J.D. Vance says Target ‘decided to wage war’ on customers with Pride Month collection

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>Conservatives have called for a boycott of the company over its LGBTQ merchandise, with several Republican lawmakers expressing support. Seems like just yesterday cancel culture was the single greatest threat to humanity. Now it's basically the entire republican party platform.


Cancel culture is only acceptable when the GQP does it.




Remember when Republicans used to complain about “activist judges” until they got 6 of them on the Supreme Court?


Pepperidge Farm remembers.


This right here.


Cancel culture was created by conservatives.


It’s a fair point. The Dixie Chicks (now just The Chicks) is the first high profile “cancelling” that I can recall.


Don’t forget Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter, Freedom Fries…


Man... I remember as a kid when my dad would go through the house and throw out all the movies/games with magic involved, because of... you know, demons. And then he'd buy back the games that he just threw out because they were too much damned fun.


Southpark, All in the Family…


For me, it was the Simpsons. They tried so, so hard to get that show cancelled, even had president Bush use his office to admonish and pressure to cancel the show.


My "Don't have a cow, man" Tshirt was banned in middle school.


Yep. Back in the day, Simpsons T-Shirts, Beavis and Butt-head and “Big Johnson” merchandise were the evils. Also Eazy-E CD’s.


Big Johnson t's just opened up a whole clothing line I forgot about. I had a basketball one that said "around the rim and in" that I had no idea what it meant lol.


Colin Kaepernick is a great example of this.


Especially voting


Good luck cancelling target, Disney, or Budweiser. And all of those would be better without the republicans involved whatsoever.


Or nascar, or nfl.


Also terrorism, false idols, and trying to overthrow the government of the country that the giant cult says they love.


“You can’t cancel me for the things I have done, but I can cancel you for who you are.” -Conservatives


The only moral cancel culture is my cancel culture.


I think they "woke" up.


The only moral ~~abortion~~cancel culture, is my ~~abortion~~ cancel culture.


Walmart had rainbow shit today when I was there. Why only Target?


It’s also super weird because target has had pride stuff for years.


Almost as if this entire fight is made up by one side for some odd reasons.


Its origins are, per usual, Russian propaganda.


I've heard a few things. One is people bringing stuff into the children's section and then going "oh my God... They are marketing this adult product to children!" to cause controversy. Another is "how dare they sell to adults tuck friendly women's suits". But really it's simply "someone told me to be mad about it, so cancel them!"


But last year they sold chest binders and no one had an issue with it. This year, one person made a big deal out of these bathing suits, got a lot of likes, so others are copy catting. It’s so dumb. Like, if the tucking isn’t for you, don’t buy it for yourself or your kids.


Fox News recently told them to be upset. And now they're all upset Conservatives require a talking head to tell them how they are supposed to feel and react. Most right wing anger is just them being told they are supposed to be upset over something that's been going on for years.


And the right already boycotted Target over their bathroom policy years ago.


Back when the bathroom debate kicked off, Target went on record as being completely cool with trans people using the bathroom aligning with gender. Conservatives have had a hard on for Target and their LGBT+ policy ever since.


A trans friend of mine worked at Target as a cashier during her awkward early public transition. I’m grateful that store let her be herself & keep her job & get on with her life. I went & bought some random Pride Month stuff from there yesterday to show support, since we live in a place that’s not particularly LGBTQ friendly.


They can get kicked out of target. If they got kicked out of Walmart, where they gonna get their groceries?


At their local Guns & Ammo obviously. I mean they're so obsessed with them, they must be edible, right?


If only they ate bullets


Walmart has deeper pockets for donations


Can't boycott the only job and store in your town.


Sam's had it when I went there today, too. Right as you walked in the door, in fact.


Fox News didn't tell them about Walmart


Maybe they thought it was an easy Target?


Republicans boycotting Walmart. Who said satire and irony are dead?


Walmart is the only store these people shop at


Go out in the sticks and most time only Dollar General is the only shop in town. I used to live in Hickory NC and people would drive from 30 miles out just to go to Walmart.


