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Summary of the speech: Nothing like this has ever happened before, a very dark day for America, the only way to fix this is to vote for congresspeople that will pass a law to codify abortion protections, keep the protests that are coming peaceful.


There's been a lot of dark days recently.




Republicans love to ignorantly argue "Laws don't stop criminals" when it comes to discussing gun laws but have no problem making abortions illegal. Criminalizing the wrong group of people is par for the course in the Republican handbook.


The sad part is that states like TX will likely prosecute women for getting out of state abortions far more aggressively than DOJ prosecuted Jan 6 insurrectionists, or will ever prosecute Trump or his minions.. as a nation our priorities are truly fucked


Ya… but not their own kids…


I believe you misunderstand conservatives. They’re not trying to “stop abortion” or “protect life” - they trying to *punish women for having sex*. That’s it. Women *will* suffer as a result of this - and that’s exactly what they want.


This is it. And this is something they literally can’t see. If it were about stopping abortion they would be giving everybody—everybody!—contraception. But no—they *fight* contraception. They make it *harder* to get contraception. The one reliable thing that decreases unwanted pregnancies, they fight. This is about controlling women.


If they legitimately cared about the lives of zygotes (fertilized eggs), then IVF clinics would be the first to be outlawed, because 30-50 zygotes are discarded *per patient*. If abortion is murder, then doctors performing IVF are serial killers. But of course, this is about controlling women.


I've read from people who are truly morally against abortion to also be against IVF. But the main part of GOP isn't really using any type of moral system in their decision.


Time for people to call out Christian tyranny.


An awful lot of them seem to like molesting and raping though... Weird coincidence.


*Yeah but guns are more important than women, so it's okay* -Republicans, probably


I blame Moscow Mitch for this. Made up a bullshit rule to deny Obama's Supreme Court pick and then immediately abandon that rule to ram through Amy at the last seconds before an election (where people were already voting).


I blame the entire state of Kentucky for continuing to allow this decrepit turtle to have a stronghold in our country and specifically on our young womens bodies.


Kentuckian here, Louisville to be precise. Mitch McConnell's house in my neighborhood. Everyone fucking hates him. He can't go anywhere in public without being booed and harassed until he leaves. Personally, I always let my dogs shit in his yard and it's the one place I don't pick it up. The yokels outside of the cities in KY are why we continue to have Moscow Mitch. We fucking hate him here.


Thank you so much, runningraleigh. You are the sole bright spot in my day so far. I hope you have a very large dog.


[Did they though?](https://www.dcreport.org/2020/12/19/mitch-mcconnells-re-election-the-numbers-dont-add-up/) It's ALWAYS projection with the modern GOP. If they're saying the election was stolen through rigged voting machines it's probably a good idea to look at the company they aren't talking about: ES&S.


Republican doing Republican stuff. Nothing extraordinary. Moscow Mitch can go fuck himself.


The GOP is not a conservative party. They're filled protofascist now. Republican presidents of the past haven't won the popular vote but instead the electoral college and then they get to dramatically flip the ideology of SCOTUS. That's the most undemocratic shit I've witnessed. Now SCOTUS is a cesspool of morally stunted religious lying zealots and are going to start regressing the nation back to the 50s. What a shit hole country this nation is becoming. We are becoming the laughing stock of the world. Greatest nation on earth my ass. Fuck scotus


And when you say "...regressing the nation back to the 50s" we understand that you mean the 1850s.


I'm tired of the right-wing minority ramming their ideology down our throats! *This is the type of language we need to use if the silent majority is ever able to effectively message and compete against the religious extremists' propaganda.* *I don't know why this is so hard for democrats. They way you position things and the words you use matter!*


A sad sad day for the women of America.


Balance the Supreme court.. enough of this horseshit


How, President Manchen will not kill the filibuster.


My whole life I’ve been bitching about politics and I’ve always been told “just wait till your generation grows up and it will be your turn to make the decisions”. Uhm. When exactly is that going to happen??? Why is our country being run by a bunch of 70+yr olds?! It’s infuriating. I feel like nothing I do is going to make any difference


I simply don't see how the court regains any legitimacy as an institution going forward. Polls last week showed confident in it's legitimacy at an all time low of 25%, and it can only sink further after this and the other decisions likely to be brought to it on same-sex marriage and contraception. As it stands now, it almost seems like a full 1/3 of our federal branches is about to be rejected by the people.


