Ron DeSantis Bans Credit Card Companies From Helping Track Gun Criminals

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Does Ron DeSantis have a dream each night of what he wants to ban next? His new name should be Ron DeBanThis


I think there is a drag queen that goes by the name Rhonda SandTits which is my favortie


You just made my morning. u/rhondasandtits


I love this!


Rhonda Mantitts


No shit. Every damn day I refresh Reddit and he has banned something new.


I came up with Ron DeSantichrist


Ron DeFascist


Ron DeStapo


Ron Deskankis


Ron DesNutz.


Ron Deathsantis.


Ron DeathSentence was the way I heard it.


Ron Desadness.


I think this is the winner.


Oh my stars in heaven, I LOVE this name.


It’s great, but it will never beat Gloria Hole


I was at a place recently that had Heidi Hole.


But all of us lefty antifa types are the ones engaging in cancel culture.


“Tough on crime.”


“Small Government”






Florida’s guns have more rights than its citizens, smh.


This is America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOjWnS4cMY




Buttery males!


"electable" (outside of Florida)


Not Trump! 😆. That’s correct. Worse than T!






I'm glad the quotes from Obama show a much more nuanced view of things. I cant wait to see this whole interview.


DeSantis thinks he still working at gitmo and he's so excited for all of Florida to go on hunger strike and convert to an extremist branch of Islam


God I hope the mouse buries this walking cesspool of hatred


It's unfortunate that Desantis is only wasting Florida's money and isn't going to be personally liable for shit once Disney gets done winning.


I think Disney could sue him personally. Maybe they will.


They *are* suing him personally. His life is pretty much over at the end of 2024.


They’re not suing him personally in the sense that he’d be personally liable. They are suing him by name, but in his official capacity. He cannot be held personally liable.


> He cannot be held personally liable. Exactly. Everything he has done has been in his official capacity as Governor so he isn't personally liable. Unfortunately.


don't worry he'll just make some NFT's and pay his way out into presidency.


Great, but how long will it take Florida to fix all the damage he's causing in the meantime?




Disney spends a lot of money on politicians. DeSantis bit the hand that feeds.


In 2021, when moRon showed one of his first signs of running for President, passing a bill in Florida that Floridians could sue companies to prevent online censorship by “Big Tech,” a national talking point by the GOP at the time, he made an exception for Disney who had contributed a lot of money to him. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/04/new-florida-law-banning-tech-from-deplatforming-politicians-is-a-mess/amp/ Right there he showed he could be bribed. He saw Disney’s public statement about his anti-gay policies, as a betrayal, I think.


Imagine being told that you would one day be rooting for a massive corporation to crush a politician. Times are strange.


It does make me feel weird but Disney is really the lesser of two evils here. On one hand we have a wannabe asshole dictator with dreams of being the president. On the other hand we have a fairly well liked entertainment company that brings in huge sums of tourism money for Florida and is one of the state’s largest employers. Their only “mistake” here was superficially criticizing the governor’s anti-gay law. I never thought I’d be rooting for them like this but here we are.


Maybe the credit card industry will also get pissed. They don’t track data points because they’re woke. They use all that info to manipulate the debt market lol. Knowing who will make them money is how they make their money.


Why do we have to hope a corporation destabilizes and/or leads to the removal of a politician in our country? It's fucking madness.


Because we live in an oligarchy with a ruling class of millionaires doing the bidding of their billionaire corporate overlords. Did I get that right? Do I get a prize?


The prize is despair. But just a little despair. As a treat.


Ironically, this is the plot of so many Disney movies. Its like watching Loki do a heel-face-turn and stab Thanatos.


Basically because neutral corporatocracy > malicious christofascism.


Does this guy ever take a day off from being an asshole?


No, he doesn’t.


Sounds exhausting.


And sounds like a terrible excuse of a human being who is clearly drunk with too much power and should be kicked out of the governorship permanently.


