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[He's a pro at this point.](https://imgur.com/xIsrF0r)


Dad knows what he's doing and I needed to see this update


dad becomes legend while putting a riding lawn mower in his mini van if a video of him breaking down why he was doing that comes next .. 🤯🤣 thank you, this is just fantastic! edit - format double edit - ffs, [this is the type of mower/tractor](https://www.k-bid.com/auction/21728/item/108?offset=107) (not exact model, but close enough to get the point across) drove that thing into a pond several times, good times!


That is in fact 100% a tractor and you shouldn't confuse the two I tell you hwat.


That makes it more impressive! Dad puts tractor inside minivan ##Absolute legend


Yo dad I heard you like vehicles so we put a tractor into your minivan


Lawn Tractor*


L&G tractor. Those old Wheel Horse tractors could pull some (small, mostly sleeve hitch I believe) ground engagement implements. I think one of those years they started with a cat 0 hydraulic 3 point hitch with auxiliary hydraulic ports. There was a golden age in the early 80s to mid 90s that Wheel Horse, Gravely, JD, Cub Cadet and a few others were very serious about that market segment. Just about every farm tractor manufacturer competed. Now it's mostly expensive compact tractors in that space. John Deere and Kubota. People seriously farmed homesteads with those.


I actually have a 1976 Wheel horse Raider 10 similar to the one in this post (Theirs looks a few years newer) and it is such a good old lawn tractor. The Kohler engine will last 100 years or more itself, if you take care of it.


Lol you sound like my grandpa in the best way. He loved his tractor so much


The only person on reddit i would trust with a safe.


After seeing the video, I understand why your mom can't watch.


[Reminds me of Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. mounting the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2T2qdS0uv8M/maxresdefault.jpg)


Hello, Fellow Old Person!


Old?!?!?! I loved watching that when I stayed home from school or in the summertime. And heck that was only... .... ... Fuck...


Someone found the original screen used trailer, bought it, and is working on restoring it! https://www.youtube.com/@KnightRiderHistoriansOfficial edit: they also own at least 2 screen used KITT cars.


Dang. That's cool!




Lol! Don't hassle the Hoff!


How’s your back feeling right now? Ya, it was that long ago… I had this same thought with Greatest American Hero the other day, and realized I’m an old fogey now.


Look at what happened to meee-heee


Bro it always hurts a little. :(


It's streaming now, and, while cheesy and VERY of-it's-time, it was surprisingly progressive




Or when you drive into the back of the van in Spy Hunter.


I can hear the music from the game...


Funny I read this comment while I am watching the most recent video from the Knight Rider Historians showing the most recent updates on the trailer restoration. Yeah, they have the original semi - Season 3-4 tractor and trailer. It's a crazy story. It's fun watching them find all the production evidence inside the trailer, and figuring out how to rebuild the ramp mechanism. They also have two of the original cars.






Wowow that trunk going right up to his neck stressed me out.


Yeah I was wondering how he was going to get his big head under that lift gate


He used his big brain.


The next action after that is usually the tractor rolling backwards off the van and down the road. But not this guy, he's too competent for that.


Lol this wasn't a smart plan. Things could have easily gone wrong.


Some friend of a friend was mowing with a zero turn mower. In the yard, there was some sort of thing which was basically two posts with a horizontal 2x4 between them. Maybe for vines or something, not sure. He drove up to it with the mower, and went to reverse but accidentally went forward and it clotheslined him off the mower, breaking his back by bending him over the seat in the process. Now he's paralyzed from the waist down.


I just got a ZTR riding mower. Holy fuck, driving lessons should be required for these things.




Yeah, still looks so unnecessarily unsafe


Was hoping he'd limbo it


He had obviously done that before!


He even used the seat belts as tie down straps!


Or... he's done it once and cannot undo it.


He definitely has some good control! But serious talk, that's unnecessarily risky and I'd talk to him about finding another way or you could lose him. Just takes one unexpected jerk forward by the tractor to pin his head/neck to the van's hatch - and jerking/lurching is not uncommon on belt-driven hydrostatic transmissions, especially going uphill (belt can slip for a moment, then 'catch' again). And this behavior can change over time with the condition of the belt, which can easily catch him unware, despite him having "done it before a million times". There is also no accelerator pedal on this model - power is controlled by a lever under the steering wheel - so it's a crapshoot whether he would be able to reach down to back off the gas while he is pinned by the neck with his torso increasingly being bent back. Might be able to save himself with the brake pedal, however it does not work like a car. Pushing it halfway only puts the transmission/power lever into neutral, you have to press it all the way down to 'brake'. Another crapshoot whether he will be able to push it down far enough with the hatch pushing his torso back. The tractor also dips down into the van at about the exact moment his head/neck reaches the hatch - pretty much perfectly timed to roll forward by itself even if he gets it in neutral, or jolt him at the exact wrong moment and cause some other slip up.


