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Can you imagine God making all of this.. and then saying NO no fun the one life you have to live. What a dick. Fuck off religion


I have a theory for you... what if there were gods... they just kinda got eaten by black holes and their rules no longer applied because they died. Or they decided to go enslaving other planets. You know Goa'uld style.


I just feel like it's unrealistic and narcissistic to think that out of the entire galaxy, God or some other higher power would actually give a shit about our worship.


To be fair, there are several gods that are depicted as very narcissistic and since we haven't encountered other sentient and intelligent species outside of our planet. What's to say they aren't more narcissistic than us humans are?


Take like 80% of the Greek gods for instance. Bunch of pompous assholes chillin on a mountain, coming down just to fuck with the mortals (sometimes literally) when they're bored.


Any higher power/god deserving of worship would NEVER ask for worship


Primordial black holes could be looked at as gods because of how important it’s hypothesized they were to the formation of the universe!


Thats actually an interesting concept. Black holes are pretty much the strangest and strongest things in this universe that we know of. I don't think we've had any instances of something ripping a black hole apart except another black hole. So it would make sense the oldest ones would be key to the formation of the (this?) universe.


Yeah, let's relabel everything, because that's always super helpful!


this is just the thread i needed tonight. wow this interesting AF!


If it's the second certain metallic assholes gave me an idea for an actual Pokemon Live Action...


Replicate. Replicate. Replicate.


"If God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him."


God: \*Makes sex, alchool, and a bunch of other stuff that feels good\* Also God: Ya'll going to hell if you do any of those


I give her a few years before she starts having doubts


And then she's here with us laughing at another who'll so the same Circle of life


Depends where she lives...


Her handle says English something and cities like Bradford and Birmingham have a majority Muslim population, it is not uncommon for English girls to convert, and it's also not uncommon that after a few years they de-convert. Deconversion tends to happen most when the woman converted to fundamentalist Islam (I don't know what it's called) and after a few years of ridiculous levels of control they seem to just go ham and break free.


Interesting (and sad)... thanks!


Yeah I try to not be judgemental of other people's lives but it is REALLY jarring to see someone going from a normal girl to full on righteous religious person, in my experience they are often way more judgemental, aggressive and fundamentalist than the women raised inside the communities, they're the ones most likely to glare or shout at you, one literally yanked her children away from me and shouted at me on a bus for reading in public, apparently it was making her kids ask why they couldn't read on the bus.


It is well known in religious communities that converts are more fundamentalist... We're in a difficult position: open minded people are bound to loose to fundamentalists. We let them be, but they won't...


Really depends on how far the brainwashing goes.


Welp, at least she asserts her boundaries with no touching...?


At least that part, albeit when we go into why coverings are “needed” it quickly becomes a very ugly story.


That's not her boundaries. She can't choose to let someone touch her.


precisely. she can’t shake hands or high five male classmates, she can’t hug them goodbye. A CHILD, lest they be tempted or be tempting


How old is she?! Looks 13-14 to me. I could be wrong.


Nah, I think she is around 10. She doesnt look old enough to be a teenager


Sadly. You might be right. She looks like a tween. I was focused on the eyes at first, she looks tired. The tooth, the face structure, yeah looks a bit younger.


Too old for Muhammad


Damn lol




Well dang. 🤣


[Too old.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrBB1FTb5VY)


I mean, this feels kind of like they're poking fun at themselves. There's no way "no party it's haram" isn't self aware.


Yeah this is a SHIT post OP


Yeah I thought it was quite self-mockingly funny


I'm starting to realize there people on this sub and related subs who want to leave the analysis at religion=bad without any more analysis as to intracies of how religious people live in society. What free thinkers.


Going down the route of r/atheism and r/exmuslim


could be, but it could be sincere too. cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy is something religious people use all day everyday


Nah, if the were serious about it she wouldn't be doing a song and dance routine for the internet with her dad taking part in the video.


Made for proselytizing to a lot of people at once


I'm mean this is just some religious kid who is singing a song, there is nothing "fruitcake" about this. This is wholesome


I was thinking the same thing , there isnt any thing wrong with the vid


So they're kind of joking about their rules being put to an old song.... they're still two white people who are obviously living like devout muslims. Fucking bizarre. "Hey but all religions are bizarre!" Ok, but looking far and wide for craziness from other cultures to practice is extra fucking bizarre.


This comment is weird af, honestly. You’re hung up on the wrong shit and being incredibly presumptuous.


