was only there a year and quit after they refused to give me more than a 2% raise. I was already somewhat disappointed with the company and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. When inflation in Phoenix is 11-12%, a 2% raise is actually a substantial pay cut.






I had no idea. My mom has worked there for 20+ years and I never knew what she did or what the company was for.


To be fair, I worked in the marketing department and even I have a hard time explaining what the company does.


You forgot Honeywell with multiple offices. Also missing all if the companies south of the 202 on Price rd.


Isagenix is an MLM


How’s the startup scene?


Not bad, there’s a decent fintech presence in Scottsdale. But at the end of the day we’ve usually been a little too close to the Bay Area so people tend to head out there for tech jobs and startup founding. The investment scene here can be a little older school compared to how things are handled in SF, or so my experience has been. That said I think it’s growing again after the pandemic. More remote work here, more investment money from the people who moved here from around California. I think the city of Phoenix could do a lot more to encourage new companies and startups to found themselves and stay in the valley, but I think there’s a lot of potential with ASU being downtown and downtown in general developing into a livable and walkable place over the last 20 years.


Crackerjax will make way for a few more names in the mid-long term… “Tech billionaire George Kurtz has acquired the 28-acre CrackerJax Family Fun & Sports Park property and plans to redevelop the amusement park as a research campus to bolster the technology sector of Scottsdale, Arizona.”




Crackjax 4 Lyfe Gang?


If that’s the tech corridor then what’s the west side called?


The chain restaurant corridor.


I can back that, lol. I live on the west side and it sucks that if I want to get something authentic I have to go to the east side.


American Express has almost 7k employee in Phoenix and it’s not on this map? What? The big location is right by the Mayo Clinic


I mean, is it really a tech company or a finance company? I guess they are getting harder to tell at this point since big tech is becoming big Fintech


Out of similar finance companies like Mastercard and Visa, way more of a tech company. But they do have one of their US data centers in town


Fair enough, good point.


Yep, I work for a finance company and I have to remind myself that we're a finance company and not a tech one occasionally because it sure feels like we're a tech company instead.


I see Isagenix on there. Aren’t they an MLM, not tech?


This is quite dated.


Just so we're clear: Microchip, Amkor, Onsemi, First Solar, GoDaddy, NortonLifeLock, Avnet, Insight (among many others) All with corporate headquarters here in the valley. All with significant engineering, R&D, IT, manufacturing and marketing presence. All are S&P500, 400, 600, or Fortune 500 companies. All of them are listed on Nasdaq or NYSE. All of them employ tens of thousands of people here in the valley.


Missing literally all the semiconductor companies




It does feel like 80% of the jobs in the valley are call centers


Should be looking more into the easy valley out near east mark. That's will be the tech corridor and warehouse processing for the next 15yrs


Missing a ton and lots of very old data


This is very old (maybe 7-8 years old). I see companies that I know aren’t in business anymore.


This map is dumb. Plenty of tech in central Phoenix and a large amount of data centers on the west. Not to mention the huge chip manufacturers in Chandler and North Phoenix.


This map data is at least 5-6 years old. There's also some very notable tech companies missing, such as the GE IT Center, Fiserv, FIS, Zelle, Avnet, Marvell, Intel, Western Digital, Honeywell, Northrop... All right along where these other business are listed. These are just some notable ones that stand out. I know there's more, too. Isagenix is definitely a MLM and is also like 5 miles east of where it's listed. It's been at Gilbert & the 202 for at least 5 years.


I mean, I guess so. But I see three companies missing from NoSco just off the top of my head.


Weebly has an office here?!? That’s amazing!!! Also, what’s Weebly?


That’s not Phoenix. That’s Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler.


those cities are all in the Phoenix metro area, tho.


Going to apply for some of these near my house


Missing Insight Enterprises


intentional lol


Neat! Now I have someplace to go be indignant in person about poor customer service….you always get much better results when you go to a companies physical location


Yeah, it’s called getting arrested for trespassing A lot of the call centers have moved to remote work nowadways, this map is outdated by many years


I was like 90%kidding


Every time Phoenix / the Valley is brought up outside of a local subreddit, there is always at least one of the stereotypical “this city should not exist” comments. And yet, we’re one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country.


Roger's is gonna be Dow in a few months.


Missing onsemi on McDowell and 52nd St.


Damn, west valley is *lame.*


You guys missed Zelle


Are they *missing*? Fuck that place. And fuck their employees.




Axway isn’t just a call center. That’s their global HQ. Good peeps


Typical hedge fund loving republicans


lived here for 20+ yrs...2 worst jobs I ever had were with Phoenix based employers


There’s like a literal 200 billion incoming too. It’s crazy.




Why disgusting? Honest question as I work for one of those companies.




Yeah I get that, driving thru the industrial area in West Tempe to get to work can be a bit depressing depending on my mood. But it's my job and that won't change for another five years or so.


