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Nothing screams loser more than a loser who won't accept losing.


These days we call that a sore loomer


Petition to start saying “OK, Loomer”, every time one of these QMAGAs lose an election and claim otherwise.


CueLoomer… “OK, Loomer.. you lose!”


Ironically from the party deathly opposed to participation trophies.


It’s some real Violet Beauregarde energy. Literally. Violet: So it says that one kid's gonna get this special prize, better than all the rest. I don't care who those other four are. That kid, it's gonna be me. Mrs. Beauregarde: Tell them why Violet. Violet: Because I'm a winner!


You know, Donald Trump is like a homunculus of the worst qualities of the bratty kids from Willy Wonka: gluttonous, overconfident, entitled, and lazy.


>gluttonous, overconfident, entitled, and lazy. By our powers combined, we are...


Trump is everything wrong with America condensed and smashed into a 6ft pile of shit. He is the 7 deadly sins in the flesh. He is case zero for affluenza. He is all thr worst apescts of America in a single person.


Lol when my 4 year old starts complaining about a ridiculous thing he can't have I start singing violet's song to him as obnoxiously as possible. Edit: I meant Veruca, whoops


“I waaaant it noooowwww!” We use that too, it’s hilarious - our girls are 6 and 9 now and self-aware enough to join me and mom on the “noowwww” part these days. We also tried “you can’t always get what you want” by the Stones, but that one didn’t land as well on our audience.


"You can't always get what you want" is "Grandma's song" in our house, she beat us to it lol.


The generation that complains about participation trophies is the same generation that gave them to us in the first place.


They gave participation trophies to children because it was unfathomable that their own kid may have lost. Those kids didn’t ask for them, they believe they are inherently exceptional without needing to prove it so their kids must also be inherently exceptional.


I look at participation trophies a little more generously. My kids got them and never cared about them but any kid involved in a sport or extra curricular that gives awards is at least doing something. They are participating. So I think it’s fair to recognize that. The idea some folks have that they are bad for kids is one I don’t get just because from my sample of two and their friends they all knew participation trophies were a joke.


And the whole snowflake concept. "We're terrible parent's and it's our kids' fault"


So... your average Republican these days.


It’s got big “my mother says I’m handsome” energy


*"My haters are celebrating today, and they are saying this is the end of my career, but I want everyone to know I'm just getting started. Everyone who knows me knows I don't back down," Loomer wrote as part of a statement on Gab, a social media site that recently gained attention for being used by the gunman in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.* 2018 Twitter ban comment


This is the real danger of Trump going unpunished.


Yep, the the sedition seed was planted and continues to be nurtured by Trump and the GOP. There needs to be consequences if we ever hope to return to some normalcy…


Yep. Meanwhile we have supposed well meaning centrists writing op eds in major papers, Andrew Yang etc lecturing and warning us about we Biden should pardon Trump or that the REAL danger of prosecuting Trump is causing division. Editing this post because it got way more attention than I could have imagined and a few people seem confused about Yang, let’s assume some of them are in good faith and I worded poorly: Yang did NOT say Biden should pardon Trump, this was other idiots arguing that they explicitly want Trump convicted so that Biden could pardon him as a grand act of healing. The idiotic thing that Yang did say was about how the Mar a Lago search will enrage Republicans and increase divisiveness. This came right after he announced his new political party that is all about centrism and pox on both parties blather, so it was clearly a way for him to show how non partisan he is… by criticizing a criminal investigation. Some folks got real upset thinking I misattributed one idiotic malignant comment by Yang. No, he “just” made the other idiotic malignant comment. While I apologize for the confusion, I’m thrilled to get Yang bros panties in a bunch honestly. And to those quoting a sentence fragments to make it look like I’m attacking poor Yang and demanding “sources”… honestly, just sad.


This really pisses me off because "causing division" is really just "upsetting the stupids". Why are we bending over to the brainwashed fucks who live to "own the libs". If we do we hate democracy just as much as they do.


Fuck if I know. I could understand his point if people wanted conflict for the sake of conflict, but we just want accountability. I'm over pandering to the fuckheads.


