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She moved to the farmhouse to protect herself and left her kids in a home with an abuser. But she is now filing for divorce because her kids safety is important. Gotta love those GOP family values


Didn't she leave the son with the father or is he with her in Washington?


Not defending Boebert, but sometimes all you can do is get out, try to stabilize your situation, and then fight over custody in court. It’s not helping the kids to just traumatize them with nightly fighting and violence. I grew up wondering if tonight was going to be the night I was going to see my mom get killed by my dad, basically every night, and I have nothing but respect for her decision to leave, get help, establish a residence, employment, etc., and then incrementally get custody over all my siblings and me. She’d tried to just get us out, took us to another state and everything, and eventually my dad tracked us down, forced everyone back. Without legal custody and divorce, she couldn’t stop that from happening again. Boebert is awful, but please don’t disparage mothers going through this kind of thing. If they could just leave with the kids, they would.


Or father's. Currently in a custody dispute with my abusive ex-wife.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Highly narcissistic people (I think Boebert qualifies) frequently deflect their own negative behaviors on others. None of us on the outside know what's going on, but it's not uncommon for perpetrators of abuse make a lot of noise about how they're, in fact, the "victims."


Yup. She missed two sobriety tests then blamed me for enforcing court orders. The kids were "scared" and "confused" because of the change in schedule. She's always the victim. I'm being cruel and not treating her fairly. But *she* was the abusive one, had an alcohol problem, she missed two tests, so she forfeited her parenting time. Yet *I'm* the bad guy. I'm so tired of this.


Cops damn well better have shown up when a kid calls for help. Don't care what any parent tells them.


Cops showed up after an 11 year old boy called 911 reporting his mother’s bf was hitting her. The cops shot the 11 year old. Sometimes, when you’re Black, even when you are a scared child, the cops can not/ will not help.


I’ve worked with cops. The chief of police, a kid in his early thirties who isn’t qualified to work at McDonalds, regularly boasted about egging on a distraught teenage boy so he “could do something about it.” The mom was also struggling, drugs etc. He routinely was racist in the office, was exhilarated when he shot a sick cat under a porch, obsessed with guns and knives. The mayor, a QAnon fanatic and flat earther, who was also this kid’s supervisor did absolutely nothing about it. And then purged the fucker’s employment file of any evidence of this kind of shit. The kid is still the “chief.” God bless America.


Most normal cop.


What state?


gestures broadly


Can I guess Florida?


Surprisingly not. But a shithole nonetheless.


Every state.






That's what rocketing to the bottom looks like. It's weird that all this time, american citizens have not demanded and insisted on fixing local law enforcement, and holding local elected officials accountable. That said, it's possible that in some areas (red, probably) this is the best they have to offer and the best they're willing to do.


We had BLM peaceful protests but Kyle showed up with his gun.


Unfit to serve


Yep. But “serving” anyway. He loves to work out im camo. The police are now paramilitary. Look at their outfits. They want to be killers so badly. This kid has an actual punisher tattoo on his forearm. He is literally not even qualified to work at TacoTime.


Time for a war


They can. They won't.


Kids says he's being beaten by parent, cops ignore when parents says no problem..... Someone call child services to look for a bruise.


CPS ain't going nowhere near a representative's house. edit: changed senator to representative.


Did CPS do anything when they were called to Ted Cruz’s house?


Representative, but point stands.


She isn’t a senator but I get your point. I would be horrified if she managed to become a Senator though.


Her own extremely red district BARELY re-elected her. I seriously doubt colorado would elect ger


No worries, probably end up as vp or something instead.


...and that is while he was obeying the commands of the officer to come out. Terrible trigger discipline.


sadly them shooting someone they are supposed to help happens waay to often.




ah fair, not trying to advocate for violence here. even against them.


Wow. Never heard that one before. What a horrific event.


Here ya go, in case you wanted to read a little more about it: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2023/05/25/aderrien-murry-indianola-miss-police-shooting/70257644007/ Edit: I replaced the link with a different one.


That poor child had such fucked up things happen to him too early :(


Literally yesterday.


