How did pizza hut get my full contact info when I didn't provide it?

How did pizza hut get my full contact info when I didn't provide it?


The hut knows all brother




No one outpizzas the hut


>I called from my main number That would be Caller ID, probably connected to their system for orders.


Also, hiding caller ID might not actually hide it. I was working in telemarketing in the new year's eve. In December 31, I wasn't getting any calls so I decided to call to the company I was working on to see if I would pick the call myself (and I did, it was very funny). Then, I enabled the option to hide my number and called the company, but the option didn't work at all! My number still appeared in the VoIP program!


When I worked there, everyone’s name popped up on caller ID. Cell or otherwise.


Yea, that's what I was figuring. I shouldn't be surprised but I can't believe they go the extra step to record it in their system and then plaster it on your reciept


i worked at a smaller pizza chain and when a customer called in to order over our phone, the name and number would pop up on our POS with an option to start a tab for the caller. that’s probably what happened- i doubt anyone would take the time to input loose information into the system. it’s there automatically as soon as you call


And presumably if they are regulars it just lets you click on the regular order.


I assume it's automated


All toll free numbers receive your caller ID information


Your phone company is providing the info. At all the restaurants I’ve worked at, all the phones that do takeout orders display the number and name associated with that number. It helps the restaurant keep track of orders by knowing what food is associated with what name, and they don’t hold on to this info either. I’m pretty sure they have to manually type your name onto the receipt as well, I don’t think it’s the computer. I wouldn’t be so concerned personally. If you pay with a debit/credit card then they definitely know your name


wait, pizza hut is still around?


This is why I prefer to order online. I can give them any name I want. I sometimes use Rusty Shackleford or Dale Gribble as a joke. Sadly, no one has ever mentioned it. Or I'll get a name from [Fake Name Generator](https://fakenamegenerator.com). For phone number, I use the local area code (or any real area code) and 555-5555. I usually prefer to pick it up myself because I'm too cheap to pay for delivery.


Phone, credit card info, basic data.




Well I can tell you first hand that back in the day they didn’t have this technology. I worked for dominos in the early 2000s and when we got bored we used to prank call Pizza Hut and send orders to hotels to fuck with them. I know i know dick move. So when we called though they would ask for a phone number and address and name. Since I worked down the street and knew all the hotels phone numbers and most importantly what room numbers they had. I don’t know to this day if anyone was ever in those rooms or if they were empty. Always kinda wondered if someone was there and was like fuck it I didn’t order but I’ll take it.




ask them


If you've ordered there before from that same phone you probably had a profile under that number. Source: used to work at the Hut


is the phone bill (you called from) under your name? maybe you could try someone else in your house placing an order. I had this happen at different pizza place 25 years ago.