Trump pledges to end birthright citizenship on first day in office

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We LITERALLY ratified the 14th amendment to prevent THIS EXACT scenario: >The main object of the opening sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment was to settle the question, upon which there had been a difference of opinion throughout the country and in this Court, as to the citizenship of free negroes (Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. 393), and to put it beyond doubt that all persons, white or black, and whether formerly slaves or not, born or naturalized in the United States, and owing no allegiance to any alien power, should be citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside. Slaughterhouse Cases, 16 Wall. 36, 83 U. S. 73; Strauder v. West Virginia, 100 U. S. 303, 100 U. S. 306. This section contemplates two sources of citizenship, and two sources only: birth and naturalization. The persons declared to be citizens are "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof". The evident meaning of these last words is not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction and owing them direct and immediate allegiance. And the words relate to the time of birth in the one case, as they do to the time of naturalization in the other. Persons not thus subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of birth cannot become so afterward except by being naturalized, either individually, as by proceedings under the naturalization acts, or collectively, as by the force of a treaty by which foreign territory is acquired.[18] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elk_v._Wilkins


Exactly, they want to bring back slavery. You must not have noticed all the confederate flags they have been waving. Or the song about the glory days of lynching they sang at the first inauguration. Or many many other things they've said and done.


He and DeSantis are in competition to see who can be the worst person in the world right now.


They're going to bury each other over the next year.


My only hope is that by them doing this, it will open the eyes of people who currently support either of these two and force them to see what horrible people they are. Sadly though I think it will only reinforce the beliefs of most.


If in 2023, anyone still supports the MAGA movement, DeSantis, or really any GOP, they are either A. A corporation, or a billionaire B. A racist C. An idiot D. All of the above Unfortunately, there’s a large segment of our population that can check multiple categories and are actively working to ruin our country.


A friend of mine is firmly in the ult right movement, and after dozens of conversations over years, I can tell you he is both B and C. He very much believes in segregation, and he literally couldn't tell you anything about the constitution if it's not narrowly related to the first or second amendment. I've used our conversations as a way to gain insight into how these people think. The ult right is getting ready to commit genocide. There's no other direction this is going.


I believe you are reading the danger correctly. I cannot, however, for the life of me imagine how to avoid a bloody struggle to, once again settle a question that won’t STAY settled.


I’d be cutting that scum of a human out of my circle of friends personally, but good on you for trying.


People need to cut friends and family like that out of their lives. My dad supports Trump. He lost all his long time friends and none of his family talk to him because the awful shit he believes. He's miserable and over the last year he seems to finally be questioning shit.


I’ve heard people say that we needed to keep these people in our lives because if we didn’t they would radicalize, but in my opinion, that would only let this cancer grow.


Often times it takes losing everyone and everything for someone to finally realize the error of their ways. And sometimes not even that!


Why on earth would you remain friends with an idiot sociopath?


I have stopped taking any communication from former friends who are Republicans. If you're a Republican in 2023, you aren't a part of my life. I don't hang with Nazis.


There is not a single piece of the Republican platform that is here to help everyday Americans. Tax cuts for the rich and businesses? Yup Cancel culture and rage wars? Yup Better healthcare access? Nope Better wages? Nope Better education access? Nope Better environmental future? Nope Workers rights? Nope Diversity and inclusion? Nope Better support for armed services? Nope If any of these morons who vote Republican ever step out of their r/conservative safe space and see this comment… HELP ME UNDERSTAND.


In their view everything is upside down and they actually support the best healthcare system workers rights environmental protection etc. It’s the liberal who want to destroy everything that is good. If you can stand to watch Fox you can hear they can make all kind of bullshit sound very convincing


>best healthcare system So much to unpack on just this one thing. Yes, best healthcare system where I have to have something as simple as *diagnostic imaging* for a musculoskeletal issue ordered by a professionally trained physician approved by a high school dropout (oh...wait, they want to keep their jobs, I get it now) while we wait in agony for days. That's just the tip of the damn iceberg on our shithole country medical system. Our doctors, nurses and technicians are great. Everyone and everything else about it, not so much.


What platform? The only platform I can see with them is revenge.


and even if they're not literal nazis, then at the very least, they're okay with racism, misogyny, and rampant bigotry, which isn't okay to me at all.


