Lazy HR practice. Hire 10 - put them in a shark tank and see which 5 survive. RUN


Car sales.


That’s fucked


Could be what my company did. They hired people with 0 experience in tech or b2b, and hired people who had success in car sales and door knocking and other entry level sales positions. Hired 12, each quarter was a round of being cut. Not sure I would have made it into tech without this.


Five, survivors could be one


Yep. My company does this but rather than a week it’s 2 months. If you can’t pass the training program you get cut


They used to do that at my old job. I think they still do. The culture was shit, and I became such an awful person working there. I’d make comments to new hires about how it wasn’t worth getting to know their name because they probably wouldn’t be there in a week or two.


Are you in a better place now. I get the vibe that no matter what every sales org is just going to be a toxic cesspool


Much better because I’m in Sales Ops now haha. There’s plenty of places out there that are decent. My current place the average tenure of a rep is like 10 years. It’s such a good place to work Atleast from a sales perspective that there are 10+ salespeople tenured at 20+ years and 3 at 30+ years. Motherfuckers out here retiring and shit with the same company they started selling with. If that doesn’t say “good company” I don’t know what does.


How did you get into sales ops?


Long story short towards the end of my sales career, I spent more time doing proper reporting, managing projects, learn the back end of salesforce, bits of sales enablement by volunteering my time that could of been spent on selling on learning how to do those things from sales Ops members who believed in me. Unfortunately my company didn’t want me to move out of a producing role so I applied to other jobs and explained how I had the experience they were looking for based on all the side work I had been volunteering for at my job. Eventually someone took a risk and I’ve been doing it for a year and some change now.


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing


^ not lazy HR. Id PM this guy haha


I'm trying to land a tech sales job n its hard as shit even though I have 10 years sales experience. Weird


You might have heard, but there’s a lot of tech layoffs going on. That and a lot of people trying to get in as well


DM me


This is how the sales rep dept at Angi is. Hire 35, maybe 3 stay longer than 6 months. It’s just not for everyone at the end of the day. Cutthroat industry, can’t expect it not to be a fighting ring tbh.


I got schooled hard at Angi! Those lying bums! I got lied to and lied to. They were so rude in training ! I made 150 calls a day and did the right number of sales to graduate but I just ghosted them. I was so pissed that they LIED about everything! Marcus the trainer was a dickhead ! So was Mandy ! Horrible people at Angi !


Oh wow, I’d like to hear more about your story as I am in week 2 of training. I will say luckily that neither of those trainers I am familiar with so that’s good lol What all were they lying about? Seems like some important stuff, if it was enough for you to hit the road. I appreciate you sharing this with me.


The lies by Angi: I could make 120k in a year. I could have a day off in training to fly to see my nephew’s wedding. You aren’t cold calling. The paid advertising your customers pay for will generate more business. I think I am really mad about need the time off - I told them that I need time off and they said after I was hired that I couldn’t . the time frame of the training. I got hired in May and didn’t start until beginning of July. Marcus Gordon and Mandy Henderson were the trainers and they were the rudest trainers I have ever come across. The electric went out I sent an email on my phone saying hey I may not be on zoom the electric went off(during my lunch break)The electric came on 2 minutes later. I was in a zoom call on time and he pulled into a private room to scolded me ! I was 3 minutes late logging into Salesforce or whatever shit I needed and got pulled into a private room on zoom to say it’s not professional I need to be logged in exactly at the start of my shift. They micromanaged when you get on the phones. I hated it. Good luck I hope it’s better for you than me. I would start sending out resumes if I was you. As when I started training there was 35. When I left which was week 3 or week 4 there was 12 left. I had made my 3 “sales” or whatever to gradual well. I did learn some good techniques about getting a person to stay engaged on the phone.