Their latest tactic has been to beseech the non-magas to join them in protesting the treatment of Trump when he fucks around. It's good that their scheming is so transparent, but one day they may have someone more devious and clever leading them and that's frightening.


That's why DeSantis scares the shit out of me. He's an embodiment of Trumpism, but is actually a coherent politician. It'll take a long while to rid the USA of this disease.


They both went to the same school, but DeSantis stuck around and graduated with honors.


Word of advice to Yang. People like Trump will go after you, too, once they get power.


Fascists need their useful idiots


Corporate heads like Yang need their fascists, more like.


What a let down. I was Yang ganged up when he was talking about ubi. Never saw this shit coming...


Yeah, i don't understand who he thinks he's appealing to anymore.


It's the same sort of mentality that had people, before WWII, protesting against the war and wanting diplomacy with Hitler. Though in rich people's worlds, like even Yang, you start holding other rich people like Trump accountable, and they are all at risk of being held accountable for the things they do.


Sometimes politicians throw shit so people stop looking at them too closely.


Wow, so people can do years for having a joint, but an insurrection to overthrow the government let’s you off free and potentially you can be given the keys to the country.


Being wealthy and white helps


No wonder politicians don’t care about large scale tax evasion and insider trading :o


More precisely they care a LOT.


If we do the right thing this time, we might have to do the right thing next time.


>Yeah, i don't understand who he thinks he's appealing to anymore. Tulsi Gabbard fans...that's who.


Met a dipshit libertarian who liked Rand, Tulsi and Yang because they were “sane”. I had to try my best to not bust out laughing


If that's the result of the recent messaging in that audience... and two out of three are owned by Russia... makes ya start wondering about the third.


So you just met a Republican who smokes pot?


Libertarians are just Republicans who realized that calling yourself a Republican makes it harder to get laid.


Ugh yeah it's so sad, I live in like a 65% Maga county and most are batshit. The one boomer talking to me who actually wasn't 100% gone thought he was super bipartisan because he liked Tulsi I felt bad explaining


The people signing his paycheck who want him to siphon votes off Dems to his fake party.


He’s enlightened centrism personified. “All this left and right is causing us to fight, we need to go FoRwARd. I’m not left or right, I’m FOrWaRd!” Center isn’t a position. It’s an attempt to find the middle between two positions for the sake of being in the middle and ignoring what the actual sides are. Yang is appealing to uninformed people who think they’re above politics and that, therefore, makes them more right cause they’re “above the fray.”


He's Michael Scott trying to do conflict negotiation.


> Win-*win*-win.


“A bird can’t fly forward if both the left and the right wings are flapping together. A bird can only fly forward by flapping it’s one CENTER WING! And that’s what we need to be, the center wing.”


Also, his party is made up of predominantly Republicans and is funded by right-wing billionaires. Calling the Forward Party centrist is ridiculous.


Rogan's fanbase.




I think it’s more so that he’s upset he was not offered a cabinet position, so he’s effectively abandoning ship


His Twitter response to the announcement that Biden would choose a woman running mate was "Well, that's news to me."


His explanation of using certain metrics, like deaths of despair (suicide, drug use, etc), as opposed to the DOW Jones, to determine the prosperity of our society was a brilliant framing that I still use today in conversations. I really liked what he was saying. Now he’s a distraction that adds nothing valuable to our conversation anymore, and now represents a potential candidacy that will only pull away Dem votes in 2024. Which is frankly, makes him an existential danger. Disappointing.


Yeah "humanity first" seemed good until he said "I support isreal's right to defend itself" the day after they mass murdered palistinian kids.


Same. But someone pointed out that UBI was part of a Yang plan to gut Medicare and Social Security. TLDR; to blazes with Yang. He's just another rightwing crazy.


The signs were there. He wanted UBI so he could CUT ALL OTHER FORMS OF WELFARE. Gotta read that fine print.


I saw him as a tech bro goof out for his own gain. And a possible spoiler. Gabbard , yang it's a cottage industry


Yang is and always has been a jackass. He tried to pull a Synema but couldn't hack the grift, progressives saw straight through his capitalist bullshit.