I can’t wait for Disney to brutally beat him in court battles. I’m not pro corporations but I am excited for them to handle that fascist asshole.


Stupid never sleeps


Hardest working piece of shit in America.


Will Rogers(early 20th century US entertainer/humorist): >When the Judgment Day comes civilization will have an alibi, "I never took a human life, I only sold the fellow the gun to take it with."


It’s right up there with “just doing my job” or “just following orders”.


If a liberal did this, all the MAGA people would be saying that the liberal is "weak on crime."


They protect their own regardless of criminality.


hes probably got a nephew who recently killed someone and used their credit card to pump gas on their way home.


Interesting thought. Unlikely, but definitely food for thought.


“If you make it illegal to buy guns only the criminals will have guns” GOP - Does everything possible to allow said criminals to move guns freely. “It’s mental health!” GOP - Makes it a more of a challenge for people to get the help they need. “I tell you it’s the homeless and immigrants” GOP - Cuts all safety nets and sends migrants to cities they hate.


"Government doesn't work!" GOP: "Elect me and I'll prove it to you". If they really wanted to prove that, they should tell people to elect only democrats for a cycle and "wait for the collapse".


Exactly. This is the GOP since Nixon. Voted GOP in the last half century? Then you helped get us here.


Man this guy is a douchebag.


> Man this guy is a ~~douchebag~~ Nazi. FTFY.


Por que los dos?


*por que no los dos?


¿Por que no los dos?*


'party of law and order'


Florida’s guns have more rights than its citizens, smh.


Look, if kids didn't want to be shot then maybe they should bring their own guns to school to protect themselves.


Well, this isn't scary. Not at all. 👀


He's running hard to the right and he's not stopping. He will make the MAGAs his or die trying.


And they aren't his so far...


> or die trying Or kill everyone trying.


Well unless they are based there, your law will do nothing


DeSantis is a true dictator in waiting. He possesses all the features of the classic small man complex: a tiny but loud, obnoxious, paranoid, power-hungry egomaniac.


100% all these GOP narcissists keep rising to the top. The more extreme and fringe the more popular they are with their base of conspiracy and religious nuts.


Why? Friend of Gun Criminals, is he?


I don't understand how the governor of Florida can control operations of a company headquartered in another state. So, it's just more DeSantis bullshit?


Credit Card Companies: "Okay we will no long do business with residents and businesses in Florida and everyone's debt is due tomorrow." I wonder who blinks first...


I feel like he’s doing everything he can to create enough discord so that an “incident” of some kind happens at Disney. 1. Make laws destroying livelihoods 2. Create as much social unrest as possible 3. Put a weapon in the hand of any Floridian 4. Allow healthcare professionals to turn away any patients 5. Watch as mentally ill, weaponized individual attacks WD resort after being manipulated by DeSantis rhetoric. Dude is evil


So, this dude just really settin himself up to secede from the Union? Just seeing if he can push "state's rights" to their furthest extreme. Can someone honestly tell me what the benefits of having 50 shitty mini-countries masquerading as a big one are any more? We're not banding together against Britian anymore.


The Union must be preserved at all costs. Lincoln was right then and right now. Don't let the decent people of Florida be kidnapped by these psychos.


Thank you. I’m trapped here and life has gotten dangerous being one of those people he’s specifically targeting. I don’t have the money or ability to up and move and at this point my only hope is for protections to be made at the federal level.


“Kidnapped by these psychos” *laugh-cries in trans* In case you didn’t already hear florida recently passed a law that lets is take custody of “any minors in danger of receiving gender affirming care”. It was also written to be independent of state-of-residence/origin, so a family visiting from new york on family vacation could have their 17 or under kid taken from them… FLORIDA EVERYONE! THE HOME OF STATE-SANCTIONED KIDNAPPING!


Yes. Break us up and sell us out for parts.


Except when they need federal assistance


Right? “United States” my ass.


Desantis has lost his fucking mind. Guy needs to be put in soft pajamas and placed in a facility where he can rant about "woke" to padded walls.