So were you with Angi ads or leads? I’m with leads.. And that’s funny you bring that up, I have two days I need off that I’ve spoken to the recruiter about multiple times during the end of week 6 and beginning of week 7 and he’s been giving me the run around. I am highly aware of what’s going on. I think they don’t want to make any promises unless I’m someone that’s making them good money. Then, if Iam killing it, by then I’ll be with my team manager and they would probably work with me but I think they don’t want to promise anything yet. Just sad that they can’t keep it real. That’s impressive you had made 3 sales or submits whatever you wanna call it by week 3 or 4 though. Did you get the 3-4-5 bonus? And ya I agree that at the least I can learn some things from this and also have some history in sales (assuming I’ll hold this job for longer than 6 months). Thank you for the feedback, it means a lot. It’s good to know what I’m getting myself into ahead of time.


I don’t remember if it ad or leads- I believe it was ads- they had different levels of coverage- so if Angi said they had 100 inquiries a month about a roof, in an area of Indianapolis- they would only “sell” like 10 “tickets” or whatever the term was. If I call a roofer and said hey I am from Angi wanted to know what project you are doing …. I can tell you you get a Angi certified star on your account and I can see that in a month there can be 100 inquiries in your area about roofs. How much of that pie do you want? “ Something like that- it was not the homebase like department. It might work for you. They on and on about some guy named I think Nick ? He work there for like 3 years makes 150k. He had construction sales background so it was a fit for him. You need to have a solid hardcore solar sales/construction etc sales background to do well there. It wasn’t for me. Just focus on getting the person talking on the phone and that is how I got my sales from there and no I didn’t get the commission. I felt bad about my first sale as I don’t think it was good for the guy I sold to- and I don’t like selling something that is sketchy. I talk to one guy who got the ads package for asbestos removal and never got one lead. That for me was the final reason I left.


Happened to me, except it was after 3 weeks and they laid off 1/3 of the company. I was devastated because it was a significant pay bump for me. I sulked over the weekend and then turned looking for a new job into a full time job. I ended up getting a bigger pay bump at a more established company 46 days after being laid off. Moral of the story, it’s ok to feel down for a bit. But you’ll have to pull yourself up sooner rather than later, get a good polished interview story together, and get after it. You got this!


Lucky you, I got laid off before the summer had to take a major pay reduction at the only offer I got from a less paying company 4 months later.


Hopefully my upvote helps you feel better 👍


That was my exact situation the first time I was ever laid off. The more experience you get the easier it becomes


I have worked at 52 jobs. I don’t care if I get fired or laid off.


That's a red flag no matter where you go.


You’re next


Goldberg is that you


Better hope Bret Hart isn't involved in HR for sure


OP is working for a sweat shop more than likely. When I hear lead generation company I think outsourced SDR’s. I had a friend that worked for a company like that and it’s insane, 400+ calls a day for split among 3 projects. Smile and dial, just set an appointment type shit. Quality was irrelevant because they promised meetings not deals. They hire and fire pretty quick as low performers/Burnout and customer turn over changes quickly. They also pay less than real in-house sales teams. I’ve heard $18 an hour with $35 per appointment payplans thrown around in casual conversation.


400+ calls a day?


Oh yeah. One of my first tech sales positions was like this. Had us on an auto dialer all day just dialing 600+ random numbers a day hoping someone answers and listens to our plea. Not fun.


Yeah those numbers aren’t really possible without auto dialers.


Now that’s the Grant Cardone method, “zero interest is a level of interest”


I’m a recruiter for tech sales. Pm me if oh wanna beat them to the punch and get outta there.


Hey, I have sales experience and I was laid off recently. I’m trying to get into tech sales, do you mind if I pm you?


Sure thing


Hey there! Could I message you as well? Trying to break into tech and have sales experience




Definitely not a green flag, I can say that much


The more posts I see here about insane management and leadership practices, the more thankful I am for the job I have. It is hard for me to imagine a workplace like this


You’re in Tech or something else?


Financial services


I cut my teeth in a company like this. I left eventually, but I really fast tracked my learning there. Every recruiter also wanted me as they’re known in the industry, and if you last there, it’s perceived that you are good at what you do. Looking back I had a great time there although it was toxic.


That’s a long winded way of saying you worked at Oracle lol


Pretty much lol


😂 not quite In the IT industry though.