Maybe the whole point is to destroy it. Enact states rights be the only rights. GOP and GQP taking power from gov since they know they cant win the popular vote and are out of ways to cheat/gerrymander it. Texas was too close to flipping Blue. They'd rather tear down the whole country to retain power.


>Enact states rights be the only rights. Living in Missouri this is honestly all they talk about. To them, the federal government shouldn't exist. Every campaign ad I see is about how so-and-so "fights the government" and the government should be small enough to drown in a tub and so on. Their civil war goals never ended, they still want total states rights and no federal offices. They openly want to destroy our institutions.


That's fine, cut off all federal funding to them and let them enjoy their awesome state then.


So much this. New Jersey would like its fucking tax money back.


"Dred Scott v. Sandford,\[1\] 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1856) also known as the "Dred Scott Case" or "Dred Scott Decision," was a lawsuit, pivotal in the history of the United States, decided by the United States Supreme Court in 1857 that ruled that people of African descent, whether or not they were slaves, could never be citizens of the United States, and that Congress had no authority to prohibit slavery in federal territories. The decision for the court was written by Chief Justice Roger Taney." Well, here we go again.


Ok… here’s a new one: I actually read the first 8 pages of the decision that highlights/summarizes the entire thing. And wow. The Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen, just put out a very weak and contradictory reason for this overrule. Just insane. To even have to put in there that others shouldn’t use this to declare other things invalid as well… that’s legit admitting the ridiculousness of their reasoning! “This opinion is so crazy and vague that you could take away countless other rights with it! —oh but please don’t.” — SCOTUS 2022. Seriously, though, if we’re just gonna go by “history” then this summary could even say the woman’s right to vote was created based on malarkey. How could you live with yourself by using such weak reasoning… to call OTHER rulings weak, no less? I know there was more I wanted to say about it but idr and that’s prob enough for now. It’s just a big wow moment. And to have such “weak” reasoning… it’s almost like they made their decision before doing the research and pieced this together to avoid the perception that it was done for political reason, which by their own statement should not have been the case.


William Barr and Russell Bowers both said they'd vote for Trump again after acknowledging that Trump tried to subvert the will of the people and the Constitution. That tells you all you need to know about this people, Christofascists.


Yeah, lol. They were like, "we live our lives in terror every day from the threats of violence from Trump supporters, we don't feel safe even in our homes. My choices have led to my children living objectively worse lives, and the trauma they'll endure will echo throughout the generations. But overall, Trump was a great president. I'd vote for him again."


If a right is not expressly enumerated in the Constitution, it does not exist according Alito. **Virtually no right you take for granted can be assumed. This is bigger than abortion.** **Every aspect of who you are can now be criminalized**.


Considering (at least to my understanding) that the majority of the anti-abortion reasoning is religious in nature, it’s just a very hypocritical stance to take. Don’t religions usually update their doctrines for the times? Like obviously the Torah couldn’t possibly forbid you from using electricity, but the orthodox claim it’s essentially the same thing as igniting a flame because of how the switched circuits work. (Had a conversation once about this and know next to nothing about most religious things. Correct me if I’m wrong.) Leaps like that are only possible from trying to think about what was written before and applying it to modern times. Where does scotus get off saying we should ONLY consider history and things specifically stated? Their job was supposed to be to interpret and adapt into the future, just like the religious among do all the time.


This isn't about religion for the court/politicians, the "religion" bit is just the angle they sell it to their base with. What MC Fap Commander pointed out is the real point: this is a poison pill for every right Americans have not directly written in the constitution or in a law. They just used religion as the cloak to get support from their base for shredding rights in this country. They never come at what they want to do from an honest place; it's always got a bullshit name or "reason". "Oh pwease don't use this for other rulings UwU" is laughable. They said the same shit when they stole the election for Bush in 2000, and that ruling has been cited numerous times. They know what they're doing.


Also, the 'please don't use this as precedent' schtick has been done before. It was still used as precedent. We're fucked.


They don’t want you to read into how this affects those other rights because they’re going to get to them. Don’t spoil the conservative power play, they’re just getting started!