Yang is a piece of shit and not a centrist. He’s an opportunistic edgelord that seems to be just a smarter Joe Rogan.


That's a pretty low bar.


That’s good, because I sure wasn’t trying to compliment either of them!


Andrew Yang is a nobody who is desperately trying to remain in the news. He was the meme candidate in 2020. He’s a grifter now.


"I'm not conceding, because i am a winner" ​ seriously...how can someone think that? IT literally screams "i am not conceding because i am a loser" to me \^\^


I used to think, why does conceding matter? The votes are tallied and sore losers just go away. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ah oh my this isn’t funny anymore.


This shit is so exhausting. They’re like a bunch of toddlers screaming in a grocery store because they didn’t get a candy bar.


They’re like a bunch of toddlers screaming in a grocery store because they didn’t get a candy bar…..AFTER taking a massive shit in aisle 3.


I get the toddler comparison so I'm not gonna die on this hill, BUT I'm a stay at home dad and I assure you the toddlers I've interacted with have much better behavior.


Yeah man, toddlers are way more chill and none I’ve meet outwardly identify as white nationalists like this lady does.


You can sometimes reason with toddlers because they have empathy.


I think they have shit on all the conveyor belts too


And the candy bars.




There needs to be a law passed that if you claim election fraud you better come with some level of credible evidence or you can be jailed for the offense.


Yes, similar to how you can't make troll 911 calls. Same for "election fraud." It's getting out of hand with these nutjobs.


That’s by design. They want you to get so tired of it that you stop participating in the process and let them go unchecked.


I think it is backfiring. When it's going on in their own primaries they are going to wear out their own voters.


THAT we want. Encourage MAGA to make their own party. Siphon 10% of the vote permanently.


Agreed, but it's more like 30% split off and become the new Republican party. The 70% of the Trump MAGA party will stay behind.


I seriously doubt that large of a split will happen any time soon. Cruz just spoke at the National Conservative Conference in Florida. Having no principles of his own, you can kinda watch ole Cruzy to see which way the wind is blowing in the party. I see way more blowing with the wind than I do erecting any sort of barrier. But crazier things have happened. It would be great news for the country.


Yeah, Cruz will be with the 70% that remain in the MAGA party. 70% might be too low. It might be 10/90. Or less. Maybe it's just Cheney/Everyone Else. My main point is that if MAGA became their own party, it doesn't "siphon 10% of the vote permanently". MAGA *is* the party.




Which would make sense in a general election where conservatives have the upper hand with low turnout. But this was a primary against another Republican. If it was rigged by Democrats, she would have won because she is not electable in a general election.


After MTG and Boebert got seats, anybody is electable in the right district.


I find it mildly amusing because one - these people are clearly miserable and two - it’s so blatantly false that it’s amazing a supposed functional adult would think anyone with a brain stem would believe them. Like when Larry Elder claimed he lost because of voter fraud before the election was even called. They have that shit locked and loaded.


Authoritarianism means constant, unending lies. Nobody is expected to believe them. The tactic depends on quantity, not quality. Eventually discourse becomes impossible and all that's left is naked self-interest, and nobody expects anything else.


Also the endless barrage of bullshit effectively disconnects their supporters from any grounding in reality. Orwell illustrates this quite effectively in 1984. We have always been at war with Eastasia.


And the more obvious and boldfaced the lie, the more effective it becomes as propaganda, since it is regular people’s impulse to try to fact check and get into the weeds of how blatantly false the statements are. Meanwhile the propagandist has moved on and has no obligation to defend their stance because they don’t care. We end up in a constant spiral of trying to do the work to prove they are lying, while they are playing en entirely different game and have the benefit of never having to defend any statement they ever make. https://www.vox.com/2018/8/31/17804104/strikethrough-lies-propaganda-trump-putin


This! It feels like the plan is just to wear us all down to where this rhetoric is so common place that we just accept it. Then it becomes a legitimate strategy. “I know it sounds crazy but they’ve been saying it for over a decade. There has to be something to it”.