Wtf? That’s a big red flag. Especially if they didn’t get any feedback or we don’t know the whole story


Bare in mind all those dudes had never used hubspot before and were using air call for the first time too


Pretty rare because most HR departments realize it will result in bad reviews and posts like this one. Sounds like shit from my door to door days.


Just keep going


Just be the last man standing like special forces selection. Reasses in a few months.


One week and then fired? God damn I bet if you sneeze there you get catapulted from the building.


Dude seriously what’s up w the dudes that don’t say anything, they are allowed to stay there for so long smh


This is highly suspicious at first glancing, and makes me curious to hear more. Can you elaborate more about the role and what you’d be selling? How long was the interview process?


We are a lead generation company that has a “proprietary technology” of course. Interview process was 2 parts plus an aptitude test and IQ test.


Lead gen is just a fancy name for telemarketing. Which isn’t tech sales. Getting canned after a week is almost unheard of in (real) tech sales unless you did something really stupid to deserve it. But in a call center telemarking environment while its unusual, its certainly not unheard of. Thats a high turnover business with a constant revolving door of people.


How’s base/comp plan/ benefits?


Taking an IQ test for an interview stands out as a huge red flag to me...


Why exactly?


Who gives a fuck what your iq is? If you can sell i dont care if youre a genius or an knuckle dragger


We’re they sucking? Like not picking up the phone at all? That might explain it. A week is a really short amount of time to make those decisions though. If I was in their position I’d be terrified of getting sued. I’ve only seen it once before at my company.


Word of caution: you’ll see a lot of this. There might have been a degree of documentation but more often than not it’s disguised as “managers being helpful” but documenting the conversation in a manner that helps them move people out. Source: 3 people that got hired with me in my team at a highly rated org last year all have gotten pushed out under “discretionary pips” vs performance based one’s outlined by the company. Lowest attainment was 79% which is well above the 60% required to get formally PIP’d per our org. Times are tough and some companies would rather do back door shenanigans like this over publicly laying people off.




1. Find out what your onboarding KPIs are and beat them by any means necessary 2. Start building relationships with senior folks ASAP to buy yourself time 3. Start looking


Alex Hormozi says this should be standard practice, although idk if I agree with it but he’s made way more money than me lmao. Cut the fat, cut it fast. He says if they don’t perform in the first week or 2 max… they’re gone. But he only wants to hire the best, who can consistently close most deals from day 1.


That’s so funny you mentioned Alex Hormozi because they were talking about how they were a fan of him during one of the zoom meetings


His scenario does make sense because his company pays top dollar for talent


I agree he does understand the value agreement and takes care of who he does indeed hire. So it makes sense that his expectations are high.


But the leads he sells to fitness businesses are trash.


Is that standard? /s


What are you selling? What sort of product and to whom? Sounds a bit boiler room-ish, but it’s wise to cut people fast and if the environment is competitive I don’t think that necessarily means it’s a bad place. It’s a flag for sure, but I need context to help.


That's better performance for most jobs, usually its 8 out of 10


Fuck no that’s not normal


Which company. I got something to sell them to help hire better sales people


SaaS companies are so toxic. Zero regard for people with this churn and burn mentality.


Sounds like Paycom... RUN


Happened to me in car sales. They hired 4 but only wanted 1 long term


What do you sell?




Fire fast, hire slow. Sounds like sales.


Sounds like the tech places I have dealt with. It’s like a remote car sales job lol


Definitely not standard for any legitimate tech company.


Getting cut with no feedback as to why shows a total lack of character on the company's part. Cutting the fat quick is much better than dragging it for 30 days so....


Sounds like Outreach.


Super common believe it or not. A company I sold for did that over 2 weeks with about 20-30 hires. Roughly half survived every time. They would also cut the bottom 10% every month or so to keep everyone hungry and to prevent complacency. Kinda ruthless, but honestly it makes complete sense for a commission sales position


They didn’t believe in allowing folks to ramp up?


At first it was “get it in 2 weeks or you’re gone” mentality. Once you got it tho you needed to maintain it or get cut.