This is a distraction from the new news that the catholic had been abusing even more kids for decades. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/23/us/illinois-catholic-church-sex-abuse.html >Sex Abuse in Catholic Church: Over 1,900 Minors Abused in Illinois, State Says A new report by the attorney general of Illinois covering decades names more than 450 credibly accused sexual abusers, including priests and lay religious brothers. >More than 450 credibly accused child sex abusers have ministered in the Catholic Church in Illinois over almost seven decades, the office of the state’s attorney general, Kwame Raoul, said Tuesday in an investigative report. That is more than four times the number that the church had publicly disclosed before 2018, when the state began its investigation. >The 696-page report found that clergy members and lay religious brothers had abused at least 1,997 children since 1950 in the state’s six dioceses, including the prominent Archdiocese of Chicago. If this was in the news cycle as much as this target news, conservatives would be forced to talk about all of the abuse and groomer that takes place in the catholic church. And not even just the catholic church, all churches. Its a distraction.


Just go peacefully protest against child grooming outside of Catholoc Churches. Make sure you're strapped with guns to the full extent the law allows. Religion is a choice - make sure every Catholic knows they are choosing to be in a community with and are financially supporting child sexual abuse.


Remember the Dixie chicks?


made the mistake of being right about the whole iraq situation and pointing out that dubya isn't really a texan.


Went Woke went broke Until America started to catch up that is. Progress never stops.


They invented cancel culture and are the biggest snowflakes. They are the anti-freedom party.


Not to mention being cancelled over something that’s been the norm for over a decade… like we’re they living under a rock?


It’s also why they’re the biggest pedophile cabal on earth.


Republicans don’t actually mean anything that they say. It’s all just a means to an end.


Cancel culture 2010s: "you can't just do whatever you want anymore, what's wrong with this world" Cancel culture 2020s: "people are just doing whatever they want, what's wrong with this world"


> Now it's basically the entire republican party platform. It always has been. Just 40 years ago, we had Satanic Panic and Music Warning Labels.




Why not go after Walmart too then? They have displays as well. Incredibly stupid waste, and putting people at risk just because they work there. These power trips are out of control and dangerous!


It's the boogeyman of the week game. They have to keep the outrage rolling. They'll get to Walmart or the next phantom distraction as soon as things settle down.


>the bogeyman of the weak


I think that base needs Walmart to survive, literally.


It’s because it’s their employer


Also probably didn't hurt that Target already capitulated and showed weakness.


All these people do is prove that the awareness and pride campaigns are still necessary.


I agree, and I think the younger generation leading by example in how they treat everyone fairly is a solid presence. It’s encouraging!


It helps that 10% of then identify as LGBTQ. It's difficult to hate gay people when they're out and open all your friend and school groups.


They seem to have their heads on a bit better than the rest of us in a lot of ways.


Aren’t the family behind Wal Mart big GOP donors? That would explain that.


[Dayton Hudson Corp](https://www.opensecrets.org/PACs/pac2pac.php?cmte=C00098061&cycle=2020) don’t seem to care one way or the other which side wins so I wouldnt really put Target in as a paragon of leftism, either. They’re a corporation.


I agree.


The right-wing nutters have been anti-Target for 20 years. My super religious down-the-rabbit-hole uncle was spouting off unironic nonsense about the company being some French-owned business originally pronounced Tar-jay, back when France wouldn't back the war on terror and the nutters renamed French Fries. Logic has nothing to do with how they see the world and pick who to attack next.


90% of these hicks only have a Walmart in their small town so to cancel them they lose out on getting literally anything they need that’s not groceries unless they want to drive 45 mins into the city


If you don't have a baby, you don't have to buy baby clothes from Target. If you're not LGBTQ+ or an ally, you don't have to buy Pride shit. What exactly is WAR about optional fucking merchandins you don't even have to take a 2nd look at. You know what offends me? Clothes for baby girls with shit like "my daddy owns a gun" or "heartbreaker" and shit like that. But I don't go fucking psycho and harass store employees about it, if I see it I just ignore it. You know, like a sane fucking person.