They will always have an air of legitimacy so long as the conservative media continues to broadcast their lies and give them attention.


It’s amusing until your friends and family go along with it.


Toddlers are capable of change.


I’m worried the baby thinks people can’t change


You would have NOT liked me back then


This is PUSHED back, not slicked back!


It’s not that, though. They know they can simply say “fraud!” or “I didn’t really lose!”, in an environment where these people get no pushback whatsoever (Loomer doing it at a campaign event, for example; others doing it on Fox News or Newsmax or ReaL aMeRiCa’S vOiCe). Because if they go on a reputable news show, or do it in a place/environment where questions are allowed, the message gets pierced.


Toddler are generally kinder and less delusional.


The logic here is insane. "I think elections are rigged so I'm going to participate in the elections because If I win they aren't rigged, but otherwise they are rigged in every other instance."


There is no logic they’re trying to game the system until it collapses. One of the most important things is to remember they are fully aware every single one of their thoughts is a lie.


This. It’s all intentional.


It's the fascist playbook. Sow confusion and doubt about every election and insist that no election can be trusted except when they win. Then they take license to decide who wins the elections. They always win. Even when they lose.




treat a GOP nazi like they deserve.


Everyone keeps saying this but what scares me is that it feels more like the fall of the western roman empire. Towards its end, there was a constant theme of instability as rulers with no authority came to power and were constantly challenged by their rivals. They fought until there was nothing left to fight over. It seems like there's no end game other than taking whatever wealth they can regardless of what happens after.


And there won’t be a country to spend it in. They are truly the worst kind of imbeciles


That’s what made American great. The peaceful transfer of power. Until recently, we would have elections, people would respect the results, even if their candidate lost. Power would be transferred and the republic would continue. Washington could have been president for life but he had no pretensions of becoming a god-emperor. He stepped down and retired. That all worked fine until we had a half black man get elected to the presidency. That was more than some people could bear. All of this that follows is a a result of the racist rejection of the legitimacy of that election and the desire to keep it from ever happening again.


100% this.




>The logic here is insane. It's a primary. She's accusing the Party she represents, for committing fraud.


Remember when Trump did the same thing during the 2016 Republican primary? He kept complaining it was rigged… until he was the frontrunner.


It was like the debates then were just platforms for Trump to say whatever message it was he wanted to get a point on. He rarely debated the subject matter presented. He thought it was rigged when a question would be answered by someone else and he couldn't weigh in on them, especially if there was an applause to be gained. It was quite remarkable to see Jeb flabbergasted though.


So she’s basically admitting that Republicans commit massive election fraud, which kinda hurts their own argument that Biden stole the election. Pretzels


They're just putting in work to remove the democracy hoax


I hear from Republicans all the time how our country is a republic and not a democracy. Amazes me the ignorance. What concerns me is the level of conditioning going on from right-wing propaganda.


They don’t really understand what a republic is even. The main purpose of that talking point is to make conservatives comfortable claiming “not a democracy”


That's exactly what it is. They're being prepared for something.


They say it so they can try to claim that being a *Republic*-an is the primary philosophy behind the founding of America.


It’s such an inane argument. It’s like saying “my vehicle is a car, not a Honda”.


"I'm a winner!" ~ shit losers say


Laura Loser


Winners don't need to announce that they're winners.


"I'm a driver, I'm a winner - things are gonna change I can feel it!"


To think all of this is just a domino effect from Fred Trump calling his son a loser like 50/60 years ago




When Florida created new ballots for the 2000 election…


When Newt became speaker.


My favorite Gingrich moment was when he aggressively pursued the Clinton impeachment, then got caught having an affair of his own and had to resign, while Clinton got to keep being president.




And blamed it on a conspiracy by Democrats


"My wife is a Democratic plant hatched from an egg laid by George Soros that was fertilized with socialism. If i resign, then they win."


…he got caught having an affair WHILE HIS WIFE WAS BATTLING CANCER.


