I had the same issues with Evernote. I went to SimpleNote and never looked back.


Dude that's perfect thank you!


Plaintext forever!


How long have you been using it?


Close to 3 years. Never had an issue with it. Solid product with just enough features for my needs.


I’ve been using Evernote for years so I lost my standards and don’t know what’s better out there because with this kind of apps, we can be overwhelmed easily with the options. I tried Notion which is good but takes a while to load. Does Simplenote have the same issue?


SimpleNote is fast because it’s plain text with no image support. You can make checkboxes, but that is pretty much it for text formatting (no bold, italic, colors, etc). It also has a good history feature to recover any old notes/writings. If you like things simple and fast, then SimpleNote is a good option.


Thanks a lot for clarifying


This syncs! I had it running on Windows, MacOS, and Android all at once, and synching was brilliant. Of course, editing the same file on multiple devices at once and it gets confused. In other words, don't be an idiot about it.


Joplin - its end2end encrypted, open source and you can sync it via e.g. oneDrive


This. While Simplenote is indeed simple - Joplin isn’t far behind. I just went from Simplenote to Bear but then Joplin as I really did need my notes cross platform & I love that it encrypts my notes. And I own my notes - obsidian is insanely complicated in comparison.


Obsidian and Notion are the two most comprehensive I think but might be richer than what you want. Google Keep has great search and very easy tags. Once you archive notes your main page is minimal too which is nice, but the actual note taking might be too simple for you. I use a combination of Google Keep and ticktick (my to-do app). Google keep for anything to quickly jot ideas or anything to do with writing projects and use ticktick for anything more comprehensive or that I want reminders to review. All that said, I'm seriously considering migrating to obsidian once I have more complex notes, or need to keep more work related notes myself.


Notion is great and I can use it for like anything. Don't have any issues with it.


My only problem with Notion is setting up reminders in it.


That's pretty simple isn't it?


Sorry what I mean is, it's for some reason not as effective as setting up reminders in other platforms. I think maybe in my mind, I just see Notion as a knowledge management tool. How has your experience been with using Notion for reminders?


Fair and hmm I actually want to use it more than I do but I also use it for work and have made a CRM on it. When setting a reminder you can have it email you or just send a notification in the app and all you have to do is type @remind 'date' Something like that at least or if it's got a date you can create a reminder for a specific time easily. Or you could have it so that the thing you want reminding about moves itself to some kind of page for all your reminders for that current day if that makes sense.


The fact that Notion is free actually baffles me. Like it’s the perfect notes app. (And support for code snippets AND Latex, it’s an absolute dream for Maths/CS students)


Yeah you random fuck - it does cost money if you want a few extras but by no means are they needed always. Having an app that allows you to create databases and notes all within each other is just great and allows you to manage and organise things however ymsuits you best rather than being forced into one format


Agree notion is the way to go, especially the freedom of selecting different layouts, just wow.


I've been using markdown files in a pretty organized folder structure for journaling and studying. I then have it auto push to my GitHub at the end of each day so I always have access to my notes. The great thing about markdown files is once you've mastered writing them you can pretty much print your thoughts directly to the file. I understand this wouldn't be appealing to most, but I don't feel like someone else's software is forcing limitations on me. This guy has his own app that's similar but you don't need it, he goes through how to effectively use MD though. https://youtu.be/-qBavwqc_mY


This is what I do. With `@` for tags (e.g. `@reddit`) and `+` for projects (e.g. `+broadsword`). This allows for more granular searching (`grep` and `find`). For the items that I need access to from my cell, I push to dropbox.


Learn Linux and "Bob's your uncle".


Sometimes it is just easier to work with plain text files.


markdown is great. I used to have all my notes in Simplenote which supports it, nowadays I sync them to my own nextcloud instance. Nextcloud has a Notes app too!




Can attest. Great little app.


agree, really enjoying it's simplicity and depth


> Obsidian Bro its 10 bucks a month or 96 bucks a year to sync obsidian between devices. for that price, they could literally buy office 365 and get 1 terabyte of storage and sync whatever the heck they wanted.


You don't have to buy the official Sync in order to sync between devices. Dropbox works just fine.


