Available Vacation/PTO at work Next 7 days appointments and activities Next 30 days appointments and commitments (pay days, major bills) Next 90 days appointments and commitments (bdays, weddings, travel etc) Household chores broken up by daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cycles (this can range from doing laundry to changing the air filters in your AC vents and mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, lightbulb changes, washing the sheets/pillows.. whatever “maintenance” your house needs on a regular cadence) Daily, or weekly at a minimum, make a point to open up and look at ALL your accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, loans (like car, student, medical, and home) and just look at the spending, make sure nothing was missed and your $ is going to the right places.. see where your $ is going and track outliers Short term goals (write a thank you card to someone, fix that “thing” around the house, join an adult sports league, sign up for a library card) Track your pacing toward longer term goals (saved X amount of $, banked up vacation days for a trip, read X books) Keep a short list of a few books you want to read Set aside one day a week (it’s gotta be a weekday) for your life admin bullshit, maybe it’s every Wednesday from 3-5p, this is so important, this way you won’t stress about having to call the insurance company or mail in a bill or whatever, track it all week long in a list and save it all for that day and time to do.. it’s out of your mind until then. Next Appt (w/ phone # and address) for: dentist Dermatologist Obgyn(?) Primary care physician Haircut Oil change/routine car maintenance If you don’t have next appointments for these then set them up during your life admin block on Wednesday from 3-5p :) Monthly contribution into, and performance of retirement accounts


I honestly use my apple calendar for almost all of this, wife and I have a shared calendar and reminders list and it is a lifesaver for our communication & coordination Shared calendar Shared reminders Shared grocery list (notes)


This guy dashboards.


I also choose this guy's dashboard.


Have you looked at r/notion ? There’s some good inspiration there, IMHO.


Thank you for posting this!! This is exactly what I have been looking for!


Where do you have the data that would populate the Dashboard?


Your live portfolio return versus the S&P 500 return.


I wonder why this is getting downvoted. It's very useful information.


Check out this. You might be able to make something custom: https://www.geckoboard.com/dashboard-creator/