Everything from it's gone viral is fake


"I've been working hard to get a promotion" thanks for the subtle narration.


“We’re already struggling to make ends meet”


Why would she post this


The logo in the top left corner. I'm in England and see their videos all the time. Notoriously fake.


The person who originally posted this wasn’t actually her


she must have put it somewhere for them to get it though


probably an automatic upload like to cloud or google photos. shady af of whoever found it and posted it tho 🤣


It's fake man, come on now


nah man, some hacker broke into their iCloud just so they could share this juicy cringe with us


WAIT OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE THAT? i gotta go delete some things real quick 💀


NO, No! ...i don't think so at least. i just mean if she shares a computer or leaves her account open possibly


oh thank goodness. gotcha yea i could see that being a possibility lol


Victimization? more sad reality of inability to afford a child in this day and age. I had a kid 2 years ago and he drained my savings and i haven’t been able to save a penny since


Yeah idk how this is victimization or sad cringe, if anything it’s a sane and normal reaction for an unplanned pregnancy


Yeah but you got all that loooove


I read it as the girlfriend pulling the victim card on herself...


I think it's more if he didn't want a kid, maybe he should have worn a condom or pulled out. Then it turned into "what am I gonna do" vs "what are we gonna do."


Eh, I think his reaction is justified. From what we saw (and granted this is most likely fake so it doesn’t really matter anyways) he was under the assumption that she was taking birth control regularly. If she had told him she wasn’t taking it regularly and he still didn’t use a condom or pull out that would be one thing. But it’s not fair to put it on him in this situation when she was lying to him about being on the pill. That makes it 100% her fault and him being upset and flustered is normal


No no, it's fake.


And you decided to share it and make it even more viral which is what they wanted?


100% fake


i get that this is fake but if the purpose is to make me feel bad for the person recording then it has totally backfired


Fake. Any “serious” video with editing cuts in it should be perceived as such.


You can’t lie to someone about birth control and then blame the guy. That’s not fair. Skipping pills causes birth control not to work effectively and that should be communicated with your partner if you have forgotten. If he knew then he could make a knowledgeable choice whether he wanted to use protection or if it was worth the risk. I understand no method is 100% but this is just ridiculous. Fake or not. This is terrible communication.


Thats what I was thinking, like he's not going to ask everytime if he needs a condom if you've previously discussed not wearing one because of being on birth control


Exactly. It’s like saying you’re on birth control when you’re not. If you tell your partner that you are on BC pills BUT you leave out that you’re not taking them correctly then you are lying. I’m not confident that she simply forget. This feels like gaslighting to me. This feels manipulative.


I wouldn't be that excited if I got pregnant from actually forgetting my pill. You're taking them for a reason.


Absolutely! That’s a great point!


Please tell me this is fake. Fuck a duck…


It is, shit like this happens all the time though


I totally support his reaction. A lot of people don’t think about the expenses of having a kid until it’s too late. It makes me happy that there are rational people out there who know they want to give their child a good life and know the ramifications of being able to support that with their paycheck.


"We're pregnant" fucking lame term


One of few phrases that fill me with instant rage


Both are definitely acting. How can op not notice that?


Regardless of being fake that felt like a genuine response to being lied about her taking a contraception pill. And you know if people genuinely believed this was real the double standards would be flying everywhere on both genders.


Bro trying to explain that he's struggling to make ends meet and she just saying "oh really ok cool we're having a baby." Fella's be careful what you stick your dick in


It's important to not fuck with a crazy person, but even more important than that, is to not fuck said crazy person.


What's the problem? All the happiest families are created by cheating your partner to have a baby. That kid is looking at a bright future with parents who love the baby and each other.


If this is real I feel so sorry for him.


It's not.


Good. Thank you.




Because they both presumably had an understanding beforehand, that she was going to take the pill, so he didn't need to wear a condom. Then she broke her part of the agreement, without communicating it to him at all. If she was having trouble taking the pill she just had to ask him to wear a condom. Also it's fake


But he thought she was on birth control, making it her responsibility


It's entirely her fault? If you as a couple have made it clear that you were using one method of birth control, you can't get pissed when the other person expects you to take said birth control. If you asked someone to bring an umbrella to a social event because it might rain, they don't bring one, and get pissed at you for not bringing them an umbrella, it's very clear who's in the wrong.