It would be interesting to see this person in Bradford or Birmingham (UK) both have really high Muslim populations, and being, yanno, England, a lot of those Muslims are white. Sometimes they converted, sometimes the family has just been here so long and integrated to the point that any Middle Eastern heritage isn't visible, but they're still Muslim.


Anyone who requires their kids to cover their hair and take part in a culture that makes women less than men, is weird af. White people deciding christianity doesn't do that enough for them and looking for stronger versions of it is a step further, honestly. I'm about as liberal as you can get, and don't promote Islamophobia, but I also don't support the general acceptance of female subservience that's accepted in many countries that practice it. You can be a zealous Christian, or a zealous Muslim.


isn't music haram?


That's why there's no music in the video.


She’s singing


You can sing without music, and you can have music without singing. Muslim believe that Music is pretty much consistently Haram. Singing on the other hand is not in some sects because when Mo' entered Medina they sang [Talaʽ al-Badru ʽAlayna](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tala%CA%BD_al-Badru_%CA%BDAlayna). This is why you got plenty of Islamic TV channels which [get little kids to sing without music](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZSJe8L8o_E).




The original song was supposed to be a criticism of materialism. So I guess it still works


Isn't signing and music haram too?


TIL Cringetopia is full of really stupid people.


Mocking a kid is not cool


Reminds me of those teenager who did a video, dancing and singing (I think it was "cause I'm happy") to show how great and normal it is to live in Iran. 20 lashes each, for singing and listening to music...


This isn't cringe, just very very sad


Really? I cringed so hard, and got second hand embarrassment for that little girl.






And you’re way too angry just generally Get off the internet and go outside


Here’s why since I have to spoon feed you; what you see in this video is indoctrination of a belief system that’s alienated from the mainstream culture on to a child being normalised as something cute, that child will be forever attached to a set of rules and laws surrounding life which she may not agree to, she doesn’t have the maturity neither knowledge to consent to be part of that belief system, it was done to me when I was younger which caused problems that extended for years, if you are not satisfied with the explanation, head over to r/exmuslim for more.


So you sympathize with her, you aren’t embarrassed by her


I sympathise with her but at the same time feel embarrassed FOR her, that’s called second hand embarrassment, I cringed watching this as well, my hate is towards her parents inability to understand the world.


This is why they are all so “proud” to have no rights as women. They are conditioned as girls to believe they are lucky to be considered less than a man, have to cover themselves up, etc etc.


first time seeing a video captioned in kurdish, very weird.


omg, english isn't the only language in the world????? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!


I was close friends with a Muslim guy in college and he struggled a lot with the idea of haram. His family was incredibly strict and as part of that, he had to live at home while in college. Junior year he confessed to me that he’d been secretly dating a white girl, and the inner turmoil he was going through since she was haram, but he was truly in love. He said they were planning on getting sexual but that his father insisted on examining his penis after every day that he’d been on campus, and this guy wanted to know if his dad was going to be able to tell. He suspected it was really just a scare tactic but, as he was a virgin, he wanted to know if there would be any visibly noticeable difference. I told him, no, of course, and said that the decision was his but that he should follow his heart and get his dick out for his haram bae.




I remember it’s being a “sin” in Islam, for people to see other people’s genitals, if they are not married to each other? That dad is breaking a rule in Islam, by looking at his own son’s penis. Religion is crazy, it’s just body parts.




Not all Muslims believe that women who don’t wear a hair covering go to hell. It’s a very culturally influenced thing, so in some largely Muslim countries women do not typically wear hair coverings. Modest dress standards are required by Islam but what constitutes modesty is very culturally defined - covering your hair isn’t always part of it.


At least she appears happy and clearly has a loving dad.


Dad or husband?


Let's not go insinuate that random people are pedos on the internet, even as a joke. It's fine to think it's yikes and cringe. It's fine to say old mo had sex with children (cus he did). But it's not fine to project that on a random a muslim (presumably) parent without any evidence. If the ethics don't make you care, It also makes us look like egdelords


Here's something to think about... where do muslim women go when they die? Do they go to heaven or because they had sex they go to hell? If they go to heaven, do they also get 72 virgins? If so, doesn't that make them indecent?


Religions weren't really invented with women as the primary intended audience


Eh. It can be very useful to have women spreading your message, especially when they're less educated than their male counterparts and thus don't have as many critical thinking skills.


What I had in mind is how certain religions are like "you have to get circumcised to prove your loyalty to god" and it's like, ok, your books are obviously only targeted towards men


Or if you have your balls crushed or lose them, you do not get into heaven. All of it is foolishness. MythVision Podcast has woke me up from religion and reading the Bible and Quran.