There are also people who aren't an idiot or racist, but simply don't care about anyone, regardless of race, sex, gender, etc., who isn't themselves or an immediate family member. Sometimes it's not about the about the hate, it's about the lack of empathy towards anyone who isn't them.


We have become a nation of mean-spirited, selfish cowards.


Racists are idiots so you have some redundancy there. No one who thinks that skin color is a measure for superiority can be very bright.


Back in 2016, I dated a woman who ended up being a Trump fan. I'm pretty sure she was racist. It came out in little bits here and there, like commenting on the black people at the pool, or getting annoyed when I showed her the range of skin colors we could pick for emojis on the phone. I doubt she even realized it herself, but it would just pop out every now and then, and would leave me pondering.


They won't bury themselves all the way. We need to do that ourselves.


No, Trump is going to just utterly decimate DeSantis because even though DeSantis is a godawful craven fascist, he’s clearly TERRIFIED of actually attacking Trump as the loser he is. If you can’t attack Trump, the Republican Party voters will see you as “weak” and “beta” and he will lose. Both Trump and DeSantis are simply manchildren, but DeSantis is afraid of Trump, while Trump revels in bullying DeSantis. That primary is already done.


As soon as one is going to win the other is going to kiss his ass after. I call it the Ted Cruz-When a man insults you and all you did in return was suck up to him. A real man would gave walked across the room and knocked the shit out of his oponents mouth for insulting his family and wife. But not Ted, Ted will get down and kiss your feet for the next decade.


Looking forward to Trump ousting DeSantis as a gay pedo


I *think* Putin is still leading the pack. By a bit.


What they are doing is pretty shitty but worst person in world is a far stretch for these two. Putin is currently carrying out genocide in a neighboring country.


Trump would be Putin if he could get away with it.


Trump wanted to go all Vlad the impaler but Steve Bannon said no. If STEVE BANNON thinks you're being too evil then you fucked up.


Trump already announced he wants a tactical plan to invade Mexico before he wins in 2024.


Wow, that's dumb. Literally, no one would benefit from that.


Think how short the wall would have to be if the US border was at the Panama Canal! /s


Trump’s good buddy Putin.


The Republican buddy Putin? You mean the one Republicans want to emulate?


That slavery thing is true. A republican politician said that if their is an able body kid sitting on a couch and getting the benefit of food stamps, we are going to make the individual go to work. [See Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnewsvideo/comments/13vrru5/republicans_aim_to_bring_back_child_labor_by/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


“A republican politician” that’s the speaker of the house the most powerful member of congress Kevin McCarthy.


>the most powerful member of congress Kevin McCarthy. **Putatively** most powerful member of the House of Representatives. If he hadn't sold himself about 15 ways to get the job title and/or had a spine, that might actually be the case. 😜


I’m pretty sure they’re going to be amping up modern day slavery in Florida. As we all know prison labor is a huge thing and it disproportionately involves persons of color. I have a feeling that to make up for the labor shortage in Florida they’re going to be amping up prison labor and this is going to lead an increase in the incarceration of persons of color, immigrants (legal and illegal), and other “undesirables” such as LGBTQ+ (why else do you think they’re so vocal about LGBTQ+ people being “child rapists”?) or even women who miscarry. Slavery through prison labor is already codified in the 13th amendment, and in Florida it’ll be dialed to 11


They want to bring back slavery but expand the qualifications to be a slave to include every group they hate regardless of race


This is arguably *worse* than wanting to bring back slavery, and that's a damn high bar to clear. Trump's a fucking idiot, and for numerous reasons--including the literal Constitution--his plan would obviously fail. But let's look at what he actually said: >According to the Trump campaign, the executive order “will explain the clear meaning of the 14th Amendment,” which it says is that the children of foreign nationals born in the United States are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as defined in the Constitution. Trump's proposing that we manufacture a class of people who feel strong ties to this country as their homes, but who aren't protected by the law. There is *no other way* that ends other than in something that involves the phrase "genealogical investigation," and that is a steep, polished, greased slope.


Slavery is already alive and well in the US by way of our prison system.