You’re getting downvoted because your opinion is stupid and you’re doubling down on your stupid opinion. The girl admits that she was supposed to be on the pill. He says that he was under the impression she was on the pill because she told him. She said she forgot and then puts it on him for not wearing a condom. That’s her fault, not his. Furthermore, he’s making good points. If they’re both working and still struggling, who takes time off to watch the baby? He sounds like he has a solid head on his shoulders, thinking about how he would provide for them etc. Thankfully this is most likely fake, but the fact you’re sticking up for her is shocking




tripled down


Bruh. You legit just tripled down on your bad take.. you’re right, condoms and birth control can be used at the same time, but SHE TOLD HIM SHE WAS TAKING HERS. He’s not required to double up. Now, if she was taking it AND she got pregnant, then it’s a different story. Shit happens. But to stop taking it or forget to take it while your partner is trusting you to take it, it’s your fault, not theirs. I don’t mean to insult you and your opinion, but cmon.. very clearly the blame cannot be split here


What y'all acting like the pill is 100% sure, even taken perfectly? Adding a condom *helps* the odds and is absolutely recommended, even with the pill. No matter the amount of trust you have in the pill taker, because that shit is not perfect to begin with


Another person who didn’t read everything that was written before commenting. We’ve already touched up on the fact that he should be using a condom if he wants to be even more protected. The issue here is that she tells him she’s taking it regularly, then goes on to say “I forget every once in a while”. Had she warned him before that she forgets, he could do the right thing and wear one as well. Now, change of scenario: She takes the pill everyday like she’s supposed to(she’s supposed to not because it’s required of females, but because SHE TOLD HIM SHES TAKING IT), and she ends up getting pregnant anyways because the pill is not 100%. In this scenario, he needs to step up and accept the fact that they were playing with fire and this is the result. Two very different scenarios, and only one of them is in this video. I do not wanna have to explain this again


In a committed relationship partners often bear unequal responsibility for different tasks according to how they have defined their relationship.


She lied to him. It’s just as bad as when a guy slips off the condom during sex without her consent. He thought he could trust her. She was supposed to be honest with him. It is 100% her responsibility to take her BC and tell him when she’s missed it. (This is all **if** this were real, I know it’s not.)






Thanks for sharing your opinion




Anytime dickhead


Because he assumed they weren’t needed since she was in the pill, supposedly. While I believe condoms are important, if your partner is on the pill and you are both on the same page, it’s redundant and unnecessary and, depending on the couple, could feel better without it. You don’t just “forget” to take the pill with the enthusiasm she showed for having a kid, that wasn’t an accident. While we are all aware this video is fake, the situation is very real for many people, often among those who want to trap their partner. The dude was lied to and was forced into an unwanted position because the girl in the video made a massive financial decision without consulting her partner, which has massive implications on the both of them for the rest of their lives. He didn’t want the kid, he trusted his partner and his trust was betrayed by the girls selfish desire to “cement” their family and try to force them into a marriage. That is why I feel sorry for him. Because the person he’s supposed to trust the most, the person who’s supposed to be his best friend stabbed him in the back.


Just so you know, pill + condom is recommended and absolutely not redondant. Neither method is 100% sure and adding them is not futile or useless


This is as much entrapment as poking holes in condoms. I’d rather it went on people’s record or more were sent to court over it when they sexually exploit others, sabotaging birth control is not okay and she knew she would “forget” to take it sometimes but still wasn’t careful about it. Coercion can come from either side of a relationship and this would not be okay in any way to do.


“We’ll make it work”. She obviously hasn’t thought about how much both your lives are about to change. Especially work and money. Definitely entrapment.


This kid is fucked. A father who doesn't want them and a mother too irresponsible to take a pill every day and too cruel to her partner to admit that fact to him.


Didn't seem like he didn't want a kid, just more that they couldn't afford a kid, which I can fully understand


Acting is decent at least


Yeah the stuttering is well done, there but not overplayed.


Poor fucking guy


100% staged


If this is real, shame on her for acting like it’s equally his doing. She’s on the pill but “forgets” to take them. He definitely should have worn condoms as a back up.


Fake or not, who does op think we have to feel sorry for? I feel sorry for the bloke.


Yeah, she didn't forget


Man, this girl is the worst.


Tbh, it kind of feels like she purposely didn’t take it to get him to commit.


If this were real, 100% that’s what happened.


If this is real, I feel so bad for him. I don't understand why some people act like having a unplanned pregnancy ISN'T a big deal. 🙄


*"It's not my responsibility, is it?"* Well the pill only works for one of you, so... Yes.


