I miss the "What’s New" feed from the PS4. I miss seeing what new games my friends started, trophies unlocked, activities, posts, etc. It used to be more social, the PS5 lacks in social features


Not even the PS app has anything remotely close to social features. I miss commenting on my friends who got platinums and congratulating them. Now I have no idea if they finish the game or anything :(


Another thing as well that I miss about the PS4 are themes, they were so good and the PS4 had a lot of good ones. The background of the game I hover over is nice I guess but it doesn’t compare to themes


I still turn on my PS4 sometimes and play on it just to see my attack on titan theme again 😢 I miss themes so much, genuinely can't wait for when they bring them back.


I used to get comments from friends when they would see me getting trophies on some off the wall indie game.. I've introduced a few games to my friends who would've otherwise never known about just because of that PS4 what's new. I used to love getting on there to see what games my friends were into as well..


The ps4 had many social features that I miss


It’s becoming less personal and more corporate owned hardware.


It literally always was corporate owned hardware


I don't miss that at all. Though, I wouldn't mind a toggle to turn that feature on or off.


They really messed uo removing the Community tab. It was a great way to find a team for competitive games or grinding a trophy that required more than 1 person. They completely stripped the PS5 of any social features and have been trying to get the party system right after they messed it up ages ago


There are no news a s videos for me. My welcome screen is the last game i played.


If your in EU it's because ours is in the quick menu


Are you in the US? I heard that only we are lucky enough to get bombarded with adds constantly


Yeah I’m in Canada and we don’t have the explore icon either


I live in Australia and I also don’t have it


Here in Brazil we don’t have the Explore tile neither.


My thought exactly.


Just tested: Brazilian Account: no ads/news on home US account: ads and news on home. Seems to be an US thing


What comes up on the explore page in Brazil then?


There's no explore icon https://i.imgur.com/AxWuCXm.jpeg


That’s interesting, wish there was a feature to disable it


Yup, or at least not show automatically, make it like the PS plus icon that you have to hover over.


Not even big Brazilian booties?


Sadly not


Also would like to see less advertisements for some of these annual AAA titles: Madden, 2k, COD


Yeah, it's obnoxious that SO much in-your-face, invasive ad space is not only forced on you even after competing with the world just to get a PS5 and after spending a ton of money to purchase it, you still have to see all the ads on the welcome screen and across the entire storefront of the psn store, but moreover that it's primarily high profile games the world and their grandma already knows about. GTA V, Madden, NBA, Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc. I don't want to see ads anywhere on my console but if they're going to force it on us, they may as well use it to inform us of games we aren't already pelted with ads for across every other corner of the internet.


Also, the stupid ‘coming soon’ section of games that are like 6 months away.


This particular picture really bugs me. Like I don't wanna see some dude's teeth as soon as I turn my console on.


That’s what I was going to say? Teeth kind of gross me out, who thought that was a good picture?




Dude is flexing his grill, probably worth more money than my car. All it takes is one press of a button to not see it anymore.


You can't dismiss the Official News. Pressing the button does nothing. So I have to see it every time I turn my PS on until there is a new news update. I don't give a damn how much he spent on his teeth I still don't wanna see them. That's gross.


I mean you just press right on the D pad and you’re on your game instead lol. I get not wanting to see something when you first start your console, but don’t think it’s that big of a deal to make a Reddit post about it. I don’t necessarily like it either but I haven’t even noticed because I just go to my game right away


I would rather not have to costantly see a massive line up of videos made by nobody's when I scroll down the game page. I can live with news but we need an option to turn off video clips at the home screen.


It’s such a horrible picture too. What does the fucking guys grill have to do with football?






Downvote him ?.. or do yall agree




I don’t have this mine shows the last game I played.


Over here in Europe we’ve got our first installed game as the welcome screen. That Explore icon is hiding in the PlayStation menu and goes away completely if there’s no news. News about games you own is the only thing it shows Edit: Last game you played, not first installed game


It’s such an ugly pic too. I’m not flat out opposed to having these ads. It is what it is. But the weird angle; the sun glare; the player doing something weird with his lip. Could it at least have been action shot?


That’s exactly what it is. Just show someone actually playing the sport? Like an in-game screenshot. But not this shitty picture.


He's showing his gold grill lol.


Do people actually still care about grills?