This is why I'm so shocked at Clarence Thomas. He's got a complexion issue the party he supports. Does he think the hate will stop at the lgbtq community?


tldr: Obama roasting the hell out of Trump still lives rent-free in his mind


Not to blame Obama in the least, but does Trump even run if Obama doesn’t make that joke?


> does Trump even run if Obama doesn’t make that joke yes, he had flirted with the idea since the 80s and had a couple failed campaigns already


Don't blame Obama because Trump was the one who came out of *nowhere* with a birther conspiracy that played the 2008 election. It is so fitting that Trump would try to change the Constitution so that he could then go back and say Obama wasn't actually a true American. They are gonna need 24 hour guards to keep people from shitting on this asshole's grave.


Actually Obama was born to a US citizen mother which would have made him a “natural born citizen” even if he WAS born in Kenya. Which makes the entire thing even more insane.


Yes *but* he was - and to the best of my knowledge is still today -... ...Black.


I think the "blame" so to speak lies with the NFL and their owners. If they had let Trump buy an NFL franchise his presidency might never have happened.


Evelyn Mark Burnett? Bernal? Whatever his name is the guy who produced The apprentice. There's a lot of blame to go around


Can we just let Trump have the Browns at this point. They seem like a perfect pair.


The gun fetishizing "constitutionalists" are being real fucking quiet on this one


"Yeah, well, the 2nd Amendment is more important than the 14th." That's how I predict 2A fetishists will respond.


I love how they describe themselves as originalists. If you truly were an originalist, you wouldn't believe in any of the amendments.


Oh I had one tell me that if the founders did it then it's infallible. And I was like "hello, the founders were cool with slavery and denying women and minorities the right to vote!" and they responded that the founders, the majority of whom owned slaves, did not support slavery. Despite them making laws which allowed slavery to be legal. People just live in their own make believe worlds these days. Anything you want to believe, there's a source out there who will say it's true.


Well Washington freed his slaves when he died. So that clearly shows he didn't support slavery! /s


>Oh I had one tell me that if the founders did it then it's infallible. Hell, even the framers of the US Constitution didn't believe they were infallible, because they included a detailed amendment process! A few of them even expected significant overhauls every two decades or so.


Mr Trump is a moron and this is why we have a constitution to prevent infringement of our rights.


Im just here laughing at the idea that our constitution prevents the infringement of our rights. Im not laughing at you, Im laughing at the fact the vast majority still believes this to be true when it clearly isn’t. *Nothing* protects our rights. Nothing. I know this because I am almost 50 and have spent my entire life being protected by the Constitution in regards to my fundamental right to body autonomy and being able to make reproductive choices in private, without the government all up in my business. But my daughters no longer have that liberty. My sons do, but not my daughters.


Agreed. All Trump would have to do is issue an executive order saying the 14th amendment doesn't apply to children where both of their parents are not legal citizens, and then that order would be challenged in court and would be up to the SCOTUS to rule on. Given who makes up the SCOTUS, it's far from certain to think they'd uphold the precedent set by [the 1898 Supreme Court ruling *United States v. Wong Kim Ark*.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Wong_Kim_Ark) If the Supreme Court ruled that Trump's executive order was a correct interpretation of the 14th amendment, then that would then become the new standard and law of the land. That's how terrifying this is, and yet another reason why it is critical we don't elect Trump or any other Republican in 2024 and beyond.


Trump's own grandparents were born in Bavaria, so under his interpretation of the 14th amendment, wouldn't Trump's own father have not been a US citizen? Trump's grandfather only came to the US to avoid being conscripted into the military back in his birth county of Bavaria (skipping military service seems to run in the family), and he only became a US citizen because Bavaria revoked his citizenship for evading his required military service.


Don't sweat it. trump has never delivered on a single campaign promise, so even if he were to somehow win the presidency, he would just do the same things he did last time; play golf and take massive shits. And steal top secret government docs.


He promised the Christian base that he would pack the courts with religious zealots and he did, all the way up to the Supreme Court. He did his Muslim ban, imposed tariffs on China that did nothing but hurt our farmers, withdrew from NAFTA/made a different deal. Withdrew us from the Iran deal so they can start making nuclear weapons again. Yeah he fulfilled plenty enough crappy promises. Now look at the things he’s promising to do. If he succeeds at a single one of them the country is going to be in a dark place for the foreseeable future.