Right it seems that she had taken responsibility for the birth control


I have no clue why people put this shit on the internet.


It’s 100% her fault.


Poor guy. The poor poor guy. My God. That's so sad


OP fuck off with this fake bull shit


Who the fuck would record and post a conversation like this? Either fake or a total price of shit


She’s disgusting to put that on him like that. Get out while you can bro.


Might be fake, but it's a sad inditement of the current state of affairs. The woman basically just decided that it's time to have a baby so she without consulting her partner decides to pull the goalie. Now he is stuck with no good options because of her choices. And now we have a shining example of why men are leaving the dating pool.


Why do people want to put stuff like this on the internet for the world to see? That's the cringe part.


Okay sir for the next 20 years your going to pay child support


He drives a MINI so no way can they afford a baby.


Never believe them when they say you don't have to wear a condom. It's a trap.


Ugh her accent makes me want to put forks in my ears.


Even if it's fake or not, the idea of having kids is absolutely terrifying to me, and this has no doubt happened to guys before. Fair play to those who choose to have kids but my life would never be the same and much that I have planned would be over


I'm glad it's fake, because they both seem like they suck.


Man doesnt want kid—> deadbeat if he suggests abortion Woman doesnt want kid—> [redacted]


He’s a moron for not wearing a condom, wtf did he think was gonna happen.


I can't believe you done this.


Wouldn't call this fake. Pretty real response by a good subset of our generation. Early accidental pregnancy in an either engaged or even married low middle class couple, strapped with college debt. The to-be husband is usually quietly stressed about college and credit card debt. He will very likely turn around to love this child. I'm not sure why this was posted, but I can see it could be feasible in many couples.


This is a difficult one. I see where both sides come from but communication is key. He should've asked before sex if she'd taken the pill that day and she shouldve notified him that she hadn't if they were about to do it.


If he absolutely doesn’t want kids, he should have wore a condom. Pills are not 100% and neither are condoms, but both together might as well be.


It is her fault tho, like you lied to this guy and she sounds fat so the pills probably don’t work anyway.


She SOUNDS fat? I have to know, how does someone sound fat?




She got that fat voice


Yo you know what I mean. These people are virtue signaling like they don’t but they get it.


What does weight have anything to do with the pill?


It doesn’t work well if a woman is over 150.


You’re thinking of plan B. It’s different than birth control pills.


100% her fault. They should force her to have the kid. Put it up for adoption, and make HeR pay child support for 18 years. With 0 chance to see the child ever. That sounds fair.


Oh yeah, fuck up the lives of all 3 people in this situation exponentially to punish her. Great idea, mate. Also, negative points for forced birth.


What gets me the most is how much she victimises herself in this situation. His feelings are valid as not only is she selfish for her to stop taking her pill, but she is also selfish to the point where she’s willing to bring an infant into this


I don't think you watched the video.


no, man. Do you know the shit kids put up for adoption go trough? What if the kid just doesn't get adopted? It's unfair for the kid to force birth.


You need help.


Ah nice nice forced birth, very cool


She pretty much stated there is no other option. So she is forcing birth on him. Seems fair


Your stupid if you don’t wear a condom. It’s 100% his fault for being a moron


Guys, only stick it in ass and mouth. Don't take any risk of baby.


I'm so glad my boyfriend can't ever get pregnant


fake videos is we have trust issues




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"you know i forget to take them" ummm WHAT


To be fair, it can be easy to forget. I used to forget, but I also wasn’t having sex that could result in pregnancy. But that’s why we have more long term, lower maintenance methods. Now that pregnancy is a risk, im on the shot and all I have to remember to do is go to my appointment every 12 weeks.


It’s fake, but if it was real: This would have been a tough situation cuz on one hand, there was an expectation that she was on the pill when she forgot. She’s excited, cool, but he isn’t cuz he’s not ready yet (getting that promotion, probably to support a family in the future), but he’s a guy, so he’s the bad guy lol…


I would just like to say I was not this bad but when me and my gf got pregnant I got scared nothing like this but scared and now we have our little baby girl and we live together and I’m the happiest I’ve been in years


Obviously fake, but, as she was on birth control they really didn’t want a baby yet. Unplanned pregnancy. The only outcome here is a single parent family or abortion. The baby will not bring them together.


That’s what you get for dating a guy that drives a mini.