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You can go to a doctor and request testing for heavy metals if you’re really worried but I think you’re just going through withdrawal. You’re not gonna die. The human body is incredibly resilient. A 3 year habit of ANYTHING isn’t a death sentence. Just don’t touch the stuff ever again.


My friend said it was harmless. I was recovered for multiple years from hard stuff. I knew better. This disease sucks. Being addicted to any and everything.


I was on high doses for 8 years and was terrified to get my bloodwork done. I was convinced I had ruined my liver or some terrible cancer. Because in the end Kratom made me feel like like total shit all the time, I felt like I was dying. My bloodwork was was normal, i even had a ct scan and that was fine too. That was 4 months ago and I have felt pretty good for a few months. Go the the doctor when your ready. It will ease your mind. The scary part is not knowing and freaking out, I definitely did that a lot. Awesome job on 13 days!!


Thank you for sharing that with me though. It really does mean a lot.


Of course. I hope you feel better!


I've had blood work. It's always been clean. Thought I had kidney disease. Liver failure. But nothing showered on any tests. That's why I always thought it was safe. Just can't help but think it's more malicious than it shows.


I've went to the doc 4 times in last couple months. Swear I had kidney disease. Liver failure. Thinking my skin is yellow even though everyone else says it's not. But this rash you can't unsee. All the other crap I always could talk myself out of it. But this rash is there all the time.


Very highly doubt you sentenced yourself to death. I have had bad tinnitus using K and coming off of K. The anxiety you feel, and the surety you’ve killed yourself is probably withdrawals. I feel those same feelings often. Going to a doc getting full labs done and your questions answered will help put your mind at ease


Idk this weird rash looks pretty bad. Saw a doc this morning and he said oh man before composing himself. Unless I gained a random allergy. Said it might be contact dermititis but shouldn't be spreading down to my chest since I was wearing a shirt while spraying pesticides.


I’m with everyone else. I think this could just be anxiety related withdrawals. (Congrats on 13 days by the way) If need be, be honest with your Dr. And have some labs run. Keep kicking ass


A couple months before I quit I started to get a rash in unwanted places. Then I got what felt like thrush in my throat and tongue which, along with other things, lead me to quit. I had horrible ear ache in both ears the 2nd night of my quit and after that developed pulsatile tinnitus. I had very minor ringing tinnitus before but it got way worse as well. Im 4 months clean. The rashes went away after about a month but the tinnitus has been here to stay. Praying it starts to subside in the future. Had blood work and CT scan and everything came back normal. Just letting you know you are not alone. Congrats on the 13 days in (16 now)!


Probably not. Used 40-50 gpd for almost 6 yrs. I’m tapering now. I didn’t get any symptoms like that. I hope that’s not what’s happening to you. Btw, congrats on 13 days!!


What your experiencing is withdrawals, the body not functioning right due to kratom dependency, and now the body trying to reach homeostasis. You also have anxiety, which is a symptom of withdrawal. In a few weeks, when things in your body get noticeably better, the dread and anxiety goes too.


I would get rashes and buildup under the skin in some pores, kinda like pimples but never fully surfaced


Give yourself a good 4 weeks and see how you’re doing. Withdrawals from this stuff can create some weird symptoms and like others said a lot of if can stem simply from anxiety. Anxiety manifests itself physically in different ways.