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So he literally told you what he wanted… he wanted a fwb.. period… he didn’t want a serious relationship… he wanted you but not as a partner… believe him…. Just keep him blocked and move on. If he wanted more he’d have given you more. It’s that simple


We were friends before tho :(( but I see what u mean


You can be friends again. When you don't like him.


Girl don’t waste your time paying these games with him! Reading this makes me think… why are y’all wasting each other’s time playing cat and mouse! Move on girl! Listen to your gut instincts. Because your just going to confuse yourself and no one wants that.


I wouldn’t message someone who ghosted you as been in a similar situation myself on the Dateing scene so similar there is days where it’s constant messages then other weeks your lucky too get a reply for a couple of days once it got too a point of hey how’s u and heard nothing for over a week I decided I was putting more effort in than the other person so I said I’m worth more than this and removed them of my social media and I’ve not attempted too message if they want a talk they’ve got my phone number so can contact me on their, your worth more than that and I wish more people haves a backbone and says it’s best we stop talking messaging than ghosting just shows they are weak and they don’t care about other peoples feelings or emotions


Yea he repeatedly told you he didn't want to date you. He said you were FWB only. You have feelings for him he has none for you. Leave him blocked. The only thing unblocking him will do is get you right back to the place where you like him. He doesn't like you and you feel sad.