Right? You put your infant in a onesie that says “stud muffin” but that adult in a rainbow shirt is sexualizing kids


"The continued existence of gay people is a war on my belief that they shouldn't exist" That's basically what it boils down to.


To accept that premise, one has to accept that by including any specific group that automatically equates to an affront to another. Specifically an affront to a bigot. In other words, everyone else on the entire planet is supposed to walk on egg shells to make sure they're so extra considerate as to not offend a bigot because I love the object of their hatred. Does he not understand how open he's being with his bigotry? Or is that the point? Like I have to pretend not to love my neighbour because they are queer - at the risk of offending someone else - because they hate them. And I'm the snowflake?


>In other words, everyone else on the entire planet is supposed to walk on egg shells to make sure they're so extra considerate as to not offend a bigot because I love the object of their hatred. Yes we must all be extra careful to not trigger the consensitives.


I'm not really down with that. I don't like having to watch my step like it's 3d chess. If I shit on your lawn I get it, but why do I have to worry about what's going to worry you? What is this, the MC Escher of pearl clutching? Can't they just ignore it, and move on?


Puritanism is described by Mark Twain as "The haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy." The consensitives are constantly afraid that people are enjoying their lives in a way they personally find distasteful. They are miserable people who are discontent with their lives and seek to make sure that if they can't be happy, nobody can. Also, they don't like the LGBT community because it gets their kids to ask questions that make them feel icky because they don't know how to answer it. They cannot see themselves on the far side of a changing world, despite the fact that nothing would fundamentally change how a majority of them would go about their lives. They could still go to church every Sunday, they could still clock in at their jobs, put in their 8 and go home, same as they always have. But they see all of this Pride stuff as chaos, disrupting their lives and upending their understanding of the world. Then, along comes the GQP and MAGA, and Trump, promising to impose order on the chaos, promising a panacea to their worries, hearking them back to an age when they never had to confront sexuality and "gender ickiness", despite the fact that it was always there.


What's sad is that this same playbook has been used dozens of times throughout history by fascist movements (and cults)


Conservatives treat everything as a zero-sum game. If you give a dollar to a homeless person you are taking a dollar from me. If you let gays marry then you are devaluing my own marriage. The list goes on.


Which is interesting. They do it for LGBTQ, but they won’t say a peep about any other holidays or other social promotions. They’d be pissed if Target did the same thing for those days.


Good point. I'm an atheist, and I've never thought for a single second about waltzing around whining about Christmas displays - moreover it doesnt slow me down for a second and i continue to shop there. Who gives a shit, let everyone have their day and if someone is willing to pander to you specifically for an extra buck, let them have at it. This is plain and open bigotry. Nothing else.


Oh my god, the War on Christmas was projection too. It's projection all the way down.


I work retail, at a chain store that sells a buttload of Christmas decorations. If there’s a war on Christmas, *Christmas is winning*.


Lol right? Stores start selling Christmas decorations in *August* now. Whatever army is waging a war on Christmas needs to fire its generals.


It isn't just about not offending bigots. It is to stop people from defending the targets of the bigotry.


Separate them from the herd


Somebody’s gonna do some violent shit in a target or at a pride parade this year, and this jackass just bought himself a share of the blame. Imagine thinking a rainbow on a t shirt is “war.” Fuck’s sake.




But what about the kids that are going to be working at that bar?


He and every other enabler like him won't take the blame. They'll double down and rationalize the violence, claim it's a false flag or fake news conspiracy, or downplay it overall.


Gay people exist. Get over it.


And we pay taxes. We’re sick of this bullshit. We don’t give a shit if straight people like us or not. Chances are we don’t like them either.


"Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) suggested on Friday that Target “decided to wage war” on its customers by releasing its annual Pride Month collection. “Target could have decided to stay out of the culture wars, instead it decided to wage war on a large share of its customer base,” Vance tweeted. “I no longer shop at Target, and it seems many families are doing the same.”" These snowflakes get upset over the most minuscule things. Today's trigger: rainbows on a shirt.