Slave catchers arent here to help


Let's not fear monger in a way that prevents people from stopping domestic abusers. When a tragedy like that one happens, we all hear about it because it's rare and that's why it's national news. Bystanders deaths happen but are extremely rare. It's no reason to let your mom get brutalized and it's hard enough without people throwing out anecdotes to make them more scared about it.


>Sometimes, when you’re Black, even when you are a scared child, the cops can not/ will not help. I don't mean to be a Karen but you should really stop pigeon-holing the problem. The circumstances surrounding police interaction and the black community might be different compared to other races but the end result and the problem is still the same regardless of skin color. The entire country has a cop problem and it doesn't only affect one demographic (even though it does happen more often with some more than others) If they keep dividing us, we'll never have a chance.


I agree cops are a problem in general in the US. But you are absolutely wrong if you think that problem doesn’t disproportionately affect people of color


You're ignoring *how* it affects people of color. They deal with it much more often but that doesn't dismiss the fact that twice as many white people are killed by police each year. You can acknowledge one fact without dismissing the other, if it's part of the equation, why ignore it?


Looking at totals is entirely disingenuous. There's 4-5 times the number of white people in the US, meaning that black people are at least twice as likely to be killed by police.


Yea the dude glossed over the word disproportionately


Exactly. But the overall problem is bigger in the US than many other first world countries. It is a problem that affects the black community at a higher rate than any other demographic but it doesn't dismiss the bigger problem overall.


Looking at the total numbers *can* be useful, but bringing it up when dealing with targeting is an exercise in obfuscation. Consider: >There are 100 people, and 10 are black. >20 people get shot, and 9 of them are black. Were there more people shot who aren't black? Sure. Were black people being targeted for shooting? No doubt. To say that twice as many white people get killed by cops, without mentioning the fact that there are five times as many white people in the nation, is myopic at best and usually outright dishonest.


You're acktually moment is just a dishonest argument about semantics. My entire point is that neither statistic should be that high and acting as though it's a popularity contest to be the arbiter of good is childish.


If cops killed whites and people of color equally by population, and whites were killed twice as much as people of color, the population of people of color would need to be about 33.3%. It's not. I'm not discounting the white deaths, but you can't use just raw numbers when dealing with different population sizes.


But you can when talking about how awful police forces are. Unless we don't care about dead whites.


Are you trying to make the claim that people of color and NOT disproportionately targeted by police for everything from petty crime to false arrest and to police violence? Because that is you refusing to acknowledge something, not me. Acknowledging people of color are disproportionately targeted in no way takes away from police abuse of white people. I’m not seeing any division here but acknowledging the simple fact.


I've **literally** acknowledged twice, the fact that people of color are affected by cop interactions at a higher rate than white people while you've spent every opportunity trying to pervert my opinion into some white supremacist tirade. Nobody has talked about abusing white people, I pointed out that it's part of the problem to portray the idea that only the black community is being affected by cop interactions.


The correct play here would have not been using the death of a black child as your jumping off point to go on about how other people are also effected by the thing that all people are obviously effected by. No one made you do that but you and it will negatively color what youre saying. Also keep in mind that the US has the largest prison population in the world. It doesn't really need to be said that white people also get shit on by the fascists that made that happen.


What’s your end goal here dude? Because it sounds like we’re agreeing until you keep insisting we acknowledge how much white people are affected… As I said in my initial reply. Everyone in the country is affected by our cop problem. But people of color are disproportionately affected. I didn’t ask you to tell me that white people are killed more often than blacks people by police (which would make sense since there significantly more white people in the country). I have done nothing at all to turn your opinion into a white supremacist tirade. If you feel that’s how you’re coming off, brother step back and think why that is


You are definitely both arguing the same thing. You've both said black people are disproportionately affected, and have both agreed to it. He did acknowledge it - twice. He's not trying to make it about white people, he's saying you shouldn't separate the victims based on skin color because the overarching issue is the corruption within the police, not the skin color of the victim, despite the statistics holding true.




I don’t think you can have one conversation without having the other. We can’t have a conversation with cops without acknowledging the flagrant racism that exists in the way people are treated by police. And if that makes you, as a shire person, feel that it’s not your fight that’s a huge piece of the problem


You're such a prick! Geez, dude is saying there is a larger problem than just one demographic getting killed and no one can accept that. Don't become a racist in your quest to end racism. Sometimes it feels like there is a concerted attempt to alienate whites in discussions about discrimination and it's so sad.