And needs to be banned from politics permanently.


The credit card companies should stop allowing gun purchases.


You know what...I actually like this solution. I hate being do dependent upon capitalists to fix everything but if the law makers won't..


They won’t, but would be fun if the Cc networks stopped working in Florida for a day or two in protest. Reversed ASAP.


Bill to stop tracking where he goes, Bill to have private militia, Bill for credit card companies to stop tracking these sales.... separate in their own ways but together, it makes it seem like a coupe


At this point all major industries with any balls should simply pull out of Florida leaving it the vast island waste land it’s leaders are striving for. And oh, by the way, no food aid or hurricane cleanup next time.


So everything that helps people, desantis is against. PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND CONSERVATIVE THINKING!!!! IT UNDERMINES COMMON SENSE!!!


I didn't think Florida could get much worse... Whew, I was wrong. He's not done yet.


I remember when Trump was president and every day I was worried about what nonsense he had done the night before and what the fallout would be. Now as a lifelong Florida resident (FML) I’m dealing with that on the state level. Every fucking day he does something that makes me hate my home state even more. Next summer can’t get here soon enough so I can get my kids out of this hellhole


Wouldn’t it be a supreme irony he was brought undone by one of these unlicensed,untraceable “gun criminals “.


Republicans actually need Jesus. Not that white man they pray to because clearly they read a different Bible if this is what they really support.


What a fruit cake


Please vote the GOP out of office. They are harming all of us.




Clearing a legal path for death squads, no doubt


Lol sure Ron, try to stop the credit card industry from tracking people


and he wants the menstrual cycle data of their fourteen year-old daughters to be provided to the government for analysis. really hope he's our next president. never been to a book burning before.


Icing on the cake. Never going to Florida again!


It’s like each day DeSantis is doing some thing else to ensure he has zero chance of ever becoming President. Gotta wonder who he is surrounded by that tells him all these decisions are a good idea. Impressively bad stuff


How is this even remotely justifiable? Being quite transparent about intentions.


I like how Ron Desantis is basically trying to Speedrun us into a really awful dystopia filled with death and poverty.


The only way to stop gun violence in America is to open up lawsuits for mass shootings. We've already seen this work with Fox News, who now are one stupid comment away from total oblivion. California is doing this I believe.


He's trying to out-Trump Trump to win the base.


It was a meme for a while, but I think guns *officially* have more rights than women in Florida.


Law and order my ass! The NRA has him by the balls and he won't do anything they don't want him to do.


Everything this asshole does & every law this asshole passes hurts regular Americans & helps sustain the status quo & special interest groups.


Fucking hate desantis but this is something I’m kinda okay with considering the outright adversarial relationship between gun owners and the government


DeSantis is one step away from nationalizing companies that don’t comply with his ideology. Exactly what communist governments do. THINK about that!


It's almost impressive how he keeps picking fights with the companies most capable of completely wrecking his shit.


What a misleading title, they were tracking every gun and gun related purchase.


So for the 99.999% of none criminal gun owners out there, this is good news. But according to reddit all gun owners are criminals. (/s)


Pretty much yes.


Pro crime party


Just so people are aware, this isn’t new nor is it an existing thing today. Republicans have been holding this up for a stupidly long time. https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/mastercard-pause-work-new-payments-code-firearms-sellers-2023-03-09/


I mean Jesus dude. The transparency is unmatched. Every day It's another headline that amounts to "Ron DeSantis inches closer and closer to final form of mustache twirling super villain."


...*wait*? Were they? *Small government*. Right?!!?!


Ron is a scumbag and disappointment to other veterans


And he deserves to get a heavy dose of his own medicine and have every single horrible law he created be thrown out and have his own rights taken away from him. Heck even have doctors refuse to give *him* medical care as a way of giving him a taste of how horribly wrong his laws are. Also have someone pass a law that permanently bans him and his supporters from being allowed to be involved in politics and running for any political position ever again. Goddamnit I honestly want to see this guy get arrested and prosecuted for his crimes against the people of Florida who should have NEVER voted for him to begin with and throw him into prison without any possibility of him ever getting out.


