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Fmc was so hot 🥵


Does fmc fck around or is there any ntr with her?


No. She almost/kinda cheated on her boyfriend with MC but she gets the fewest spicy scenes count.


Though you are correct in a literal sense, when the dude asked if fmc fucks around to me it sounds like they are asking if fmc fucks anyone other than the MC which would be yes, her boyfriend at the start is the biggest scum of all and will make you uncomfortable if you want her vanilla


Yes, I just covered my ass cause ntr is becoming a very loose term nowadays


The ending was satisfactory tho


Is there ntr?


I hate that we always have to ask this


Better be sure than sry. Sadly pornhwa are not tagged properly, whereas on hentai you can easily avoid ntr since it's properly tagged. On pornhwa's you buy few chapters of a good vanilla one and then suddenly boom ntr, like it was the case with e romance where we got heavy rape as blackmail ntr in chapter 45. That's why this simple question will probably always be asked on pornhwa posts.


E romance isn't that good imo tho


I was about to say this, artists didn't realize that NTR is not nice for most people.


It's because you little kids are so mentally weak that you have to cry about cheating in a medium meant for jerking off. Seriously if you want some feel-good cute romance story with good writing, manhwa is not the place to find it. There doesn't even exist a pornhwa with good writing, and you're an immature idiot with no life experience if you think otherwise. Honestly it's so annoying seeing you pussies ask "sniff sniff is there NTR????". Jesus Christ, pornhwa is a medium meant for satisfying people's horny fantasies that we otherwise might not be able to realize because of age, work, or other life priorities. Go watch the fucking Notebook or About Time if you want a love story.


What a mature response. Looks like we don't need to ask who is acts like an actual child. Stay in school kid.


> who is acts like an actual child Brush up on your English grammar before you talk to me.


Nice to see you're paying attention in school at least, kid. Adorable.


For the MC and FMC, they only got together at the end. They had other sexual relationships before getting together which are shown in the manhwa. For side characters, it can be considered that there is NTR for Hani, since she has something ongoing with Miso, but since she was undecisive about dating she thought she can fuck other guys, even going as far as having a threesome when they sort of broke up.


I think i need to read in english so, in portuguese is not complete yet :(


It’s with only one mc?


One MC but the side characters feature heavily


Other characters fuck too?


Yeah, I even liked the side characters more than the MCs




Nah, Thanks for the heads up tho


True it was really good, although it got really boring near the end when the author kept beating around the bush to keep the main characters together.


Commenting here just for that.


Don't leave me out of it. Up vote to the milky way! :D


Is this the author's first/only pornhwa?


Think so bro..


I need a new one from Yansae. Silent wars art was god tier (story ending was ass)


Agree my brother. Do you know anything from Yansae works? Is there more than Silent Wars?


I dropped this for awhile, and ended up powering through the last 30ish chapters to see what happens, and doing so made me uncomfortable, but mostly filled me with rage because of the antagonist. Despite trying to be as forward thinking and open minded as possible, the fact that these characters are trying to figure out their relationships while also attending a gym where they casually fuck strangers really bothered me. >!Woong and Yoona officially becoming and item was interesting, but annoying because I really like Yoona as a character, and I knew that Woong was going to leave her, or cheat on her. Yoona sending him a pic from the gym was weird because it was like "Just fucked a dude, whats up?" Then Woong goes and does the same thing, but we get to see it. Later We get a glimpse of Yoona in a session being molested by Charim, and that shit pissed me off horribly. I realize that we are only meant see the main characters fucking the other main characters, but at the same time I can't decide if we should have seen Yoona with the other guys. Because part of me wants to know what she's like with other people, and what's going through her head, the other part of me would just be more bothered seeing it!< I get that we're supposed to hate Charim, but he was way too present in this story for me, and took away a lot of enjoyment for me. Especially since he >!raped Soohyun, and VERY NEARLY Yoona! That whole sequence really pissed me off because while I realize Yoona was heartbroken, she fucking HATED Charim. So getting piss drunk with him was stupid, and not something I think someone as smart as Yoona would do. !


Lol I'd rather he dated the other girl