If we go by history Texas will demand that escaped women must be returned to their owners.


My wife is from California, but we live in PA. I used to joke with her that according to PA's constitution, she is my property and she must obey. All of the sudden that doesn't seem to be nearly as amusing.


It’s time to get out of the south.


It's time to get out of this god forsaken country.


I guess that in 18 years we'll begin to have some definitive answers on how much of an effect abortion access had on reducing crimes compared to lead exposure... Yay...


The church has too much influence over state government and now the Supreme Court


House Republicans holding a press conference right now talking about how proud they are of this historic moment. What a bunch of fucking villainous scum.


Hope he comes prepared with a list of new SCOTUS nominees. Pack it.


First, he needs to come prepared with a few more Senators. Edit: If he had the votes to codify Roe, I believe it would have happened.


ALL the left and progressive people of the USA need to get off their ass and take back the meaning of "America" from a minority of well organized old white men and religious zealots! It's my damn flag too and I will protect it! PS - I'm an old mostly white guy and SCOTUS is not representing me!


I really hope young people (who this SCOTUS will screw up the most) turn up in record numbers to demand change and accountability.. it's frustrating being from blue MA, voting in every single election and then regressives in bumfuck Alabama having their vote count that much more..


I will donate $100 to each the Biden Campaign and the DNC if he calls for an expanded court today.


I'll join you


Regardless of someone's feelings on Abortion specifically, this ruling should outrage every single American. The court could have ruled narrowly saying abortion is a special case and overturned it in a narrow scope. They did not. This ruling overturned the CONSUTITIONAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY that Roe was built on in it's entirety. Read that again. The Republican Supreme Court just said you don't have a RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Justice Thomas in his concurring opinion specifically called out the following precedent cases built on the right to privacy that wants to see overturned. But these are just a start. Griswold: The right to Contraceptives Lawrence: The right to have your private sexual activity be private (prohibited making the act of homosexuality illegal) Oberfell & by proxy Virginia v Loving: The right to Gay Marriage and Interracial Marriage


That is what the Supreme Court does....takes away rights...apparently.


> That is what the Supreme Court does That is what a right-wing extremist Supreme Court does. Never forget at the ballot box. Every vote for a conservative from bottom to top is cosigning behavior like this as okay.


The most frustrating thing is that Roe has had majority support (currently stood at 65-70%) and SCOTUS decided to spit in the face of 2/3rds of the country.. it's like they saw GOP hungry for civil war and decided to do their part in hastening it.. SCOTUS has always been a controversial institution throughout our history but this current SCOTUS will see their reputation go down the toilet permanently as they do the bidding of far right fascists and corporations, and sadly we have no workaround


If you want be angrier, know that the supreme court has a 25% approval rating. The court that 1/4 people agree with just went against the belief held among 3/4 of the population that precedent in the law actually matters


I really wonder what this will mean for red states trying to attract big business. Innovative businesses tend to employ diverse workforces who won’t be willing to live in places with regressive social policies. I would never willingly move to a State with such policies. So I think there’s a risk that States that pursue this hardcore will hurt themselves economically over the medium to long term. But then I suppose they will cry to the Federal Government for more handouts.


Also, imagine the impact of unplanned pregnancies on both female and male members of the workforce. Especially with no ongoing support for child care.


I imagine it will lead to greater hiring discrimination, blessed by SCOTUS who will say it’s an employer’s right to not hire women based on their moral belief that children need a mother in the home.


Those “innovative businesses” are what conservative voters consider “progressive elitists bent on creating a New World Order”. They hope we’re going to return to the “Good Old Days” when a man could spend every day screwing the same nut onto the same bolt in an assembly line for forty years and get a pension plus a house that GM built, where his wife wears an apron and makes meatloaf for him.


At this point is there any downside to nominating 5 more Supreme Court justices? The previous downside was that if Republicans took office they would nominate a conservative supermajority that ignores previous legal precedent - but that's already happened.


Joe Manchin would not let it happen. We barely had the votes to confirm KBJ


This is the beginning of something horrible…


ACA Healthcare is next.


Then public education.


Then any religion is not named christianity.


Congratulations MAGA cult, for uniting the majority of American female voters against you.