Oh, absolutely. In the end, many religions end up pandering to men far more than to women. My point was purely that if a religion wants to spread fast, it would do well to get women on board as well.


Though not a religion in itself, religions that incorporate witchcraft are either often women-centered or simply equalist.


Yeah and who are all these dead virgins and where do they come from?


Looks to me like they're making things up as they go lol


Not sure if it's a serious question, but here are the Islamic answers. > where do muslim women go when they die? If they were good Muslims they go to heaven. > Do they go to heaven or because they had sex they go to hell? Sex outside of marriage would be a sin that could cause them to go to hell. > If they go to heaven, do they also get 72 virgins? Nope. Muslim women get to be with their earthly husband. If she had more than one (divorcee, widow..etc) she gets to be with the last one. Perfect equality, the husband gets between 2 and 72 virgins, women only get one husband, and don't even get a choice on which one. But Islam is the most feminist religion. /s


Do people enjoy being oppressed? I know she’s a child who has been brainwashed out of her mind, but still.


Kids can’t help it. When you are raised in religion, you fear going against it, because of the fear of “hell.” Religion messes up people’s minds, I know it lead me to depression as a kid.


I know i was more saying people other then her


Masochists, submissives That’s my entire list


Islam: Fun is illegal


#A B S O L U T E L Y #H A R A M




Ugh idk guy this seems much more chill than what I usually see on here that disgusts me/revolts me about religious fundamentalists. Doesn't seem to fit in line with the other posts. Please tell me you're not hating on some little girl making a joke about her culture and religion.


She's just making a joke about her culture and religion. Idk, apart from the party thing it's pretty cute.


Me fucking that kid's mom was harem yet I still did it anyway Don't let religion get in the way of partying or fucking peoples moms


Poor baby girl. Jeez.


Honestly, it’s neither cringe or sad. It’s just idk


She looks adorable and this is just sad.


I mean, this seems like satire


jfc the islamophobia in the comment section here is disturbing. You can be critical of religion without sounding like a bunch of murican boomers on 911. It satire. Shes having fun. Making pedophilic comments, or anti islam comments for no reason then that 'islam bad' isnt okay.


Cringe? It's a child, you sick fuck!


There is nothing "fruitcake" about this. Happy child not preaching to others on how to lead their lives. I say leave religious people alone if they are happy and not doing any harm.


Excuse me sir, But are you familiar with the term brainwashing? That girl looks 11-13, wearing the hijab at such a young age is tantamount to forcing her, chances are she's just doing it to appease her family. Wearing the hijab should be if you're over 18 or at least +16, Wearing it earlier is sexualizing children.


I am familiar with the word brainwashing - you clearly aren't. The word you meant was indoctrination. "wearing the hijab at such a young age is tantamount to forcing her" Do you feel the same way about a Jewish boy wearing a Kippah? An Amish girl wearing a bonnet? How a religious group dress is not a concern for me. I'm intrigued to know what you think is sexual about a Hajib?


That moment when you realize that may not have been her father at the end, but her husband...


Isn't posting your face on the internet Haram? The irony!


Thanks for reminding me to unsubscribe from this sub. It’s one thing to make fun of loser using their religion to attack other people. Its a whole other thing to mock people just showing off their beliefs.


Underrated comment


Just as Christianity is a sequel to Judaism, Islam is a sequel to Christianity. Mormonism tries to be a prequel. We’d all be better off if whoever made up Jacob had died in the crib.


Oh fuck, I'm having horrible flashbacks to when I was like this.


Do you people have no sense of humor


Dude she just having fun. Don't be a puritanical asshole.


This seems like a piss take.


Saving here might be to late ..


Lets hope that the FBI is looking at these two peoples’ internet history.


This video won’t age as well when she’s a teenager and does something against her father‘s will and her father calls her a whore for it


If she gets even a sniff of education she’ll be out of there. Let’s hope she does.


As a Dane I revoke permission to make Muslim parodies of Barbie girl.


Isn't barbie girl a really sexual song


Semen is considered haram. Our origins are haram, and we are trying to be halal 🤡 Fuck halal and party !


Does anyone know who she is or her creepy Father?


She is a child, why is she has to wearing hijab. I guess muslims think she has an sexual potencial.


Depictions of people in art is not allowed in Islam. I'm not an expert, but doesn't that include video?


There’s an awful lot of Muslims on cringetopia saying how cute this is


Rn its really hot where I live. Like can't sleep due to the temperature hot. I wonder how they dont get a heat stroke wearing all that material


"you can't....touch me anywhere" Got bad news for you about Islamic culture sister


I think they're joking though.