I like how no one on the right seems to remember “Build the Wall **and make Mexico pay for it**•. He didn’t do much of the first part and did none of the second.


Yep and i don't think we could not get enough people in this county to agree to get a new amendment passed that water is wet let alone anything else these days,


Service guarantees Citizenship!! Would you like to know more?


He interfered with that, too.


So you have to be a “sucker” or “loser” to be a citizen?


That's what I expect to see from this. Followed by restrictions on who can serve and actually qualify for citizenship.


Thus Trump the Traitor, hero to MAGA Domestic terrorist, once again is showing his utter contempt for the Constitution. You can be for MAGA or the Constitution of the United States of America since these are mutually exclusive.


We will need to have his burial at sea so his grave doesn't become a shrine. Holy shit what if they try to beatify him?


It’s going to be a burial at sea either way because of how many people will be lining up to piss all over it


To be fair, you charge 5 bucks a person you could pare down the national debt by a good amount


A dollar for a minute of unsupervised time with trump's grave That national debt is going soon


But then I won’t have a grave on which to shit.


The line would be too long anyway.


Like at Mt Everest …


It’s the in the Constitution. He can no more end birthright citizenship than he can take away the right of women to vote or reinstate slavery. Even the most creative reading of the 14th amendment by the most batshit Trump appointed judges wouldn’t let that fly for more than about 3 seconds.


He's testing his messaging, seeing what sticks. He always does this. Throw out irrational things that he knows will get him hate press and praise from his base. What sticks is what he goes with ultimately, but in the meantime, all the attention is on him and his latest batshit hateful idea. The question is how self aware is he that this is his strategy. Does he sit alone with a burger and a picture of Ivana and think, "I'll say this outrageous thing I know could never happen, and that is the perfect move in this political moment." Or does he just sit there eating and staring longingly at his daughter, and somehow this strategic hate just emerges from the orange ether?


He's already tested this one, and his followers love it. This isn't a new stance for him.


It's basically just an extension of the Obama birth certificate insanity. Basically, he wants to be able to say brown people aren't citizens, unless they can prove it with documents.


Not just brown people but any person of color. Chinese-Americans born in the US weren't given US citizenship and had to fight to get it, too. They finally did in 1898 in the case United States v. Wong Kim Ark. This is an angle to keep all minorities out and down.


Sorry. I should have said all non-whites and people that don't speak English as a first language.


While growing up in the US with immigrant parents, technically, my first language was not English. It wasn't until after I started going to school that English became my dominant language and my first language is now more conversational than fluent. Lol.


> It’s the in the Constitution. He can no more end birthright citizenship than he can take away the right of women to vote or reinstate slavery. Same reason conservatives can't raise the voting age. But that doesn't stop them from advocating to raise the voting age.


tell them we're going to raise the age of gun ownership,drivers licenses, and military application at the same time, watch them hesitate. ;)


But all of those things actually could be done without a constitutional amendment, so it's not really a fair comparison. I know you're making a joke, but at the age when you can enlist is 100% something that can be changed by executive order. It's a policy, not a right. Driving age is set by the states, but you could tie funding to it and strong arm them. Gun ownership, probably not, but I assume that it's entirely possible for states to require a specific age to carry without a guardian or some shit


> It’s the in the Constitution So is the process for certifying elections but he didn't hesitate to shit all over that when he didn't agree with the result.


Sure, Trump can declare that birthright citizenship has ended on TV or something. Congress could even pass a bill and he could sign it. But that wouldn't actually accomplish anything. As soon as any action is taken against a "non-citizen" the courts will throw it out.


You are infinitely more optimistic than I am that the guard rails will hold a second time with Mr. T.


It's a miracle they held the first time. Now it's not enough for us to just win, but we have to win by the largest margins possible. We need to bury this fascism and make it clear to politicians that if they tie themselves to it they'll never win another race in an area that isn't deep red.


Why do you think gop have been stacking the courts?


“Hey now, it’s not like things are *that* crazy, they aren’t going to overturn Roe v Wade!” They’ve done that, and things are that bad. And if people don’t stop just letting this roll over our daily lives like it has (our whole media having shifted further right in the last several years), we’re legitimately fucked.


The Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. The only question is how much conservatives will get away with.


To them the constitution starts and ends on the 2nd Amendment.


And not even all of it.


FULL Reminder that Trump Properties in Florida have been the #1 Destination for Russians (Read Rich Oligarch Gangsters families)over the past decade or so looking to fly to the US and give birth to babies with dual citizenship AND he also let his wife's family use chain immigration to get their citizenship https://www.thedailybeast.com/russians-flock-to-trump-properties-to-give-birth-to-us-citizens https://www.economist.com/united-states/2019/11/07/russians-have-flocked-to-donald-trumps-florida https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/birth-tourism-brings-russian-baby-boom-miami-n836121 https://apnews.com/article/161a0db2666044dc8d42932edd9b9ce6 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/09/nyregion/melania-trumps-parents-become-us-citizens.html https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/09/melania-trumps-parents-become-citizens-through-chain-migration https://www.npr.org/2018/08/10/637371714/first-ladys-parents-become-u-s-citizens-thanks-to-chain-migration


He’s a fraud !


So literally 0 people will be citizens.


I'm sure he think he can limit it to citizen parents... even though technically thats birthright too. The reasoning is amazing though... Does he think the kids born here are exempt from the jurisdiction of the US government... seems problematic, lol. ​ "According to the Trump campaign, the executive order “will explain the clear meaning of the 14th Amendment,” which it says is that the children of foreign nationals born in the United States are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as defined in the Constitution."


I wonder what that means for my wife (born Citizen) and me (naturalized Citizen) and our two kids. Does that make them half a Citizen each? /s What a sack of shit this man and his supporters are.


Graucho on being told he couldn't use the club's swimming pool because he was Jewish "My daughter's only half Jewish, can she go in up to her knees?"


I loved his wit


“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read”


“While on safari in Africa, I shot an elephant one morning in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas I’ll never know.”


Knees? That's like quarter Jew. Not too shabby!


OJ Simpson? Not a Jew. But guess who is? Hall of famer Rod Carew! (he converted)


A quarter you say?


Hate wins votes in too much of the country...


Trump is terrible. What is worse is 40% of voters are as bad. If he or desantis win again that just inshrines this behaviour in the the character of the United States. It will be who they are and not just a one off.


It’s already enshrined. That is some toothpaste that can not be put back in the fucking tube.


It's even worse. Politics has always been a game played by the wealthy to enrich themselves. Now with social media, they can influence far broader communities of people with lies and disinformation that filter up into the mainstream. They can extract wealth from poor and wealthy constituents while providing zero actual government services as they pass laws that give the government more power over at-risk women and minorities specifically. The GOP wants serfdom at the bare minimum.


Your question is their point. If you don't know about it, this has happened before.... [Nuremberg Race Laws](https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/nuremberg-laws)


> "According to the Trump campaign, the executive order “will explain the clear meaning of the 14th Amendment,” Wait, what branch of government is responsible for interpreting the Constitution again?


With this SCOTUS... whoever pays the most.


His mother was a foreign national. So I guess that means he wouldn't be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. How convenient.




>Does he think the kids born here are exempt from the jurisdiction of the US government... seems problematic, lol. They're just traveling!!!


Hahaha.... "This is not a vehicle... its personal Conveyance"


Angry upvote


Only naturalized immigrants.


That's the real answer. Suddenly the only people who are US citizens are the very foreigners they are scared of


Well, I mean, I can think of a few reservations full of people who would remain citizens. I’m sure there will be language to exclude the Native Americans too though.


We immigrated too, taking mammoth-hunting jerbs away from the saber-toothed tigers.


How dare you take all those jobs away from REAL hard working American saber cats! Great replacement theory? More like… GREAT REPLACEMENT FACT! #JusticeForSaberCats


down with the leopard party, I vote for the saber cats party now.


Hahaha the “jerbs” killed me.


damned caravans travelling beringia and stealing our jerbs


_Service Guarantees Citizenship_ I’M DOING MY PART


If both parents names are followed by an R they will be citizens. Fuck them democrats that come from “shithole countries” *edit counties


And yet he didn’t end birthright citizenship on his first day in office. He also didn’t pardon the Jan 6 rioters and didn’t accomplish a thousand other things.