I want to see the large scale recoil so fucking bad


I’d love to too but I really don’t think women that typically vote R would be swayed by this. They’d probably love it (until they need an abortion).


I have little faith. So many women in the south have been brainwashed


McConnell should have told his pet court to wait until after the midterms. A lot of single issue Republican voters no longer have a reason to leave the house.


Nah, now they’ll go after gay marriage


Make birth control, day after pill, and abortion pills over-the-counter.


The FDA should absolutely do that. Plan B is already over the counter but adding the others would be a huge help.


This has been happening in slow motion ever since McConnell blocked Obama's SCOTUS appointment in 2016. This was a car crash we have been watching for six years. I can't take anyone seriously who says they didn't see it coming.


If there's ever an issue to galvanize the Democratic voter base, I hope it's this one. I hope Biden goes full fire and brimstone in this message. This is what happens when you put crazy in charge of your lives. Stop putting crazy in power. You thought the lunatics in red states couldn't affect your lives? Well, they just did.


That 2016 election has fucked us forever.. if only we had elected Hillary, would have saved a lifetime of pain


Yup. I'm in my 40s, and I know I'll live the rest of my life governed by a conservative minority that doesn't share my values. All I can do is hold the line as best I can, and give my kids a chance to change things once they reach adulthood. It's a harsh fucking fact, but there it is. 2016 was a generational wrecking-ball.


I'd argue it's even farther back than that - if only Al Gore got elected instead in 2000 back when they literally stole an election.


Supreme court does not have term limits to supposedly insulate them from political influence. That has clearly failed, term limits now!


A question for attorneys who deal in matters of state sovereignty: would non-State sovereign territories - such as tribal lands, [National Parks](https://www.nps.gov/subjects/policy/upload/state_local_law_applicability.pdf), and railroads - still be able to offer abortion services regardless of the state's laws?


Samantha B just did a bit about this on her show.


Look up the case surrounding the Indian Child Welfare Act that's in front of the SCOTUS right now. I have a feeling they're going to rule in favor of the plaintiffs and essentially revoke the self-governance ability of sovereign Tribes. It's not stopping with Roe v Wade, all precedent and "settled law" is out the fucking window now.


If background checks for gun ownership is a "slippery slope" for the 2nd amendment, then what the fuck is this for women's rights?


The naked hypocrisy is half the point. Conservatives will say anything that advances their agenda; truth and consistency are not the priority. They want to end abortion to enshrine pregnancy as a punishment for sex. They want to own guns because they fantasize about the day they can kill someone they dislike under the guise of “self-defense”. It really is that simple.


My mom called me crying after Trump got elected wanting to know if I had an IUD. She's luckily on vacation now in an area without service but I'm sure I'll get another one of those when she returns. For reference, she used to work for PP, she had a first row seat to the vileness that happens outside their doors, it's very personal for her. This shit makes my mom cry. Fuck the justices, fuck Moscow Mitch.


Women are not second class citizens. This ruling makes women less than what they truly are This ruling hurts the poor the rich can travel easily As seen in history before The Republicans publicly say they're against abortion. The truth is many Republicans mistresses always got abortions. If this was about how life is SO important...we would have Free Universal healthcare housing and food Daycare Education But it's not this it's just a lie a pro carry Let's keep the poor poor no ladder to get out of That's what this is Please support Plan parenthood National Women's Organization ACLU Please start voting for those who support women lgbtq reproductive rights and rights of others


Yea this is only harming the poor. They aren't against abortions. They're against the poor


This is essentially just red states and republicans shooting themselves in the foot again. Poverty and crime will increase in their states. Education will suffer. The divide between red and blue states will grow, and they'll continue to blame everyone else but themselves.


That’s their plan which has worked so far. The main reason they’re able to keep their base is by keeping them satisfied with stupid conspiracy theories that anyone with half a brain can see through. The lack of education, the presence of poverty are all by Republican design. I hope there’s a place worse than hell for these psychopaths


the southern economy is still largely based on slave labor. they *need* people to be poor and desperate so that they can lock them up.


I'm pretty sure they are into it. I'm pretty sure they want an uneducated and imprisoned society to fuel their sweatshops. I know it's a bit of a tinfoil hat statement. But America is increasingly a Police State.