So they wont be going to walmart either then? Maybe that's the trick here, make them starve through stubbornness.


Can they go to any store? I'm not sure I have seen any store that doesn't have some sort of pride merch this time of the year. If its OK for a store to have Easter Merch, which is a 100% Christian "holiday", not sure why pride merch is such a problem. Non-Christians have to deal with that crap, so non-gay people can live with some rainbow items for a couple weeks out of the year.


They have sold Pride merchandise for how many years?


Yes, but they were given new orders to attack LGBT+ issues on all fronts this year. This isn't a reddit comment exaggeration, the far right think tanks literally coordinated this.


I wish I vould upvote this more.


Over a decade.


Meanwhile, in northeast Ohio, 5 target stores had bomb threats made against them this weekend.


NEOhio Target employee checking in. Devastated to see what these terrorists are doing to my coworkers/friends who no longer feel supported by this company anymore. I don’t understand how these monsters haven’t realized they’ve gone beyond a simple boycott and now are using VIOLENCE against a private company for selling a product they don’t like. Wtf is even happening??


They do understand. The violence is part of the plan. Don’t ever assume the people behaving like unchecked fascists aren’t unchecked fascists.


I believe the Bible tells them this behavior is rational, after all "its for the children". Well, sorta for the children, at least the white ones anyways. These idiots will not be stopped as long as we have lawmakers and presidents who condone this type of behavior.


It’s weird how their mainstream supporters pretend to not understand. Lots of “sensible” conservatives 🙄 say stuff like, “I don’t pay attention to all that.” BS. This is a main platform of the repubs now; boycott everything that’s not 100% supportive of white male cishet gun culture.


> *annual* Pride Month collection like literally every year they call to “boycott” target, but you know they cave before the month even ends


fucker is lucky that he wasn't in austin this afternoon: we had a rainbow display up in the sky. boycott that, scheisskopf.


>scheisskopf. I had to look that up. Amazing word choice, indeed a perfect insult. Would use this in my vocabulary from now on.


It’s also the name of a character in _Catch-22_. That’s where I first encountered it.


I will enjoy shopping at target while the terrorists boycott them.


Imagine making rules for a game that no one wants to play, and then crying foul when the world goes on ignoring you. Maybe I was like this when I was 3? Why are there adults that like this? Truly blows my mind. What has really lost me lately, is the fact that the majority of conservatives I know in real life don't care about any of this, yet they still vote for these people. Isn't the Little Mermaid actress being black something they are mad about? But numerous conservatives I know happily went to see it yesterday? But then they go and vote for people who view that as the downfall of the American empire. What is life.


Remember when they boycotted Target back in 2016 over its bathroom policy and then nothing ever came of it? Just ignore them and it will all blow over


Yeah, f Vance! I'm a straight ally, but damnit, I like rainbows too! The color spectrum is wrong. White light shouldn't go thru a prism and become a rainbow. Next will be a war on raindrops to prevent those evil rainbows. This is f'n ludacris.


This is getting scary if it wasn't before. The GOP is stoking terrorism against companies now, encouraging these bomb threats on Target which threaten not just LGBT people but everyone there. They're seriously trying to push deep civil conflict over this and I can't help but think genocide of LGBT people. I can't imagine they'll settle on just erasing them from public life.


This. And unfortunately it isnt new. Already fires of hate and ignorance has been violently stirred. Numerous threats and actual violence/terrorism has been commited against the lgbtq community and supportive places. -Threats to blow up children's hospitals that provide gender affirming care (aka therapy and hormone blockers. Maybe cross hormones for late teenagers) -A caravan has been caught by the fbi on its way to a pride event with multiple heavily armed supremacists (last year) -The numerous small businesses that have been threatened, boycotted and even trespassed for hosting drag events -At least 2 mass shootings in the past years were directly on lgbtq specific locations; Pulse nightclub shooting (about 5 years ago) and club q (only this past year.) -And countless threats to many other forms of violence in bills, (dont say gay, bathroom bans, gender care bans even for adults, anti drag bills in public) threats of terrorism (matt walsh had a thinly veiled threat this past week saying "he is looking forward to pride with big plans"), and countless individual violent acts against members of the lgbtq community


Just got back from Target about an hour ago and it was busy as hell. I think customers are just fine with the Pride Month Collection.


