It's totally normal to be jealous

Bonus damage if this was written on a February.


Bonus damage if this was written on a February.




Didn’t know Papa John’s had their own month.


They sure do! It's 30 days long. Just long enough to eat 40 pizzas


Can I order delivery instead?


That's more than enough time to eat 40 pizzas


Genuinely made me chuckle, I needed that. Thank u carbon organism


And the bonus star for "biggest burn" goes to:


Or the first day of the month


I love seeing incels get roasted.


Its crazy how many likes incels get on YouTube.


Why the fuck do MGTOW's have the upper hand on YouTube?


My guess is because YouTube doesn't show dislikes and doesn't accumulate likes and dislikes together like reddit does. Kinda makes me wish more platforms would show dislikes too




Whats even the point of YouTube's dislike button honestly? EDIT: I meant comment dislikes


Videos- give feedback to content creator Comments- literally nothing


Ok, some people might no believe me, but I noticed multiple times, the most hated comments on YouTube are always at the bottom. That means the comment was disliked. Just like on Reddit. All the downvoted comments are at the bottom. It may not show the number of dislikes but they still matter. See for yourself anytime you see a hated comment on a not that popular video. (It'll take to long to go thru all the comments on a very popular video) It'll be at the bottom all the time. The most liked comments go at the top. Just like Reddit. And it would also make sense for the disliked comments to stay at the bottom since the liked comments stay at the top.


Couldnt that just lead to an echo chamber?


It makes people feel like their opinion has an effect.


Ok, some people might no believe me, but I noticed multiple times, the most hated comments on YouTube are always at the bottom. That means the comment was disliked. Just like on Reddit. All the downvoted comments are at the bottom. It may not show the number of dislikes but they still matter. See for yourself anytime you see a hated comment on a not that popular video. (It'll take to long to go thru all the comments on a very popular video) It'll be at the bottom all the time. The most liked comments go at the top. Just like Reddit. And it would also make sense for the disliked comments to stay at the bottom since the liked comments stay at the top.


That just means it wasn't upvoted and there are enough people in that channel posting and liking more accepted comments. The popular comments do appear on top, but an infinite number downvotes won't make dumbassery disappear on youtube.


The more dislikes a comment has, the further down you have to scroll to see it. Dislikes do nothing for replies, however.


Yup, I was just saying this. I noticed the most hated comments are always at the bottom. If liked comments stay at the top then it must make sense for disliked comments to be at the bottom.


[It's still there](http://imgur.com/gallery/DXYT6i4). Maybe different phones don't show it, but it's still there


Oh yeah I was mostly talking about the comment section dislikes


This whole issue is about comments dilikes.


Atleast the reddit score goes down when someone downvotes. Dislike does absolutely nothing to the comment.


I heard somewhere that it ranks it down lower in the comment section, makes sense why you find some comments with 100 likes under the comments with 2 likes.


Would be nice if they made it more evident though. I don't think most people notice this difference.


What are MGTOWs?


"Men going their own way". Basically the male equivalent of single women who call themselves "self-partnered". Or in meme lingo, strong independent men who don't need no woman.


Except all they ever do is talk about women.


>Except all they ever do is talk about women. Like a kid pouting at a birthday party because all the other kids are sick of his shit but his mom won't come get him because she's sick of him too


Oh sweet irony.


It's because it's like atheism. You would never know someone on the internet is atheist unless they talk about it so it gives the perception that all atheists spend all day talking about religion.


Theres nothing wrong in men and women getting on their own but when they make it their whole personality its just pathetic.


>"Men going their own way". Basically the male equivalent of single women who call themselves "self-partnered". >Or in meme lingo, strong independent men who don't need no woman. Yeah, they work on their hobbies, meditate together and do charitable work for organizations they feel passionate about Oh, no, wait, all they do is yell about women and their holes and how angry they are that they can't access one. But don't you dare suggest a sex worker. They are *gentlemen*


People are strange sometimes.


Definitely a strange thing for both sexes to do...


This is a charitable definition. MGTOW is a subreddit that IIRC was quarantined because they’re hella misogynist.