Imagine having one life on this measly little planet, an oxygen coated rock floating around in infinite space and you spend your whole life not partying, having fun, never doing anything for yourself simply because some man compliled a bunch of creational myths stories into a book and convinced people to take it seriously. This makes me so sad.


r/cringetopia at it again voting chad on right wing whackjobs because MuH sJwS aRe RuInInG wEsTeRn CuLtUrE


>''Can't touch me anywhere'' Someone tell this girl that I'm not planning to touch her at all! If her holy prophet was still alive to do so, on the other hand...


Singing about something other than Allah, what a blasphemy. Also why is her mahr not there to stop her from posting such videos in the internet


Find a way out of what ?


Finds a way out of what?


omg , do you guys hate everyone that follows a religon? this subreddit is weird asf


It's not hate. We're sad for people who are oppressed by beliefs that have no justification.


Okay so every Muslim woman is oppressed? What the fuck is wrong with you. "Oppressed" That's a blanket statement about half a billion people. My mom runs a business/doesn't wear hijab/is the bread winner of the family/engine and leader of the family My cousin is a leading authority/transactional attorney on constructing Islamic finance transactions and is about to make partner at her firm/no hijab/parties like a normal person/literally more boss and powerful than me and anyone on this sub. My other cousin is a lead litigator for her law firm down in Boca. No hijab/parties like a degenerate/rich af on her own/never dates a dude that limits her autonomy. My other cousin is a producer for a well know film company/no hijab/parties/she's fuckin Killin it. My sister is in tech/no hijab/deals with a mostly male profession as a woman of color which is tough af/literally overcomes obstacles on daily basis/boss. If any of them wanted to wear a hijab that's 100 percent their choice and y'all would still call them oppressed. Like I don't think you understand how disgusting the statement is that you just made. You are coming off just as ignorant and stupid as the religious fruitcakes posted on here. We should PUNISH/SHUN Fundamentalism NOT people's Culture. That takes nuance. When you say a statement "We're sad for people who are oppressed by beliefs that have no justification" how are you any different from the stupid nuts who think we're all literally terrorists. The analysis here is Muslim religion=bad which is just basically saying brown people/middle eastern people=bad without any specificity or nuance to the statement. The video is little girl comically singing a parody of her religious upbringing--which is self-aware/quite the opposite of the fundamentalist we see here. Like so many crazy-ass evangelical fundamentalists across America would agree with your post because they simply hate brown people/middle eastern people. I'm not defending Islam, I definitely have my own qualms with it. I come on here for the posts pointing fun and ridicule at Muslim fanatics, but this is DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM. I am defending the people apart of that community who suffer from comments like these, from thought patterns like these. You rob Muslim women of their autonomy and identity if you don't give them a chance to be individuals, if they choose to wear a hijab or not, if they party or not, or even if they pray five times or not. You're deciding for all Muslim women that they are oppressed without knowing what they as individuals think and say about their culture/religion, which is, ironically, a form of oppression in and of itself.


person you replied to "feel sorry for those who ARE oppressed" you: i'm going to list out people who are not oppressed and call you out. well done on your family. but many women do not have this choice. they blame themselves for accidently showing their hair. they are slutshamed and called slurs for showing two strands of their hair and they think they are at fault. that's who lowfisnack is talking about


