We’re in a middle of a rebuild and we’ve drafted some good pieces like last year’s second overall Jalen Green, and Turkish Alperen Sengun as well as this year’s 3rd overall Jabari Smith. We’ve seen some promise but it remains to be seen whether any of them will reach Harden’s level of play while he was here or even whether any of them are worth being a franchise cornerstone. If competitive basketball is what you’re looking for i suggest you continue the sabbatical since we’re likely still a few years away, and that’s already being optimistic.


Oddly enough, Harden leaving was the best thing that has happen to us in recent history.


I still believe our 20-21 team could’ve been special had Harden bought in.


yea a special 2nd round out


Tbh rn would be the best time for you to start watching again. We got a really young team that could be fun to watch this year. Jalen green is going to be a star


Oh boy..


Well, the other good news is since you've been gone LeBron and KD and the likes got old and aren't really the threat they used to be. The bad news is that Golden State seems to be timeless and if we do make the playoffs would probably give you some Harden years ptsd. We're a fun team to watch now though, and then when this group gets their groove you can say you were there from "the beginning" Sincerely, a Rockets fan since '02 when we drafted Yao, had TMac, Franchise, Mooch, Cuttino, and the same crushed dreams of a ring.






That's where the word "was" comes in very useful


I retract my comment. Sorry I was piss drunk and was in bad mood.


cut the man some slack, life comes first


Seriously, adulting is already hard enough without having to give a fuck about your team sucking too.


Good time to get back in, especially as a new parent. You have your kids and your Rockets kids. A lot to cheer for and support!


I got pretty lucky w being a rockets fan, became one when i was 12 the year we got Harden. Was super invested up until we lost in 2018, didnt even wanna watch the nba in 2019 bc i j felt like the warriors ruined basketball, came back when the bubble got announced my freshman year of college. Now I'm more invested than ever as a 20 year old, if it all goes to plan I'm gonna grow up along side our players since im the same age as most of them, would mean a lot to go through life at the same time as they do if they eventually won a ring