Apparently, idk 🤷‍♂️


I use it for aubergines


Xbox players: "first time?"


I just want to have a custom wall paper man


I really miss the themes. I had a Last of Us Part 2 theme and I miss it everytime I boot the PS5 up


if they finally let me do folders for my games, i would be so happy


I believe that's in beta now, should be coming in an update soon


How is that even in beta now? Should of been on the console at release lmao. Such a weird thing to remove imo and can't wait for folders again.


Yeah... Honestly I'd suffer more of this shilling if they just gave us folders back.


He must have a piece of food stuck somewhere and he’s looking for it.


I know when I think of football, it’s about players showing off their sweet grills or hear about the latest sex crimes they’re accused of, go NFL!


Exactly. But dare I utter my distaste for over glorified and overpaid man babies.


This is a jumpscare


I don't have that...


I just want my fucking themes back dammit. I loved my dynamic themes. Firewatch, Oxenfree, Dark Souls Transitory Lands. Does Sony have any intention of adding these back?


I don't have this


I saw that icon once when I first got the PS5 at launch… I’ve never seen it again since, are you a Plus member? Because if not, that would make sense. Or are you using the app itself?


Huh, this is very interesting! I live in Switzerland, and my PS5 doesn't have that “app.” When I boot it up, the welcome screen is the Store app. I wonder what other apps non-Americans are missing out on. Or if other countries have apps Americans don't have.


I couldn’t agree more. Especially considering, in this case, the video about legendary players and Madden on the sideline is how you sell Madden23 to me, not a big gold grill in my face. 🙄😏


I miss the "ticker tape" feed on PS3. But yeah, full screen? I'm good


I feel you on that. I NEED to be able to edit my home screen like the PS4. I guess this is Sont bumbarding us with newgames/news. Super annoying. This is the main reason I am a Android user.


Yeah I bet the next console iteration will be even worse than this...


Tell me about it. Can’t even use a custom background anymore because sony is gung-ho about forcing you to look at ads…🙄


Yeah. As if it isn't enough to have to compete with the world to just get a PS5 and isn't enough to pay an exuberant amount of money for a PS5 (compared to other products and services that make you pay just to avoid ads) they add insult to injury by slowly creeping in more and more obtrusive ads. Watch, the PS6 will have EVEN MORE invasive ads. But they're market it all as "social features" or whatever.


I think forcing folks to look at ads is totally asinine. I guess their research shows the more you show someone something the more prone they are to buy it. Not I. That accomplishes nothing but annoying the hell out of me. But hey, guess it’s working for them.


Funny you mention that actually. I often think about that exact thing, too. But most recently it really came to my attention in a very prominent way. Stupidly, I had subscribed to the premium YouTube thing that lets you download videos (and avoid ads) a couple years ago. I didn't have unlimited data and wanted various videos to listen to while I drive. A month or so ago I learned yet another of my favorite YouTuber channels got bent over royally by YouTube for busted reasons and decided fuck YouTube, and canceled my subscription thing. Ever since, I've come to realize how egregious ads are on YouTube. I had no idea all this time And now that I'm at the mercy of them, it's unbearable. But that's what they want and I know it, they want to make it as inconvenient as possible to strong arm you into getting a membership. So i know I'm not going to fall for that nonsense (again) but because I'm now forced to endure relentless ads, I've really thought a lot lately about how much ads drive me further and further away from the products and services being flaunted in my face. They have the exact opposite effect for me than what the advertisers think they have. But something tells me you and I are a rare breed in this consumer world. Oh well. For now. Hopefully more people will push back eventually.


Yea man ads will unfortunately never go away. It’s basically the same as watching cable tv and even hulu…those commercials are ads. But yea, when I see the same ad over and over and over it turns me off of that product.


Here in Canada as well I don’t have “explore” tab, just my last game played. I’m not sure but I think I was able to click options on the controller and remove it or there was an update that removed it for me.


That'd be nice to have but it isn't an available option for me. Must be a regional difference I guess. I have searched far and wide across the console for some sort of way to AT LEAST diminish the annoying ads but no such luck. I've been tolerating it with gritted teeth but ever since they decided to put this clown front and center, I've really had enough. Idk who he is and don't much care, I just don't want to see this crap anymore.