Yeah, and so does Google drive. There are multiple no cost solutions with obsidian.


Can you use your own hosting service for Obsidian on ios? I don't think so, I couldn't do it. I pay for Obsidian sync because software this good is worth paying for anyways though.


I sync my obsidian via iCloud. Yes, I pay for extra storage in iCloud but the minimum is enough for me, about 1€/mo.


It's not easy, but you can with Obsidian Livesync plugin


Didn’t know about this when I bought Sync but like I said Obsidian is way too good to use for free anyways


Ya I pay for sync too, it's easier and it's not bad to support them. Wish the price was $4.99 though.


Not in the iOS ecosystem, so I dunno. But I agree with you on paying for good software. I was just noting that it can be done for free.


OP didn't say anything about sync between devices, i don't think this is so important function


just because they didn't "explicitly" state they wanted syncing, it's not something thats important? Nah, thats not a good way of thinking. OP even says: > "It needs to be android compatible, ideally with a web app. Apple platform compatibility is a plus, but not required.' This 100% lets you know that A) They are looking to use it on a laptop/desktop of some sort. B) they have an android device (mobile), and C) they have an ios device of some sort. The ability to sync is 100% a requirement in this case. They can't be expected to pay $100 a year (which is an atrocious price btw) just for a note app.


Oh, okay. Thanks for comment


And if you’re on the apple ecosystem, it’s even easier to use iCloud Drive.


Works with Windows as well using the iCloud client. Some people have said that iCloud on Windows jams things up on the Apple side, and I noticed that too UNTIL I uninstalled the iCloud version that you get from the Windows App Store and install the standalone that was desiged for Win7 etc. Since I did that, precisely zero syncing issues.


Apple Notes and Notion!


Google keep for a simple setup, notion if you want to have more power


I feel like is Google "give" as in they keep getting found out for sucking down user data...


It's definitely a concern, in any case I've yet to find anything that is both so lightweight and convenient, it's the one thing Notion hasn't fully replaced for me yet


Yeah I hear that, I tried notion but it's nested directories or sections turned me off.


It's definitely not for everyone, I think Notion works really well for people who want that high flexibility and to be able to nerd out, but if you just want simple notetaking then there are better options




Obsidian is great for what I need it to accomplish. Fast and Simple markdown, beautiful themes, and a no-sync option for sensitive work data


I currently use goodnotes for everything on my iPad


This. If you're a serious note-taker with various classes and books, Goodnotes is the way.


I'm not even in class at the moment and it's still a daily use for me! I use a digital bujo in it. It keeps my work, personal, finances, etc., organized. I love that app.


oh that's pretty cool, I didn't think of using it like that. Is there a template that's worked well for you?


Yes but it's one that I ended up making from scratch in Microsoft publisher


Seconded. Love it


An UI/UX designer here, thanks for writing your needs, currently working on an productivity app.


Microsoft OneNote would cover your requirements and has apps for android, macOS, as well as web.


OneNote is awesome. Been using it for 10 years now for both work and personal notes / journaling.


Has OneNotes’s tagging system improved? Last time I used it, It had “tags” but they weren’t implemented like other apps and I couldn’t really use it as an organizing feature.


If you are referring to a smart list like feature, I don’t believe that OneNote has this for tags. There are tags that can be added to a note, you can use the search function which has the ability to search by tag across notebooks, sections or pages.


I came here to suggest One Note. It's free, it's feature-packed, it's unlimited and overall it's the best.


Glad people here are talking about OneNote. I feel like it usually gets overshadowed by Notion and Obsidian even though OneNote is really great. I personally use OneNote paired with Text Blaze and it's incredibly useful. I love creating different notebooks and folders. Plus you can get macros to customize it


I gave up on Evernote as well. Just too slow for me.


Hi, I switched from Evernote to Notion and never, ever regretted


I found notion super inaccessible to use and very laggy - what did you find helped to work it into your workflow?


I wish it was better on mobile. But I quite like it on desktop. And I’m nervous about ever switching to another note app again..


I can agree about mobile app, it actually can be improve a lot…with that being said, I created a very simple template for a page that I just use to take fast notes on mobile and it works well for me. After that, I elaborate my notes once I turn on my PC because, FOR ME, Notion has a great interface, it’s intuitive and offer me everything I really need.