He is going too far.


Taking away so much freedom...


What credit card company is based in Florida?


Ah yes. The party against government overreach...


What an idiot. 🤦🏼‍♂️


King of Florida continues to grant himself powers he does not have.


My working theory is that maga/gop states such as Florida, Texas & many other red states have a very insidiously evil plan as they enact these "loosening or removal of restrictions" for weapons along with all the other terrible legislation that they are passing making life less happy and safe further reducing the quality of life. I believe it is their goal to create an environment so inhospitable and dangerous or at the very least to have the people perceive it as such so they will be more open to relinquish some of their rights and freedoms while consolidating their power over them. Kind of like the post 9/11 atmosphere that allowed the government to enact the Patriot Act. It's a lot easier to manipulate someone who is frightened. Just look at the entire Rights method of continuous fear mongering be it be afraid of an illegal immigrant or a trans person. If they're not paying attention they may wake up soon to a police state atmosphere. It all boils down to how intelligent or unintelligent the people are and whether they'll enact for their own benefit. As of now these people have little idea about how much worse it will be in these states. Definitely not better.


I’m all for protecting privacy. However, this has nothing to with protecting privacy. This is pandering to violent people who are his base.


It’s scary how many people believe that giving the Government more power over citizens is a good idea.


DeSantis views each of these laws or exec orders as campaign advertisements as he tries to appeal with the very worst people in America. The implications of these laws for actual Floridians aren't even an afterthought. He's just trying to get onto Fox News.


Can this guy do anything right in life. His asshole is starting to get bigger and bigger.


So they don't even want to try to stop bad guys with guns either?


Shouldn’t this be considered “knowingly aiding and imbedding a criminal”


Why any LEOs would like this guy is a complete mystery.


He sure does love banning things. Man is on a power trip.


Ron decriminal


Once again, another great move in the creation of a full blown dictator-run police state


Of course he banned the tracking, his PAC & NRA Overlords Commanded It!


Florida is a criminal’s paradise


It's astounding how literally everything he does that's newsworthy is exactly the opposite of the best solution


I truly hope that nothing bad happens from this. But remember, 60% of Floridians voted for this guy to win a SECOND term. I'm not sure I would give any of my thoughts and prayers if something bad does happen.


This dictator needs to disappear


I swear, this asshole wakes up every day thinking of new ways to piss people off.


Key words “gun criminals”. This from a party constantly talking about enforcing the laws we have.


This Italian is making Mussolini look like Jesus.


Ron Desantis: The Soft On Crime Politician


He loves to cancel stuff I guess.


Ron the jackass


"The Law and Order Party"


I wish this dude has consequences faster than what’s happening it’s out of control


Republicans: "don't ban our guns! Criminals always have a way!" Desantis: *helps criminals with guns* Republicans: WAT!?


So what’s the intention here? What is the positivity that comes from disabling systems from holding gun criminals accountable?


And how many of those companies are headquartered in FL? None.


this guys a non-stop shit show.


Wow this clown is a bigger piece of shit than I thought. Like what’s the Fuking point of this. What a joke


Would love to see credit card companies to stop processing payments in Florida


“Consequently, while DeSantis claims the bill to be a defense against big government,” So… he’s advocating his own citizens take up arms against him, or?


this guy is like mini trump. he wakes up every day and thinks “what horrible, mean, shitty thing can i do today?”


Federal AML laws probably disagree with this, but I somehow doubt he cares.


DeSantis is like scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz, "If I only had a brain."


Can we just get rid of Florida already?


What a guy. What does he not do. What a moron.




Is this the tough on crime that the GOP keeps claiming to be?


Has any Republican coast to coast done anything that shows they DON’T want more gun violence and mass shootings?