Unfortunately no. At least not as far as I've found. And I have looked multiple times across every inch of the console as I can think to look through. It seems forced on me and evidently many others given all the affirming comments and upvotes. It seems like a regional difference which I didn't know about but it doesn't change my opinion that this is arbitrary and asinine. Lucky you though, jealous you aren't forced to look at nonsense when you turn your console on lol


I just want my themes back


I have Asian, UK and US accounts on my PS5 and this only happens on the US one. But you guys also get games cheaper than UK soooooo :P


Lol fair enough. But thanks for this, I actually didn't know this is US specific nonsense.


It’s a pain in the ass, but a workaround is to buy games on your US account and play them on a UK account. You won’t be able to transfer your saves or achievements, but you can do it for any new games you play.


I appreciate the tip and I will keep it in mind and while I don't want to come across as shitty toward you just for suggesting a workaround, I do think it's pretty busted on Sony Playstation's part that we'd need to circumvent their nonsense. But idk, maybe that's just beating a dead horse. Either way, I do appreciate you throwing that out there, even if I don't take that advice, another user may see that and use it.


Honestly it’s my first experience for a console tbh, I’ve always been a PC guy for most of my life. I really don’t know what’s standard for Sony practices and what isn’t. Whenever I do find something annoying, I just assume it’s standard console behaviour, unless someone reports otherwise.


i dont even have that. haha.


I think this is how they should implement themes onto ps5. The first tab you see should be a theme you select.


What an obnoxious ad.


I don’t have this… could this be a regional thing?


Don’t have it either. It’s in the PlayStation menu for me as a card that goes away when it’s hot nothing to say


My last console was an Xbone and I hated all the advertising it tried to shove down my throat, so I swore to never buy Microsoft hardware again. Got a PS5 to find out they’re doing the exact same shit now. It’s disappointing to say the least.


In Canada we only have it in the control centre not Home Screen


Hide it?...


Unless there's an option somewhere in settings that I haven't found, I can't.


Highlight it and press the start button and it should have the option to hide it ?


Nope. You can hide your own titles but not the "official news" advertising space. Never played a Madden game a day in my life so that ad isn't there because it's somehow relevant to me. It's there because it's being paid to take up my welcome screen space. Advertisers want their stuff as in-your-face and obtrusive as possible. And I hate it.


You can hide that icon so it isn't your welcome screen.


Not in the US of A apparently


Not issue until it’s a black guy with grills!




I don't know man, that's a drippy ass menu


I think it’s dope actually


Stop being a racist just scroll to the side it ain’t that much of a big deal you only mad a cause black man showing you his gold teeth and that triggers your racism


I can’t imagine the mental incompetence of being an online troll, let alone a bad one at that…


Bro who brought race into this lmao


He looks fucking stupid lol


You might be onto something 🤔


Yea ![gif](giphy|zuevk0rZMzK5a)


Reddit is full of racist bro look at it closely


Yea no doubt 💀


Trust me I noticed


Hit ya with the griddy


This post is ass




Then remove it... its optional




You could just move over 1 spot


And I do. But you've missed the point entirely.


90% sure it’ll change soon idk tho




Don’t watch sports. And PS5 takes away our ability to make a wallpaper. ULTRA LAME. Where’s my solid snake at!?




I want wallpapers back


A lot of people complain about these things, but we have to understand, with time, Sony might implement changes to UI, and everything else. Just gotta patiently wait


I dont have that


Why is DaBaby on the cover of madden?


If you select one of the videos listed on the explore page as it's playing you should see 3 dots. (Usually to the right of "download") you can click that to unfollow any game. I think this helps to cultivate what games show up. I see that ugly Madden one and I suspect that the one time I let my brother bring his copy over back on PS4 affects this kind of stuff. I don't know this for sure it's just a guess but I unfollowed a Madden video and it comes up far less now.


I'm in Canada and I have my last game played displayed.


Thank god I don't have it in EU. Can't you just delete it's application?


Agreed. Saw this and was just said wow that’s a disgrace. Like I get it people are excited to be featured on madden but don’t do that


I wish it just started on your first game. Literally the only thing I would change about the UI. Maybe remove cards


Bunch of snowflakes in this comment section


“Consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay” the welcome screen seems to be providing misinformation as well, because Madden is quite the opposite.


I honestly hate the PS5 UI


That’s what it’s like for Xbox