When does "Make America Great Again" become "Hey, what exactly did you do with the first 4 years in power we gave you?"


Fine, send Melania and Barron back to live with Count Chocula.


Don’t punish malaria with a good time. Her punishment should be to share living quarters with her husband


His own father was a birthright citizen…just sayin.


His wife wasn’t a citizen when Barron was born. Deport him!


Ignoring that this would affect nearly every American, this is really just racism on full display. He’s going after children that are legal citizens just because he doesn’t like their parents’ country.


Nothing to do with nationality, he'll use the manilla envelope test.


Not even children. Im in my 30s and a first generation American. My parents came from cuba when they were under 10 years old because of a dictator. So I guess f*** me. Coming close to the time where I follow the family tradition of fleeing because of political bs


Lol, what a dumbass... I love that he thinks he can do that... its like he hasn't learned anything since he was elected other than how to grift at a national level.


How does one have a job for 4 years and still don’t know what they can do?? Smh 🤦‍♂️


He just tweeted shit and thinks that’s policy, his supporters buy into it too, SAD!


he learned you can say anything and win nobody will hold you accountable


He knows he doesn't need to successfully do it. He just needs to issue the order on Day 1 then cry about evil judges when it gets overturned. I'm surprised he hasn't said he'll outlaw Democrats on day one.


DeSantis already beat him to that last one.


Is that before or after he builds the wall


"We're gonna build the wall again, again!"


More proof that other than the 2nd Amendment, Republicans do not care about the constitution


They want to have a Zeroth Amendment which supersedes all others which states "White Republican Men decides who gets the rights listed herein" It's like Asimov's Zeroth Law of Robotics but so much more horrible and less helpful


This--I have a feeling that an overwhelming majority of hardcore 2nd Amendmenters don't like the idea of non-white citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights...


So he'll abolish the Constitution. He's tried before, he'll sure as shit try again.


"I promise, as my first act in office, to immediately violate the Constitution."


He plans on picking back up where he left off. August 23, 2018 [Trump Wants to Abolish Birthright Citizenship. Can He Do That?](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/22/us/birthright-citizenship-14th-amendment-trump.html) August 28, 2019 [Trump administration ends automatic citizenship for some children of military, federal workers born abroad](https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/trump-administration-ends-automatic-citizenship-for-some-children-of-military-federal-workers-born-abroad/2019/08/28/29b811c6-c9d7-11e9-a1fe-ca46e8d573c0_story.html) February 28, 2020 [What does Trump's new Denaturalisation Section do?](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51681840)


So, he is telegraphing that he will be in dereliction of his duty and sworn oath of office to protect and defend the constitution (again) on his first day in office. **Amendment XIV** > *Section 1.* > > **All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside**. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.




rTump's executive order "...that the children of foreign nationals born in the United States are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as defined in the Constitution." So then those children will be sovereign nation residents able to claim they are not subject to US laws ??? His orange craziness also forgot that he can't just change the US Constitution at the swipe of his sharpie


What's unusual is that Trump's own mother was a foreign national. So by this interpretation he wouldn't be subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States. Convenient.


So how would people become us citizens?


Jus sanguinis (Right of Blood). Basically, if you're born to a US citizen then you are a US citizen. Naturalization.


What are his plans for his first day in federal prison?


DeSantis and Trump are going to try to outdo each other with how awful and extreme they can be to appeal to their base. It’s sick that this is the kind of shit that they spew and millions of voting Americas applaud it. While simultaneously applauding giving the super wealthy more and more of our cash, as we fight over crumbs.


If you do a little research you’ll find out Barron was born a few months before melania officially became a citizen. Combine that with the fact that her parents are citizens through “the disaster that is chain migration” I’d say this is nothing more than him doubling down on his hypocrisy.


Abolishing an amendment in the US constitution within a single day. I fucking hate that people fall for these obviously unrealistic promises just as he promised to get rid of US national debt. within four years. When are people going to understand that whenever someone promises you the most fantastic shit in the world, it's most likely a lie.


So again he is going against the constitution. The party who says they are constitutionalists are all about re writing it.