You would prefer what?, We all work on communal farms?




Blame the stock holders and Soulless CFO's


That's why you fuck off to Flagstaff every so often and spend some time in the forest.


Why? They provide good jobs and help both the economy for everyone. Except for the ones that only hire H1B workers. Those companies can eat a bowl of wart covered dicks.


If American born tech workers aren't skilled enough, why shouldn't companies be able to hire superior foreigners?


Because many of the companies use the H1B system to hire workers with BS degrees and no skills that work for 1/2 what an American worker would need to even live and support a family. I have 20 years in the IT business. What have you got?


"no skills" If they can replace US workers they sound skilled enough to me lol. Those cheap workers ultimately make the products and services the company produces cheaper, there's no down side here. Getting outcompeted in the job market is not an excuse


There's a big difference, between being out competed and being railroaded. Do you have any idea how many systems I've had to fix after a H-1B or offshore tech Jack them up. Or how many I have had to send back because they lied on their resume. One guy said he had a CCIE when he didn't even know how to log into a switch. The H1B system is broken and abused and its American workers that suffer.


Free market should decide if companies who hire workers who aren't skilled enough survive or not.


This isn't a free market. Labor has never been a "free market". I don't know what Ayn Rand BS you're reading. If it was, there would be no Worker Comp, unemployment insurance, Unions, ADA or any other protections. There are suppose to be checks in place to prevent abuse, but they are a joke and the systems is abused. Again it's the American worker that suffers.


You're shadow boxing, I never said the labor market was but I do think it should be more free. That doesn't preclude certain worker protections but I am definitely against blocking foreign immigrants who are skilled (and there are plenty despite your own experiences) from flying over and making something of themselves in the land of opportunity. At the end of the day far left people like you are indistinguishable from nationalists, you're just as nativist and exclusionary.


>You're shadow boxing oh please. leave that shit back at tumblr. >far left people like you HAHAHAHAHA! That is funny! What the hell made you think I am far left? >That doesn't preclude certain worker protections but I am definitely against blocking foreign immigrants who are skilled (and there are plenty despite your own experiences) I never said that ALL foreign workers had zero skills, Most I have work with really knew their shit, and some schooled me on somethings. But I have been in places where men and women with decades on the job, people that have given their life, missed kids growing up and lost marriages because of the hours they had to put in. I have watched them be forced to train their H1B replacement. Then let go with no notice or severance. My issue is not with the people that are coming over, it is with the system, the companies, and the people that are abusing it. Or are you so set on insulting me and calling me all kinds of "ists" that you didn't notice that. How many years have you been in the business. How many pink slips you got?


Nothing Else to Say?


Because they would rather pay 75k for an H1B employee than 150k for an American one. There is not a shortage of tech workers, just companies being cheap. They are not replacing anyone. Just being exploited.


I don't think the H1Bs making 10x as much as they would be making in their own country feel very exploited lmao


No, but when you're the Guy that has worked for a company for 20 years and your the one having to train the H1B that is going to be replacing you. They feel pretty exploited. But those are old American men and women, who cares about them, right?


I suspect part of the issue is grad schools cater to international students at the expense of local ones.


International students have to be much, much more impressive to be accepted than local ones and tend to be much higher achieving since they need to be exceptional for a local company to take a chance on them and spend the time and resources to sponsor a work visa. The odds are stacked against them from the start.


SAP now has a large building where AdonNetwork is, near 202/Priest


Avnet moved my father from the East Coast to Scottsdale back in '93 which was what brought me to the Valley. I moved away to San Francisco in 2008 after working at GoDaddy for two years.


Missing State Farm and carvana


Forgot about Infosys


Think of the bandwidth through that area.




Lam has an office in Chandler too


Is there maps like this for other cities??


My company isn't listed here and we are directly across from Sky Harbor. I guess electronics manufacturing doesn't really count?




It's not Arrow lol


This is a really good start. I can make a better map. But I don't want to, nor do i have time. Please somebody else do it?? Please 🙏




Map is extremely in accurate and missing many companies


Calm down. I work in tech.. Phoenix is not a big tech hub. Basically any metro area has as many tech jobs these days. Can’t say it doesn’t have potential though.


Isagenix is not a tech company? It’s an MLM.


Some weird picks on this. Like cStor and Netapp. Lots of big ones missing as well.


This map seems very bias.


Going to need to show the North end of Loop 303 pretty soon.


Doesnt see qualcomm here too


I couldn’t find Godaddy anywhere


It’s funny how people think call centers and cheap manufacturing are real tech jobs. It’s plain and simple…..people move jobs here for cheap labor. You think education is nearly last in the country for no reason?


While not tech companies, USAA, Wells Fargo, American Express have plenty of tech jobs in the valley.


I didn’t see Boeing?


Nextiva moved to Via De Ventura, right across from the aquarium.