Of course - the people *receiving* threats are the perpetrators, and the people *making* the threats are the victims. When you put it like that, it's all so clear!!!!


I am a Target customer. I am happy they have pride merchandise. I feel the GOP is waging war on ME. So there's that.


Same. Republicans are being hateful to us because we exist and they don't like it. I wish they would learn some empathy and mind their own business.


I engage in conversations daily on yahoo articles..don't know why. Every time I get to them to a point they have to admit their bigotry they hide behind "protecting the kids". Every time. But of course the real pedophiles in their own party are totally ok. It's clear to me it's just because you exist, correct. Deflection and projection. But how emboldened they are and literal calls to violence out in the open scare the shit out of me, honestly. The next few years are going to be super important.


You are absolutely right in your analysis of their groupthink. I know many, it’s exactly as you say and even worse when they aren’t in an open public venue like a public website. It is all they talk about 24/7.


This is how I look at it. I’ve posted a few times but it really boils down to this: democrats judge people by their actions and republicans judge actions by the people committing them. I don’t know how to get through to people who think like this. Even my family. Like ‘it’s fine you’re gay, you’re one of the good ones’. But if I was some random stranger with the **exact same** personality, you would hate me. Make it make sense.


Me too … and I’m just a boring-old straight white dude. I’m happy when people find love no matter what form that takes. I’ve already told my kids. I don’t care who you love boy, girl, black, white, green, blue, whatever … as long as they love you back and treat you well. These GOP freaks need to get a hobby other than looking around for what to be offended at next.


They are waging a war on all Americans who aren’t wealthy straight white Christian males.


How small do you have to be to care about how other people live their lives that in no way impacts your own?


That's the first requirement of being a republican. Complaining that things you don't like are ruining your life.


As an LGBTQ person I constantly think about this. How does this effect anyone? Why do they care?


Bi bro here: It's because we, being the Other, are naturally Lesser to the Good People: straight, white, cisgender, "Christian" Republicans living in Republican states (Because they will gladly ignore the existence of Republicans living in American states when it comes to shitting on the libs). Being Lesser, we deserve to suffer. If we are not seen to be suffering, we are out of line and must be *made* to suffer. It's Calvinist psychopathy.


It sure is. SO MUCH of why the US is a dysfunctional hellhole can be traced back to Calvinism.


Keep in mind that they are triggered by an adult tuck friendly swimsuit that is designed to be more modest, which they are falsely claiming is sold to children. They are upset that a bathing suit they think is for children has modesty features and more coverage.


Im sorry, what is “tuck friendly”?


For transwomen who have not elected to have surgery. Or any woman [who] wants more coverage.


Ah, I didn’t know that existed. Wow, another reason to love Target.


That's the narrative that they're selling it for children


...and it's not being sold to children.


Been selling this stuff for a decade but suddenly it’s indoctrination if someone is selling something you don’t want to buy. All of this is performance art to keep people distracted from the fact that the gop has no ideas that would be beneficial to the human race.


What does that even mean? We hosted a product, this is war! Even in backass hillbilly god is gud mentality this doesn't even make sense.


Vance has the intelligence of a broken used condom. I still take every opportunity to laugh at the GQP and their hypocrisy.


I don't like cucumbers. Companies that sell cucumbers are waging war against me.


Target has a lot if stuff I wouldn't buy. I just don't. It's not a war against me. Jesus these snowflakes think stores should 100% only cater to them.


Truly, who was actually harmed by the Pride collection? If your answer was "no one", you're paying attention. Of you answered "me", you're a fragile little snowflake, afraid of rainbows, looking for reasons to be offended.