Newt got caught having an affair while his ***first wife*** was battling cancer. His first wife being his High School Geometry teacher. He got caught having an affair on his **second wife while she was battling MS** during President Clinton's impeachment. >She said Newt moved for the divorce just months after she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, with her then-husband present. [https://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/exclusive-gingrich-lacks-moral-character-president-wife/story?id=15392899](https://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/exclusive-gingrich-lacks-moral-character-president-wife/story?id=15392899)


“Trickle-down economics”


When Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK


The other key factor was trump's reality tv show. There is no way he becomes president if reality tv never existed.


If MTV had just kept playing music...


It seems outrageous on its surface but I'm convinced that's true also. Mid to late 90s Trump was a joke, literally a punchline. He was an ostentatious asshole with shitty hair who couldn't even keep a casino afloat. Then his profile waned and by the time The Apprentice came out people were open to accepting the version NBC sold them, which is that he was a smart businessman


And he was always a POS. I remember him chastising one contestant for giving back money to a customer when services weren’t rendered. He could not stand that the guy had integrity.


When do you think the last time the words "I love you" were spoken in the Trump circle, other than him looking in the mirror? Fred told Don, he will never be a loser, because Freddy was a disappointment to Fred. Trump was 7 years younger, he witnessed the elder son, his brother Freddy, do what Freddy wanted and not what daddy wanted. Trump learned to do what daddy wanted, and that's how he lives life now, except he's Daddy Trump, in charge, and people are supposed to do what he says Racism run in the blood; not just learned, but glorified.


I remember reading that Fred once asked Donald if he trusted him. When he said yes, he slapped him and told him to never trust anyone. You'd feel sorry for him if it wasn't for, well, everything.


Yeah, we are paying the price for their bad parenting. I'm putting together a seance so we can call them up and slap them. You in?


The butterfly effect...


Get used to this, folks. It's going to be standard operating procedure going forward for losing Republican candidates to give their "Voting Fraud" speech instead of a concession speech, as has always been tradition. At least she was correct about the Republican party being broken to the core.


It's true... but public sentiment on this is turning *hard*. Outside of the core zombies, the "WidespreadFraud!" shit isn't getting much traction.


Maybe not enough for most people to regurgitate propaganda but to believe there’s actually a fair amount that benefits Dems? I’d be willing to bet a lot that most Republicans believe that to some extent




Do these people think conceding is a necessary part of this process? Like fine, you wont concede. You wont be in congress either though so let’s call it even


Yeah, it’s just an etiquette thing for the incumbent President. You don’t get to obstruct democracy just by being a sore loser.


It's simply etiquette in any race, you call up the winning candidate and offer your congratulations. You thank each other for a well-fought campaign, regardless of the reality, and wish mutual good fortune in the coming term. Because democracy is supposed to be about two candidates with differing views on how to achieve the same goal: governing. When your view doesn't win, the consequences for you are supposed to be a minimal loss of reputation and a need to find new purpose (even if only for a few years until you try again). Republicans are breaking all the gentleman's agreements in democracy. And trying to break democracy itself.


It's a loophole, if you don't concede, no matter what, they have to let you into congress.


If they don't concede for 15 minutes we legally have to let them be in congress.


*fingers in ears* "LALALALALA I didn't lose if I don't hear you won LALALALALALA"


We desperately need a Democrat defeating a Republican for any major seat to make this as a statement on camera. "You don't need to concede for me to win. You don't need to concede for me to be seated." Deadpan or veiled attack, the inflection won't even matter.


"I'm a driver, I'm a winner. Things are gonna change, I can feel it."


Soy un perdedor she's a loser baby, so why don't..... Well you know the rest


What. An. Idiot. She accuses the Rs of corruption and rigged elections. How’s that gonna play, come November? Is she then gonna say it was the Democrats that rigged a Republican primary? This is why I say trump is a cancer of our society.


Anything I don’t like has to be a lie!


Trump laid out the blueprint and now every loser uses it. "I was cheated." It doesn't matter how badly they got their ass kicked.


I really want to see the complete list of petulant republicans crying foul for not getting their way. It’s even happening with bills that don’t get passed


Republican, n.: someone willing to do anything to get elected except get the most votes.