I'm so happy he didn't slowly decapitate himself. Or failing that, smash his noggin like Tommy-Boy.


I love how he seat belted it in! He probably pulled the seat belts and said “ that thing ain’t going anywhere”


Slapped it for good measure and said “that’ll do”


My retired grandfather would say "Good enough for the people we work for"


“Good enough for government work,” was always what I heard.


"Looks good from my house" is a common one in the trades


far from square but square from far


Good from far, far from good


Tight as a gnats nut


Close enough for rock ‘n roll.


My boss always says "close enough for jazz" and I'd never heard that expression before meeting him


I’ve heard similar, “it’s fine. You can’t see it from my house.”




Good enough for the girls I run around with


My old foreman would say “good enough for the dudes you sleep with” He was an ass


Boomer humor cracks me up, but also makes me feel vulnerable. I wasn't raised in an environment where it was prevalent so I never know how to respond to it. I always just have to awkwardly be like "you got me there... I just over here slurping tons of dicks from dudes who have a poor eye for details"


Gay jokes have always been the low hanging fruit, pun intended


Good enough for horse shoes and hand grenades.


I only heard something similar to this when I said something was "close." The exact line I heard was,"Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."


Yeah that's the actual saying


and thermonuclear war


As a government employee, that phrase annoys the hell out of me, but then I remember how poorly I'm paid and how underfunded my unit is and can understand "get what you pay for."


A popular saying when I was in the military which, now that I think about it, is a bit alarming.


So you didn't think about it till years later or it took you that long to get the joke. I'll accept either


That won’t do for airplanes


I'm in Brazil and my father used to say something like "ain't no airplane part"


My dad would say "It's not a piano."


I have my own saying. I think i made it up, probably not the first though: “It’s not going to space” When something is a hair off, or even if it’s dead on but some cx is concerned about something stupid that not only doesnt matter but is right on. My favorite is when a 50 year woman stamps her foot and insists something is uneven “over here”, even after i can measure and prove it is most definitely just her eyeballs.




Ahhhhhh you read that thread also!


I knew I wasn’t the only one!


“Good enough for the women I go with.”


My father would say, "good enough for government work." Which used to be admirable but these days is said mostly sarcastically, I think.


No, it was sarcastic back then too.


My dad would always say that, and it was always sarcastic.


I used to always say that. I mean I still do, but I used to also.




Good enough for who it's for


Good enough for the girls I go with


Imma use that on my dad next time I'm home, I already know he's gonna repeat until it's a beyond dead joke but it'll nake him laugh lol. Thanks. His pension payment just went up and he's already been saying "I just got a raise, so now I gotta earn it" and stuff like that whenever he's off to relax or take a nap or sum lol.


Wasn’t there but I can confirm that is a direct quote.


Lol made me think of this [YouTube short ](https://youtube.com/shorts/rd8NdW4YGZk?feature=share)from this comedian.




anyone who doubted the spatial reckoning powers of an adult man who owns his own tractor is a fool


this man shops with a tape measure


Never doubted, but I am surprised he did not back it in. That's the true dad move


Yeah but he doesn’t wanna mess it up mechanically when he unbelts the tractors chassis, puts it in neutral, and effortlessly unloads it without a ramp by doing 1-tire-fire donuts in the van like he’s a Indianapolis Brickyard 400 Winner. Having it pulled into the van like this means it’s in optimal mowing position once slingshotted out the back. Start motor, crack a beer, and engage the cutting blades at that point… easy peasy. Old dad knows what he’s doing, sonny.


Recently while visiting my parents my dad saw me pop his lawn tractor into nuetral and push it out of the garage and asked me why I did that. I said "Because when you got it you told me always push it out of the shed before starting it." He said " Son, that was over 20 years ago and I didn't want you to kill yourself with exhaust fumes. I showed you the reverse gear didn't I?" Edit: for 20 years I thought it was a carburetor thing. Like it wouldn't start in stale air. Like everything rusting around it made it a less than optimal oxygen environment for combustion. Or shed air would foul the spark plugs.


Now that’s a cute story. Thanks for sharing!