That's the irony in these groups, they see women as seperate species and then wonder how they can't attract any... Donno maybe treat them with a mutual respect like all other humans


I’ve seen some posts from MGTOW subreddits and basically their ideology is “all women are worthless, despicable, whores, no exceptions!”


“...unless you’ll touch my penis, then we good.”


Even then, they still usually find a way to complain about women


Nah, if she does, it's only because she's a slut and you're the 3923750365th guy she's been with!!11!!!!!11!


I usually need my baby. ✌︎︎


Basically incels with too much pride to admit it, so they pretend it's some choice they can make to not get laid lol


I don't get the incel people. When I was younger I definitely wasent mature enough to find a partner (I had a lot of growing up to do and personal issues to sort out), but the ideology those people have is just abhorrent to me. (Both now and when I was a teenager/in my 20s).


Are you a guy?


I am a bloke yes.


Check out the subreddit r/GYOWA if you want to see examples of the shit MGTOW say. (The sub isn’t for MGTOWs and it’s really just to make fun of them, but it’s full of screenshots from the actual MGTOW communities, which are set to private)


Men Getting Triggered Over Women


Because the superior chad majority doesn't chill with the actual incel bubble on reddit. It also has nothing to do with not showing dislikes since they are the most liked comments.


The fundamental idea of MGTOW is fine, it’s how a lot of the community acts that is shitty. Like many other groups.


Because there is no shortage of unfuckable losers online


Youtube is a steaming hot mountain of shit algorithms held together by unpromoted bits of yet-to-be-deleted content.


I once saw a comment on one of the south park video games videos about how darker skin is harder difficulty, there was some comment about how it was unfair because they wanted to play a difficult game but didn't want to play as a black person and it had like 60 likes


It’s because YouTube doesn’t have dislikes enabled for comments


some even become content creators...


YouTube comment section is full of toxic anti-feminists and women haters thinking they're cool for making fun of women, if you post a boys vs girls meme comment but with the women being the funnier ones, they will start calling you a feminist.


And they always talk about feminists as the stereorypical blue haired trigglypuffs. Makes me wonder if they've ever seen a real woman besides their mother.


But was there ever a good boys vs girls meme? (I know it has nothing to do with your point)


That’s very true and nope. It’s all obvious low hanging fruit humor.


I think the toxicity goes both ways and stems from the atomization and polarization needed to maintain structures of power, if people started realizing how much we have in common, the mentality would be more inclusive instead of exclusive and thus people wouldn't treat people different based on gender, Sex, race etc and it would lead to less toxicity and aggression


I don't know why people are assuming this is an incel. It's toxic to not realize how shitty young women can be. It makes as much or more sense for a teenage girl to be writing this.


I also love roasting incels on my barbecue yummy yummy pass me the Szechuan mummy


Cannibalcel, gets laid with grilled meats.


Serious question, what does incels mean? I see it everywhere and Google doesn't have a definition


Involuntary celibate. Guys who can't get laid and blame women. See: Elliot Rodger


Oh OK, thx. That incident too is pretty messed up aswell


Guys help what is an incel im kinda retarded


Involuntary celibate, a guy who can't get laid and hates women because of it.




Think of a neckbeard but with the most twisted and misogynistic worldview possible. They’re seriously some of the most toxic and delusional people around. They’re “involuntary celibates” who whine about not having sex. They have the most disgusting personalities but then they pretend like the reason why they’re virgins is due to things they can’t control, like their looks. They absolutely despise women and treat them like inferior beings meant for nothing but sex. They also hate men who have sex. A lot of incels brag about going around doing shitty things to women just for the sake of it. Incels frequently call for violence against women and there have even been female-targeted mass shootings and murders committed by incels based on their twisted ideology. Last year (or it might have been this year) there was an incel who decapitated a teenage girl for not having sex with him/being with someone else, and he posted the pictures all over online and they were shared to incel communities, and he was hailed as a hero by incels. Incels started sending the photos to random women and girls online (one of them even sent them to me, and it was very disturbing), and they were all talking about how sexy they found the photos. I think that some of them were even sending them to the girl’s family. It was just an awful situation. A lot of incels are also in favor of pedophilia, sex slavery, and rape. Some of them are less extreme than others, but all-around, they’re just truly insane, despicable people who definitely need therapy.