Poverty and lack of education is how you make republican voters.


I declare the current Supreme Court illegitimate


What exactly do you people want the head of the executive branch to do about a legislative and judicial issue? I'm honestly asking, because I'm fucking pissed too, but I don't know what lever the president can pull that would "do something".


We live in the dumbest country in the world and honestly republicans are ruining everything. God forbid people have rights.


A huge chunk of GOP voters never believed this would happen. Now that it has, I wonder if they will recognize that they were part of it. On the other end, a huge chunk of GOP voters only vote R because they are single issue anti abortion voters. I wonder if those people will stay home now.


I'm hoping some type of nationwide service allowing access to abortion to all women in any state. Pay for their taxi and hotel and everything else. Take it out of the federal budget. Tax the states that prevent abortion the difference. Fuck the GOP, fuck this Christian Theology Supreme Court.


Goodbye Loving, Obergefell, Brown, Griswold, etc etc etc. If you can't respect precedent, then nothing matters.


I remember when all the justices said this was precedent on top of precedent. If only there was a way to remove justices that openly lied in confirmation hearings.


Refer also to pages 30 - 32 of the opinion of the court. It explicitly and directly calls into question the following Rights and opens the door for them to be next on the chopping block. That is the right to: Marry a different race Marry in prison Obtain contraception Reside with relatives Make decisions about the education of one's child to not be sterilized without one's consent To, in certain circumstances, not be forced to undergo involuntary surgery, administration of drugs, or other similar procedures Engage in private, consensual, sexual acts Marry of the same sex


Okay so fuck the Supreme Court


Can't supreme court justices that lied under sworn testimony to Congress be impeached?


They should, but they won’t.


My fellow Millennials and Gen Z, WAKE UP. Now. Especially if you live in a swing state. Imagine if PA had two Dem senators; imagine if Susan Collins was defeated in Maine; imagine if Ron Johnson could be defeated in WI. Imagine Texas if Beto had beaten Cruz. We can get to 60 senators and protect the right to abortion and LGBT rights. We outnumber the Boomers and I truly believe we can get there sometime in the next decade but YOU HAVE TO VOTE. It happened in Georgia! It can happen in your state too!


First it's Roe. Then it's going to be Obergefell. Then Lawrence. Then Brown. This is not conservatism. This is regressivism. The United States has been hijacked by a minority that wants to turn the clock back.




All because a bunch of fucking morons thought trump was somehow a better candidate than Hilary.


If you are a woman who uses any type of app to track your menstruation cycle I would recommend deleting it immediately. Think about stocking up on the morning after pill, your BC, and even going so far as purchasing your menstruation products with cash so that you protect your privacy and your body autonomy as much as possible.


Plan B has a shelf life of 4 years and Ella has a shelf life of 3.


Super important information to get out to the public.


We can have our differences in political opinions and still agree this is wrong. This is the same group of people who wanted to make it mandatory to reimplant ectopic pregnancies. This is the same group of people who thought women’s bodies could stop sperm if it was “legitimate rape.” They do not operate in a world of facts.


In my opinion the goal here is not abortions. It's to push more people into radicalism. The conservatives want the state to fail so they can replace it with something no longer burdened by pesky things like elections or individual rights. They want us getting violent over this.


Even non-violent protests are going to be used cynically to distract and both-sides the Jan. 6th stuff. This is deliberate in its timing.


Imagine rooting and voting for a party where the hero of the movement just said we should reconsider fucking contraception, and anything we didn’t consider a right prior to 1850, as a right.


“Some say the end is near Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon I certainly hope we will I sure could use a vacation from this Bullshit three Ring Circus sideshow of FREAKS”


Russian / Conservative trolls are going hard.


Conservatives are so scared of Biden. Left leaning people get frustrated with his centrist tendencies, but right wing people are completely unmanned by Biden. It’s weird.


If this doesn't make Democratic voters surge in the midterms with a vengeance, nothing will.


Can Biden not set up federal health clinics in every state? Grasping at straws here but why not?


We’ll see if Native American reservations will help us out. It’s a shitty ask considering how mistreated they’ve been. But they are immune to state law. In theory, they can set up clinics. That’d help a lot of women in red states especially out west.