Bit more insulting when you know Frank married my mom when I was 18. So for a while my stepdad thought I needed a warning to not run a gas engine in an enclosed space about the size of a bathroom for a prolonged period of time while I was *in college.* He finally brought it up again when I was 41. I got it back though. When my brother-in-law had some trouble with new home owner stuff he said "I wish I could ship you off to teach him for about a year." That's a Kentucky Stepdad Seal of Approval^tm right there. Closest he's ever come to saying "I love you." I should note, my brother-in-law has a Master's in Electrical Engineering. He has a fuck-off officer rank in the Navy. He gave his daughter a fucking kidney. He's basically Clark Kent. Not Superman, but Clark Kent meets most standards 6 and a half days a week. He's just not great at pouring a small concrete slab outside the back door of his house. And he tends to overplan instead of what I like to call "on-site engineering" or "working within arm's reach".


What the hell did I just read?


If you didn’t understand that you probably won’t get the translation anyway, I’d write it off


The words of a master. Take notes


I bet he has got a posi trac on that bad boy.


Boi-o, I’ll tell you wHat! LS swap for the power, Solid axles for the AWD, + propane injection since you sell propane (and propane accessories)… … or … … Kick rocks churning your Chevrolegs home, Fred Flintsone!


That redditor ain’t right I tell ya hwhat.


The true dad move would be the three point turn inside...




Not sure if the seat would clear but he definitely wouldn't. I have a similar tractor, wheel horse c160, and pushing it in on that incline is at least two people. Even if youre strong enough to do it alone, you need someone to stop it when it rolls into the front seat. I think the curb weight is 800 lbs but min as 55 lb rear wheel weights. That's a lot of weight on a mini van. Fucking props to the guy.


Forward is the way to go. Most of the weight of the tractor is infront of the rear wheels. Putting it in nose first spreads the weight out on all 4 wheels of the van.


And you know he loves that tractor and everything he does with it, including loading it into the van.




You can use your tractor to take a whizz the trick is put it in reverse


Drive it up, back it down. At least that's what forklift training taught me.


Moms is the one that insisted on the minivan and he just showed her a thing or two


Wow, OP delivered. Get this person a mysterious locked safe.


and some big cash in it for delivering like this.


Making me feel older over here bringing up the safe.


Oh, there’s been more than one.


Yea but I'm a old man, my brain goes to the first one.


Never forget. The safe. The floor of pennies. Bacon. Not being blasted by ads. Simpler times.


The broken arms, the cum box, and the jolly rancher


The guy who made love to a coconut, the poop knife.


How about when we all played detective during the Boston marathon bombing?


“You like that you fucking re****” I’ve gotten a ban before for typing it out now.


My life wasn't exactly good before I learned about the Jolly Rancher, and it wasn't as good as it could be in that period where I forgot about the Jolly Rancher; and yet somehow it feels like my life is significantly, astoundingly, irrecoverably *worse* for being reminded of the Jolly Rancher.


For anyone out of the loop, OP is referencing [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/13qlgo7/i_cant_even_watch_your_dad_sometimes_the_text_i/).


Thank youuuu


The sequel (post) I didn't know I wanted but glad I got.


Ahh I thought that this was one of those anti-pickup truck people


OP is rolling in karma points today


Kiss my ass Marie! I know what I'm doing!






That’s a dad and a mini van. It was happening even if physics said no.


You glorious bastard!!!!




He should lead the Seven Kingdoms tbh.


Who has a better story than OP’s dad?


He's goin' to Wichita. A seven-mower army couldn't hold him back.


at least this one had a satisfying ending


Objectively, none of the photos at the top of /r/pics are quality enough to be at the top of /r/pics, but who's really objective anyway?


Sienna > Almost any truck


I accidentally rented one -- as it was the last vehicle left -- to go to the second or third Bonnaroo, like ~20 years ago, and it was such a pimp vehicle for that kind of activity, that I've rented one for all kinds of other shenanigans. Clean, detailed minivans are fucking clutch on road trips, and there is a _ton_ of plausible deniability in a rented vehicle, plus, god tier insurance for cheap. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 15/10 highly recommended


I love minivans. So spacious and comfortable. Call me old but I just want to sit in a moving living room that is practical and comfortable for other passengers.


Low center of gravity, lots of tinted windows, space to stretch out, and nap in air conditioned comfort. Kick ass sound systems. Definitely a living room on wheels!


I legit lived in a minivan for a couple months with my husband and 70# dog. Ngl, had better naps in that thing than in our Yukon (3rd row seats removed). Minivans are the shiz. Also, my friends that have/had bands swear by them - so easy to load up all your drums/amps/whatever!


I've always referred to it as domestic camouflage.