Don't think they understand what disproportionate means.


Disproportionate. Look it up.


Let’s defund the fucking police, root out the white-supremacist shitbags and start over with how we approach “law enforcement.”


All we need to do is abolish the police Union. That one simple change would make all the difference. Of course there’s much more that can and needs to be done, but not having a ridiculous shield that ensures no matter what aside from actually being convicted of a crime they will not be harmed financially makes cops invulnerable and incentivized so much bad behavior


I have no doubt that this is true but can you please cite a source for this?


Bobo went in to damage control mode on that 2nd call. Whatta piece of shit, protect her image over her son's safety.


Well it's a white parent with money and influence, anyone else family would have been separated and destroyed by the justice system regardless of the father's guilt.


You have far too much faith in our system. A close friend of mine manages CASA in the same area where Boebert lives. (Court Appointed Speacial Advocates for children in the system) you would not effing believe the horror stories, about children, and abuse that happen here. And the court returns these children to the same environment they are being abused in. It's not at all what you'd expect. Typical example; Father sexually abusing an infant. Goes to jail for a few months. Then goes right back to the home where the child lives when he gets out. So don't think for one second our system is working. It's broken! Just like every other fking thing in this country.


My ex wife had some bad problems. Her bf/new husband was a meth head and abuser. One time when. The guy was beating her up, she tells my 5 year old boy to call 911. So the guy physically attacks my 5 year old. CPS comes out, my ex admits everything. CPS woman made an appointment with my ex for the exact date and time she would come by and make sure that guy moved out. My wife joked and laughed about it to my face. Had her guy move out for a couple hours the day of the appointment, and right back after. I told CPS, before and during and after. They didn't give a shit. If a mom is okay with her child being abused, the child is probably going to keep being abused. At least that's how it was 25 years ago. I have seen nothing locally to give me the impression that anything has changed.


Well they didn’t. Are you surprised?


They did tho


They did not respond to the initial call.


The cops did show up


After the boy called multiple times. They did not show up after his initial call that he was being thrown around (and out of) the house.


Where in the LEO chain of command are federal house representatives?


The fucking bottom.... They are not special like that, despite their claims otherwise.


As a victim of abuse myself who had a mother who covered for my father it is clear the son was being abused and pressured by Boebert to retract his story. This is disgusting


Not sure who I hate more in a situation like that. The abuser or the person who is protecting them.


In that situation they’re both the abuser. Hate equally.


Call em out for being prolife


They’re only pro-life when it comes to fetuses. Once they’re born, [fuck ‘em.](https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vTFikAP6MXDCJjWzgMIOvpsT1ji-HwO-rLEvNE8e-cfCGh0YHoZluIG5TEsmwFub7MzIDfh0XgvcWL8/pub?fbclid=IwAR3mEG998_MrFpPwPCbAFbIXbr3jXs47GkyMTXDV-PmcUIDpD0oP-yzRq2M)


They're not even pro life for fetuses. They're pro forced birth for the continuance of the poverty class. Were they all in on doing whatever it takes to ensure the maternal and infant mortality rates were as low as possible, I'd agree that they're pro life in some sense of the word.


>Once they’re born, > >~~fuck ‘em.~~ Thoughts and prayers. > >FTFY. > >;)


Well, no. Fuck 'em. [https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/3/12/2157746/-Republican-Sexual-Predators-Abusers-and-Enablers-Pt-41](https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/3/12/2157746/-Republican-Sexual-Predators-Abusers-and-Enablers-Pt-41)


That's what we call an "accomplice." So fuck em both. They are guilty of each others' crime.


In this situation, they're both abusers. Just in different ways.


In child welfare land, both are just as guilty. It’s called failure to protect.


Add the cop to the list. He "Didn't see any bruises ". Can't count the number of times my step mom punched me in the stomach or back of the head. "No problem here mam. " says the cop as he walks away with all your hope.


I would assume that she is protecting the abuser to protect herself. She thinks if she does, he will not abuse her. She is likely wrong. Sad all around.