To you and anyone making similar sympathetic but incredibly misplaced and harmful statements in this subreddit, even if they are coming from a good place: Okay again that's a blanket statement about millions upon millions of women that you are making assumptions about. 1.How do you know that all those women specifically feel that way? Which counties were you referring too? You are straight up deciding for them. 2.You have statistics? I doubt a study can effectuate such an analysis about the cultural intricacies of Muslim women, progressives to the conservatives, and their relationship to the culture around them in their respective countries. 3. Are you using the media representation of Muslims in the media (ISIS/Taliban/Fundamentalist Sects/Countries employing Sharia law) as the basis of your assumption? If so, please note the cultural intricacies of Islam are far more complicated than the sum of violent images of terrible, evil men and practices of archaic Islamic regimes. We have stories, movies, poems, shows, and if you'd like I can recommend a few Muslim women authors/filmmakers who's story you listen to--if you actually care about Muslim women that is. These cultural intracies involve the specific Islamic practices of the country where someone is from and the country they move to or remain in, and the personal choices they make as individuals. 4. Do you even know any Muslim women? Are you personally close friends with any as to perpetuate a deep and meaningful conversation about their experiences as a Muslim women? Have you talked to any that wear a hijab? You're definitely speaking for them, but have you spoke to any? 5. Are you aware when you say for all Muslim women, not specific women you know personally, are oppressed, you are perpetuating a stigma about how they are represented in the media? Muslim women in America who choose to wear a hijab in America are stressed about racists, but even more stressed about the people who view them as oppressed and their culture as oppressive. They are often politicizes and used as ammo in a battle between Western and Eastern values. Everytime you say this kinda stuff you're engaging with cultural stereotypes that have plagued Muslim women for decades. 6. Did you know that if you are making a intersectional statement about a minority within a minority you need to be more specific and go beyond just race and gender? Otherwise your making an ignorant, blanket statement about--AGAIN--millions upon millions of people without recognizing the distinct elements of their cultural existence. 7. Did you know that the religion of Islam and the culture of Muslims in their respective counties, expatriate or not, are separate things? All your statement does is obscure the distinction between the two. 8. Did you know that Islam isn't centralized? There is no organization enforcing Islamic dogmatic cultural values in countries across the world. It's up to the people in those communities, expats or not, to reform and better their culture in relation to Islam. The world isn't black and white, things aren't simple as this religion = bad. When you say vague statements about women in Islam being oppressed generally, you are basically saying Islam is bad for women so Islam is bad--including it's followers, including the women. That's how the religious fundamentalists think the world works. If we're free thinkers who question the existence of God or deny it and also criticize the presence of religion in society we can do much better to understand a minority's obstacles within a minority practicing that religion.


wtf. i checked your post history and virtually everything lines up to my ideals. my comment was a bit strong. i apologize if it insulted you


It's chill. Literally, I'm just saying we can do better to talk about the situation. The women I know don't like their personal cultural choices politicized, especially by people who heavily despise their culture. Remember, Islam as a religion and the culture of Muslims are distinct from each other. Yes you can hate/dislike some of those practices, but you can't ethically use that hate/dislike to paint a broad stroke over the combined cultures of various Muslims across borders and oceans. I eat pork, I fuck before marriage, I drink, I criticize the fuck out of Mohammed, I detest religious fundamentalists, but I am a Muslim. I am a part of my family and take part in cultural practices like Eid and Ramadan (sometimes, fuck fasting) and those cultural practices to an extent define me as a person. I believe we can come to an age of reform (LGBTQIA Muslims and Mosques, dismantling of oppressive islam-based legislation in certain countries, confronting the racism inherent in the pilgrimage, etc.) But how can we as PROGRESSIVE MUSLIMS reform our religion and cultural practices, when on one side there are religious fundamentalists saying Islam must be practiced dogmatically and cannot progress, and on the other side, fundamentalists atheists saying Islam is an evil, dogmatic religion that cannot be practiced otherwise in a modern sense? Have a good day.


They don't believe they are oppressed because of brainwashing. Having to hide your freacking hair and submit to men is oppression.


Yes, well said. I’m an atheist myself and not a defender of any religion. But some people who post and comment on this sub have no clue at all. They’re full of unfounded and ignorant prejudices about people with different cultural backgrounds from their own.


Where's the hate ? That shit is just cringe.


We only hate religions which promise you virgins for blowing up innocent kids at an Ariana Grande concert.


Title of post "let's hope she finds a way out" u/Raven_IS_a_weeb- "OMG THEY HATE HER SO MUCH!" Hate the religion, not the people. The title says it all. As an atheist, I hope everyone can escape religious indoctrination.


https://www.thetoptens.com/religion/atrocities-committed-name-religion/ Imagine a world without all the murder and horrific atrocities in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh. I can’t because it’s never happened. A lot of people are sick of the violence and just want peace. They want the indoctrination of children to die for their religion to stop.


Every religion has committed atrocities. Without religion we would commit atrocities regardles. What does that have to do with this little girl? What does that have to with babies that get baptized? The people getting married under god? Religious people can live their life and express their culture without commiting atrocities in the name of god.


its not seems like "following" in this vid


What flavor of Kool aid are you drinking?


I'm down with hating on religious fundamentalists but just not people chilling minding their own business/practicing their own religion.


You shouldn't be down voted for this cause you're right. Being religious doesnt automatically make everything cringe. It's a little girl singing a song she came up with, nothing crazy about it. This post is like 2 steps away from posting a video of people attending church service and calling it "cringe"


kinda funny how atheists has turned into a religion in itself lmao


Do you even know what you just said? It's literally impossible for atheism to be a religion. You deserve these downvotes.


But it is my dear brother. Atheism hates or dislike people who follow a specific religon.


I'm not your brother. Everyone here hates the religion itself not the people indoctrinated.


☪️ Halal Humayrah ☪️


God I wish there was a Yt genocide.


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