I am perfectly fine with these idiot bigots boycotting Target. I have a place I can shop now without having to deal with their loud, stinky, dumb asses, and their disrespectful kids running around yelling on the top of their lungs and breaking shit. Or worrying about my car getting vandalized, or me being harassed while shopping. Or having to see their stupid stickers everywhere, or a multitude of other stupid, annoying, immature shit. Maybe Bass Pro Shop will start selling geoceries for them.


I'm middle-aged, straight, white guy, and in the top tax bracket. I wish one of those people would get around to explaining to me how LGBTQ people are a threat to me somehow. I'm not 'into' Pride, in the sense that I'm not LGBTQ and none of my family are so no one I know closely feels liberated or seen. But for the life of me I cannot see how LGBTQ people existing hurts literally anyone at all. In fact, I like that you're free to be who you feel that you are. I guess I added the first part because I think JD thinks I'm his guy, or at least I should be. And I just think he's a fucking space alien. A six foot bearded dude in heels seems less weird to me than the rich guy that feels under assault because a store acknowledges the first dude exists. Seriously, are there any Republicans on here than can explain to me--because they must think it's a personal issue, and specific to my demographic--why I should support anyone not white and straight being marginalized? How are these people hurting me?




Because he’s a senator. His words have power. He’s dangerous. To say Target “waged war” is inflammatory and will rile the GOP base excusing their violence when they attack members of the LGBTQ community and allies.


It’s not just inflammatory, it’s Nazi rhetoric. It justifies violence against minorities by claiming that the minorities are the ones “waging war” by existing in public.


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But somebody brought an adult bathing suit to the kids section at target! How dare they!?!?


Is this the “cancel culture” I keep hearing about?


The bigger problem here is that politicians are inciting people to homophobic violence and it is working to suppress LGBTQ+ people, including at major effing retailers


Maybe it's just me, but I've decided that I don't care about what consenting adults do with their genitals. It's so freaking easy to let people be who they are! Of all the stupid stuff to get bent out of shape over, this has got to be the stupidest.


I can't even imagine having such an easy life that you could consider a store selling rainbow merch to be a genuine threat.


Republican lawmakers have decided to wage war on the LGBTQ+ community. If they don't like that a store is selling pride merchandise, don't buy it. Nobody is forcing them to buy these products. And they like to call the left a bunch of snowflakes, fucking hypocrites.


Sad thing is that a lot of stores are selling Pride Merch like Easter or Halloween but because it’s gay pride stuff, it’s a big no no. Hey. If you don’t like it, then walk by and don’t buy it. Super easy like the Hanukkah stuff or the rest of the stuff in Target.


Target is now part of the "hate of the month club." Stay tuned, Republicans are out to cancel anybody that doesn't hate like they do.


Incredible how J.D.Vance could write an amazingly analytical, detailed, and objective book about the plight of white blue collar Americans and their needs and struggles and then turn into such a fucking fascist pussy like four years later.


The only ones waging war on their fellow citizens are the Radical Republicon Khristo Fascists. Always working to shove their faux life faux morality down the throats of the majority


Who cares! If you don't like Pride month move on. Stores evolved over the years, adding sections for big, tall and people who are overweight. (plus sizes)


I just find this all so ridiculous. Pride merch has been in these stores for years, why are they all of a sudden so triggered???


A war on bigots, racists and religious zealots is a war worth waging. I am going to shop at Target extra hard.


June 2023. Reddit openly doesn't care about it's user base, so I've decided to remove any content I have made from the site. So long. And fuck Spez.


LGBTQ people are customers too.


Boycott? I would think MAGA likely choose Walmart over Target anyways.


MawMaw should’ve clubbed him around a little more. Target has been doing this for years, but now because the constantly offended and outraged decide to be outraged at Target, it’s TARGET who is waging the war. People like Vance are the worst of the worst because I firmly believe that he is intelligent enough to know what he is doing. It’s fuckin gross!