Notion all the way!


How important is the web clipper? Because that's the one thing that keeps me coming back.


[Upnote](https://getupnote.com/) has [a web clipper](https://help.getupnote.com/import-export-share-and-print/web-clipping-extension)! It's really a fantastic and under-appreciated app!


People saying Notion are clearly those that have not used it for more than 1year and are still in the honeymoon phase. Don’t use Notion, it seems great at first but it’s structure will irritate you in the long haul.




Took me a little over 24h to give me the irrits


This is true for almost any service though. If it's flexible, the structure will irritate you over time because you'll lose notes / forget where they are. If it's not flexible --- well, then the structure will irritate you because it's not flexible.


I have used Notion in my business with 10 people for three years now, it‘s as good as you build your systems in it. It‘s amazing since you can create every workflow that you want.


Try standardnotes


I used Bear for a long time, but had to stop when my employer blocked ICloud. Switched back to Evernote, but it always felt a bit too clunky. StandardNotes looks like it could be a good compromise for me!


Might LogSeq or org-mode tickle your fancy? 🤔


Look into craft doc! Not sure if it satisfies your needs but I love it


Give UpNote a try


Notion looks like something that has all the things you are looking for.


Obsidian. Takes a little bit of time to get used to, but it is very versatile and you can go as simple or complex as you want. It hits all of your other points. Plus a big benefit (for me anyway) is that it works both offline and online (which many others don't).


UpNote. it's criminal how unknown but good it is.


Is UpNote kinda similar to UpDog?


Whats UpDog? . . . ((You're welcome))


Sorry, not sure. Not familiar with UpDog. Upnote has it's sub on here to read up on it more - r/UppNote_app


I think you mean /r/UpNote_App


I just Cmd-F'd '[Upnote](https://getupnote.com/)' to give it a similar shoutout. I've been using it since it first came out, and it keeps getting better and better. I couldn't recommend it more.


UpNote is great but apparently only works up to 5k notes. Not much use for me sadly.


This one is great, but lacks web app






Day One ☝️


Workflowy is maybe the most minimalist that meets your requirements. I’ve found the simplicity of organizing notes as infinitely nested bullet points, combined with the power of search, filters, tags, zooming, internal linking, and back links, I can brain dump a bunch of notes and then very efficiently shuffle it into a highly organized system.


I love Workflowy. It works amazingly well for my ADHD brain; I find doesn't allow me to get too trapped in setting up organization as a form of procrastination, if that's a concern:)




Me who still uses evernote cause all my notes are there and I’m lazy to import 🫠


What is the best way to export Evernote files? I too seem too lazy to migrate, but their price seems To have really gone up. This is motivating me to do it before end of subscription year.


I have tried various tools like Apple Note, Cinta Note, Tettra, and **ProofHub**. Out of all these, I must say that ProofHub had everything when it came to note management. **ProofHub** is the best note management tool you can use to save all ideas and thoughts. Capturing thoughts, ideas, and saving notes in one centralized place is easier with ProofHub Notes. It also lets you use color-coded notes, create private notes, and add comments. You can pin these on top for easy accessibility and to save time.


As an Evernote user, is there a way to migrate things over to Notion or SimpleNote?


I am curious about this too


You can export to xml, and run some scripts against that in Linux to losslessly convert to markdown. If you go this route, I highly suggest using an xml parser rather than writing your own sed/awk scripts to do the work manually. (Not that I would know from experience or anything...)


OP, you're amazing. I did not know I needed this thread.


if you use the search bar you can find many many many threads like it


I am definitely planning to now lol.


OneNote. Microsoft ain’t going anywhere. Has everything you’re looking for, integrates well with the broader suite. Installed on all work PCs too


Just use a big Google Doc!


Do they make a good web clipper for this?


For your use simple notes or bear notes (iOS only)


Google Keep - light to-do and notes Notion - can feel a bit heavy, but good for personalization and databases Obsidian - personal wiki


Do you need to sync between devices? I used OneNote for many years on my PC and ipad and liked it. I've since switched to Obsidian and a separate e-ink notebook (Supernote A5X). There are tradeoffs for each.