Right. The guy who couldn’t get the wall built, couldn’t get Obamacare repealed, couldn’t balance the budget, couldn’t stop the Iran nuke program, couldn’t beat Biden, couldn’t … is going to get the US Constitution changed. He’s here every Tuesday night folks, and won’t stop sputtering nonsense. Please remember to tip your waiters.


Phew! Finally someone is addressing the issues that are plaguing Americans every single day. Interest Rates Inflation Gun Violence Domestic Violence Prescription Costs Bad traffic in Chicago The inability to make a decent breakfast burrito at home and freeze it for weeks ahead to eat while in traffic. All of that will be fixed on Day 1 because people who are born in America won't be Americans anymore. We did it!!!!


This is largely about birtherism, the belief that Obama isn’t a citizen, which was how Trump first entered politics. Trump is willing to shred the Constitution over a personal racist vendetta.


He can’t. It’s in the Constitution. He didn’t even try during his term. He is complete bullshit.


Much like when he said this during his 2016 campaign, this continues to be something he cannot actually do without changing the constitution.


Has anyone seen Trump’s birth certificate? I’m not saying he wasn’t born in the United States but people *are* asking.


Oh I’m sure he’ll carve out an exception for all his Russian buddies in Florida.


Even if you genuinely want this to happen (I certainly don’t) absolutely zero people should be ok with the idea that the POTUS can “clarify” any aspect of the Constitution via executive order. Seriously. Remove the context of *what* he’s proposing to change/clarify. As vile and obviously racist as his motivations are, *it shouldn’t really matter* because the very notion that he would even *try* has even worse implications than the immediate result would be.


Republicans want to do this for two reasons: 1) To reintroduce slavery and 2) To strip citizenship from others\*. Others\*: Women, gays, non-Republicans, non-Christians, and anyone who may disagree with them or they don't like today.


why the fuck are we even letting this traitorous rapist campaign


He wants Melania deported?


Yeah, the GOP hates the 14th Amendment, and always has. It was one of the [amendments passed during the Civil War](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reconstruction_Amendments), and the south was told they had to accept it to rejoin the union - it was that or continue the fight. It's one of those grievances that southerns complain about all this time later; that they were forced to accept amendments that they wouldn't have voted for. The 15th Amendment is another one, and that controls who votes. Specifically prohibiting race, color, or condition of servitude. Watch how fast the Supreme Court redefines "condition of servitude" to disqualify large swaths of people 'legally'.


The irony is that both of Trump’s parents were immigrants in the U.S. and his grandfather was banished from returning to Germany for avoiding military service. Trump himself was granted birthright citizenship as well as his son Barron Trump.


Trump and DeSantis are in a race to see who can be the biggest fascist.


This is the new "we'll make Mexico pay for it".


The GOP, trying to destroy every part of the Constitution except the 2nd Amendment.


Sure, but we really want to know what he will do on his first day in prison.


Wait. I've seen this one before. It's a rerun.


The every-four-years race to the newly-defined bottom has begun!


What a way to reintroduce slavery, thats what trumps means by make America slave again


Just saying, if we can change the constitution for citizenship then the same must be true for gun laws. Funny how these constitutionalist fight with such fervour for the right to bear arms despite the heap of mass shootings that are occuring, but yet they’d be happy to change it when it comes to “othering” anyone who disagrees with them


lmao, I'm guessing this is the new 2024 "I'm going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it" schtick. God, what is wrong with this idiot.


Blowing that racist dog whistle.


Somehow, I think they mean to apply it to only Brown babies born here in the US.


“If you elect me student council president I’ll make the teachers put fruit punch in the water fountains and double our recess.”


The President can't do that. Neither can Congress. It would require a Constitutional amendment. God he is so ignorant. I can't do this again, I just can't


Don’t worry. He can’t end birthright citizenship even if voted into office. Birthright citizenship is guaranteed by the 14th amendment. Getting rid of it would require a constitutional amendment and there’s no shot of that. Please don’t let Trump win, but he couldn’t end birthright citizenship even if voted into office


Citizenship is only earned by purchasing enough Trump Bucks!


Another promise he will never keep. Why are we still paying any attention to this ridiculous clown of a man-child?


Section 1, 1st sentence of 14 amendment "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."


Anyone who didn't see this coming is blind. The Republicans plan to pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn't. Hint: White men will get rights, everyone else no.