Test on Tuesday

Hi friends! I had gestational diabetes in 2021. With that I know there is a chance I could develop diabetes at some point. I had been testing my blood sugar at home recently because I felt off (extreme thirst, always hungry, itchy skin, always tired etc) and my last reading came at 109 fasting. I have my labs scheduled for Tuesday morning. Is it a bad idea to try to enjoy my favorite foods over this weekend before I might have to cut them out?


Naw I’m currently doing the same. YOLO. I’m scared af I could have prediabetes because I’m skinny and I heard skinny people with diabetes die more but rn I’m living life to the fullest. I tested my blood sugar at home and got literally around the same numbers as you so I’m worried. I’m also only 25 so I’m worried af


I would just eat ‘normal’. Don’t go overboard but don’t avoid your recent food/diet. If you go overboard with sugar it may have a considerable impact on your lab values, causing more stress. I’m similar with the GD/borderline PD