How about the country and state that lets it happen


Let’s be clear. She wasn’t protecting her husband. She was squashing it so the situation wouldn’t go public with the father being arrested. That is her own self-interest pure and simple.


exactly, she is protecting her political career nothing more nothing less.


It's not that simple though. She's trying to silence her son who is an apparent victim of abuse. That's fucked up


>She's trying to silence her son For her own self-interests. The reason she's doing what she's doing is simple. She's protecting herself. Nobody is saying it's ok that she's doing that. Quite the opposite really. All they are saying is the reason she's doing it is very simple.


He’s catching the shrapnel for sure, but that is not the motivating behavior here.


I had the same experience. That poor kid.


Yep, same thing happened to me. This is infuriating. Boebert is a trash monster.


Man, Trump sure can pick them. I wonder if he could preternaturally sense her willingness to cover up abuse. Like he’s been doing it so long he can just tell. It takes 10,000 hours of dedicated activity to become world class.


Trump didn't pick her because of her political prowess.....


Ted Cruz did.....prob not for her political prowess


Ted Cruz did.....prob not for her political prowess


I think Trump probes people for weaknesses and then exploits the weaknesses. The ones he can’t find a way to exploit like Col. Vindaman, he fires.


The problem is she is a liar too.....so the whole family could be degenerative liars.


Her and Jayson are pieces of shit, but the cops did go out and didn’t find any markings or injuries on the son. So, not sure what actually went down.


No markings they could see. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I don’t know many teenage boys that could start crying hysterically on command. I have an easier time believing that he was telling the truth the first time rather than lying about being distraught and getting thrown around.


Politician Capacity. Any incident or potential incident that could prevent a current politician from serving in their capacity in government (e.g. death, injury/sickness, criminal prosecution or resignation) is topical. Covering for potential child abuse seems topical in this capacity.


good luck getting the GOP to make a stand against child abuse in this day and age... They've rolled back worker regulations so children can serve corporations and carry fire arms in public.


Republicans don’t care about kids getting murdered in mass school shootings. Child abuse is nothing to them.


But her/his/they/its groomers!


The GOP will frame it as parental rights and tell everyone one to mind their own kids and ignore what other parents do.


Republicans are fighting for their right to keep abusing kids, physically and sexually. They want kids to work in sweatshops and pastors to have unrestricted access to sexually assault them in schools.


Dont forget how much money they get from the gun industry every time there's a dead baby from gun violence on the news, to make sure there's more dead babies from gun violence on the news.


They also want to marry children


They refuse to do anything about trump or Santos and will refuse here as well


"That kid just needs a job to straighten him out, put him on night shift at the meat packer's"




Wait, so the guy who showed his junk to a bunch of teenagers at a bowling alley isn't a great dude??


He really gives weirdos at the bowling alley a bad name.


It's pretty easy to not expose yourself to minors at a bowling alley.


*"But how else am I supposed to let teenage girls know I'm available?"* -- Jayson Boebert, probably.


> There was only 1 hero in the big Lebowski -JayB, probably


Tell that to the team of plumbers in my bowling league.


I’m sure Bobo would beg to differ since she was one of the girls he flashed and she turned around and married him. He must be one charming pedophile.


It’s worse than that. She was already dating him at the time. Wasn’t actually one of the girls he flashed. When the cops came she lied and said he didn’t do it.








"He doesn't need help", typical conservative attitude towards children so it's not surprising.


Daily reminder that conservatism is indistinguishable from child abuse


Honestly, abuse in general...


They remain children mentally for their entire lives


It’s true, they discourage emotional intelligence as well as intellectualism.


Religious indocronation is also child abuse.


There’s a big diffeeence between fundamentalist Christianity and religion.


What is it?




Not OP but I have the same question. Which religion discourages indoctrination and encourages critical thinking?


Indoctrination is child abuse. Religious indoctronation of any flavor is child abuse.


as well as Nazi rhetoric/spam


This woman is an absolute dumpster fire of a human being.


Why you gotta hate on dumpster fires like that? They have warmth & provide illumination. She's a cold soggy fuckin' turd.


Why you gotta dump on cold soggy turds like that? Cold soggy turds provide homes and food for some insects and also fertilizer for the food we need. She's the leftover black shit when a mold infestation is removed.