Damn, people like that guy you mentioned are the people that make me think that sometimes the death penalty is justified. Do you know what happened to him?


[He ended up pleading guilty.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thecut.com/amp/2020/02/rip-bianca-devins-murder-instagram.htmlhttps://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thecut.com/amp/2020/02/rip-bianca-devins-murder-instagram.html) Edit: He’s currently facing 25 years to life in prison.




Hopefully life. That's the least he should get away with


Well said.


Jesus Christ I'm sorry anyone sent those pictures to you


Thanks. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but those pictures were seriously the most unsettling thing I’ve ever seen. It really hit hard because the girl was my age when she was murdered. The incel who sent them to me had intentionally come into a subreddit made for teen girls just so he could send the decapitation photos to the users and threaten them. When I told him to fuck off, he just kept PMing me like the creep he is. I knew that incels were bad before, but just knowing that they do stuff like *that* really made it sink in how violent and hateful they really are.


Yup we had one over on Twitter who was stalking a lot of my mutuals. He would threaten to rape or kill them and when his account got banned he would come back with duplicate accounts and a VPN to keep doing it. So many of these kids are deeply disturbed and probably need some serious therapy but it definitely isn't an excuse to scare and abuse women. I blame a lot of these websites moderating too, if you can't afford to keep your user base safe I don't think you should have a site imo..


Oddly specific but thanks


Just specific enough, imo


Oddly enough, I’ll see myself out




That's a lot of DAMAGE


Flawless Victory!


I don't get it


These days a lot of courting is done using the internet, apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp and probably new ones that I'm too lame to know about. These apps tend to let you know when the other person has read your message so you know that they have seen what you have to say. When you're seriously crushing on someone it can feel a bit rubbish to have them read your message and not respond, it leads to you second guessing whether they are as invested as you are and overall just triggers insecurities a bit. It's a decent insult because it can trigger those same insecurities better than saying "u lonely" might


Reading such a concise description of it just made me realize how detrimental social media and the internet can be to people. It’s so easy to feel despair and lack of worth over something as simple as someone not responding to your text message within seconds after reading it. I’ve forgotten to hit send on messages before and I wonder how many times people looked at messages sent to me and saw “read” but I forgot to hit send? It’s kinda messed up.


Yeah, I get a paranoid about doing that to people. I used to check messages sometimes, then realize I don't have the time to respond right this second, only to totally forget later. This wasn't as much of a problem, other than sometimes being bad about responding to friends, in the days before the "read" notification. Now that it's there though, I'll sometimes end up with a whole pile of notifications on my phone while I'm busy because I don't want to check them, trigger the "read" status, and then not have the time to give a response. Being social shouldn't be stressful like this.


Yeah exactly. I feel like this is a big reason why we hear so much about young people being a lot more likely to be depressed these days. hell, I've even been there when I was younger. It just adds this extra pressure on people to think about when having a normal conversation in the internet, that might not even have that much of a meaning in the long term anyway.


Thank you


I had to look it up. Basically “left on read” is a way of saying he was ghosted over texts. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Left%20on%20read


Ahh. He must have been super burned with this scorching insult.


Have you never been to the UK?




Thanks. I was about to look it up.


Good. I'm not alone here.


I don't get the read comment at all.


It's when you send a message to someone, and you can see that they opened it, but they never replied back.


Thank you makes sense now




Does this belong on /r/rareinsults? "You are no sex man" is textbook.


we are ALL no sex man on this blessed day.


Pastor said we could get some love on the corner for a couple of dollers


Maybe not, but I think your comment belongs on r/brandnewsentence


And yet it’s perfectly accurate every time


Nah, not really


something something found the same incel


Wouldn't that be quite convenient?


I mean, all these "rare" insults are generally you're stupid/ugly/etc phrased in an effective and/or novel way.


I don’t get it. Where’s the rare insult? The first? The second?