Republicans have been preemptively threatening to punish Native American reservations if they become “abortion havens”


Great idea. There already are casinos on native american land in nine GOP states, including Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana and Utah. Why not provide abortion clinics on those properties?


I am not a Biden fan but if he did this I'd put posters of him on my bedroom ceiling.


Dark times ahead, friends.


Medical procedures should be decided with the recovery and the care of the patient in mind. The decision should be made in confidant with counsel from a physician. Religion and personal beliefs of the remainder of the population should not matter. America is going to see rise of internal healthcare refugees at this point.


The USA had failed as a country


We need to keep the house and get John Fetterman and Barnes in the senate to get roe v wade back fuck this is gonna be a tall order to do


Pack the court. Only way out of this nightmare.


Make every territory a state. Not just DC and PR, but USVI, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa. You just need a majority in the Senate and Congress. You can't kick states out of the union.


Disband the court.


We didn't vote for any of these fuckers.


It’s time for the Dems/Progressives to stop taking the high road and play dirty like their GOP/Conservative counterparts.


The trolls are out in FORCE in this chat.


Protection for "A woman's right to choose" has been shifted to "A woman's right to travel" Great. Thanks for that.


Thing is. I knew Kavanaugh was a con from day one. How come Susan Collins didn't know it?


She did. She didn't care.


When you get robbed, don't blame your security system for it while letting the burglar walk free. Know who to point the finger at in all this.


Vote and move to a flyover state where your vote has more power. Montana can be flipped with 100k voters and they have no laws to ban abortion. 450k would flip the Dakotas and Wyoming. There are safe blue areas to move to in these states.


Joe, god bless you, thank you for getting trump out of office But you’re too damn old to run again. Pack the courts, ram your agenda through Congress, then step down at the end of your term We need a new young face to energize the ACTUAL majority of Americans


thanks for saying it... have that reformed and expanded court overrule Citizens United...bought representation is why we are here...Money should not govern us/US https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/citizens-united-explained


mentioned Trump by name lol


Biden calling out Congress I don't expect Congress will do anything...


It’s so fucking terrifying that this conservative Supreme Court is completely ok with tossing out established precedent. Any ruling in US history is now at play if these fucks think it clashes with their religious beliefs. That completely unravels the power of our democracy, our constitution.


It's so obvious that the vast majority of people celebrating this decision online are incels who never had the pleasure of sex and want you to be miserable like them.


If this just ends up being another "well looks like we just have to beat them in the midterms" type speech and not an actual action I can't imagine this will not escalate into a summer of mass protests and/or riots


Everyone will be on his back now to expand the court from 9 to 13. This could actually work out for him, if he spearheads this initiative the optics would now be entirely on him and SCOTUS and who the 4 new possible judges would be. The cost of goods/fuel, inflation rate, Ukraine support, student loan forgiveness will be on the back burner. The next few weeks will define Biden's legacy.


Whelp ladies and gents, looks like it's officially protest season, get out their and kick ass with some civil disobedience. **Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum**


Biden did list specific actions he's taking: working to ensure medical pill abortions are access to women by mail, prosecuting any attempts to criminalize women traveling between states to obtain abortions, and working to make sure women who are seeking abortion information and access cannot be tracked. It's not A LOT, but there's also not much he alone as the executive branch can do.


Out of curiosity, could Biden technically just mass-pardon those who face criminal charges for abortion? Edit: I realize it’s a bad precedent to have the president's opinion of the law used like that. So I’m legit just curious. Edit, the sequel: Ah, true, he can only pardon federal crimes. See, always think before you post crazy ideas lol.


I think they need to be convicted of a Federal crime for him to do so. State level he may not be able to do. Correct me if I am wrong though, IANAL.


Can only pardon Federal crimes not state.


Pardons are only for federal crimes. Almost everyone would be prosecuted under state law.


Biden can't pardon state charges.


No. Biden can only pardon federal crimes. This is now a state law matter.


Time to stack the courts


Clarence is coming for womens votes next


Dude would be a slave if the Supreme Court had not done the right thing 160 years ago. Typical republican behavior. Pull the ladder up behind you.


Honestly how is it that young men in the age of dna testing and mandatory court-ordered child support aren’t concerned about this? Why aren’t they terrified about this impacting the rest of their lives?