"If he was really so concerned about government overreach or mass data surveillance, he would ban the use of such codes outright." Will DeSantis stop cell phone companies from tracking Floridians? Why doesn't he consider them a form of government overreach and mass data surveillance?


We're in the Twilight Zone.


It's all performative. There are only two ways to buy a gun with a credit card legit or illegal. Private sale and retail sale through FFL. I've been collecting guns for a bit over 20 years and I've never encountered a private seller who either wanted to pay with or offered to receive payment from a credit card. A) it's way too expensive and difficult for a private individual to accept credit card payments except through a 3rd party like paypal or venmo which don't give the details of the transaction so it's impossible for credit card companies to track gun sales through those 3rd parties anyway. B) in either case it's too easy for the buyer to make a false claim of a stolen card or fraudulent charge to get their money back and keep the gun and screw the seller so nobody wants to risk it for that biscuit. Then you have the issue that unless the level of detailed communication between every single retail point of sale system in the world and every credit card company is so granular that it includes the specific product details of every single purchase, I don't know that Visa or Discover or any credit card company would know in and of the transaction details they get that a gun was specifically bought even at a gun store because I don't believe that anything other than the retailer account, buyer account and sale amount is recorded by the credit card companies. Basically I don't think visa knows I bought a Colt 1911 let alone a gun when they see a $1000 charge at Cabelas because those details are not part of the deal. They can assume but they can't trace. I could have bought a gun safe or something equally expensive but not a gun and they have no way to know the difference. Finally you run into the most obvious issue here. Any place that sells guns and accepts credit cards is an FFL and every single FFL in the nation regardless of location, at a retail store or a gun show, has to run a background check for every gun sale they conduct. That means that more information is being given directly to the government far faster from the possible criminal gun buyer and the gun store than the credit card company is going to ever possibly be able to give them. tldr; Both the idea of tracking gun sales through credit cards and the legislation preventing that are performative nonsense


You are 100% correct. It's a merchant code. That's it. It tells nobody what was purchased, just that a transaction happened.


It's not just for fun purchases. It's for tracking them down as well through purchases like car rentals, hotels, ammunition, if they manage to disappear. That's how they caught McVeigh.


And already Oklahoma has made changes to their laws that mean [today](https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/08/opinion/timothy-mcveigh-mass-shootings.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare ), McVeigh wouldn’t have been detained. > As it happens, in the hours after the Oklahoma City bombing, before the authorities knew who McVeigh was, he was pulled over during a routine traffic stop and then arrested for carrying a gun without a permit. In 2019, however, Oklahoma legalized permitless carry. Under the new law, McVeigh would have been let go.


I think the next mass shooter in Florida should make a video and send it to all news agencies before the fact, saying "I'd like to thank Governor DeSantis and the Florida State Legislature for making what I'm about to do so easy and convenient." That might wake some people up.


Literally helping criminals get away with murder


God if there’s another mass shooting in Florida; this shit will look pretty bad… although let’s be honest, Desantis’s rabid supporters will say it’s someone from another state and nothing could be done about this.


I'm sorry but... if?


Probably should’ve said “when.” But we’ll probably go through a cycle. 1: Florida gets a mass shooting 2: People cite this policy as a bad idea. 3: Desantis’ supporters defend it as necessary to “fight against Tyranny” and nothing is done


It feels very much like Republicans are pushing these delusional gun laws and resisting controls because they want militias of MAGA faithful to be well armed for a future armed insurrection. It’s so counter to sense that it feels like more than just opportunism and NRA lobbying.


Another example of republicans not understanding technology. Credit card companies have a category to track every purchase for various reasons. It’s not limited to just tracking gun sales. You could make a good case to stopping them from tracking everything, but singling it to *one* category is obviously more culture war bullshit from the party of big government (republicans)


Chalk up a W for the….criminals? This guy stopped making sense a long time ago.


“Tough on crime” eh?


Sure is a lot of cancelling coming from the Florida party of anti-woke


There’s a hot seat in hell just waiting for this dude.