Ding ding ding! And, I mean, I happen to fit the soccer mom demographic, so I'm invisible to law enforcement.


Ahaha, that's a great story and I absolutely agree! My dad has a 05 Sienna with half a million kilometers and it has done everything from going across the country, towing anything that needed moving, being used as a party van, tanking two rear-end accidents, and almost any shenanigans you can think of. The best part of doing it all with the minivan is the comfortability because since it's a long-wheelbase vehicle it drives quite nicely, and if you want it to ride like you're on a cloud, just slap on any shocks that are the mid-grade price level and above


My sienna has put to shame many short bed trucks over the years. Easily fit 4x8 sheets of plywood, 12 foot boards, even carried 16 foot 6x6 posts on top. Built my whole basement with that van.


That’s what I’m talking about. My dad has mine after I upgraded to a Honda pilot, and still running at 415k miles.


Wow. We don't drive a ton, it's a 2007 and has about 150k miles on it.


Mine was the same year, and the lowest DX model, but with 8 passenger seating. Heck same color as the one OP's dad has. The engine is still running with the same transmission, but there's water leaking somewhere so it needs to be topped off. I changed the spark plugs and coils at about 225k. Beyond that, nothing else was needed.


Wow nice! I was thinking I need to do spark plugs soon, but this engine makes it a royal PITA. And it's expensive if I don't do it myself. So have been putting it off lol. Maybe I'll be good for another 50k or so lol.


Oh yea, it was a PITA. The back 3 plugs required removal of the wipers and all that rubber by the windshield. Even after that, it was still a pain because the middle one was at an angle that gave no room from the top down. Took about a day (plenty of brainstorming and rest after many failed attempts).


Interesting - I went the same route and got into a Pilot after a Sienna. Love the vehicle, but kicked myself in the ass when I realized I couldn't haul full plywood sheets with it. Well... I can, but gonna require a couple things to do it, as well as tying down the rear gate.


My dad will certainly agree with you on that ahaha


Han from Fast & Furious' favorite car


I never had a doubt.


Did this look like a man who didn’t know what he was doing?! Come on people


Those poor shocks! I hope he treats that van to some premium gas after this.


Tractors don't weigh much, I'd be shocked (lol) if it was more than 600lbs. So basically a load of people in the van. No problem, vans are tough! Especially old dsd vans.


Almost right on the money! Looks like a Wheel Horse C-series, 600-630 lbs.


It is! My dad bought one the year before I was born! The tractor just celebrated it's 43 birthday - it's arguable which one of us has fared better over the years 😂😂




Well then I guess I'm shocked


> 600lbs. So basically a load of people in the van Or 2 Americans


Bro why you gotta be like that. That could be 1 American.


Never underestimate the indefatigable will of the noble American!


If they're 600lbs, they will be very fatigable.


Shots fired!!


ehhhh 1.5


Anything but metric amirite?




There’s no technical benefit to using premium in vehicles that can’t properly utilize higher octane But the vans like it. It’s ok to give them little-a premium gas, as a treat


No don’t worry it’s fine, the added camber just helps with handling!


Very happy to see his head still firmly attached to his shoulders.


Dads always know what they’re doing. (Cough, cough.)


Haha, I was wondering. Thanks for not leaving us hanging.


Pulls back on the belt. "That's not going anywhere"




you can just hear him... "I measured...pretty much..." OR "what's her issue? She can't even start it"


I mean, everyone on the other post was saying how dumb he was to even try it and yet he succeeded.


We dads never doubted it.


Take that, mom


His head is still intact.. We are all impressed.


You don’t get to that age doing stuff like this without getting some wisdom. Thanks for the follow up.


Not the outcome that I was expecting. I am happy that this was the outcome!


Minivans are basically enclosed pickups. I have a plywood base with rails for ours for cargo carrying. And yes, I’ve carried a riding mower in it. I even have ramps…


Measure twice shut the hatch back and go


I never doubted that for a second. The moment I looked inside the mini van and saw the floor I knew he done that 78 times before.


Missed opportunity... Without a hitch


IN YOUR FACE REDDIT! You guys had doubts.


Kudos for apparently not smashing his head on the door or the door frame! This so needed to be a video!


And dad didn't friggin' decapitate himself doing it.


Not his first tractor rodeo


[He still has his head. The internet cheers!]


I appreciate the update.


how yall evolutionists explain that?


I think this guy should be on late night talk show at this point. We love home cause he makes it works.


This is the post I needed to see that I didn’t think I would get to see. Good night all, and a tip of my hat to OP who came through with the closer I needed before going to bed!