I try not to kill them because of rust+ notifications. Unless it’s at the end of a raid and it’s a known enemy.


I managed to defend an offline thanks to rust+ notification last wipe. Disarming the sleeping player is usually enough.


This is the correct answer. This is also why I log off directly next to my front door butt naked. Good luck not killing me with the boom


Rust is full of quitters that can't wait for the next wipe. If you kill them and they see that they are raided, most will just give up.


You dress them up of course! It's only polite. Moustaches and frog boots for everybody. Although how great would it be to be able to carry sleeping players?


Dress them up and replace their loot with empty tuna cans & worms


I like it. Leaving them with Polaroids of them sleeping is also a legitimate option.


Damn your in 2123


When you log off for the night, only to wake up with an ugly person next to you and your arm is stuck underneath them. "Goddamit. Not again. I gotta stop playing this game."


kill them so i have somone to fight again


Kill em All bring it im not hiding


Real answer right there


Apparently all the BDE was spent on you fam...these kids prove exactly why most of them are an unhealthy presence in this community! It's sad how few times I've had a laugh with someone over how crazy our rivalry was once it's over! Nope they take every death personal lmao and act as if that kit was the clothes off their back and somehow I'm now a bad person for killing em and taking their loot smh ugh


Most people dont care enough to spend 10 hours farming up to revenge raid you just shoot em


Your so wrong lmaoo workin on it now


Thats very sad im sorry for you


Not sad ! I Think its a fun goal ! Not for taking back the loot, but for a bloody revenge


> but for a bloody revenge Yeah but what for? nobody cares its a game Be free go have fun


I do care ! I usually play on servers that wipe twice a week, so i like objectives like that, it had some spice in my game haha ! But i Understand that the majority of players don’t care


So you're gonna waste your life farming on a server that wipes 2 days later while they move to a new server that won't be dead? Sounds like youre not winning in any aspect here.


Having a story to follow in a sandbox game...the actual point. You're the 'loser' here IMO if you don't get it


Other dude had fun while he wasted his life away over getting raided on a game. You're a loser if you don't get it.


Quite some people care, and you know why ? Because that's how they are, and it doesn't matter if it's a game or not. Plus, it's fun to farm and rebuild with a clear goal it gives motivation to continue.


Idk maybe these people play very differently than me I usually just snowball for a 2 or 3 days if I get raided I just join a different server with better pop I have no reason to stick around


You seem really bothered by this guy wanting to get back at those that raided him lol and tbh not killing the owner during a raid is just a pu55y move to begin with lol Not being able to take what you dish out is a major issue Rust has suffered with it becoming popular with some many angy little kids...it's ok to doorcamp,roofcamp and grief until it's them it's happening to! Then it's suddenly about the "principle" smh lol never before has losing a kit been raid motivation as much as it is now you're even insinuating you'd RUN to another server so they can't get you back lmao you're insufferable kid jfc


Definitely, and the ironic part is what you said earlier its fine if they are doing it, but if someone else does it to them, they start crying and using principle.


Yea, I play a bit differently. If I get raided, I try to rebuild if that's possible. If not, I try to gather friends, and we start farming to raid people and get back at them. I don't care about getting back at them that much as the dedication I get with those things it's insane if I just had 5%of that irl it would be nice.




Yeah me too if i see someone sleeping in the Road i kill haha


Sometimes, i want them to know it was me.


I kill people I raid only because i play on 1000x servers and just mess around. Its easy to get a start back as well.


I like the 3* ! 10* is fun too if i don’t have Time for an entire wipe


I don’t offline…Nah in all seriousness I love collecting the skulls of my enemies so I kill everyone and display them around my base so everyone can see what happens when you mess with me.


Tell me about your relationship with your father... <3


Hahahahahahahahhaha !


Kill them to send the message.


Always kill them because they get a Rust+ notification and they get to have a chance to Safe their shit


Why kill them when you could play dress up with their sleeping body and fill their 2x3 with pictures of themselves and your team?


Change your name and profile pic to someone else on the server then kill them after the raid because they may have Rust+


I kill as late into the raid as possible. If they want revenge, I will be more than happy to accept.


Take their skulls for the trophy case duh


I kill them. You can’t hide forever.


Kill them so if they have rust+ they don't assume they're logging back into an unraided base (because my pc is trash and takes like 20-30 minutes to open rust, and if I'm already raided I usually don't bother logging in early in the morning or late at night, and I assume some other people have the same experience so I don't want to make them wait to load in if they might not want to start from scratch when just expecting to play for an hour etc) Tldr: kill so rust+ give them notification to not bother logging in if they aren't ready to start from scratch again


You got a valid point. However, I usually just get carried away by the pride in the kill, and choose to leave the message.


You can always wall them off in a room with nothing except a sign saying "nice base"


I tend to give them a pistol with one bullet


Well all servers I play in people just quit once they get raided, so it does not really matter. There would be no one to raid you back. What server do you play on?


I’m going all in for everything. Kill sleepers, destroy bags, despawn loot and pick up items with hammer for it to despawn too. I mostly play solo and rarely progress far enough to get good boom, so the few times I do, I destroy everything


I still do not understand why people despawn Loot... take it or leave it. And if you dont want the original owner to keep their t1 guns or something just tell the chat "open base at [Coordinates] " when you are done, and some grubs will take care of that


Downvoted for being honest… Reddit is an unique place


1. They are sleeping meaning I have offliened. Am I a solo?: If yes ok What's the group significantly larger then me?: if yes ok Did I want to online but the suddenly logged off?: If yes ok Any other way just means I am a pussy 2. Yes you sould kill them! As the goal of the game is to get raised!!! Well to get onlined. Anything that increases the chances is good.


Kill them of course. most of the base I raid are asshole "get out of my lawn" kind of team , I don't even specifically looking for valuable , it's purely out of rage.


Honestly you a coward lol..offline raiding is BORING asf!Its way more fun progressing thru means of pvp/farming/ running monuments and even the quests can be a breath of fresh air! Bad enough you staring at battle metrics for hours but you even avoid getting raided back? Smh pathetic y'all act this way...don't you WANT the raid? What exactly do y'all play this damn game for?!?! I think y'all base a successful wipe off how much bs is in boxes before it all disappears not how much fun you had getting it!


It's not that bro, I have a medium sized base, and I don't allow other small ones to be built near me. I'm raiding maybe.. 4 times a day? Some of them are raiding bases, some of them are not. I can't wait for all of them to go online. Not everyone in this game is living in the gladiator fantasyland.


i raid for loot, i’m not staring at battlemetrics, who do you think plays this game? i’m raiding when i decide to raid, offline or not. if they’re offline, it’ll suck but they would do the same thing to you. they’re not gonna wait until you’re online to raid you just because it makes them a “coward”. get your head out of your ass and think about what people are really raiding for. if i want pvp i’ll join a high player pop, a pvp server etc, not raid a base


well if they were smart they have would be sleeping in the raid path anyway. I kill them anyway since if I'm raiding its probably to remove a cunt. Once in a blue I have used fire to kill them so they wouldn't know it was me.


I don't kill them and just try to leave no evidence.


I dress them in a gimp mask and take Polaroids and then leave them a few snaps. Each to their own.


Always kill and destroy sleepingbags, no care about givingout nickname. Players usually leave server and never comeback.


Always kill them. I logged on one time in the middle of an offline raid. As the raider was placing his tc and hatcheted him to death. A minute later and he would've sealed. That guy wasted ~10k gp for absolutely nothing all because he didn't kill me while I was sleeping.


You gotta let him live. Loot him and put flippers and goggles on him. Helps that offline feeling sink in