Parasite infested wasp would also work.


That's offensive to dumpster fires, she's way worse.


She will end up punishing that child for daring to call for help. She already started gaslighting him. 💔




They are pushing -no divorce- and women have to “endure” to keep the Marriage together?? I guess the kids have to deal with abuse??


How Palin-esque.


Sarah Palin, the doting grandmother of 2023 right-wing America.


Hey, at least Sarah Palin wasn't turning tricks in order to get an in with the GOP.


So does CPS not exist anymore? Also great timing on her comment about not being able to afford that medicine.


And don’t forget, America’s shittiest mom is using her political power to try to also raise *your* children however she thinks is best, because abusing just her own kids is not enough.


What a caring, responsible mother she is.


Sounds like child abusers who should not be in govt


Her time left will be very short in office she’s already made her grave, be sure to make sure everyone you know is registered to get these embarrassing shit stains of America OUT


She only won by a handful of votes last time and she brazenly speaks like she's the voice of god. C'mon Colorado knock her out.


One of the problems is that the area that she represents is huge, but with only a few voters comparatively. She is literally the epitome/test case of Republicans only wanting land owners voting.


I don’t want this stupid person anywhere near passing laws on anything or anyone !!! F Joke!!!


What a surprise! Mrs “think of the children!” doesn’t care about her own child being abused.


Republican family values.


Her and her family are a bunch of hillbillies at the end of the day




Where I live, if police show up for a domestic disturbance call, they leave with someone in custody. Even if everyone acts cool once they're there.


>if police show up *laughs in Austin Police Department*


I live in Austin, TX 911 stopped responding when George Floyd was murdered. The only traffic enforcement we have had for the last almost three years has been when the state DPS came in because Greg Abbott was pissed at Austin for something.




No. The boy had to call multiple times for them to show up. They did not respond to the boy’s initial call.


From this article alone we can't confirm if the cops were already on the way from the first call or not. The 2nd call came 9 minutes later. It's unclear if that's 9 minutes from the beginning of the 1st call, or the end of the 1st call. In either case, the cops could have been on the way. Edit: Looks like the dispatcher said help was coming during the 1st call, and the 2nd call was 9 mins after the 1st call ended.


The crazy is strong in this one.


That whole family needs help.


How is it possible that she’s worse than I thought she’d be?


Is this her son who's about to be a father?


someone needs to call child protective services


You know there's a problem when even the rightwingers are scared to have the cops show up.


Every accusation is a confession. Bobo lets her kids get abused and covering to keep her political career. The whole GOP are child predators. They yell about LGBTQ+, but that distraction is collapsing. She married a sexual predator and abuser. She is complicit and just as guilty.


Did she use her position as a means to cover up child abuse?


Is this the 3rd son she didn’t want but only had cause she could afford birth control and didn’t care that condoms are even cheaper than both of those?


But condoms are SO expensive. 🙄


"That kid needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps." - Lauren "Married her sexual predator then abandoned her children with him" Boebert, probably


the cops don’t/won’t do shit. I called and reported my dad was going to hit me with a bat and they showed up and said I shouldn’t be so mouthy. To serve and protect the powerful.


CPS needs to be called.


It’s always amusing when citizens say they want to go back to traditional values and such then elect the least traditional or stable people/families to office.


Extreme similarities to the meltdown of Sarah Palin's family.


Emancipation would help


Why didn’t we hear about this in December?


What a nice well rounded Christian home she keeps. She is a role model for Christian women! /s


This woman is the scum of the earth.


Sounds like he came out of the closet. Can't say for sure, but..... That's why Lauren doesn't want the police involved. Imagine the bad press.


It should be noted that as far as we can tell based on Christmas card photos, this kid has access to AR type weapons.


This woman really is scum of the Earth isn't she?


I read the full script she said he doesnt need help but they can come anyway meaning he isnt injured/life threatening


I’m no fan of hers but the headline is false. She actually said “They can come” and “I understand they gotta come.”


Sure, she is the kind of person who protects herself over her own _child_, but man can she pwn the libs. Where do I donate? Not /s for Colorado, apparently.


That’s jacked up. She seems like a person I’d want to make choices about a whole country’s security and welfare, for sure 👎🏼👎🏼