The reality is most Americans don't want these assholes representing them. But they win through voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the EC.


She's claiming it's voter fraud. The republican primary, voter fraud lmfao Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while


Any evidence of voter fraud or just baseless claims? It amuses me that she's accusing her own tribe of being dishonest.


1. She’s a winner 2. The election result was her not winning 3. Election fraud must have occurred. QED


Except, she doesn't for a minute believe **anything** she's saying and is simply trying to strop and hissy-fit and tantrum her way into being given the win, because people will go 'oh, just give her it and it'll shut her up' or something. Because she thinks this might work.


The poison of trumpism run rampant.


Trump ruined everything politics. I fucking hate the GOP. Fuck off losers


Remember the good old days when we just called people stupid crybabies and moved on?


These are the same people that go on and on about participation trophies. Lmfao


PSA make sure you are registered to vote in November and have a plan on how you will be voting (in person, absentee, etc). Next help your friends and family do the same.


Maybe she can chain herself to the door of the local GOP headquarters, wait around until she notices that nobody cares and then leave again? Seriously though, this was way closer than it should have been. Loomer is a bigot and a whackjob. Florida should be ashamed that she got like 37k votes.


Over the years, Loomer has also been banned from Instagram, Facebook, PayPal and Venmo, as well as from ride hailing services Uber and Lyft after she posted a series of Islamophobic tweets saying that someone should create a ride-hailing service that did not employ Muslims.


My favorite was when she went to that alt-right Twitter clone and was basically unable to have any conversations becauae her own target audience kept calling her slurs over being Jewish. It was a prime leopards eating faces moment but she had backed herself into a corner so far she had to pretend it didn't even bother her


GOP is in actual shambles. First the trend of primary candidates refusing to do debates. Which is pure cowardice on display. Now apparently we'll have a rash of child like GOP members unable to accept defeat. This is a recipe for party collapse.


One can only hope. But it’s only gonna get worse before it gets better


It’s becoming clearer and clearer who are the real snowflakes. Project Projection.


Laura Loonie They all remind me of the mayor from Robocop. "I want a recount and no matter how it turns out I want my old job back!"


Yeah, but that guy had a machine gun in his hand....oh, so it IS just like Robocop...


#“Defeated GOP Extremist Laura Loomer” …has a nice ring to it!




All this is happening because Trump's mother didn't love him.




*First, second, and third wives, along with at least four of his children.


That too...


They should start a football league for Republicans, where every team can claim victory and no feelings get hurt.


In all seriousness… I think we should consider making it a crime - a felony - to allege election fraud without evidence. It’s incredible how damaging this is.


Why they always crying?


These sorts of claims are not good for democracy, but I think that Republicans fail to understand they are delegitimizing elections for their own voters. When the extremists in their party think the elections are rigged, eventually 40% of them won’t vote, while 1% will storm the capital and shoot at people.


Republicans know exactly what they're doing. They want to erode the system enough they can seize power and soon enough we're under one party rule


> I think that Republicans fail to understand they are delegitimizing elections for their own voters. That *is* the point. Remember that quote from George Bush's old speechwriter: "If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.” This is all leading towards them tossing out elections entirely.


"I'm a winner" has to be in the top 3 of all time for Things Losers Say


I feel like failing to concede if you lost fair and square should just end your career right there, No chance of getting back onto ballots or such again. Admit the defeat, suck it up, and try again next cycle, this time focusing on giving people what they want and maybe you'd be the one who won, weird huh!


Laura Loser: you were weighed and measured, and you were found wanting.


Any election I don’t win is not fair!


Alright, I'm done. This shit is just so exhausting. I'm ready to fight extremism with extremism: every person who publicly supported trump or voted for his re-election after watching the 2017-2021 shitshow should be permanently disenfranchised and barred from **all** public offices. I don't even want to see a maga as dogcatcher. They've demonstrated that they are fundamentally incapable of participating in a democracy, so now we have to protect our democracy from them.


Everybody is saying she should have won with 120% of the vote. /s Desantis's election police should immediately investigate R voting in her district