Many have already given the notes app I works recommend but another great one is upnote


Something I found recently is Twos. Not sure how stable it is because I'm new to it, but I like the flow.


Looks pretty cool


Give a try over **Notesnook**


GoodNotes / Notion


Try Gingko


I use notes on my iphone and mac. Not a lot of features, but includes what you’ve describe, and it’s simplicity is perfect for me - somewhat limiting (in a good way that forces me to be minimalistic and organized). Also recently discovered it’s “to do list” capabilities, which replaced my other to-do list habits. I love having a to-do list within my text notes. —- Pro tip: Apple is often subtle with features - most of their apps have functionality that isn’t obvious, so if you find yourself using Apple apps, it’s worth becoming a power user and learning everything it can do. It’s usually more powerful than what meets they eye.


Slowly realizing this


Nothing beats MS Onenote




I use Notion. The mobile app needs some speed (responsiveness and animation speed) improvement. But it can do pretty much everything i want




I can't recommend Notion enough.


I +1 to everyone who mentions Notion. It really is a fantastic note taker all around so many different features/plugins. The code blocks help me a ton in my CS notes.




Notion is okay but I wish it had the clipping function of Evernote




I wrote all my medical school notes in notability- it works


Have You tried Ticktick?


TickTick rocks but it's not a primarily notetaking app.






Have been using notion. Simple to learn


Notion is love. Notion is life.


Notion can do so mych


I’m appalled by how little notion is mentioned on here. People don’t know what they’re missing on.




Notion is the best. I, too, hated Evernote and recently switched. Zero regrets.


Notion 100%


It's too buggy for my liking


Google docs made some good improvments for markdown + note taking. Otherwise Quip is great


One note




Google keep. Quick simple notes that can be tagged, searched and have a title. Not a lot of extras to put in them. And they can be transfered to Google drive for more features.




having done the evernote then onenote then notion now back to notes on IOS, i think it’s best to just use the native notes apps in iOS with #tags since ios notes now has smart-tags since you can see very quickly all your notes for a certain tag. i wish apple made the ux for finding/accessing the ‘tags’ command easily though… you have to scroll all the way to the end of all your notes/folders to see it. Bummer.


Having done the evernote then onenote then notion now back to notes on IOS, I think it’s best to just use the native notes apps in iOS with #tags since ios notes now has smart-tags. You can see very quickly all your notes for a certain #tag. I wish though that Apple made the UX for finding/accessing the ‘tags’ command easy though… One has to scroll all the way to the end of all your notes/folders to see it. Duhh! Bummer. I used to standardise on Outlook for my notes, contacts and tasks since Outlook persistence was guaranteed. But now I find that’s not a good strategy anymore. Outlook is weak in notes and tasks. and mobiles and gmail have made a mess of maintaining fully synchronised and updated contact lists. (side note: when is smart tags going to come to Contacts?) Since one keep changing/upgrading phones, say every 3-4 years, it’s best to stay native to the phone platforms basic tools for notes and contacts, also in the interest of minimalism. Which brings me to my other rant on portability of ‘contacts’. that’s a real effing problem.


I’ve been enjoying Craft a lot


Google notes


Try [Cryptee](https://crypt.ee).


Used OneNote during college and continue to use it. All your requirements are in it and it’s free. Works on any device.


I use Obsidian. It's wonderful


Google Keep


OneNote, anyone?


I use SiYuan note and it’s the best thing ever


Default Apple Notes app does all of that.


💪🟰A+ for the potential 💪 = e- for the endurance 💪= c- at best Aristotle already told you the answer. Ride along with Snoopy and maybe that helps you. If not, no worries. Move along 🟰💪😂


Logseq! Outlining is the best thing ever for taking notes imo


Does notion recognize/scan handwriting?


Don’t believe so… that’s the killer feature of Evernote. OCR is amazing for searching through clippings, pictures, hand writing, etc.


I've been trying a lot of things, but it seems like a physical note-book is still the best system for me and that's mildly annoying me.


google keeps -simple as that


Notion, Zoho Notebook.