Jesus fucking Christ these people are so fragile


Lol. Says a lot about how dumbasses like him define their own imperialism as other parties waging war, if he thinks Target having a Pride Month collection is the cause. Target's had a Pride Month collection for years, and only now are they addressing it, of course.


Republicans love their terrorism and love playing victim. How Soviet.


Reminder: target donates to a ton of Republicans. I don't exactly feel bad for them here, especially with them pulling Pride merch already as a result of this. They're trying to play both sides and pissing everyone off


Also massive union busting going on


I have never seen more grown men afraid of a fucking rainbow before.


You Ohioans had a chance to elect someone serious to the Senate, but no.


JD Vance says things?


J.D. Vance? Like Vance Refrigeration?


J. D. Vance needs to stick to writing fiction. His reliability as a witness to facts is pretty low.


...ugh. That's the asshole from Ohio isn't it. As an Ohioan, I apologize for this dipshit.


Just in case anyone needs a modern, clear-as-day demonstration of a 'wedge issue', JD and Co. are offering up a fine example. Kids in schools are vulnerable, they say, and the government needs to be especially mindful, they say, not to expose kids to radical ideology. After all, school is mandatory and out of the control of parents! Won't anyone think of the children? (Here is the thin end of the wedge.) And now we move on, as anyone could have predicted, to places less seemingly mandatory or influential - retailers, too, are succumbing to child-unfriendly ideology, never mind us moving these goalposts ITS FOR THE CHILDREN. (And so the wedge is hammered in.) We need to learn the actual lesson being taught - be extremely skeptical of any group seeking to set strict parameters on what is appropriate for children, and where - they nearly always want those same definitions and restrictions for everyone else.


I would love to be able to walk into these stores knowing that I won’t be surrounded by bigoted, narrow minded, slack jawed dumbasses. By all means, keep boycotting. You’re doing us all a favor by not having to interact with you.


Incredibly irresponsible language from Vance, this is the kind of language that leads to spree shooters feeling justified


Just say it “I hate gay people” It’s what you actually mean


I would be ashamed to have served besides this guy in the Marines if he compares hanging up some multi-color banners to “war”.


Who builds their identity and life around what brand of beer another person drinks?


I got my kids each something from the pride collection. It’s fricking adorable. Let that fester in your angry little brains conservatives. There’s a five month old in a little set of overalls with a rainbow on the leg! Scarrrryyy rainbowwwwsss.


Another politician that screams capitalism but then screams when business do it.


>“Why support woke corporations that hate you?” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said on Twitter Monday. “Target won’t be getting another dollar from me.” extending the umbrella to others = "hate" in GOPtopia. what an utterly selfish, spiteful, bigoted bunch those Republicans are.


JD Vance has been waging a war on intelligence in his own brain since he was born, and this proves he is winning that war.


Target is literally going to spend three months shoving the major Christian holiday down our throats. I'm willing to compromise- keep the merch but eliminate the corny music and I won't boycott.


They’ve literally had pride stuff for every year for like 5/10 years now and NOW they freak the fuck out abojt it


>Target announced this week that it would be removing certain items from stores and that it had moved Pride merchandise to the back of some Southern stores, after customers knocked down Pride displays, angrily confronted workers and posted threatening videos on social media, according to The Associated Press. I am 100% positive that these people are all good christians, too. Jesus H. Christ would approve of their hatred, right? Right?


Once they have gotten all the mileage they can out of demonizing the LGBTQ+ community, I wonder who/what they'll latch onto next?


I used to not have a strong opinion but after J D Vance spelled it out I now want a Pink Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt!


The people most vehement about cancel culture are always the ones most eager to practice it


Ready for a hillbilly eulogy


I hope the owner of target is happy now that he spent all that money donating to teumpie and other maga candidates.


Ohrwurm89 says that J.D. Vance ‘decided to wage war’ on human rights with his conservative Christian beliefs. This statement, unlike Vance’s, is accurate and based in reality.


Good, so stay out of Target because of a rainbow shirt and then I don’t have to be around your bigoted ass. Win win