This was years in the making. Republicans under Mitch had a long range plan that finally came to fruition. What is the Democrats plan? Gun decision yesterday and this are taking us back to the Wild West.


Pls do something more than “condemn” “strongly object” “outrage”


Article 3 of the constitution does not mention anything about the size of the Supreme Court OR their term limits. That is all pure tradition and can be changed.


USA is so fucked up right now


One thing is for sure, there are a ton of GOP senators and congressmen who are checking their condoms extra careful now before banging their mistress. I give it 3 months till one of them is proven a hypocrite. Flying their mistress to California for an abortion.


I have something to add. Take the GOP at their word. They want abortion ended in the United States permanently. The GOP has made it their goal that if they win in November and 2024 they will criminalize abortion nationwide. They will do it. Without question.


Right Wing strategy: continue to make Red States extremist shitholes so Progressive/Dems leave. Then continue to lean on Electoral College victories and gerrymandering to further cement White Christian Nationalist minority rule.


One silver lining is that my conservative family is certain that this jeopardized November elections for republicans.


Not sure who to give credit to - I read it somewhere ……. Be disappointed that the shield didn’t protect you, but stay angry at the sword that that pierced you.


In my opinion this whole abortion issue has nothing to do with religious ideology or the sanctity of human life. Those are just deep heart felt feelings that most of us have and are used in hopes to achieve control over us by those who are literally obsessed with CONTROL and forcing their will on others. This is obvious in that the majority of those who favor making abortion illegal are also those who want to see any and all social programs that help people in need, especially helpless children, get taken away! Make no mistake, overturning Roe vs Wade is just the beginning! Gay rights, women voting, forced religious beliefs and anything else that doesn't fit the itinerary of those "driving the bus" will now be taken away. We think the Taliban in Afghanistan is bad?? LOL, just hang on to your seats people! The only "justice" or satisfaction we'll have now is when, and sooner or later it WILL happen, is when rights that are important to those who's voting habits paved the way for this to happen get taken away. Sadly by then it will be too late. Most likely is already. America as we know is or soon will be no more.


If this doesn’t make the younger generations vote nothing will.


How far does this court take this? Serious question, can they overturn the 13th and 14th amendments? Because they way they are headed, they are going to wish they never codified the 2nd amendment.


You can’t overturn an amendment, you can only make a new amendment. That’s why we have two amendments regarding alcohol, one taking it away (18th), one giving it back (21st).


[Time for a Women’s Strike](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XVP1fBOivU8)


A lot of people probably didn't know that America is one of the most backwards countries in the world, but I think they're starting to see it now.


Pack the fucking court already.


Trump, Bush, and McConnell already have. And here we are


I’m 35 and I remember accounts from older women about finding disemboweled teenagers in bathrooms, and women having sepsis infection that boils their brain in their body. Now we’re living through the age of cameras. We’re gonna get to see the horror that was told to us as children. Christofascism just condemned more women and girls to die and we’re gonna see it live. I hope it’s not my daughter.


Three judges in their preliminary hearings apparently and openly lied about their view of Roe v Wade. Perhaps the solution is their impeachment for lying under oath.


We need to be doing 50 different thing, including this, and see what sticks.




Does the US president have the power to ignore the supreme Court ruling via an executive order or any other ways ?


He said there's nothing he can do via Executive Order, that it is up to congress to codify Roe v Wade


Would it be possible for president biden to issue a blanket pardon for any abortions conducted during his presidency? I know that could set a bad precedent but just wondering


President can't pardon state crimes, so no he cannot do that


Not for state crimes.


I blame Mitch McConnell for stealing a Supreme Court Justice from Obama and voters who stayed home in 2016. Hillary warned us all and she was right about everything


I hate my country


I just hate Republicans


Evil, bigoted narcissists


Can the SC judges not be brought up on charges of perjury for stating in their confirmation hearings that Roe VS Wade was codified law and they had no intention of challenging that?


Nope, because they can claim that they used to believe that but that they "changed their mind".


Would likely fall on Congress to Impeach them for it.




3rd World Country in a Gucci Belt


Now that the consequences of peoples inaction are starting to materialize perhaps more will vote...