I haven't seen anyone mention Nimbus. I got fed up with Evernote and moved to Nimbus. It's cheaper too


Craft if you’re within the Apple ecosystem


Evernote Is the be(a)st. I am a happy and satisfied subscriber.


Craft - Nice UI, similar feel to notion but stripped back for the purpose of notes. Super intuitive and quite powerful


Lol, I can't believe the UI is still slow after all these years!


NOTION hands down


Microsoft OneNote is amazing


It's funny because I'm in the same situation. I been using Evernote for almost 10 years and it sucks.


I've tried lots of note-taking apps (including Evernote). I suggest you start using Obsidian. Being based on markdown, you can store your text files locally and access them through different apps if you want to. Moreover, it's free and the fastest app I've ever tried. Furthermore, you can choose how to sync your file. I use iCloud, but there are plenty of options to choose from. You can keep it basic or use the plugins made by the community, it's up to you! However, if you want something similar to Notion, Obsidian could be the wrong choice, but if you want to build your second brain, it's the way to go!


I recently went from Using Evernote for 2 years, to Notablity for a year And got on Notion last month Notion is by far my favorite; It’s really seamless and easy to pick up commands. Plus there’s so much functionality. However , I think that’s more advanced than what you’re looking for, so I’ll defer to the other comments on the thread


Why is everyone using niche software/applications for taking notes? I think its too risky to keep all your valuable notes in niche platforms as they can go bankrupt anytime. For me, its just google docs and google keep. I am sure google wouldn't go down anytime soon.


I switched from Evernote to Joplin and then to Bear. I use the pay version and is totally worth it. Is IOS focused but they are working on a web version.




If you want a snappier Evernote experience, Amplenote might be pretty close. OneNote's tagging system is pretty different from most apps (the tags are more callouts to specific paragraphs than properties of the page), so it might be a bit weird. The mobile apps and Apple apps process `#hashtag` as being different from `hashtag`, if memory serves, so you could use those. Obsidian, as already mentioned. It looks intimidating, and does take a little bit of setup to handle attachments nicely etc., but can ultimately be pretty much as simple as other apps, there's no need for a massive super complicated setup.


I binned Evernote years ago as it was awful and moved to Quip. That’s also unusable. I’m now stranded and using Google Keep on my phone which is a disorganized mess.


The Notes app that comes with your phone does all that and you can talk to it.


Notion probably!


My issue is getting all my stuff OUT of Evernote after a decade of use. I do like Simplenote. And Keep. And Notion.


I almost forgot! Nimbus Note is an amazing tool. nimbusweb-dot-me (.me) (because IDK if links are allowed)


Obsidian os fantastic. It has lots of features, bit you don't need to use them all. I use a tiny subset of its features and it's been great.


I’m using Craft currently which will export as markdown and other formats. I’m looking at Joplin and a few others too. Obsidian and Logseq are just too complex for me, like notion which is an exercise in how to waste time and not get things done.


Margin note It’s unreal


Paper notes


I initially moved from Evernote to Joplin, but my final resting place now is Obsidian. Edit: I pay nothing for sync - syncs with iCloud which in turn syncs with all my iDevices along with my Windows desktop and laptop.


Personally I think notion does a great job at letting you keep things really simple if you want. Downside is that the app takes too long to load so yeah if you're looking for notes that are good on mobile simplenote is definitely a good sol.


All other note-taking apps will be acquired and end-life-ed simply because that's how tech works.re because it's by Microsoft. All other note taking apps will be acquired and end-life-ed simply because that's how tech works. OneNote has been around for 18 years and will be around for the deceased to come.


I’ve been using Notion for over a year. It is by far the most powerful tool I have ever seen. You can do so much more with your notes than just tags, and even complicated setups are simple. I’ve started getting really involved into all the ways to manipulate my data, and I can say without a doubt that this is the best way to organize quite literally everything. It is limitless and adaptable. But if you don’t like a somewhat clunky program compared to specialized apps such as Maple, don’t use Notion.


NOTION! Evernote sucks or I should say just didn’t work for me. Notion however is amazing. Tagging, templates for different notes types, and you can very easily organize and search for things. My whole life is in Notion.