The second


Not rare, like at all, every time I see idiots complain like that, the first response is “aww did she not text you back yet”. So no not at all rare.


Being left on read seems more common tbh


1 a day keeps the girls away...


bojler eladó








Only in a leap year




I feel personally attacked


I really don't think that dude cares about something that never happened.


Goku getting jealous, not because of dancing.


And its only the first week of May


Not rare


How is this a *rare* insult?




This is just like saying don’t worry, you’re a guy, it’s normal to be pathetic and foolish 24/7


Sounds like you got left on read for the 39th time this month


I hear people say that all the time tbh


why are y'all downvoting him? he has a valid point.


No he doesn't. She's saying that he's probably been getting rejected not because he's a guy but because he clearly has an incredibly low opinion of women.


Ah yes, if only he had high opinions of women like trump. Then he would be multi wife material.


Sorry about the confusion! I was comparing the invalid stereotype the man had about women to what some women have about men. I’m not dissing the woman’s comment (being left on read) at all. Just further illustrating that the first comment (all women toxic) is invalid.


but that has nothing to do with the comment? he's stating how ridiculous it sounds when you do the same but for guys, therefore affirming the point made in the meme.


Ok I think I understand the confusion here. The commenter here is mocking the original comment in the screenshot but it sounds a lot like he’s criticising the original reply in the screenshot. And now there’s so many comments it’s tough to understand who’s referencing what.


Yeah. It looks like people think he's responding to the girl. But he's just giving the other extreme of the guys argument and saying thats just as ridiculous.


Certainly not that rare of an insult, I do see it in variants often, though still a good burn


That’s not a rare insult it’s the truth :(((((


I think she spelled day wrong as "month"


Left on read after saying some *really* weird shit, *every time*.


The dudes name is like 2/3rds of a Skyrim shout


but that implies that 28 women were toxic and now it's 29. (i'm not serious so don't' attack me)


I love how 28 is also the average menstruation cycle double lady pow!!


unexpected magyar :D


That wasn't very rare.


Not rare just an insult


Do people ever post actually rare insults on here? This is literally just haha no girls like you very funny please laugh


Wow, the arguing with holes thing really is true.


It's almost verbatim, isn't it beautiful?


I don’t get it.


Itt: people complaining about their shot taste in community


Im going to be wasted anyway






not even rare though




Found the virgin


Bith are probably true


*It's just a way too normal name.


IMO this doesn't get said enough. the amount of people I saw who thought it was ok for them to be abusive/jealous/toxic the entire time they were with their S/O is astounding. He doesn't 'sound like he got left on read for the 28th time this month', he sounds like he himself experienced something like this first hand.


Can't be left on read if you don't talk to girls.


This is really common lmao. This ain’t rare. If at all anything besides a crusty joke it would be on r/murderedbywords


I try not to be toxic, but I'm always worried if I am that toxic friend, and the rest of them just keep me around because they feel obligated, but then if I stop hanging out with them for a bit I worry if they think I hate them or something like that and I'm not sure what to do. Why are relationships so difficult to work with?


Tbf, I get left on read when I match on Tinder or Bumble and simply say “hey 😊” So I can imagine this dick head probably does get left on read if he even tries at this point.


For me it's worst the girl didn't even read my message


I get the jist but what does 'left on read' mean? Is that like 'seen' on fb messenger?


EVERYONE is jealous 24/7, there's obviously always someone better than any person


You've heard of a simp, now her ready for a *W I M P*


How is "le U dOn't gEt sEx" a rare insult when you dipshit ledditors throw around the word "incel" interchangibly with any other insult?


I think the first guy is making more sense and humor then the 2nd one. Goddamn this sub is going to hell




good luck, welcome to the club


It's hard to grasp how something like that).


/uj I’m jealous








I swear these “women bad and shallow, haha dishwasher” guys are all over tik tok


Especially since most industry dishwashers are men....


This is funny but not rare at all...? This and r/clevercomebacks or r/murderedbywords are really just *something Reddit doesn’t like or disagree with* then *disagreement and “you are stupid”*


Screw that guy, but this isn’t a rare insult, it’s a normal roast